On the Job Story Challenge 2022 – The Stories

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It’s the 4th Annual On The Job Author Challenge!

Please see this announcement for challenge full details.

And now, the stories:

* * * * *

Always Wear Lipstick to Work by HeyAll

Anna and the Librarian by CiaoSteve

Beep Beep by TheseLegs

Blind Sided by the Blind Guy by Duleigh

Blowjob on the Job by AwkwardApple415

Called to the Office by CouldBeAStoryTeller

Click and Collect: Self Storage by oneagainst

COVID Sex Stories: Fucked by Legal by Lovecraft_Lore

Educating Laura Ch. 01 by Kumquatqueen

Educating Bostancı Escort Laura Ch. 02 by Kumquatqueen

Educating Laura Ch. 03 by Kumquatqueen

Educating Laura Ch. 04 by Kumquatqueen

Educating Laura Ch. 05 by Kumquatqueen

Encountering Alexandria by gunhilltrain

Eros Army by WillEPounder

Fucking Mondays by Erozetta

Joint Sales Call by dnick47

Just One Night by Smuttyandfun

Late Night Relief by FentrisRook

Lola Lands The Job by soflabbwlvr

Miss Renfield’s Last Day by Anadolu Yakası Escort LingeringAfterthought

On The Job – Learn Your Place by marx810

On The Job At Blaster Vacuum by erectus123

One Way Glass by Publius68

Quite an Impressive Scream by BarracudaSwordfish

Rusty’s Room Service by sexscribe

Sexual Harassment Training by yarnspinnerr

Shutting Down by davion2308

Stormwatch – A Blizzard in Buffalo by Duleigh

Table For Two, And Two, And… by neuroparenthetical

The Call Room by Trionyx

The Pendik Escort Fall and Rise of Amandeep by Jogoctopus

The Lab Assistant by lonelyluca

The Offering Cup by ContinentalPsyOp

The Private Photographer by Duleigh

The Scoop by KeithD

Trusted Employees – On The Job by Lifestyle66

Very Casual Fridays by Saturday_Knight_Fever

Voice Assistant by oneagainst

Wet Paint by JoEcks

Wonderful Opportunity by wildflower2176

Wonton Lust by PoisonPen33

Work Wife Balance by Nylonian

Zoom Room by Second_Star

* * * * *

To find out more on Author-Organized Challenges, see this thread.

A huge thank you to HeyAll for creating and organizing this event, and to all the readers and writers who make this site possible!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32