On The Road Ch. 02

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The woman just smiled and started towards the bed.

“Oh no,” my wife said quickly. “Take your clothes off. I want to watch your cunt while you eat my daughter.”

The woman started to undress. It didn’t take her long and she got onto the bed between Lynn’s legs, leaning forward and licking at her cunt. She licked up and down Lynn’s slit and then stuck her tongue up inside her, making Lynn groan. My wife got behind the woman and started playing with her cunt, sticking her finger in her hole, fucking her slowly. The woman, let out a soft moan, when she felt my wife’s finger enter her. As she ate Lynn, she pushed back against my wife’s hand and groaned again.

I watched the three women for a few minutes and then walked over behind my wife who was concentrating on finger fucking this woman’s cunt. I pulled her around so she was facing the woman’s cunt and thrust into her fully, stopping when I reached the bottom of her uterus. She groaned softly as I started to thrust in and out of her cunt. Soon the room was filled with groans and moans from four people and as we came, one by one, the sounds bounced off the walls, echoing our pleasure.

Lynn fell back against the pillows and the woman rolled beside her. My wife got onto the bed and nestled in beside the woman. I just stood and looked at them, a big grin on my face. This could turn out to be one long night.

The three women caressed each other and they rested until the woman looked up at me.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had a hard cock inside me. Would you fuck me?” she asked, looking at my cock.

“You think you can handle all of him?” my wife asked, pinching the woman’s nipple between her fingers.

“I’d sure like to try. After all, if this sweet young thing can take him then I can too.”

“He feels better in your ass,” Lynn suddenly piped up. “He’ll fill you like you’ve never been filled before.”

“I’ve never had a cock in my ass,” the woman said quietly. “I don’t know if I could take the pain.”

“It only hurts the first time and then it goes away,” Lynn explained in her girlish manner. “Try it. I’m sure you’ll love it.”

The woman looked at my wife.

“It’s ok, we’ll be here to help you,” she said to the woman. “Lynn’s right. You’ll love it.”

The woman still couldn’t make up her mind.

“Well, only if you help me,” she said, turning towards Lynn.

“You can eat me while Dad is fucking your ass,” Lynn said, pulling the woman up to her hands and knees. “I want to feel your tongue inside me again and feel you against me as dad fucks you.”

The woman didn’t say anything but moved between Lynn’s legs. She raised her hips in the air, pointing her ass hole at me. Without another word, she dove into Lynn, lapping at her young cunt as I moved behind her and worked my hard cock into her ass. She squealed loudly when my head finally entered her but Lynn held her head down and kept her in place. I pushed further into her and every time, the woman yelped loudly but Lynn held her tight against her cunt, not letting her move away.

I finally got my whole cock inside her and rested my balls against her ass, waiting for her to get used to me. I straddled her back and slowly withdrew my cock until just the head was inside her. I thrust back fully down into her making her groan louder and as I started to thrust in and out of her ass, she lifted her head away from Lynn and yelled.

“Oh God. That feels so good. Fuck me harder.”

My balls mashed against her ass as I started thrusting in and out of her faster, making her yell and scream more and more. I pounded away at her as she dove back into Lynn’s cunt and I could hear her moaning into Lynn as I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. She raised her head again when she felt the first come spewing up inside her.

“Oh yes. Come inside my ass,” she yelled, pushing back against me as I filled her hole with my hot come. I spurted into her again and again and every time she yelled something at me as she felt the wetness building up and filling her. I finally pulled out of her and before the woman could move, my wife was licking and sucking at her ass, cleaning the come off her that was running down her legs and into her cunt. I stood back and watched as my wife cleaned the woman’s ass of and started in on her cunt, licking and sucking at her clit, making her come again and again. All three of the women were moaning loudly and as I sat down, they came together one last time.

They rolled apart, panting and gasping for air. I watched their breasts heaving as they fought for some air, their tired bodies giving into exhaustion. I waited for a few minutes until they had settled down gaziantep escortları a little.

I walked over and sat on the bed beside the woman.

“Are you ok?” I asked her, smiling at her.

“God, am I ok, you ask. I never felt better.”

“See, I told you. I knew you would like being fucked in the ass,” Lynn said excitedly. Looking at me, she said, “It’s my turn again, Daddy.”

“No it’s not,” my wife said quickly. “He’s my husband and it’s my turn to have that big cock up my cunt, so move over girls and give us some room.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me on top of her.

“Fuck me, you big stud. Fuck me and show these girls just how it’s done,” she said, fondling my cock back to hardness.

I got between her legs and she guided me into her. I thrust forward and felt the head of my cock hit the bottom of her uterus. She groaned and spread her legs as far apart as she could, urging me to fuck her hard. I started thrusting faster and harder and she groaned every time I hit bottom. The woman watched us for a few minutes and then got up and straddled my wife’s head, lowering herself onto my wife’s mouth. I saw a tongue flick out and start to work on the woman’s clit. The two women were moaning as I plowed in and out of my wife’s cunt. The sloshing noises coming from my wife’s cunt were matched by the noises coming form the woman’s cunt as my wife sucked her clit as hard as she could, swirling her tongue around it and sucking it into her mouth. As I started to come, the woman came too and once again, the room was filled with the loud noises of pleasure.

We rested after and I looked at the woman, really for the first time. She was older than my wife and I but she looked younger. Her breasts were firm and there was no fat around her waist. She looked at me and smiled.

“You don’t know how good that felt to be fucked,” she said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve felt a real cock inside me and in my ass, well, I never thought I would enjoy it that much.”

“Don’t you have a husband?” my wife asked.

“No, I’m a widow with a young daughter,” she said.

“How old is your daughter?” Lynn asked.

“She’s eighteen.”

“Where is she?”

“She’s at home.”

Lynn looked at her mother and then at me, raising her eyebrows and grinning widely.

“Maybe she would like to join us,” she said excitedly.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” the woman answered quickly. “She’s a little too young.”

“Well, I’m eighteen and you enjoyed eating my cunt, didn’t you?” Lynn asked, pouting.

“Oh yes dear, I did and I want to do it again, if you’ll let me.”

Lynn looked at us again with a big grin.

“Only on one condition,” she said.

The woman, looked up at her and then down, at her cunt.

“You can stick your tongue up my cunt again but only if your daughter is here watching you,” Lynn said, a devilish grin on her face.

The woman looked at my wife and then at me before looking back at Lynn’s young cunt, inches away from her face.

“That’s not fair,” she said. “You’re teasing me. I don’t know if my daughter would do such a thing.”

“Well, let’s find out. Call her and ask her to come over.”

The woman hesitated and Lynn teased her again with a finger in her cunt. The woman picked up the phone and spoke to her daughter, telling her to come over to our unit. She hung up and smiled at Lynn.

“There. Are you happy now?” she asked.

Lynn just grinned at her and we waited for the woman’s daughter to appear. In a few minutes, there was a knock on the door. My wife answered it and the young girl standing at the door, took a step back, looking at my wife’s naked body.

“Oh, excuse me,” she stammered, not taking her eyes off my wife. ‘I’m looking for my mother.”

“She’s right here. Won’t you come in?” my wife smiled at her, holding the door open for her.

The girl entered the room and saw all of us naked and stopped, looking directly at her mother. She hesitated for a minute before speaking, her eyes wide.

“What did you need mother?” she asked.

“Come here,” the girl’s mother beckoned to her. “Come and sit beside me.”

The girl walked warily over to her mother and sat on the bed. She looked at my wife again and then at me, staring at my cock as if she had never seen one before.

“This is Marda, my daughter,” the woman said, introducing us to her. “Marda, I want you to do something for me.”

“Yes mother, what is it?” the girl answered quietly.

“I want you to take off your clothes and get on the bed with me and this young girl.”

Marda looked around at us and gaziantep eskort then at her mother.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” she asked.

“Yes dear, I do. I want you naked and watching me as I eat this young thing’s sweet cunt.”

The girl blinked and looked up at Lynn who smiled back at her.

“Come on, don’t be shy. Undress like I told you to.”

The girl got up off the bed slowly and started to undress. When she had all her clothes off, she just stood beside the bed, looking at all of us. Her cunt was shaven and her small breasts were sticking out, her nipples hard and ripe. I looked at my wife and she was staring at the young girl’s cunt, slowly licking her lips. The woman laughed and the tension was lifted a little.

“I see you would like to taste her,” the woman said to my wife. “Only on one condition.”

My wife looked away from the young girl’s smooth cunt and looked at the woman.

“You can taste her only if I can watch you and then I want your husband to fuck her.”

My wife could only nod her approval.

“First things first,” the woman said. “Marda, come here and get down with me.”

The girl climbed onto the bed and got between Lynn’s spread legs with her mother. The woman started to lick Lynn’s cunt, lapping at her clit. The girl moved a little closer and was intent on watching her mother’s tongue make love to my daughter. I could hear the slurping noises the woman was making as she sucked on Lynn’s clit. Lynn was starting to moan a little and the girl moved up and kissed her, pushing her tongue between Lynn’s lips. Lynn grabbed her head and held her against her mouth as they tongued each other while her mother continued eating Lynn’s cunt. Soon the three of them were groaning and Marda came first, moaning loudly into Lynn’s mouth. Lynn and the woman came together, Lynn’s juices splashing onto the woman’s tongue and wetting her face. They groaned together and then rolled away from each other.

My wife was on the young girl immediately, prying her legs apart and diving into her bare cunt. I watched her tongue licking and sucking on the young girl’s clit and washing her entire slit. The girl held my wife’s head against her groin as she came a second time, yelling out in pleasure.

The woman motioned to me and I walked over to my wife and Marda. I stood beside Marda and aimed my cock at her mouth. She turned her head and took all of me into her mouth, swirling her tongue around my head and sucking me as deep into her as she could. I could tell that she wasn’t very experienced at sucking a cock but I let her suck on me for a few minutes.

The woman interrupted things.

“I want you to fuck my daughter,” she said, motioning me to take my wife’s place. I pulled my cock out of Marda’s mouth and moved down between her legs while my wife got up and lowered herself over Marda’s mouth. I aimed my cock at her small opening and thrust forward, entering her slowly. She cried out a little when I entered her but pushed against me, wanting me further inside her. I pushed until I was fully inside her and then started to slowly thrust in and out of her bare, sweet cunt. I could hear Marda’s muffled voice telling me to fuck her as my wife smothered her face with her wet cunt. I plowed in and out of Marda, feeling the tightness of her cunt wrapped around my cock. I started to come and spewed my hot seed up into her, making her groan loudly into my wife’s cunt. I slowly pulled out of her after I finished and Lynn dove between her legs, lapping at her cunt, sucking my come out of her as I stumbled over to sit down, all done in.

I watched the three women go at each other and then looked over at the woman. She was watching intently, Lynn eating Marda’s cunt as my wife squirmed over her face. She moved behind Lynn and lapped at her cunt and I watched the four of them come again and again as they pleasured each other.

After a few minutes, they parted and were breathing heavily. The woman took a deep breather and looked at me.

“You’re going to get worn out at this rate,” she said, smiling slightly. “I have something I think might help us out here.”

Turning to Marda, she said, “Go home and get the kit.”

Marda got up and started to put her clothes on.

“No, don’t get dressed,” her mother said quickly. “Just run over and get the kit and come right back.”

Marda went to the door and looked out. After a second, she disappeared and soon came back with a small bag.

“Here, give it to me,” her mother directed her.

Marda walked over and gave the bag to her mother. All of us were staring at the bag the woman held in gaziantep eskort bayan her hand.

“I want to show you the only thing that has kept me sane these past few years,” the woman said, unzipping the bag and reaching into it.

She pulled a long strap-on dildo out of the bag and looked around the room at us, showing off the dildo. My wife smiled at her as the woman brought the long hard fake cock to her mouth, sensually starting to suck on it. Marda was smiling at her as she watched her mother continue to suck and lick the long stick and my wife was moving closer to the bed as she stared at the dildo going in and out of the woman’s mouth. Lynn was watching intently too and as Marda leaned down for a closer look, Lynn stuck two fingers in her cunt, making Marda groan and smile at her. My wife moved up and took the dildo out of the woman’s mouth.

“Don’t waste your time making love to that thing. Why don’t you use it on me?” she asked, smiling down at the woman, who was looking at my wife’s cunt. “Its not like it is the real thing but I bet it feels just as good.”

The woman quickly moved down the bed as my wife got on her hands and knees and pointed her wet cunt at her, wiggling her ass a little. The woman pointed the fake dildo at my wife’s cunt and quickly thrust it into her, making my wife gasp in surprise at the feeling of the huge cock.

“How does that feel?” she asked my squirming wife.

“Oh god. That feels so good,” my wife answered, lowering her head down to her arms while pushing her cunt back against the thrusts. “Oh yes. That’s it. Fuck me hard and fast.”

Lynn by this time had moved between Marda’s thighs and was lapping at her cunt, Marda holding her head tight against her and throwing her head back, her eyes closed and moaning softly as Lynn lapped at her. I sat and watched the four of them fuck but I was too tired to do anything. The woman pulled the dildo out of my wife, much to her objections but quieted her by massaging her ass as she put the straps around her waist. The fake cock looked grotesque as it stuck straight out from the woman groin but she finished strapping it on and moved between my wife’s lags and thrust it back inside her.

“Oh yes,” my wife yelled as she felt the fake dildo enter her again. ‘That’s it. Fuck me with that huge cock. It’s making me come.”

The woman began thrusting faster and soon the two of them were fucking as fast as they could, the woman thrusting in and out of my wife’s cunt as my wife thrust herself back against the dildo every time the woman thrust into her.

“Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me!”

The woman was sweating profusely now and it was dripping onto my wife’s back as she continued to fuck my wife’s cunt. Marda was coming and she squealed in pleasure as she held Lynn’s head against her cunt, spraying her juices all over Lynn’s tongue and lips. After she finished coming, the two girls sat and watched the woman continue to fuck my wife. The two of them were sweating and their bodies were sliding against each other as they fucked. After a few more thrusts, my wife started coming, yelling at the woman to keep fucking her. Finally, they stopped, both of them totally exhausted.

As my wife and the woman rested, Lynn moved over to the woman and rolled her onto her back, the fake cock sticking straight up in the air from her groin. Lynn slowly lowered herself onto the cock and started to bounce up and down on it as Marda moved up and stuck her shaven cunt in Lynn’s face, asking her to suck her clit. Lynn leaned forward and I saw her tongue make contact with Marda’s clit, making her groan in excitement. The three of them were now a tangled mass of female flesh, fucking and sucking, yelling and screaming as they continued. Finally, after what seemed like forever, they all came together, a jumble of limbs and juices spraying each other. They rolled away from each other, their bodies shiny with sweat. My wife moved between the three and kissed them and sucked on their breasts gently as they tried to catch their breaths. After about ten minutes, they were all relaxed but completely spent from all the love making and fucking they had done in the last hour or so.

We spent the rest of the afternoon, just sitting around and talking. No one was in the mood to fuck anymore. Finally, the woman and her daughter left and the three of us went to bed, falling into an exhausted sleep. We spent the next day with the woman and Marda and left the following day. We have since, made sure that the motel was included in our next trips and have spent many days and nights, fucking and sucking with this wonderful woman and her daughter. My wife and Lynn have become constant lovers and Lynn spends most nights in our bed, my wife’s tongue far up her cunt or my hard cock, fucking her ass until we fall asleep.

It’s wonderful how things have turned out and we are one happy family. I, sometimes, just can’t believe that we have become so close. After all, how many fathers or husbands have two women in their lives who enjoy sex as much as they do.

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