Office Workload Ch. 06

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Characters in this chapter:

The Author(me): A 27 year old single male who just got a new job after few months finding for one.

Miss Jenna: The General manager of human resources in the company.

Miss Eve: The secretary for Miss Jenna.

Mrs Madison: She is the registered nurse working on the nurse bay in the office.

Mrs Patel: The supervisor who is assigned to guide the author on the daily routine of a HR personnel.

Setting for the current chapter:

Office: This is the workplace of the author and characters stated above.

Office Sick Bay/Nurse room :A room where sick employees are sent if they have mild sickness that require minimal attention.

Authors home: A 3 bedroom apartment where the author lives alone.


The alarm woke me up at the usual time. I felt grumpy and tired as I slept pretty late last night. I blamed myself for it and lazily took a shower and tried to freshen up myself. Midway bath, I realised my right hand was a little swollen and caused a little pain. As I was just a mild pain, I ignored it and resumed my bath and got myself ready to work.

During my driving to work, my family back in hometown called. I hooked up my phone to my bluetooth headset and answered the call. The call was relatively short, with my parents asking about how my work environment was, how my new life was and was I eating right. I obediently answered all the questions with a text book answer. They informed that they were planning to pay a visit soon. I was not really excited with the prospect of my parents visiting me as they were conservative and would not enjoy what normal people enjoy.

I reached the office a little earlier than the previous two days. I leisurely strolled around the office, explored the nook and crannies of the office and its surrounding and went back to my cubicle to start my work.

“Looks like you are taking your own sweet time getting to office,” Miss Jenna remarked sarcastically.

“M- Miss Jenna! I was just exploring the office. I reached the office 30 minutes ago,” I stammered to defend myself

Miss Jenna gave out a little giggle as I tried to convince her of my innocence. She assured me that she was just joking and there was nothing to worry bahis şirketleri about. I let a huge sigh of relieve as I sat down and Miss Jenna sat on my cubicle table right infront of me. She asked how I was doing for my first week in the office. I showed her all the progress I made with the data sorting and the staff database cleanup.

Miss Jenna was quite impressed with my progress as it had been only 3 days since I joined the team. As a reward for my hardwork, she took my left hand and placed on her thigh as she tempted me to feel under her dark blue skirt. I inched my hand into her plump inner thigh. She was not wearing any panties as I was able to feel her dick semi erect, nuzzled between her thighs. I played my fingers on her tips, teased her peehole as her dick was slowly getting erect. She began to slowly spread her legs and pulled my hand deeper. I stroked her dick from top to bottom and caressed her balls. Her dick twitched as I was massaging her balls.

Suddenly, her wrist watch began to beep. She rolled her eyes over and informed that she had another meeting to attend to. I pulled my hands out from her skirt and she bent over and gave me a kiss on the forehead. She then walked away to her meeting and I was left alone to continue my work. As hours passed by, I began to see that my right hand was getting more swollen than before. I ignored it further, hoping that it will recover soon without any intervention.

It was lunch time and as usual I set out to the canteen to get my lunch. On the way to the canteen, I saw Miss Eve walking in the same direction as I do.

“Hi Miss Eve! Are you going to the canteen?” I asked.

“Oh hi! You are the new guy right? Yup I am going to the canteen, care to join the walk?” she answered in a cheerful demeanour.

We walked to the canteen together as we chit chatted along. Apparently, she was working here way before Miss Jenna came in. She said that the previous manager was an old lady and she was fired due to physical altercation with one of the HR members. She had a very bad reputation and that made it easier for her to be fired. Miss Jenna was recruited right after that and been in the office since then.

During lunch, Miss Eve noticed my swollen hand. She inquired curiously bahis firmaları about it. I told her that I fell in the toilet and maybe sprained my hand.

“Maybe? What do you mean maybe? Have you not checked with the doctor?” Miss Eve asked me sternly.

“N-not yet. Maybe later,” I replied while giving a sheepish grin.

“Another maybe, we are not delaying this. Come follow me now!” she stood and gestured me towards the canteen exit.

I hesitated but frankly I had no choice. I followed her lead to the nurse room. As we entered, we saw Miss Madison in her habitat, sorting some papers and equipment around her table. She was wearing a nurse uniform, her top two buttons were unbuttoned, teasing some cleavage. She looked up at us and inquired on the reason of our visit. I showed my swollen hand to her and let her evaluate on how bad it is.

After some thorough examination, Miss Madison assured me and Miss Eve that everything was alright and there is nothing to worry about. She gave me two blue pills and asked me to take it immediately. She also cautioned me that after taking the pill, I would be required to rest in the room as the medicine caused drowsiness. I did as what I was told and rested in the nurse room. Miss Eve bade me farewell as she left for work. I quickly fell asleep as the medicine started to take its effect.

Its about a few hours later when I woke up. I checked the time and found out that it was 5.30pm. I felt a little drowsy and sat on the bed for a while. I scanned the room for Miss Madison but no one was around. After my dizziness went away, I stood up and made way to my cubicle. Along the way, I checked my hand and to my surprise, the swelling has gone down. I was pleased by the recovery and was in general good mood as I reached my cubicle. In my cubicle I found out a note from Miss Jenna stuck on my computer monitor:

“Hey I heard about your hand. Hope you feel ok. See you next week and take care!”

I smiled at the note and kept it in my drawer. I hastily cleared up my workspace and got ready to get back home. At the parking lot, I met Mrs Patel also preparing to go back home. She inquired on where I was gone for the whole day. I explained to her what had happened with my hand and showed her kaçak bahis siteleri the recovery. She gave me a concerned look while examining my hand.

“Its lucky that your hand had recovered quite fast. You are going to need it soon,” She remarked with a slight grin and winked at me. I giggled and blushed a little and reconfirmed with her about the lunch invitation next day. She confirmed and told me to come over around 2pm and sent me the address to her house.

After a little chat with Mrs Patel, we both parted our ways and made way to our respective vehicles to go home. On the way home, I manage to stop and packed some delicious spaghetti and moist cake for dinner. By the time I reached home, my stomach was grumbling louder than a whale call. I giggled on the thought of my stomach communicating with a whale as I entered my house unit. I decided that at least before taking my dinner, I wanted to take a shower first to freshen up myself.

I realized something weird during my shower. My dick was looking a little different in color. It seems like some red paint had fell over my dick and someone tried to wash it away. I wondered what happened and checked if there are any other unusual markings or swellings down there. To my relief, there is nothing unusual and I just washed my dick away of the color and resumed my shower.

I took my dinner soon after my shower and savored every moment of it. Finally, my stomach stopped grumbling and I decided to watch some tv before going to sleep. I clicked through a number of channels and saw nothing interesting to watch. Disappointed, I turned the tv off and got myself to bed. As I began to drift to sleep, a message came into my phone. I checked who sent it and was a little surprised to see it was Mrs Patel.

“Hey, sorry to disturb if you are sleeping or busy or something. Do you have any food restrictions? Like are you a vegetarian or do you have anything you cant eat?”

“No, I don’t have any restrictions and thanks for hosting me again!” I replied her message almost immediately.

“Noted and don’t worry about the lunch dear, have a good night and have some wet dreams will ya! Night!” I was a little flushed when I saw her message this time. I replied with a smiley and a good night to her. I wondered if her husband knew her actions in the office. The thought of her husband made me shudder and I hoped that everything would be ok for the lunch next day. I drifted again to sleep as the clock struck midnight.

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