Office Playing

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She closed her office door locking it while standing in front of me Sandy said; “Right now, here in front of me, I you to masturbate, while I watch you.”

Sandy lifted her dress teasingly, as I watched her lift, my eyes traveled up her legs to her crotch.

My cock felt a sensitive tingling, my balls hardened.

Sandy lifted her dress completely high up above her waist exposing her red, silky ‘see through net’ bikini panties. Seductively she ran her fingertips up and down her panty centerline. Her boldness in exposing herself aroused me. She was forward, demanding, and aggressive.

Sandy spoke; “Do your balls feel hard, packed with a lot of cum inside?”

My throat went dry. My cock hardened, I had trouble talking. “Uh … I don’t know … I guess … I think so…”

She kept stroking her vaginal lips through her panties. “Did you cum in the men’s room today?”

I stumbled in responding; “Uh … “

How did she know I masturbated at work? I knew she must have seen me.

Sandy said; “I know you masturbate daily.”

I couldn’t speak. She started massaging her pussy with her flat palm and fingers.

“Did you pump sperm out of your cock today, Richard?”

“No.” I choked, my face was flushed, I was embarrassed.

She started pushing her fingers into her vagina as far as her panty material would let them go without ripping fabric, her hips moved rhythmically to greet her hand pressure.

Sandy demanded; “When was last time you came?”

I couldn’t speak.

Sandy continued to press me for an answer; “When’s the last time you pumped sperm out of your hard cock?”

My cock ‘was’ hard, I managed to blurt out; “Uh … uh … I think Tuesday … uh, no … Monday.”

Well you are honest with me, that is very good. She smiled seductively; “Good, now on Thursday you have lots of semen for me.”

Her panty fabric was wet. She continued masturbating, her hand and hips moving in a faster cadence. She didn’t say anything for a minute or two as she kept it up. She never stopped staring at me.

Sandy said; “I like to masturbate too.”

Then, she said in a sultry, throaty, seductive whisper, “Loosen your belt, and take down your pants. I told you I want you to jerk off for me.”

I was nervous and hesitated.

Sandy demanded again an answer; istanbul escort “C’mon, I can see your cock is hard. I can see your precum. I know you want to jack off for me. No one can hear us in here. I have the only key to this room. Just take off your pants so I can see your hard cock.”

I sighed and started taking off my shoes.

Sandy was aggressive; “That’s it; I want to see your cock and balls naked. I want to see you jerking off.”

Managing to get out my shoes, I slowly stood up, and then let my pants drop, while stepping out of them.

Sandy continued on with her rant; “Ooooooh, good, now I want you to stroke it for me. Tease me with your magic fingers.”

I started to reach for my cock, but she motioned me to stop, saying “No, no, no, but I want you to stroke in a way I tell you … it’ll be much better that way … you’ll see.”

Nodding I gave an affirmative reply.

Sandy insisted; “Now do as I say. Aim your erect penis at my vagina. Here … closer … that’s it. Now, lick your thumb and index finger, get them wet. That’s it. Good. Lick the area between them … this way.”

Showing me by licking her hand, Sandy said in an affirming tone; “Good … now, make a ring with your thumb and index finger and encircle your penis head, right under your rim. No … no, not your shaft. Don’t touch your shaft, just head area under its rim.”

Adjusting to her command, I did as she directed me.

Sandy became more affirming; “Good, that’s it. Now, jack your head off lightly, up and down from the rim to tip and back. Yeah … that’s it … back and forth, back and forth … good. Keep your fingers wet, lick them when you need to. Keep doing that to your head, don’t touch your shaft.”

I started jacking as she instructed.

Sandy asked me; “Do you want to see my vagina naked?”

I responded directly; “Ummm yes I do.”

Thoughts of her naked sex before made my sensations more intense. I had to resist an urge to squeeze my shaft. Urges caused me to thrust my hips in a syncopated motion.

Sandy was in command and clearly directing me to do her bidding saying; “That’s good. I enjoy having you stand in front of me jerking off. You are my vision in flesh.”

She kept playing with herself gazing into my eyes, I was flushed, kadıköy escort my pulse was rapid, my breathing shallow.

She continued, “Now keep watching me. Don’t take your eyes off me.”

She positioned herself in front of me so her vaginal slit was pointing at me.

Sandy demanded; “Now look at my vaginal lips.”

Sandy massaged her vagina; “Do you want to see my vagina naked?”

By now I was starting to pant a little bit, as pleasure in my cock was more intense.

Speaking in a low tone I answered; “Yes … uh-huh … I do.”

Sandy replied without hesitation; “I thought so. Well, keep jerking off your penis head for me. That’s it. Your cock is so nice and hard. Can you feel pre-cum starting to ease up from your balls to your penis head?”

“Yes…” I panted.

Sandy aggressively said; “Good, well, watch me lift my dress.”

Never taking her eyes off of me, she raised her dress upwards slowly, moving like an experienced stripper slowly off. Her leering smile, teasing, and sensuous motions turned me on to a heightened level of arousal.

My rigid throbbing cock was becoming more intensely pleasurable. I was rhythmically panting deeply thrusting my hips quickly.

As her dress went up over her head my vision of her revealed a shaved smooth vagina under see through red panties. While playing elastic waistband, she slowly teased her panties off slowly removing them.

She was better than any stripper I had ever seen, because she did it slower, with more experience, in a choreographed sensuous dance. She dropped them to the floor as she slowly caressed her vaginal lips wide open.

Her vaginal lips were shaved smooth glistening now with light reflections as her wetness oozed from deep inside. She used her moisture to move her fingers smoothly against her naked sensitive skin massaging her clit in a circular motion.

“See my vagina,” she purred.

Like a prophet Sandy exclaimed; “Look at it. C’mon, tease your cock for me. Your fingers feel so good! I bet you were going to pump all that seamen out of your balls, all that rich hot cream. Just think of how your semen will look and feel when it squirts out of you. while you are watching my vagina.”

My cock throbbing with my hips thrusting I was barely able to utter any kağıthane escort intelligent words.

Sandy seemed satisfied with my progress and with her own anxious hunger said; “Ahhhhh, that’s it. Your cock is ready. I love making it hard that way. I want you hard for me.”

She continued her erotic motions keeping her eyes on me. I was sweating and groaning as I jerked off for her. My pleasure kept mounting deep within my cock and balls.

Clearly Sandy had me in her grip while saying; “OK, now stroke your cock any way you like. Do it in a way you do when at home.”

Sandy directed me to do it like I do it alone. I stopped my teasing motions, took my penis with palm of my hand, and then began jacking off normally. She started running her finger up and down inside her vaginal lips pressing her palm against her clit. With her palm she moved it against her clit in circular motions.

“My finger sticks to my skin a little when I rub my vaginal lips. I wish I had some of your white, creamy sperm there to lubricate it. That hot white semen will make my vagina so slippery, and then I can move my fingers quicker.”

My cock twitched and I started jerking off faster, moving down to my balls, touching them with one finger and flicking them against my inner thighs, then stroking upward on my shaft to my head.

My cock head slit was open wide, with precum oozing out, running down my cock lubricating my hands.

She wiggled a little closer to me, so her vagina was an inch or two from my cock head.

Sandy in a deep tone said; “I want your wet cum on me. I want your creamy warm cum flowing from your penis. I want to see the vein under your penis harden then release semen.”

She spread her vaginal wider. Her fingers kept massaging stroking her lips.

Sandy said; “I want your hot creamy semen. I can’t wait for you to empty your balls on me, so you to pump your cock shooting cum onto me.”

I was jerking furiously, and I could tell my explosion was just a few strokes away.

Suddenly Sandy shouted “Stop, stop, stop”

I froze in mid-stoke. Stop, what does she mean stop?

Sandy speaking in a high pitch voice said; “Don’t you dare cum yet, Save it for me. Save it for later. I want you to stop now.”

Her words killed my moment as I stopped my intensely sensitive cock was involuntarily throbbing. My balls were hard and sore, I wanted to release, but stopped. My balls felt painful.

Sandy ended with saying; “Sit down and take some deep breaths darling, we will continue on with this later. I promise, now sit down and relax. That’s it. I have more fun for you later.”

I thought WTF, later???

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32