Office Rest Room

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This is my very 1st story. I’ve been reader of since so long and always wanted to put my own sexual experiences to this forum but couldn’t gather required strength. Now I decided to give a fucking hit.

This is a true story, I am just changing names of my sex partners for their security, I dam care what people think about me.

My name is Ayesha Mir, I am a Pakistani and live in Lahore. I am 25 years old, My breast is 36″ with C size, I have 38″ very curvy Hips (I often tried putting a glass on my hips while standing and taking pictures) my waist is 28″ my ex boy friend and short period husband loved my body and curves. He always preferred fuck my Ass Hole instead of pussy as he always says, I want to keep you pussy like virgins for our elder days and want to keep your Ass Hole like pussy, always lubricated, fragrant and ready for sex. I always use enema early in the morning before going to wash room and one in evening. I always use heavy Vaseline at night to keep my Hips moistures and scrub my hips with milk and cream daily as I myself love my hips indeed. I never got fucked in my pussy till the age of 23 years. escort kocaeli

I am very fond of sex and I used to finger fuck myself oftenly. I still use porn sites and videos to get myself off through finger fuck. Even when I had 2-3 fucks in a day, I still had 1-2 finger fucks to satisfy myself.

It was Feb 2005, I was working in a Telecom Company in Customer Support Dept. My responsibility was to pick up the calls of customers and get their problems solved. Normally there were 2 agents all the time available in Support Room, that day Ali was my colleagues in room, he suggested to eat something and I said OK, he asked me to take care of the calls and he’ll grab something from the market.

As soon as he went, I opened and started reading my most liking stories in CHEATING section. While reading story, I got horny ass usual (normally I always read stories in night at my home and used to finger fuck myself to get released) actually I was divorced 3 months back (i was 18 years old then and did love marriage which could resist just 2-3 months) kocaeli anal yapan escort I started rubbing my pussy through trouser. As soon as I read the story I got more and more horny and that was impossible for me to control, I decided to go to wash room and finger fuck myself but due to alone in Support Room, I decided to do the stuff there. I drooped my trouser to knees and by opening my thong grip (i always use thongs with strings, even today) and started finger fucking my wet and hot pussy like anything. I slowly rubbed my clitoris with my finger and inserted one of my finger in my pink hot wet pussy hole. I was enjoying like hell and my whole body was like on fire. I putted my shirt up and felt my nipples. I pinched my nipple with my fingers and thumb, now one of my hand was pinching my nipple and second had was rubbing my clitoris and pussy area rapidly. I licked my pussy had and it was full my fragrant juice and saltish fluid. I was enjoying like I was being licked by one of the most beautiful guy in the world. I started thinking about my encounters with my ex BF and imagined as he is licking me ass usual and started enjoying even more hot way. I was about to cum, when…. Fucking Ali, opened then door!!!!

Oh izmit yabancı escort Shitt!!!!

He could say just this…. I was very nervous and couldn’t think what to do, all of a sudden, don’t know how I decided something and grab him from his hair and gave him a deep French kiss, he was simply astonished and quite, he always responded by putting his tongue into my mouth.

Without taking any time, I putted his mouth direct on my pussy and pressed him through his head to give me a head. he started running his tongue all around my pussy area. I was about to cum and as soon as he touched my clitoris through his tongue tip, he putted one of his finger in my Ass Hole and ahhhhhhhhhh OMG my body started getting tense. I knew I am about to cum so I pushed his head deep into my pussy and clinched my thighs against his head not to allow him to keep away from holly area of my princes pussy and to hit his deep throat with my cum. I was ready to cum but I felt I am going to cum more than usual as I was too horny and wet that day, OMG i started squirting like pee, I exploded my hot, thick white cum into his mouth.

This was first part, just to check response.

As soon as I get enough response, there will be most exciting and horny parts of my whole life sexual incidents (including my virginity encounter)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32