Old Uncle Jack Visits Ch. 04

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[Please read earlier parts of this series. I hope they add up. Thank you for your encouragement and comments and impatience for more and occasional abuse — it’s all a key part of the fun of writing these stories. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. At least one more instalment to come.]


I watched it all from the floor our bed; Uncle Jack taking, ravishing my beautiful wife Anna. Now as I write this down, certain things come back to me clearly, some are a blur, like a dream.

The feeling of panic – I remember that clearly when I think about kneeling there, separate but so close, watching, watching, watching. Panic, for me, is a deep, gorgeous sinking feeling — a confusion of nausea, dread, fear, humiliation, anticipation and excitement, all fluctuating quickly and vying to dominate. Imagine you are at school, you’re late for a hugely important exam, you find yourself in the wrong room, looking at a Spanish exam paper when you don’t speak a word of the language and are expecting a French paper, you’ve wet your pants, a huge stain is obvious to all around you, and the sweetest and sexiest girl in the school, your heart’s desire, is sniggering at your predicament, and you are erect, tenting your trousers, and your little penis is on a hair trigger, and then, in all the excitement, humiliation and wet friction, you cum into your favourite, lucky, gauzy pink panties. Something like that.

What was I panicking about? Above all I worried about losing Anna to Jack. I feared that he would make me redundant, entirely useless to her as a lover. Would she abandon me, dismiss me from her life? Would she fall in love with Jack? Would I become the neutered husband, uxorious to a fault, providing a good and comfortable life for my wife, a home where she can entertain her lover in style, but banished from her bed? And then, what was expected of me. Jack was clear that I was going to “join in”. I’d joined in already, a little. Was there to be more? Was I really going to let myself go, to really taste what Jack had?

But with this panic and dread came a huge joy, at finding myself, my true place, at seeing my beloved Anna truly, deeply pleasured, at seeing her so deliriously in lust and in love with Jack. Part of the joy was relief at having touched Uncle Jack’s wondrous cock, at kissing it, at inhaling his scent. I had finally broken through that barrier to touch another man sexually. This is what I am, I told myself — the boy, the wimp, the queer little cuckold, the emasculated husband. In my heart I felt escort gaziantep bayan numaraları so grateful that I was allowed to be there watching it all.

Anna, in Uncle Jack’s hands, became pure sex. My wife, the mother of my daughter, my lovely companion… became a hungry slut, able to take the monstrous cock of another man, and loving it. While she was with my uncle, she shed all that was wifely and maternal in her. She was not the person I knew and loved. Anna was in a swoon for Jack, giving herself up for him entirely, and it was a beautiful transformation.

Uncle jack, of course, was regal, powerful, arrogant and completely dominating. He didn’t need to say a word, Anna threw herself at him.

At first she slowly rose and fell on him, grinding and twisting. She would pause every few minutes to bring her beautiful lips to his ugly worn face, to kiss and lick his features, the creased and loose skin on his chest and neck and his steely dark nipples, to knead the huge misshapen pectoral muscles, she lifted his arms to lick his armpits, she slavered at his ears, and she tenderly kissed and stroked his bald, scaly scalp. It was animal worship, devotion. I stared, taking in every detail, as Anna, absolutely oblivious to me, sucked on his tongue and nibbled on his lips and whispered words of love. I caught only the odd word: “Deeper… fuck me…. So big, darling… love you… fill me… always… I could die… please, please, please.”

Jack became urgent again. He pushed her away so that she sat up on him, and he began to thrust up into her hard. He wanted to fuck not kiss, wanted sex not love. Anna was like a rag doll, beaten by his huge, deep trusts, her head lolling and her arms flapping uselessly. He pounded her violently. As the pace built up, so did her reaction. She started to groan, then whimper and then let out a yelp with each thrust. Uncle Jack had to hold her up as he pummelled her again and again. Then Anna seemed to enter a trance, a daze, became quiet, just breathing deeply and whimpering. Her head fell forward a little and her hair curtained over her eyes. Jack didn’t like this. His right hand went to her neck grabbing her throat roughly. He tilted her head up and slapped Anna’s face firmly with the open palm of his left hand, four or five times.

“Wake up Anna. This is not the time for dozing.” His hard voice was cut through with sarcasm and menace. Jack was putting on a show of his mastery of my wife escort gaziantep pornoları and the tone of their fucking was suddenly changing.

Anna came out of her trance and whimpered, “Please love, Jack, don’t hurt me. I’ll do just as you want” This came out in a whine, pleading. Was she genuinely afraid? Was this is show too? Was she inviting him to be rough with her? Her hands came up to Jacks heavy arm. It was thick with muscles and steady like a bar of iron. She stroked his arm, tried to hold his hand, to pry it from her throat.

“Please sweetie, you know I am your slut. I love your huge…”

Jack cut Anna off by suddenly lifting her by the neck. A look of panic crossed her face, her eyes went wide and she grabbed onto his wrist with both her hands. No doubt about it now. Anna was taken by surprise by Jack’s roughness.

“Jack. Please don’t hurt her,” I shouted. I half rose, but before I was half way to my feet he cuffed me hard across the face with the back of his hand.

“Stay there sissy. I’m not going to kill her. You two need to learn how a real man deals with his bitch.”

I fell back on the floor on my back, crying out. Blood trickled from the edge of my mouth. I lay back on the floor. My legs splayed to reveal my little hard, twitching penis. I let them fall and stay wide like that to show myself, to show my abject, breathlessly excited acceptance of what Jack was doing to Anna, what he had done to me. He took the signal and grinned at me wolfishly. I felt hot, I’m sure I blushed up and down my naked skin. I lay back and stroked my little cock as this big, powerful man took my wife violently.

Anna clung to this arm with one hand, the other stretched to his hard stomach to try to steady herself. Jack was holding her tight by the neck, but she was able to breath, wheezing a little. She was wide awake now, staring intensely, almost with anger into Jack’s eyes. Her stomach heaved as she tried to draw in air, her breasts bounced anarchically as he thrust into her, her body absorbing the heavy impact. Anna’s face was flushed now, hair plastered to he sweaty cheek.

He held her there, just above him, fucking her hard and slowly. His free hand came to her breasts and squeezed, crushed and pulled on them without mercy. He was trying to hurt my Anna, to provoke her, but she glared back at him defiantly. Suddenly he started to fuck her very harder and very fast. His hand on her throat tightened and he started escort gaziantep portalı to really pull hard on her nipples, stretching them impossibly.

Anna was silent only because he could barely breath, barely make a sound. But her eyes rolled back in her head then shut, her mouth open in a silent scream, her hips began a furious grinding dance on Uncle Jack’s heaving, battering cock. He began to grunt, breathing hard now, sweat bursting on his bald head, his face a grimace now, the neck taught. Then he exploded. “Take that you fucking whore, Anna…” He came, beating into her again and again, then grinding at her, muttering unintelligibly to himself now. Anna’s hips twitched, pulsing with her own orgasm. Jack’s hand came away from Anna’s throat. She gasped, drawing in air hungrily as she settled down onto him. My wife took the hand that had been holding her by the throat in her hands, She drew it up to her face and pressed her cheek into it. She kissed and licked at the palm. Slowly she let herself lie forward onto Jack, who drew her into a long, passionate kiss.

This is when I came. I lay back fully, I shut my eyes and I stoked my little penis furiously as they kissed lovingly. I grunted and jerked my hips. My ejaculate hit me on the cheek and neck and all down my chest and stomach.


When my head cleared, I may have fainted, I looked up at the lovers on the bed, propping myself up on my elbows.

Anna was now sitting up on Jack, still rooted to his groin. She was watching me. A hand rubbed at her neck. She would be bruised there. He heavy, beautiful breast were a raw red in places, and mottled pink all over. More bruises, no doubt. Her hair hung lankly down. She looked used, abused and ravishingly sexy.

Jack was asleep under her. He snored quietly.

Finally, she looked me straight in the eye. And after a pause: “Did you enjoy that Timmy?”

Anna whispered this, hoping not to wake Uncle Jack. It was difficult to read the meaning of her question. Was it a reproach? Had she wanted me to stop what Jack had done to her? Had he been too rough?

“I’m sorry. I tried to stop him holding you like that. Are you OK?”

Her eyes flashed, she was angry.

“You pathetic little man. He has you right where he wants you doesn’t he? He can do what he wants with me, with us, and you’ll not object one little bit. Yes I’m OK.”

She looked at me. Up and down. She smiled briefly, an unreadable expression, a private joke almost. Was that the look? Finally dismissing me, seeing me for what I was, in all my ridiculous, cum covered glory.

“I’m full of a huge amount of Uncle Jack’s seed Timmy. Are you ready to eat your wife, my little cuckold? Are you going to clean his sperm from my battered pussy?”


[Thank you for reading. Please comment and vote, and get in touch. One more instalment in the Uncle Jack series to come in due course.]

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