Ode to The Aquarius King: Dethroned

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Hell has no fury like The Scorpio Queen.

Truer words have never been spoken. This woman was angry beyond belief! And just who was she angry at you ask? Why her Aquarius King of course and not to mention herself. She was angry at the brilliant form of sexual torture she endured at the hands of her king and especially at herself for taking so long to think of a way to get even. She couldn’t believe the gall of that man! Calling her his property and collaring her! She’s not a pet! She’s the Scorpio Queen! No one and I mean no one does that to her!

She thought she had ice in her veins before oh no honey this time she was going to be colder and more sadistic than she had ever been in her life. Tonight she was going to reclaim the throne that was hers. Tonight was the night she would knock The Aquarius King off of his pedestal and retake her place as The Scorpio Queen. This wasn’t about revenge no this was far from it. Tonight was about proving a point not just to him but to herself as well.

The point was simple: She is The Scorpio Queen and she reigns supreme over all.

She sat naked with her arms and legs crossed in a chair directly across from her king. She was glaring at the man she had naked and bound to a doctors’ operating table. For weeks the memory of the brilliantly humiliating sexual torment she had endured ate at her very soul.

It bothered her to her core and made her blood boil because not only was it good (she has to give the devil his due) but it stumped her as to how she would make him pay. That’s when it hit her. Since he was always using some form of hot sauce on her, she decided to give him a taste of his own medicine along with a little something extra. So there he laid hands and feet bound with his legs spread apart so she could have the perfect view of his ass.

The anger inside her had shown on her face as she rose from her chair and walked towards him. When he saw her expression he knew he was in for some real trouble. Beside him was a small table adorned with a box of matches, his favorite spiked whip, her favorite 12″ strap-on and 10″ dildo, a small bottle of lube, a pair of gloves and a condom, a small esat escort bottle of chili sauce made from the two hottest peppers on earth the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chili pepper and the Ghost pepper, a few candles both lit and unlit, and some chocolate milk. She grabbed the whip, the lube, the dildo, and one of the unlit candles. She took the whip to his body and mercilessly whipped him.

She listened to him howl and squeal like a little piglet and cackled at him as he did. Once she was through his chest, dick, balls and legs were sore beyond belief. He decided to be bold and scoff at her that’s when she slapped him again and again.

She called him a pathetic joke of a king, told him the sex was horrible and that he couldn’t please her even if she forced him to and above all else she mocked his dick size all of which pissed him off not that she cared. She wanted him as angry as she could get him to be and she did. He was pissed like you wouldn’t imagine. He told her she was his little slutty bitch and that when this was over she was in line for some serious punishment. She scoffed back at him and slapped him to remind who was in charge on that night.

That’s when inspiration struck and she took the candle, lubed up then spread his ass cheeks apart and jammed the candle up his anal cavity just barely leaving the end of the candle sticking out. It caused him to holler out in pain. Luckily for him the candle had a very long wick. She lit a match, cocked her head to the side with an evil smile, lit the wick of the candle and returned to her chair.

She watched the wick slowly burn and pleased herself with her dildo as she did. She went to town on her pussy as her feminine scent mixed with the vanilla scent of the candle that burned. His begging her to blow out the candle were drowned out by her moans as she reached closer to her climax. His fear that she wouldn’t stop the candle in time was beginning to show and it only fueled her to fuck herself more she wanted to hear him scream so she began fucking herself faster as his screams got louder. She plunged her dildo deep into her pussy forcing herself to gush cum everywhere. etimesgut escort

She saw the fear in his eyes and as much as she didn’t want to she blew out the candle. He let out a sigh of relief for he thought it was over when it was just the beginning of a tortuous night for him.

She grabbed one of the lit candles and blew it out for she didn’t need it to be lit any longer. She dipped her finger into the hot candle wax before standing over him and pouring it onto his chest. It burned him for a few seconds but she didn’t care. Like I said she had ice in her veins. His pain was her sadistically twisted fun. She continued her pleasurable fun with him for several minutes. Slowly she poured the wax further down his body inching closer to his genitals.

He begged her to stop but his pleas fell on deaf ears. He was scared beyond belief and she could see it, that’s when she shook her head at him and asked him where his macho man bravado was. She told him that tonight he would learn that only the queen rules this kingdom. That’s when she smothered his face with her dripping wet pussy and him to be useful in which he was. He serviced her pussy like no other man had.

He was licking, sucking, and kissing her inner folds all the while inhaling her intoxicating womanly scent. As he pleased her pussy she engulfed his dick. She stroked, licked, and sucked his dick whole. She even allowed him to cum in her mouth but that was only because she wanted to swallow cum.

She soon stopped sucking him off, doing so made him groan against her pussy in total displeasure not that it mattered much to her. She hopped off his tongue and onto his dick just so she could get off before she finished him off properly. Her tight wet pussy fit him like a glove as she rode him go and hard. The feeling of her pussy stroking his dick not to mention seeing her tits bounce up and down drove him crazy. He closed his eyes and began doing the one thing she hated seeing him do……..daydreaming.

He knew it annoyed her to no end but at that moment he didn’t care he was enjoying the pleasure she was giving him. It would soon be an action he’d regret etlik escort as she stopped riding him, slapped him hard and told him pay attention for now it was time for the piece de resistance. It was time for the king to be dethroned by the queen. To do that task she grabbed the chili sauce, the strap-on, the dildo the gloves and condom, the other unlit candle and the chocolate milk.

She flashed an evil smile and told him to let the true games begin. With that being said, she lubed up his ass, put on her condom covered strap-on, doused it and the dildo with the chili sauce and proceeded to invade his tight Haitian ass. The powerful burning sensation caused him to cry out in pain as she took his ass. He tried bucking her off but it was of no use to him. She had him right where it was that she wanted him. She could see the pain in his eyes as the tears rolled down his face. She closed her eyes and began pounding his ass.

He was screaming for her to stop but she wouldn’t stop. She soon got annoyed with his voice so to keep him quiet she shoved the dildo in his mouth and told to suck every drop of hot sauce off of it. This was the ultimate payback for all the sweet sexual torment he ever put her through. She was in heaven at that moment.

This was the end all be all for her and she was gonna savor every sadistically pleasurable moment of it. She smiled wickedly at the tormented look on his face. She knew he wouldn’t very longer so she pulled the dildo out of his mouth and her strap-on out of his well fucked ass. She knew that his mouth and ass were on fire. But she didn’t care she told him before he could any relief he was gonna have to suffer a little longer. That’s when she shoved the other candle up his ass and lit it before once again returning to her chair.

She let out a hearty laugh as he pleaded with her for relief and she denied his pleas. She told him she had a point to prove and she was gonna do just that unless he admitted defeat to her. As much as his pride told him not to he finally tanked and admitted his defeat. He told her she was The Scorpio Queen, his Mistress, and that he was her pet to do with however she saw fit. It was all the sweetest music to her ears. Once he admitted his defeat she blew out the candle and gave him the milk to help douse some of the burning in his mouth.

He looked at her like a sick puppy for he had finally realized that The Scorpio Queen reigns supreme.

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