Office Adventure

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Big Tits

We were in his office and he had some pot brownies I had sold him. He offered me one and I joked that he was trying to get me high.

He said he liked my Pippy Longstocking pigtails and he wanted to know if he could touch them. I asked him if he was serious and he said he was. So I walked around his desk and stood in front of him. He grabbed one in each hand and said all he can think about is holding onto them while being served. He then let them go. And I just continued to stand in front of him.

He asked me if it would hurt my knees to get on the floor and to answer, I just got on my knees in front of him. He looked at me like he was questioning how far I was willing to take it. I just stared straight ahead at his crotch, anticipation rising that he was going to unzip. I didn’t want to influence his decision in any way. His eyes on me he slowly unzips his pants and pulls free his half hard cock. If I had any questions about his definition of served, they all went out the window at the sight of his hopeful cock sticking out of the zipper.

Almost as if he wasn’t convinced I would go through with it and he didn’t want to get his hopes up. Still looking at me he reached for a pigtail. I haven’t moved an inch I was just staring Bodrum Escort at this beautiful cock that was just waiting to enter my wet mouth. I am salivating over the thought of how his dick would taste and I am excited that it is not fully erect because the sensation of a dick growing inside your throat is just indescribable.

My mouth is wet and between my legs another set of lips is also salivating and the tension in the room is high. Just waiting to break. His hand comes into contact with my left pigtail and he grips it. It was like a button was pressed and I went into action. All of the pieces of his professed fantasy had fallen into place. He was holding my pigtail and his cock was there waiting to be served. And so I served.

Without using my hands, I sucked his half flaccid dick into my mouth all the way to his hairy mound. My tongue glided up and down his shaft as my lips sucked pressure moving up and down his steadily elongating hardness. When my mouth reached the tip of his mushroom shaped dick I ran my tongue all around the top while sucking on the head like one of those big lollipops that come in so many flavors. I could smell the scent of the soap that he used to wash with and I heard him sigh Bodrum Escort Bayan which caused me to suck a little harder on his sensitive tip.

Suddenly in one motion, I took him fully into my throat again until I could feel his pubic hairs reaching into my nose. He was now fully erect and throbbing and I could feel his rock hard penis banging on the sides of my throat with his every heartbeat. His heart was beating fast and it was making my throat vibrate. And the moistness between my legs began to spread as my climax began to build. I swirled my tongue along the base of his dick while continuing to apply sucking motion.

He moaned and it sent me into overdrive. I rapidly began sucking his ever increasingly throbbing dick like it was a popsicle that I was trying to suck the flavor out of. I slid up and down his shaft sucking like my life depended on it and I could hear him moaning as he started to reach his point if no return.

My climax is still building and I know how to get it to release and so selfishly, I decided to take him beyond this point. I kept going and I heard him cry out “Dear God”, his throbbing cock grew a little more and then started shooting spurts of salty cum all in my mouth. Escort Bodrum I swirled it around his dick before swallowing and letting him feel the ripple of my throat as it swallowed. I kept up and did not stop.

Sucking hard and moving his shaft up and down my throat as I continued to swallow the remnants of his salty seed. His cock still throbbing trying to empty out his soul and he is moaning in ecstasy on the brink of pain from too much sensation. His dick can’t go soft because my continued suction is keeping it hard and it is rubbing against the muscles of my throat. And it’s like I can feel his dick in my toes because the throbbing has my entire body trembling. And my climax approaches and I feel my panties get so wet.

I suck down as hard as I can to keep from crying out and I hear him cry out instead. The sound of his pleasure causes my pussy to clench and the orgasm continues. And I continue to just increase the pressure of my sucking while the entire length of his cock is in my throat. I am breathing in his scent and swallowing over and over with every ripple pushing my orgasm to another level. And then the taste of his cum is gone and my swallowing slows.

I slowly pull my mouth off of his still hard cock and I look up at him. I take another look at his cock which causes me to suck the full length into my mouth again. He gasps and I release him. He looks down at me and says “I will not cry”. I respond, “I’m sorry, I know I can do better.” Inviting him to get served again in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32