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Some time ago while taking a college history course I was researching some of our founding fathers. While it was very interesting, it was at the same time, a bit boring. I was hoping to find some juicy details of their personal lives, but other than some offhand comments about their sexual proclivities (Ben Franklin commented to a younger friend that “all cats are grey in the dark” meaning a pussy is pussy no matter the color of the skin) and a few others that perhaps made hardly a mention in the history books. While it’s well known that Thomas Jefferson had slaves, it’s also surmised that he slept with several and bore c***dren by them.

But as I said, all that does not pique my interest. So here is a smattering of tales to perhaps help you enjoy our rich history. With some totally made up people and, of course, situations . Enjoy.

In the city of Philadelphia during the run up to the American Revolution, it was known that certain pubs had some rather undistinguished guests. Such as the Red Lamb that hosted ladys willing to lay down for gentlemen with coin. One such lady was Samantha, a dark haired lady with rather wide thighs, large breasts and a willingness to do whatever her client wished–within reason of course.
One particular client, a silversmith of some reputation, had a proclivity to enjoy her charms every week. One evening he arrived slightly inebriated and asked her for something that was, to him, unusual. He wanted to perform anal sex with her. Recognizing his advanced state of drunkeness, she proceeded to tell him the price. “What’s good enough for me sir is good enough for you. If you wish to bugger me I wish to bugger you”.
She held to that demand without letting him argue and eventually he agreed. Thinking he would simply slide into her ample behind, cum large and withdraw he figured he would be gone before her knickers were up. She lay upon the bed spread wide open so he could see her wares. She was not shaven and was quite open. Her pussy was spread so he could see the pink interior glistening with anticipation. She slid a finger into herself to help his cock get hard as he undressed. When he was completely naked and hard she lifted her legs high and used her hands to open her behind for him.
Using some cooking grease, she lubricated herself and then his throbbing cock. As he entered her she pulled him close and held him hard. He was surprised but pleased. Soon he was about to unload a mighty dose of sperm deep into her bowels when she said, ” Cum now sir, let me feel your mighty cock explode and then it’s my turn in you!” He could not stop fucking her tight bottom and soon gave her all the cum he had!
Relaxing for a moment while lying on top of her, he felt hands upon his bottom. He looked back and there was another young man spreading his buttocks with both hands! Unable to move in the lady’s powerful grip, he admonished her to let him go! He had changed his mind! “Now sir,” she said, “I had a bargain with you. You bugger me and I bugger you!” “But that is not you about to penetrate me” he yelled. Laughing she told him that he was about to be buggered no matter.
“Just relax and enjoy the feel of hard young cock deep inside you. I know I like it so you will too!” Without recourse he fell limp as the cock slid deep into his arse. Soon he felt a pleasurable feeling as he was fucked. Still inside her well lubricated ass, he found himself hardening. Soon he was fucking her with a rhythm as he was truly fucked. Without a pause he shot a huge load of sperm up her ass for the second time. Almost at the same time the hard cock in his bowels emptied itself. He felt the warmth as the sperm flooded him. As the young stud pulled out, he simply collapsed on top of her. The second cock quickly wiped himself off and left.

As he lay there the lady told him to come back next week if you have any more strange desires sir. I’m sure you will enjoy yourself. Smiling, he got up, slid his still partially hard cock into her mouth and let her lick and suck him clean. As he left he admonished her to not try that again when I come to fuck you next week. He got upon his horse and rode off into the casino oyna night.

Valley Forge, cold, desolate in winter. No heat, not much food and no comfort at all. Simon, a foot soldier for the Continentals, held his blanket warmly about him as he walked to the camp followers section. “Perhaps”,he thought, “I can find a morsel of warmth and food in the tents of the merchants.” Although many of the followers were no better off than the soldiers, they knew that they could help the Revolution by offering up what little they had to the men fighting and dying. For a price of course.

As Simon entered the camp he spotted a man with a small fire and a pot of stew of some sort boiling. Asking if he could join the man for some warmth he was invited to sit and warm himself as much as he could. Talking with the man, Simon discovered that his wife and c***dren were also in the camp. They had killed a rabbit and were now making stew of it. Simon asked if he could share a spoonful of the stew. The man replied “now soldier, what do you have to pay me with?” “No coin have I, sir” Simon replied. The man looked about and leaned into Simon closely and whispered, “do you have a cock that stays hard soldier?” Simon, completely taken aback told him,”sir, if I had a cock that was hard I would be looking for a young woman to use it on.” The man laughed and made a comment about ” how hungry are you” and told him there were no young women in this camp.

Simon resigned himself to no stew as he was not going to offer himself up to a man like this for a spoonful of warmth. The man saw his look and laughed. “No soldier, I do not want a pricking, my wife does. She has not had a good prick since I was wounded last year in the battle of the hill.

Would you care to do the honor for me? She is not young but she is comely and has an enormous appetite for a man like you.” Again Simon was speechless as he pondered the proposal. He had not been with a woman in months and the only relief he and the others had was the occasional masturbation session when in the partially private latrine area.

“Look soldier, she is in the tent behind us, please take a look and at least tell her she is pretty. She, like any woman, loves to hear how well she looks.” Simon got up and strode to the tent. Pulling the flap aside he entered and noticed immediately it was quite a bit warmer than anywhere he had been in over a month! There on a cot sat a pretty middle-aged lady with a heavy coat on. She welcomed him and asked his name. “Simon ” he says.

Well did my husband offer you some of our stew for me?” “Yes” he replied. He said I could have some of it if I pleased you.” “Have you decided?” she asked. Slightly shaking he nodded yes.

” I have decided that you deserve a man to please you and right now I am that man” she stood, dropped the heavy coat and revealed herself in a long nightgown of cotton. Patting the cot she indicated for him to sit. He sat, she took off his boots, lowered his trousers and gasped as she saw his hardening cock. “My that looks like it needs some attention” she said. “How long?” He answered “Months, my lady”. She smiled and took him in her hands, knelt down and asked if he had ever used a woman’s mouth. He shook his head “No” and she immediately took his entire length in her mouth. Moaning he could not hold back as his balls forced a huge load of sperm into her belly. “Sorry” he said, as she finished swallowing his cum. She simply smiled with him in her mouth and cleaned up the rest of his cum. Once done she told him that if he was really hungry he could repeat that performance in her cunny. Seeing her stand and lift her nightgown revealing her bushy twat, his cock started to harden again! She smiled and got onto all fours on the cot. He slid into her waiting pussy immediately. “Not so fast this time lover” she told him. He had started banging her pussy hard and fast as he drove deep into her. Slowing a bit she backed up into his cock and drove it even deeper. After some time, he felt himself reach the edge of orgasm. Telling her “I am going to unleash inside you” she simply said “please do”. Within seconds she was receiving the second gush canlı casino siteleri of cum in her!

Fatigued, Simon pulled up his breeches and went out to claim his stew. The man was still there and offered him the spoon to “eat as much as you like soldier” Then he got up and went into the tent. Soon there was sounds of the wife moaning. Eating his fill of the stew he got up to leave and was curious about the moaning. “If he had lost his ability to prick his wife, how was he making her moan?” Looking inside the tent briefly he discovered her on her back legs up and snatch spread wide with her hubby licking his sperm from her! Both were having a wonderful meal. “Well,” Simon thought, ” at least he got to eat a hearty meal just as I did”. Returning to camp he found that orders were to prepare for battle at first light. That night they climbed into boats to cross the river.

As the days wore on, Tommy felt more and more alone. His older brother, his father and his uncle had joined the Confederacy to fight for the rights of States to decide their own fates. Only his bedridden mother and older sister were left behind. Besides a few slaves they were alone. Betty, his sister, had been caring for their Mother day and night. Offering to help, Tommy was told that he could not. Mother needs privacy for cleaning. You may help Martha and Jonathon in the housework and kitchen.

For weeks now Tommy had helped the two house slaves keep things running around the home. Having some investments in their cotton sales from two years before, they were able to buy food and help when they needed it. Jonathon would go to town with the wagon while Tommy actually did most of the hard work. Jonathon had been with the family for as long as Tommy could remember. Over 14 years! Martha was mostly the housemaid and cook. And what a scrumptious meal she could make of almost nothing! “Never ask what’s in that.” she had told Tommy. He never did.

One day Tommy had by chance been out walking in the woods when he heard voices. It seemed like Betty was speaking to someone. Not able to hear who it was she was addressing he managed to hear a bit now and then that he understood. He distinctly heard a reference to “cunny and cock”. Wondering how she had ever heard those words before, he left feeling a bit strange. He knew what both words were and even felt his young manhood start to swell thinking of them! Returning to his room he asked Martha to draw him a warm bath. As she set about making the tub ready for him, he undressed and looked at this young cock. It was now hard and standing tall! Cautiously he felt it and wondered if he would ever get to use it on a woman. Walking to his bath chamber, he lowered himself into the water. It felt wonderful, all nice and warm and soothing. Soon he had finished washing himself and leaned back and fell asleep.

Awakening he felt hands on his shoulders. Still half asleep he imagined that Martha had come in to help him wash as she had done years ago. Smiling he opened his eyes a crack and saw hands on his shoulders moving to his chest. WHITE HANDS! Startled, he turned, spilling some bath water. There holding his shoulders was Betty!
His sister had come in to see him. Discovering him asleep in the bath she watched as he lay back in the water. She also noticed that his young prick had started to get hard. Not missing a thing, she walked around to the front of the tub and took a long look at her little brother. “He certainly isn’t as little as he used to be” she thought. She had seen him naked before, even changed his diapers for him. But that was years ago and now here he was looking all grown up. And hard! Not able to resist she started rubbing his shoulders and chest as he slept in the bath.

Tommy almost jumped up when he saw her. Stammering, he couldn’t get a word out. Finally she smiled and told him “don’t worry, I’ve seen you in the buff before”. Tommy, finding his voice reminded her that it has been a long time since you saw me”. Betty smiled and agreed. “Yes it has been a long time. You are almost a full grown man. That much I can easily see!” Blushing Tommy held his hands across his groin in shame. canlı bahis “Tommy were you in the woods earlier today ?” “Yes” Tommy replied. “Well did you hear me talking? Did you understand what I was saying?” “I heard you say cock and the man say cunny. I know what those things are and what they are for. Who was the man?” “Not important to know that Tommy”. What is important is that since our family is so split up and Mother so sick, I can not talk to them to see how to proceed.” “Proceed with what?” Tommy asked. “To proceed with getting myself fucked of course. I’ve never had a man in me and looks like I may never have one.” Tommy, not knowing what to do kept himself covered with his hands and turned even redder than before. “I guess I could go get one of the hands to show me the way to fuck but that wouldn’t be nice.” “Tommy, can you show me? Have you had a woman?” Tommy almost fainted. “Get me a towel and my robe.” She went to fetch them for him and held the robe for him as he stood up and put it on. She noticed a sweet swelling in the groin of her young brother.

“Well brother, what will it be? Should I go find a hand to slide his prick into me or will you do me?” Tommy, still totally embarrassed, took Betty by the hand and they went into the bedroom.
Martha heard voices upstairs and went to see if Tommy had finished the bath. As she started to empty the water, she heard a giggle and then a sigh from the bedroom. Thinking Tommy had one of the other slave girls in his room, decided to take a peek. Pulling open the curtain between the rooms enough to peek, she saw Betty, legs up in the air and Tommy between them pumping her pussy for all he was worth! Martha entered the room and shouted “DONT YOU DO THAT INSIDE YOUR SISTER!” Both siblings froze and looked at her! “Now you know that is not what brothers and sisters do! Tommy, if you let loose inside her you will make her pregnant and the c***d will be a worthless moron! Betty, if you let him go inside you your mother will die! Both Betty and Tommy stood motionless. Her legs still straight up and his cock still hard inside her. “Martha, I have to let loose real soon! I can not hold it!” Martha thought a moment then told him pull that out of your sister and come here.

Tommy, did as he was told. Standing in front of Martha with his prick hard and dripping, she knelt down and told Betty “Girl you watch Martha make him unload now.” Sliding her mouth around his prick she worked her mouth and hands on him for a few seconds and he exploded in her mouth. She started swallowing all the sperm he had, then pulled away. Tommy was near exhaustion. Betty was dumbstruck! “Martha, is that what you are supposed to do with a man?” “Betty honey, if you don’t want to have a baby it’s one way to keep the man happy. There are other ways you will soon discover I’m sure.” Betty, still dumbfounded, asked “But you took his stuff in your mouth and ate it! Does that taste awful?” “Not at all dear girl”.

Tommy had sat down and was now listening. As the women spoke his young cock started to recover. Betty looked at him and told Martha “I think he’s ready to do that again.” Martha agreed and told Tommy, to slide into my pussy boy. But do not let your manhood unload until I tell you.” Martha dropped her knickers and bent forward to give Tommy a good look at where his cock was about to go. And boy did it go there! He slid in like butter! After a few minutes he felt himself having the urge to let his sperm loose and told Martha so. “Betty, get over here and do what I did to him. Take him in your mouth and he will fill you with his cum!” Betty dutifully took her brother in her mouth and of course he shot a hot load direct into her stomach. Smiling and happy she had done such a good job she sucked him clean.

“Martha that was good tasting. Tommy, your prick tastes very nice when you unload! But Martha I have not had my fun yet! ” Martha instructed Tommy to get on your knees young man, you have some cleanup to do. With that she forced his head into his sisters cunny and made him lick.

Soon she was moaning and his face was shiny with her juices. When they were done they laid back and relaxed. As they lay there Martha told them to “remember, suck that juice from each of you and do not let it into her cunny! I hear Jonathon returning from town now and I need him to do to me what you two did to each other. See you for supper and do not be late!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32