Old Farm Fun

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Big Tits

Back to work at the farmhouse. I had seen the pictures, it had been quite a plot of land in its day…the current owner of the farmhouse had grown old. He had sold much of his land to create a perfect little suburban neighborhood. The original white farmhouse of his sat upon stones of million years. This story does not involve the old man, of course, but I feel I must set the scene for this story.

The farmhouse had a new façade of aluminum siding which made it look proper for the rest of the neighborhood. One little car port stood at the side of the house, which was now the front because of how the roads have changed over time. There remained on the property only one barn. The man, who had been old for quite some time had put a bed in the barn next to where the old horse stable used to be. Tools that were upwards of 70 years old had rusted and remained hanged upon the walls. The bed was in case the old man couldn’t make it home for the night after spending hours doing yard work and using the barn.

The old man had quite a lot of neighborhood volunteers who would come out and help him do yard work. I was one of them, a white16 year old, 6’1”, light brown hair, brown eyes, slim, and most importantly, a 7” cock. Being a hard worker I sat out for the woods, he had wanted me to clear a path in the woods so I took my clippers and was gone for hours. By the way my name in this story is Eric

Meanwhile another neighborhood kid came over, his name was Jack, and I guess he came over to help the old man too. He wasn’t much of a talker, but he enjoyed baseball, and this gave him quite a nice tan. He was thin too, and he wore boxers…this I could tell because of how they rode up and his pants sagged down. He was a white 15 year old and had dark hair, brown eyes, and was about 5’8”. I was also aware he had been bullied once or twice on the bus for having a small package. In fact, the other kids used to say he had a “sack of dimes” which I later found out meant a really small package.

That sunny day in July, Jack had finished his chores up in the front yard of the farmhouse, the old man was inside presumably, sleeping the day away, and Jack sent himself over to clear another pathway through the woods. You see, over time the illegal bahis vines and native berries would takeover paths people could walk on in the woods over time.

Well up until noon I was plowing away at vines, saplings, and tall weeds which had grown up in the way. I got really sweaty and starting to think about Jack. Now, I am not gay, although at that time I was going through a long bi-sexual phase, and I never would have actually gone out with a guy, but I was horny all the time for anything. If I wasn’t a boy I’d have nothing to play with. I started to think about boxers and how wonderful it would be if I wore boxers instead of briefs. Then I looked around and decided Jack’s path must be further away, so I saw no harm in taking my penis out and letting it breathe. While I was at it, I invited my balls as well. I stuffed my shirt into my oversized pocket, but left my gloves and long pants on, after most of the vines had thorns!

With my package out of my shorts I snipped away. One hour later, my path and Jack’s crossed again, this time literally.
“Hey Erich!” he cried out.
“Hi Jack!” I said as I came up to greet him. I guess I had forgotten about one little thing, well actually at that moment a 3.5” thing that was hanging out of my shorts.
“Oh…” Jack said really shocked.
I gasped when I realized I still had my flaccid cock out for all to see. I quickly pushed it back in. There was an awkward silence which I had to break. I figured he’d tell on me, or just think I’m really weird.
“Let’s carry on with the shrubbery!” I said.
“yeah…”he mumbled. Still in shock I guess.
We cut in silence for 10 more minutes when we got to a small clearing with a bench and two patio chairs and had to sit down.
“I’m really hot.” He said.
“Yeah…” I said passing up another perverted yet cliché pun.
“You know, I don’t mind if we are naked around here no one else would know. I haven’t free-balled anywhere since I was 7 skinny dipping in my pool.” Jack said.
“Yeah…Sorry about our introduction back there…I just wanted to let it all hang out.” –Eric.
“Well you certainly have a nice one Eric, but mine’s way bigger!” He said as he chucked his shirt.
I took off my shirt as I looked at his smooth chest and illegal bahis siteleri back, I could just see the waistband of his boxers. “No way in hell is yours bigger than mine sack of dimes!”

“That’s just a joke!” he said.
“Oh yeah! Mine’s so big I have to wear briefs, you wear those loose boxers.
After that I realized the conversation was starting to get queer but I sensed he wanted it too, because the next thing he did was take off his pants, shoes and socks, revealing a large lump in the center of white boxers with small red dots.
“I’m going to walk around completely naked!” he said, “to show you how big my cock grows in this jungle!”
“I’ll win as I took off my shirt, my shorts, and my shoes and socks leaving me standing there with bulging white briefs.
“You wear tighty whities!” he laughed.
I ran around and beat my chest like Tarzan. Seeing him there in nothing but boxers really excited me and so my member grew to about 5”. Jack ran the other way so we were running in a circle. I noticed his lump start to shake as he ran and I saw it was already 6”.
“Okay,” I said, “Let’s see how much of a big hairy pussy you really are. I’ll race you through the path, first one out wins. Looser sucks big cock!”
I have to admit…I purposely lost that race. When we got back to the old man’s backyard Jack had a huge smile on his face. “Guess you have to suck my dick!” he said in a real nasty voice. We went into the barn.
“No.” I said.
“Yes you will!” he said taking his dotted boxers off revealing an 8” cock. This thing was huge. He must have been a grower not a show-er, and he sat his ass on the bed in the barn and pointed to it. I took off my briefs revealing my throbbing 7 inch cock. I wrapped my warm mouth around the tip, it tasted sort of salty, but as I massaged it more, Jack started to groan, it was so hot.

I reached my hand around and started to play with his asshole. Jack nearly jumped off the bed, but he wiggled his ass right onto my finger so I guess he enjoyed it. He then grabbed me by the back of my head to push my face right into his wiener. My lips were almost touching his curly black pubic hair and light red testicles…well balls I guess I can use colloquialisms on this site.

In canlı bahis siteleri and out…in and out…my finger was stretching his ass as best I could, while his dick kept being swallowed by me, it kept going into my throat, and it felt strange, but pretty good.

“Ohhhhhh I’m Cumming!” he roared as his semen filled up my mouth and throat. I tried to swallow all of his jizz but a couple tablespoons fell out of my mouth and leaked onto my own throbbing cock.

“My turn!” I exclaimed. Jack had fallen back onto the bed with a post-orgasm crash, while I went to go wash off my finger, which had been up his ass. As I washed my hands by a sink in the old barn I couldn’t help but notice a bottle of hand lotion next to the sink. Bingo! Just what I needed.

“Your turn to suck me off!” I said to Jack. At this point I figured Jack was most likely bi- or gay, so I guess that’s why without argument he got off the bed, allowed me to sit down, and gulped down my 7” of throbbing red meat. I only lasted about 5 minutes of his vicious tongue swirling and suction before I pushed him away, and with my spit covered cock, I told him to lay down on the bed belly down, and went to go put hand lotion on my cock. I came back to the bed.

“Can you take it slow?” he asked as I spit on his asshole.
“Of course I said, whatever I do to you, you’ll do to me!” I smiled as three of my fingers entered his little boy pussy at the same time. After two minutes of stretching and me massaging his back with my free hand, I asked him to kneel so his ass was in the air and then I pulled out my fingers and ran my 7” of iron hard flesh into his butt hole. He gasped at first but in 5 minutes his ass got used to it and I began to pound away. Each stroke into his boy-bum felt so great and moist on my rock hard cock. I started to breathe down his neck and he started to moan awfully loud. Just at the point I thought his asshole would catch fire, I erupted all of my cum into his tight hole. As I finished, he splurged all over the bed with his own bunch of seed.
“We should probably go back in the woods and get our clothes.” I suggested.
“Yeah,” he said after he calmed down, “you were asking me about boxers, would you want to swap underwear, just for today?”
The idea just thrilled me and so we dashed off into the woods naked and grabbed our clothes and traded underwear. Of course, I was in his debt and that’s the way I liked it.

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