Omerta Ch. 02

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A work of fiction. All characters over the age of 18.

Part 1

I don’t remember the drive home. For once, it is not because I am already looking ahead to what George and I will get up to when I get back. This is the long, slow autopilot of shock. I feel like I am carrying a bomb as a passenger. One that goes off every few minutes.

I almost crash into the pillar as I reach the driveway. The one that has not already been smashed by Jerry. At least they would match, I think ruefully. I pull the keys from the ignition and drop them under the seat. My hands are shaking.

I don’t dare get out. I don’t dare enter the house. Where is the wire? Where have they been watching and listening from? Is it just one room or is the entire house bugged and wired for sound?

I cringe as I recall the past month with George. There is no room that has been left untouched by our furious humping. That was one of the challenges we set ourselves.

To exercise our incestuous passion across the width and breadth of the house. I opened a different door each morning. As though it was an advent calendar and the gift was George’s hot cum.

He had me spreadeagled in the den. We sixty-nined in the lounge. I swallowed his cum in the kitchen. He ate me out in the reception area. We even perched precariously in the loft as he drilled me from behind. I held onto one of the joists and hoped he didn’t fall before cumming in me.

Mandy’s room was his least favourite. We only did it there once and that was just to tick it off the list. It felt ‘icky’ to him. It was strange but the thought of fucking his mother was completely separate and distinct to any sexual thoughts he may have of his sister. That was not the type of incest that appealed to him.

Our favourite was mine and Jerry’s room. It had the biggest bed. It had the most mirrors. I loved watching us. I loved seeing the reflected look of intense pleasure on my face as George ploughed me with his cock.

It had the noisiest springs as well. The mattress was not new but it was not until George’s furious hammering came along did I realise how noisy it could be.

Jerry and I rarely had sex and when we did it was a thoroughly forgettable affair. It felt like we both did it purely out of some reflex action. A token gesture on birthdays and anniversaries to demonstrate we were still, in fact, husband and wife.

I wondered if he was like that with his sluts. Or if he was like he was in his youth. Powerful, dominant, insatiable. It didn’t matter to me anymore. I had George now. I had all the good of Jerry in his youth and none of the bad.

The squeaking bed springs were a wonderful chorus to his pistoning cock. The frequency of their squeaking chimed with my approaching orgasms. They would always squeak louder and harder as I was getting ready to cum. As I spread my legs wider to accommodate the increase in his rhythm.

The headboard was hard though. The only negative. It was handy for when you wanted strong support for your back as you lay in bed. But not so comfortable when your head was banging against it as your son pounded you from behind.

The thought of being intruded upon had crossed my mind. By Magda, a delivery driver, a stargazer who had turned his telescope in the wrong direction. But never like this. A professional squad of investigators chronicling every move that George and I were making. It didn’t matter that we weren’t the intended targets. The accidental lovers.

I knew George was inside the house now and waiting for me to enter. Waiting for me to change into the new lingerie I had bought so he could rip it off me. He was probably naked and hard. Stalking the reception area and ready to ambush me.

The thought of my waiting and erect son was almost enough to quell the nausea of my encounter with Agent Myers. I was torn between desire and fear. Wanting to let George take me in his arms and ravish me. But also wanting to run as far away as possible.

I checked my phone. The number Myers had provided just rang out. I tried it several times to no avail. Myers had told me to go home and sleep on it before calling, but I couldn’t wait. I had to know what she knew.

To what extent the FBI had infiltrated my house. Were they monitoring my phone as well? Email? Bank cards? I felt completely exposed. Like the myth of my life had been completely deconstructed and there was nothing remaining but a pile of smoking rubble.

The rhinestone chain. The gold choker. The crotchless lingerie. I had forgotten it all. The whole point of my trip to town. All I could think about was disappointing George. Not only had I not obtained the promised goodies, there would be no sex from mother for the foreseeable future. Not until…

I didn’t know. The sheltered calm of our frolicking had been shattered. I could not see a way back. Not when so many people knew now. I tried to think about the manner in which they had found out.

If there were two agents stuck in a nearby van and listening to gaziantep jigolo escort the unbridled screams of pleasure on their headphones. If they had reported back to their superiors with a sly grin on their face and a twitch in their dicks.

Whether a committee had been formed to try and deduce the identity of my secret lover before the shocking and truthful conclusion was inescapable. I saw a photo of myself tacked on a board in an office somewhere and another of George. The two photos connected by a line of red string.

I saw a database with my details on it and a report of all the recordings. All the times I had cried out George’s name as he came in me. All the collected video and audio. Our boundless energy and appetite for each other. It was all an epic incest porno that we did not know we were making.

I get out of the car and stagger forward. I feel like I am going to be sick. Myers knew what she was doing. She wanted me to stew first. To grapple with the awful truth and realise that there were no options left for me but to co-operate. Not if I wanted to be able to salvage at least something from the wreckage of my existence.

I stumble to the door like a drunk and then realise I have left my keys under the seat in the car. It is a feat of endurance for me to go back to the car and collect them. I am ready to collapse as I cross the threshold of my front door.

George is there to catch me. He holds me up by my arms as his penis wafts in my face. Juicy and hard. It almost revives me. He helps me to the lounge and puts me on the sofa.

I hear him talking. Nervous. Concerned. Anxious. I tell him to go and put some clothes on. I am laid out on the sofa when he comes back. I hear his questions more clearly now. I struggle to answer. He places the back of his hand against my forehead and runs to the kitchen to draw me a glass of water.

I hear him asking if he should call 911, but I croak out a ‘no’. I take his hand and lie still for a few minutes to collect myself. My heart slows to glacial pace. I contemplate whether I am having a heart attack and perhaps the ambulance is the prudent option.

Is Myers watching me now? Supine and speechless and utterly defeated? I am ready to do whatever she wants. Take any deal she chooses to offer. Anything is better than this.

I get up and walk out to the pool. George helps me the entire distance as though I am an invalid. We sit on the loungers. This is the only place near that I believe I might be safe. I want to check under the loungers. Go through the bushes. Climb the trees. Seek out every mic and boom within listening distance.

Is this what paranoia feels like? That there is no refuge anywhere? Not in your home, not even in your own head? George looks at me as though I am having a seizure.

‘Mom? What is it? What’s wrong? Please…just tell me.’

My poor boy. Just a few minutes ago he was probably jacking his dick to stay hard. Awaiting the moment when I would return and take it in my mouth and pussy. And now…the roles a month ago are reversed. I am the catatonic, dumbstruck one and he is the worried loved one.

‘George…’ I whisper.

It is all I can muster at the moment. I don’t know how to broach it with him. It must be the truth I decide. I cannot conceive any plausible lies.

‘George. Someone came to see me today. From the FBI.’

‘What? Is it Dad? Is he ok?’ he asks in a worried tone.

‘No…I mean, he’s fine. It’s…oh God. I don’t know how to say this.’

He leans in and takes my hand. He rubs it softly.

‘It’s ok, Mom. I’m here.’

‘They said…they said…they have a wire, George. They’ve been listening to us.’

The rubbing stops. His jaw drops. I wonder if this is how I looked to Myers when she dropped the bombshell. Slack jawed and hollow-eyed.

‘What do you mean? In the house?’

I nod in shame. The same sense of humiliation I am now transferring to him. A scarlet letter we have both been branded with. An ‘I’ soldered onto our haunches.

‘But…they can’t…I mean…how can they…’

I see him run all the different scenarios out in his head. The same ones that I so feverishly searched through. Trying to find something. A loophole, a point of egress, a flaw in their dastardly plans. An escape.

‘I don’t know. They didn’t go into…details.’

‘What if they’re lying, Mom? Trying to use it as leverage against Dad?’

‘The woman I spoke to…she wasn’t lying. She knew.’

He dropped my hand. He covered his face with his palms. He was as stunned as I was. I didn’t know how he would take it. If it would plunge him back into his pit of depression. All that had happened. The knowledge we had found. The intimacy. The love. The passion. All coming undone before our very eyes.

‘What…what did she say?’

I shrugged my shoulders.

‘She…she didn’t go into too much detail. I have to call her. Tomorrow. I’m sure she’ll…reveal gaziantep lezbiyen escort the masterplan then.’

‘They were trying to dig up dirt on Dad. And they caught us instead…’

I smiled weakly at the irony. That in this house of three people they had captured the two least valuable scalps. But that was not the end I knew. They would toss us back if we gave them what we really want.

‘Did she…she say where the…devices are?’

I shook my head in resignation. They were everywhere. And nowhere. It didn’t matter anyway. They might as well have shut them all down now.


He took my hand again.

‘I don’t care.’


‘I don’t care what they do. What they threaten us with. I don’t…don’t regret it. The past month. Being with you. You being my first…you helping me with…it’s been incredible, Mom. I’ve loved every second of it. I feel alive. I feel human. I love you, Mom. I don’t want to stop. What’s the worst they can do to us?’

‘They could tell your father,’ I say solemnly.

I feel less disheartened hearing him speak. Affirming his love. I had not come to terms with it yet. What it looked like. How to separate my love for him as a mother with my love for him as a partner. Perhaps it was all bundled up into the same package. I did not want to unravel it.

‘They wouldn’t though, would they? That would…he’d…’

‘Kill me.’ I complete the sentence for him.

‘No, Mom. I won’t…I won’t let him or anyone hurt you. We can get through this. We just need…’

‘What? What George?’

‘We just need each other.’

He pulls me up to my feet and embraces me. His strong arms wrap around me. I feel his heart beating against my temple. He kisses the top of my head. I can feel his penis stirring in his shorts. It is strange to feel horny in the circumstances. To feel the taste of desire when all around is the parade of voyeurs eager to watch our every move.

I tilt my head up and seek out his lips. We kiss. Long and hard. Our lips clamped to each other. Savouring the taste and texture. He puts his hands on my hips. I slip my tongue into his mouth and meet his. I place one hand on his ass and squeeze. I slip the other down to his hard cock. I need it in me. I need it to make me forget my woes.

I break off from the kiss and run inside. He laughs as he chases me. I turn into the corridor and hustle down the steps to the basement. I leave the light off. I want the darkness to cover us. Protect the last scraps of our dignity.


I hear him call down from the top of the steps.

‘Down here. Leave the light off!’ I call to him.

All my complaining about the light. It was finally fixed and now I was choosing not to use it. I hear him rush down the steps. Using the handrail to guide him in the darkness. Devil may care. We were unfettered at this point.

I giggle and hide from him. I step behind the treadmill and crouch down. He gropes in the darkness and I chuckle. I taunt him from my hiding place.

‘Where are you baby? My pussy is sooo wet. I’m not sure how much longer she can wait. Why are you making her wait for the cum she needs?’

‘Mom! Come on!’

I wonder how odd I must sound to someone listening in. I don’t care any more. Let them listen and be thrilled or disgusted or shocked. It was the sex talk of two people in love. The only unusual thing in our case was we were mother and son.

I slip out of my summer dress and leave it on the stone floor. The basement is cool and quiet. Apart from George’s grumblings. He steps closer and I shift away. He stubs his toe against a dumbbell.

I suppress a laugh as he curses. I am teaching him an important lesson. Never chase something that wants to be caught. He should have waited. I would have come to find him sooner than this.

I unhook my bra and throw it in the direction of his whining. I hear him stop and head in my direction. A hand reaches out and grabs a handful of breast. His other hand follows and grips my shoulder. He brings me in close and pushes me down to the floor. I must be punished for my indiscretions.

I smell the scent of his cock before I touch it. It grazes my forehead as I adjust my knees on the hard floor. Before I can reach out, he grabs the top of my head. It is a firm grip. He is not amused by my teasing.

He jacks his cock and rubs it over my face. He slaps my cheeks with it. The tip is slick with his excitement. He draws a moustache of pre-cum over my top lip. I inhale the smell of him knowing I will soon taste it.

I play with my nipples as he continues to draw the line around the rest of my mouth. He lifts the tip up and dangles his balls under my nostrils. I warm them with my heavy breath. My tongue snakes out and licks the underside of each testicle.

He moans above me and the sound is like a boom in the echoing darkness of the basement. I lap harder at each ball, coating it with my gaziantep masaj salonları saliva. He pushes my head back and rocks over my mouth and tongue.

I rub my hand over my pussy lips and hover over my clit. I don’t want to cum yet. Not before he has entered me. He draws his length back and places it before the aperture of my mouth. I open and stretch as wide as I can.

He delicately eases his cock into my mouth. It is gentle and slow as though it is being returned to its natural sheath. He is able to get three quarters of the way in before I start to gag. He pulls at my hair and pushes more forcefully.

My tongue wiggles over the underside of his cock trying to lubricate its path forward. He fucks my mouth as I hold on to his thighs. My spit drools down from my mouth and onto my breasts making my nipples even harder.

He loosens his grip and lets me do some of the work. We reach a natural equilibrium with his hips pushing his cock towards me and my neck pushing back against him. His cock hits the back of my throat in a steady tempo as our bodies synchronise.

His moans increase and I worry he is preparing to cum. It is my own fault. I should not have gloated earlier. My pussy really did need his cum. My juices were dripping onto the floor.

He senses I am ready. My lover. Through the sexual telepathy we are developing. He pulls his cock from my throat. I cough and splutter as I swallow the last dregs of the pre-cum cocktail in my mouth. My hand tries to grip the slippery form of his cock and pump it.

I get up and feel my way to the yoga mat. George follows me, his cock in my hand. I suddenly think of Myers and hope she is watching or listening. I hope she knows what she is threatening.

I drop to the floor and pull him down with me. Our bodies roll over each other on the mat. We kiss as our hands flock over each other’s body. He slaps and tags my ass. I smooth my hands over the defined lines of his chest.

He pushes me down, unable to wait any longer. I lie back and grip my thighs as he pushes them back. He anchors my knees over his shoulder and pulls me over the mat to his waiting cock. Even in the dark I can sense its hunger. Sniffing out its prey like a heat-seeking predator.

‘I’m sorry, baby,’ I coo.

He pauses. The head of his cock poised adjacent to my cunt.

‘What? Why, Mom? Is it…’

‘No, I forgot your lingerie. The jewellery.’

He laughs down at me from the darkness. There is only the faint silhouette of his form above me. Like a shadow waiting to smother me.

‘It’s ok, Mom. I forgive you.’

He enters me before I can respond. I squeal in delight as he squeezes the head of his cock through my oozing pussy lips. My cunt quivers as he fills me with his cock. I wrap my arms around his.

He starts slow and we both enjoy the deliberation of his cock in my pussy. As though we are just stretching and warming up for the main event. Ensuring we are fully limber and all the right juices are being produced. That the arc of his dick is frictionless and smooth.

I spread my arms across the mat as he builds his pace. My breasts heave with each renewed thrust. He pushes himself up and pins my legs further back. My pussy sloshes as he begins to pound me. I hold my ankles around my head. It is the best yoga pose I have discovered so far.

I call it ‘The Triangle’. The perfect geometric pose of my legs and back overlaid with the straight line of my son’s body. As he heaves himself into my cunt. I crane my neck up to see it. The endless blur of his cock ramming into my pussy. I could watch it all day.

He is learning to read me. The way my eyes close in stunned enjoyment. The shapes my mouth makes with every thrust. How I bite my lips as the orgasm builds in me. I caress his face with my hands and whisper my encouragement.

‘You’re going to make me cum, George. You’re going to make me squirt!’

He breathes heavily but does not answer. It is the one aspect of our lovemaking that embarrasses him, I know. Talking out loud. Talking dirty. He only does it when he’s getting ready to cum. I am learning to read him as well.

‘Harder! Harder, George! Make me cum! Give me that cum in my pussy! Make Mommy cum!’

His face is flushed red as he madly fucks me. The sweat drips off his brow and over my body. He mouths a word at me. It is hard to make it out. I think it is ‘Mom.’

The orgasm hits me and I cum hard. My hips buck for a moment before they are slammed back into place by George’s thrusts.

‘Oh, Mom! Oh, God!’

I grab at his ass as he cums in me. The first spurt is always a trigger. I cum again. I close my eyes and pull him into me as he fires his seed deep in my cunt. He slows his rutting with each string of cum until slowly, eventually, he stops.

He flops on me and I taste the sweat on his forehead. The elixir of champions. He unhooks my legs and allows me to stretch. His penis softens as his cum swirls round my pussy. I hold him close and we kiss as our juices pool on the mat around our bodies. We bask in the darkness and the warm glow of our embrace.

I shower afterwards and emerge re-energised. The episode with the FBI already seems like a distant memory. It is remarkable the effect that George has on me. I feel undaunted and ready to take Myers on again. I know I have to wait till tomorrow before I get my opportunity.

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