On the Beach Ch. 12

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Tension flares between mother and daughter and they retreat with their lovers to separate rooms. Sex ensues. A little vanilla bondage, some ass play, you know, the usual.

Thanks to LarryInSeattle for his editing. Any errors that may remain belong to me.

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“What do you think is going on over there?”

“I hope a lot of fucking, mom.”

“For God’s sake, Jill, just give it a rest for one damn minute. Someday, and I hope I’m still alive to see it, you might tumble to the fact your non-stop bratty bitch routine isn’t as much funny as it is tiresome.”

There’s not a hint of humor or understanding in my wife’s voice. She’s as angry at Jill as I’ve ever seen and I don’t just mean as angry as I’ve ever seen her at Jill. She’s as angry as I’ve ever seen her at anyone.

“I’m ninety-nine percent sure I’ve lost my goddamn mind. The only thing I’m uncertain about is whether the rest of you are as goddamn crazy as I am.”

Meg shifts her gaze to me, daring me with her eyes to say something. I have no intention of doing so, not yet anyway. With her mother’s attention drawn away, Jill opens her mouth but before she can speak, Meg pivots and aims a single finger straight at our daughter’s mouth. For some reason I notice her nail polish is chipped.

“Shut it, Jill. I mean it. Just fucking shut it. I have never in my life had less interest in taking any of your bullshit. You’re smart, maybe the smartest of the bunch of us. But maybe not. Your dad’s smart and, here’s a news flash, so am I. Even if I’m not as brilliant as you, I have twenty plus years of experience living in this world that you don’t have. Oh, I know you think I’m some clueless dunderhead, incapable of appreciating how ‘cool’, how ‘out there’ you are, how sophisticated and imperturbable you are.

“Well, you’re full of shit about that as well. Love isn’t always enough. Fucking isn’t always the answer. You think you’ll be so superior when some red-neck old bitch spits in your face and calls you a ‘nigger lover’. You think that can’t happen anymore?

“You think we’ll all just go on our merry ways, that the fact we’ve fucked and sucked each other is really no BFD. That there will be no repercussions from all this, on any of us? We’ll just hold hands and skip through life singing ‘Kumbaya’. That’s not sophisticated. That’s a level of naiveté that’s almost pathetic.”

Meg sags into her chair looking as deflated as a week-old party balloon. Jill’s face collapses in on itself as she struggles not to cry. She pushes away from the table so violently her chair falls over backwards. Jim rises slowly. He catches Meg’s eye and shakes his head softly.

“Not cool, Mrs. C.” he whispers as he turns to follow Jill.

Meg looks at me.

“Go ahead. Tell me what a spiteful bitch I am.”

“Nope. She needed to hear that. She’s needed to hear it for quite some time. Maybe not all at once like that but she needed to hear it. You know Jill better than any of us. This is the only way that might actually work. You can’t convince her of anything until you’ve bulldozed your way into that stubborn head of hers. Reminds me of you.”

“She’ll never forgive me. Neither will Jim.”

She starts to cry and drops her head to the table. I rub the back of her neck and wonder if I should offer to do her nails.


I let her cry on my chest, seems like the best option at the moment.

“I fucking hate her,” Jill growls into my chest.

“No you don’t. It wouldn’t have bothered you if you hated her. You might have bitch slapped her if you hated her but you wouldn’t be sitting here bawling your eyes out.”

“I am NOT bawling my eyes out!”

“No? You could have fooled me, darlin’.”

“Why aren’t you pissed? She called you, my own fucking mother, called you a nigger!”

“That wasn’t your momma speaking; she was channeling the hateful parts of the world. But you’re right, it was ugly hearing it come out of her mouth.”

“She shouldn’t have said it. I’ve never, ever, heard that word used in our house. Ever.”

“I believe you. Maybe she shouldn’t have used the word. It’s not the first time I’ve heard it.” I pause, debating whether I should say what I’m thinking. I decide I might as well. It’s got to be said and I see no point in waiting. “Plus, she’s right. You can snarl and show your claws all you want but you ain’t never seen the world for what it is. You sure’n hell never had to deal with the real world.”

She pushes away from my chest, looking like she’d just spotted a turd floating in the punch bowl.

“That is so not true. I can’t believe you just said that.”

“Yeah, baby, it is. You’re a smart girl. Your heart is in the right place but you don’t know shit from Shinola about dealing with the world. You’ve always had your brothers, your folks, a reasonable amount of money, and your white skin standing between you and the ugliness of this tuzla eve gelen escort world. And there’s still plenty of ugly to go around. Some catty sorority bitch making fun of your ‘stop testing cosmetics on animals’ booth t doesn’t get you much in the way of street cred, girl.

“Your momma is right. She was harsher than need be, but she was right. It’ll be a fuck sight easier than fifty years ago. I don’t have to worry, too much anyway, that a bunch of Kluxers will hang me from a tree for kissing you in public but if you think there won’t be looks galore and the not-so-soft whisper once in a while, you’re as naïve as your momma says.

“Same for the shit going around her the past couple of days. You planning on grabbing Mark’s junk out in public? You plan on telling anyone, even your closest girlfriend, you fucked your brothers? Dad? Watch me doing what I did with Bill? If you are, you’re not naïve, you’re plumb crazy.”

“Don’t be an ass,” Jill snaps at me. “Of course I’m not going to tell anyone, but that’s because they wouldn’t understand, not because it’s wrong.”

“You don’t think it’s wrong?” I ask in surprise. “There’s lots worse wrongs and I’m not saying I regret any of it but I don’t know I’m willing to say it was ‘right’ neither.”

I groan when I see the let-me-explain-this-to-you look light up Jill’s eyes.

“It would be wrong if I got pregnant by one of my brothers or my dad. But that’s because it’s not medically safe and because it would totally mess up the family dynamics.”

I can’t help it. I laugh so hard I nearly bounce her off the bed.

“What’s so funny?” she demands.

I’ll need to be careful. This girl is not used to being laughed at, even when she’s full of shit.

“You’re full of shit. That’s what’s funny. You going to sit there and tell me as long as the family doesn’t have to worry about who knocked you up, the ‘family dynamics’ won’t be messed up? You don’t really think your momma having to wonder if your dad likes fucking you, her daughter, more than her, his wife, might not fuck up the ‘family dynamics’? That Mark wondering if Bill’s fucking you instead of him might not ratchet up the sibling rivalry a bit?

“You’re not dumb, girl. You got to realize you’re making this shit up so you feel okay with what happened. You think society deciding sons oughtn’t to fuck their mommas came about because they were worried about having babies with three eyes? Bullshit. Families got out of the fucking each other business because no matter what, doing so totally fucks with the family dynamics. Get real.”

She’s quiet, for a change. I can damn near see the wheels turning in her head.

“You’re right,” she offers at last.

“Hallelujah, I’m right. Might never happen again but the girl admits I’m right.”

“Shut up, asshole.”

She shakes her head. “I don’t believe anything is always, completely, in and of itself, bad.”

“Perhaps not, but I think what your momma was trying to say was ‘open your eyes; we’re playing with fire’ and she’s right. You can play with fire without getting burned but you damn well better keep in mind how easy it is to get burned and how bad it hurts.”

“I should go talk to her.”

She starts to scoot off the bed but I put an arm around her waist and pull her back. I roll onto to my back and pull her on top of me.

“Not so fast,” I whisper before I kiss her.


Ben’s hand leaves my shoulder. He wraps his fingers around mine and urges me to my feet. I follow him, not really thinking about anything, my mind a jumble of half-finished thoughts and images. He leads me to our bedroom and guides me toward the bed. We’re already naked.

He stretches me out on the bed. I start to tell him I’m not interested. Sex is the last thing on my mind. In truth, it’s the only thing on my mind but not in the sense of wanting to have it, not now. The thought I might never want to have sex again crosses my mind. The idea is horrifying and I shiver.

Ben lays one finger across my lips and shushes me. He rolls me onto my belly and begins to massage my back. The bed is not as comfortable as Muriel’s massage table and without the oil, he’s not able to replicate yesterday’s massage. Despite these handicaps, I feel my body, and my mind, relax beneath his touch.

He straddles my thighs to work on my shoulders. I can feel his erection pressing against the cleft of my ass. It feels good. I feel myself begin to want him. My mind flashes to my children, to Jim, and I tense.

“What’re you thinking about?” Ben whispers, leaning over my back. His breath tickles my shoulder. “Just tell me, Meg. Don’t stop and wonder about it or edit it. Just tell me. I felt you tense just now. Why? What were you thinking? Feeling?”

“I was enjoying the feeling of your dick pressed against my butt,” I admit. “Then I remembered how Bill’s penis,” I pause again, “how his dick looked as he fucked you.” The pause this time is longer. tuzla otele gelen escort “Then I thought of how your dick must have looked as you fucked our son. I tensed because I wanted to be angry at you for that, furious. Instead, I felt my pussy getting wet.”

“Um, I can see why that would make you tense,” my husband answers. “You know don’t you,” he continues after a moment of quiet, “that I didn’t fuck Bill because I was out of my mind with lust or because I wanted to dominate or hurt him. I did it because he looked lost and alone and I imagined it would comfort him. That’s still bizarre; I understand that. I do. It was intended as a loving act, as unconventional as that may sound, as crazy and as wrong as that may sound to you, and to almost everyone else, but that was how it was meant. And when Bill made love to me that is what I felt, like I was being made love to.”

He doesn’t stop rubbing my shoulders, though his touch is more of a caress now. His cock is still pressed into the crack of my ass. I wiggle my butt against him. His hands pause. His weight shifts. The mattress rocks. His hands are on my butt. He pulls my cheeks apart. This is not something we do. This is new.

His tongue does a long, slow, and very wet, lick up my crack. I feel my asshole twitch as his tongue crosses over it. His whiskers scratch my cheeks.


Jill slides forward on my belly, dragging the slit of her pussy over my cock. She moves forward enough to free my cock. I’d say it springs free but it’s too heavy to do much springing. She reaches behind her butt and lifts my cock off my belly. She slides back, letting my cock rest against her ass. She holds herself up on her hands and lets her nipples brush against mine. Having my nipples played with is something new to me. I got to admit; I wished someone had turned me on to it sooner.

“Girl, that feels good.”

“You like that?”

“Hmm, I do. I like it a lot.” I watch her face as her body sways above me. “Kiss them.” I’m surprised by my words. Asking a girl, woman, to do something to me is also new. In my experience, they suck your cock, let you fuck ’em, sometimes in the ass, but I’ve never asked them for any of those things; they offer them. This is new, both the asking and the desire. Jill doesn’t seem to find it strange, the asking or the request.

Her lips touch my right nipple and I resist the urge to wrap my fingers in her hair. At first she simply kisses it. I’m guessing she starts to remember what she likes done to her own nipples because she starts to play with my nipple with her tongue. I squirm beneath her but keep my hands up by my head. She pinches at my nipple with her lips. I’ve done that to her before. She holds my nipple between her lips and flicks it with the tip of her tongue. I’ve done that to her before as well. What she does next is not something I’ve done to her before. She bites my nipple.

She doesn’t bite very hard but hard enough to make me gasp. She pulls back, stretching my nipple, then letting it snap back. She does it again. Each time she bites a little harder, pulls a little farther.

“Damn, baby. That’s fucking hot.”

She does not say anything. This time when she bites, she sucks, like she was trying to give my nipple a hickey or something. I moan in the back of my throat. Part of me is appalled that I’m letting this little bit of a white girl bite me. If my friends back home got wind of it they’d probably beat the holy fuck out of me. I don’t care. The feeling is so intense. My cock is throbbing against her back. I’m so lost in my thoughts I don’t realize she’s getting off of me before she’s almost off the bed. For the first time since I pull her on top of me, I reach out for her.

“Where you going?”

Jill smiles at me. “Just to the closet. I want to get something. Don’t move.”

I think the look on my face answers her. She giggles and turns away, treating me to the sight of her little white ass.


I lean back over Meg’s back, bracing myself on my hands. My cock is trapped between my belly and the cheeks of her ass. The tunnel is slick with my spit. As I move my hips back and forth, my pre-cum adds to the slickness. I’m titty-fucking her ass cheeks. I pull my hips back a little farther and now the head of my cock rides up and over her asshole. If I press, it catches. I don’t force it. I ease the pressure and allow my cock to slip over her pucker.

She begins to move her ass beneath me. I pull back even farther, pushing my cock between her legs. I push forward and the head of my cock enters her pussy. I can’t get much penetration. I’m straddling her legs, thrusting between them. The head and just an inch or so enters her. It’s enough. The head of my cock is nearly perpendicular to her pussy. I’m pushing straight down on her G spot.

I fuck her this way for a several strokes before I pull out. I lift up enough for my cock to find her ass crack. This time I lean back on my heels and use tuzla sınırsız escort my hands to force her ass cheeks against the sides of my cock as I fuck her ass tunnel. I pull back, use the fingers of one hand to push my cock down, and press the head against her asshole. I’m curious. Meg doesn’t move. I ease the pressure and go back to rubbing my cock in her crack and over her asshole.

I reach under her hip with my left hand and urge her up slightly. I push my cock into her cunt. We fuck in this low-slung doggy style for a few minutes. I spread her cheeks and let spit drop into her crack. I rub the spit over her asshole with my thumb. I thrust as deep as I can into her pussy and hold there, my cock pressing against the firm mound of her cervix and my legs pressed hard against her ass.

I rub my thumb in circles over her asshole, pushing a little harder with each circle. She gasps when my thumb makes it past her sphincter. I wait, wait to feel her relax and then push my thumb in deeper. I slowly pull it out, lean over, let more spit fall and push my finger in. All the while my cock is twitching deep inside her cunt.

I start to move my cock, keeping rhythm with my thumb. As freaked out as she was earlier, as worried as I am about what has been happening and what it will do to my family, I’m imaging Jim fucking my wife in the ass. In my mind’s eye there is a second cock in her cunt. It’s not mine. I’m on my back, head between her legs, tonguing her clit as she gets DP’ed.


I’m not sure about this. Jim is only the second guy I’ve slept with. Sure, I’ve watched some porn but I’m not dumb enough to imagine what I see on a computer screen reflects the way most people have sex. I’d been surprised when Jim asked me to kiss his nipple. It seemed such an un-macho request for a very masculine man. He clearly enjoyed what I had been doing. I had only slept with one other man but I masturbate and I love to play with my nipples. I had simply extrapolated what I like to do to my nipples with my fingers to what Jim might like done to his with my mouth.

The biting was not something I’ve done to myself. My boobs aren’t big enough for me to get a nipple to my mouth. I do pinch them and pull them. Jim seemed to like that. I remembered one other thing I had tried. I was afraid that might be pushing things too far. I ran it over in my mind as I rummaged through my suitcase. I hid what I found in the palm of my hand and climbed back into bed with Jim. His cock looks too delicious to ignore. I take a moment to practice sucking his beautiful dark cock.

I move back to his chest and play with his right nipple with my fingers. I kiss it lightly and tease it with my tongue.

“Can I try something?” I whisper in his ear, lying half on his chest.

Jim rolls his head away to look at me. He has a funny look on his face. My heart sinks. I’m sure I’ve done something wrong.

“Uh,” he starts but stops to swallow and wet his lips. “Uh, I was thinking about something. I’ve never done nothing like this, never even thought of doing what I’m thinking about. If it sounds too fucked up, tell me, okay?”

I kiss him, loving the full feel of his lips and the tastes of his tongue.

“I think we passed too fucked up a couple days ago.” I kiss him again. “Plus, I’m damn near a virgin. I got no frame of reference for what counts as fucked up and what doesn’t. What were you thinking, lover?”

For a minute it seems he’s changed his mind. He’s quiet. The room is quiet. I swear I can almost hear the thud of the blood trying to pump his cock even bigger.

“I want you to tease me,” he finally offers. “I’m going to try to not move, no matter what you do to me or to yourself. Tease me.”

“Seriously?” Jim’s smile assures me he’s heard the excitement in his voice.


“What if I do something you don’t like?”

Jim chuckles. “I imagine I’ll say something like ‘Girl, I don’t like that.’ Would that work?”

“Uh-huh. Did you like what I was doing to your nipples?”

“Yeah. I did. I never thought I’d like something like that but I did.”

“Did it hurt? Was it too much?” Jim shakes his head. “Want to try something more intense?”

“Sure baby. If it’s too much, I’ll tell you. What you thinking, you white she-devil?”

I show him the clothespin.

“What you going to do with that?”

I show him on myself. My breath whistles past my lips as my body realizes what’s been done to it.

“Shit, Jill.” He looks excited and a little afraid.

I lean over his chest and kiss his nipple before I tent the skin of his chest with my fingers.


Ben’s thumb in my ass is pressing down on his cock, which is in my pussy. We’ve never tried anal. From what I can tell from the internet, that means we’re relics of the past. Within the past 24 hours I’ve seen my husband anally fucked by my son. Has Jill been taken in that fashion? Could my life have gotten so out of control in the past few days that I’m honestly lying here trying to remember if I’ve watched my daughter get fucked in the ass? Christ.

I push the thought away. I’m tired of worrying about this. I want my husband and that’s all I want at the moment.

“Fuck me in the ass, Ben. Please.”

He kisses the back of my shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32