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The rain hit my windscreen with loud clangs and clatters, as if it was shards of metal being thrown against the car. I was parked in a grubby layby, a safe distance from the La Vita Night Club, where I had been reliably informed held my eighteen-year-old step-daughter within. My wife, Mandy, had had to leave town for a business conference in Inverness, and I had been expected to spend another two days in Great Yarmouth on my own conference, but the Hotel flooded. Mandy, who had become immensely suspicious of Sam, the aforementioned step-daughter, and insisted that rather than simply let her know that I’d be back early, that I should sneak around to check she wasn’t ‘doing anything dodgy’.

Mandy had found on an Instagram post that Sam was out clubbing and La Vita, I’m sure Sam would be more careful about her Instagram posts if she knew that Hary8112:) was really her mother. As a result of Sam’s ignorance, her mother effectively stalked her online, and so I had been instructed to keep an eye out for when she left this nightclub to see if she was with any ‘suspicious characters’. I expected that she’d be doing typical teenage girl things, spend a night out drinking with her friends, maybe hook-up with some strapping lad for the night. Nothing too special. Not that I could tell, as the sodding rain was blocking my entire line of sight. So I was spending my evening, rather than having a nice whiskey, by squinting at every young girl that came out of a nightclub, whilst trying not to look like some pervert looking for prostitutes.

A gaggle of young looking girls emerged from the neon entrance of the club, most of them with some variety of muscled man on their arm. The girls were all clearly drunk, and making quite the racket, the men who they were hanging on to, however, looked rather more lucid, probably hoping for an easy score. They seemed to range in age, possibly, although I have to admit with the rain and the dark, it was hard to tell. The group seemed to splinter, individual couples hailing various different taxis, the girls grinning with drunk ecstasy, with the men smiling gently, all knowing that they were about to get some action. None of the girls seemed to be Sam.

I sighed, with all the late nights, and business conferences, that Mandy and I had been on, I’d hardly had any action for the past year. I’d taken to spending a quiet moment in the toilets at work to masturbate over some pornography in the cubicle, earphones in, and quiet as possible. Still, it could never replace the physical act of sex. Not that I was much better with Mandy, ever since she’d had Sam and the father had left them high and dry she’d sworn off having any more children, something that I was happy to live with, but always insisted on a condom, and only ever let me do the most basic of things with her. Now, I’m not saying that I’m a great star in the bedroom or anything, but I had been adventurous in my youth and Mandy wouldn’t even give me a blowjob!

Whilst I was in the midst of thought a short blonde girl stumbled out the club, her hands wrapped tightly in the shirts of two rather large men. I stopped, doing my squinting again as the rain put on a new thickness, almost being a great big wall of water. The girl was trying desperately to hail a cab, whilst moving between these two men, thrusting herself upwards towards their chiseled faces for a snog. That could be Sam, I thought. Squinting harder at this now soaked girl, she was in a white tube top, a rather small one that barely just covered her breasts, and just along the bottom of it were a short line of pink squiggles. Bingo! That has got to be her. With the help of one of the men who was with her, a cab pulled up and took the three of them away. I started up my engine and followed.

After about ten minutes of possibly over cautious, possibly under cautious, tailing, I’d worked out that the taxi was headed home. It was going the long route, the driver probably thought that he could slip it past them, being how drunk Sam seemed. I took the faster option, and quickly parked the car in the garage, and went to Sam’s bedroom, hiding in her slatted wardrobe. I planned to jump out and scare the poor lads away, a little excited by the whole thing.

Around ten minutes after I’d hidden myself, and around the time that I started to get back cramps, I heard the sound of a car pulling up. Some loud shouting from Sam could be heard, although it seemed rather unintelligible. Then came the fumble of keys in the lock of the front door, and almost childish giggling, along with some good low male chuckles. I waited until the lights were flicked on in her bedroom, my eyes involuntarily shutting themselves, the sound of curtains being drawn and the bedroom tuzla escort door shutting. It was then that I was going to jump out but was stopped by the appearance of my drunk step-daughter.

I’d always known that she was an attractive girl, I’d even thought about her a couple of times during my afternoon wanking session, although I’d always feel guilty afterwards, I was supposed to treat her as if she was my own daughter after all. However, the rain had left her tube top clinging to her skin, leaving very little to the imagination, not that it would have been much better if the top were to be bone dry either. It clung tightly to her breasts, which were a little over as generous handful, nice and round perky mounds of flesh, in the way teenage breasts are. Her damp blonde hair wrapped around her face and breasts in dainty claws, some of it even tickling at her bare abdomen, which was coated in a layer of water droplets. Her smooth stomach and cute little navel gave way to the tight denim shorts which I had missed in my earlier examination, they hugged at her nice round arse, accentuating it perfectly.

The pause of admiring Sam’s beauty also gave me a chance to take stock of the lads that were with her. Both were around the same age, mid-twenties at a guess, and both were tall, definitely over six foot, and incredibly well muscled. One of them had darker skin, and charcoal frizzy hair, whilst the other was rather pale with some shining blonde hair that could have been mistaken for gold. The two of them peeled their soaked t-shirts off and then the blonde one, who I believe was called Danny, hoisted Sam up, her legs wrapped around his waist, and gave her a long passionate kiss.

The darker one, who seemed to go by the name Chad, pulled her away and practically ripped her tube top off of her. Sam’s breasts made a slight wobble with the force of the action, then settled, round orbs which seemed to defy gravity by not at all sagging anywhere. I had to hold my breath as, for the first time, I saw her tiny cute nipples, bright pink and hard as anything, they suited her perfectly. Sam had always had a complex about her height, barely being above five foot, but I always thought that her size worked to her advantage, it meant that her breasts and arse looked bigger on her than they actually were.

Chad bent down to assault Sam’s breasts, slobbering over them and seemingly chewing at the nipples, not to dissimilar to some sort of wild animal. It was that enthusiasm from that lad, as Danny dragged Sam’s denim shorts down her dainty legs that stopped me from making my surprise. These men were now consumed by lust, a total infatuation with my teenage step-daughter, and I knew that if I tried to intervene, that they’d likely beat me half to death and carry on regardless. Plus, I had to admit that the sight of my step-daughter, now in nothing but a cheap thong, being manhandled and groped by these muscular men had given me quite the hard-on. It pushed and strained against my trousers, desperate for some relief.

Danny tore off the thong, and attacked Sam’s bare sex, completely bald it turned out, not that I’m surprised, as I do believe that it’s the fashion these days. Danny seemed to rather ineffectually attempt to stimulate Sam, and after deciding that she was appropriately aroused stood up and began to remove his own trousers. Chad pushed her onto the bed and did the same, both had relatively impressive members, Chad’s was quite exquisite, and I must say had a sort of hypnotic beauty to it, whilst Danny’s was smaller, even smaller than mine, but had a girth that would make up for it.

“Can’t wait to fuck this bitch!” Danny exclaimed, as he greedily licked his lips, stroking himself to entice further growth. Chad straddled her, and pulled her legs far apart. Whilst I wasn’t as the best angle I could still see a side on view of Sam and the two blokes who were about to defile her. Chad took his cock and rubbed it along Sam’s now dripping sex.

“Samantha baby, you want me to ram my cock into you like some cheap slut?” Chad asked, teasing her entrance, whilst Danny jerked himself off to the scene.

“Yes!” Sam screamed, “Fuck me like the dirty little slut I am!” She begged, arching her back slightly, panting against Chad’s taunts. He thrust himself in violently, gripping at her hips and began fucking her with wild abandon. Danny, clearly bored of just wanking, moved to the other end of the bed, kneeling over Sam. His free hand slapped at her breasts, which now jiggled with the animalistic rutting, then he slapped his cock against her face, the bulbous head occasionally slipping past her pink lips.

“Suck on this you filthy whore!” He ordered, forcing his pendik escort erection into my step-daughter’s mouth, gripping her hair at the roots as he fucked her face.

“Man, this slut is so tight, it’s like fucking a vice!” Chad exclaimed as he thrust himself in and out of Sam’s sex. Sam also seemed to be enjoying the treatment with great delight, her hips were clearly attempting to move in time with Chad, and her moaning and general technique seemed to be eliciting some rather excitable tones from Danny.

It was all too much, here I was hiding in a wardrobe watching an all-star beauty getting fucked like there was no tomorrow. I had no choice, yes she had been like my very own little girl for the past eight years, but no man could have resisted. I silently unbuckled my belt and undid my trousers, sliding them and my pants to my knees. I then started jerking my own, not inconsiderable, erection like a jackhammer, it was just too good a situation not to.

Chad, seemingly getting bored of just fucking some tight little teenager pulled out and moved Sam onto all fours. Throughout the whole transition Danny didn’t seem to let his cock leave her mouth, just readjusting and letting a considerable amount of Sam’s dirty blonde hair to cascade down her back. Where it was quickly grabbed by Chad as he entered her from this new position, using her hair like reins on a horse, using his other hand to slap at her ample arse. Chad went on to shout derogatory phrases at Sam, like:

“You love this you filthy slut!”

“Take all my massive cock in your tight cunt!”

“I’m gonna fuck the shit outa you whore!”

“Suck my mate’s cock like the slut you are!”

“I’m love your tight little cunt bitch!”

Sam’s responses to all of these phrases, and the ones like them seemed to be gurgled agreement, as she brought louder and louder groans from Danny as he ruthlessly fucked her face. Then wild excitement erupted from Chad.

“She’s cumming dude, the tight slut is cumming around my cock!” Sam’s whole body seemed to shake as her sex clenched tightly around Chad’s cock.

Danny’s attack started getting a little lax, I myself slowed down on my wanking, not wanting to blow my load too early. However, Danny seemed to be nearing his end, as he got more sporadic in his thrusts.

“I’m gonna- I’m gonna cum!” He screamed, pulling out of Sam’s mouth, a jet of white semen shot out of his cock, hitting her just below her eye, another couple of jets coated her forehead and chin, mixing a little in her hair. The next bursts had enough power to hit her breasts and neck, but the last few miserably dribbled onto the bed. Danny laid his naked arse over Sam’s pillows, puffing and wheezing as he recovered, Sam meanwhile seemed to be screaming out in ecstasy as Chad pounded into her, whilst licking at the cum that now coated her face.

“You gotta try this tight cunt Danny, I’m gonna fuck this nice little arse now!” Chad exclaimed, as he pulled out of Sam, much to her disappointment and mewling. Chad replied by giving her arse some nice firm slaps, before unceremoniously shoving himself in there, giving Sam very little time to adjust. She replied with a high pitched squeal, followed by very excited moans as Chad sodomized her. Chad then wrapped some hair around his fist and grabbed her by the neck, pulling her onto her knees, and giving lucky Danny a clear view of what a good arse fucking of a teen looks like.

Danny, clearly hardening over the display, jerked himself a bit, then got up onto his knees and thrust himself into Sam’s sex. She was now sandwiched between the two men, a mass of fleshy bodies, the two men well-muscled and drenched in sweat. Whilst the beautiful Samantha, still drenched in sweat, but also in the semen of one of the blokes who was now fucking her, both with reckless abandon.

“You were right man; this whore’s cunt is really fucking tight!” Danny called, occasionally biting or kissing at her neck and breasts. Chad didn’t respond, he seemed to be in a zone of his own, Danny couldn’t keep up with his buddy, who seemed hell bent of getting the most out of this encounter.

“How’d you keep your cunt so tight slut?” Danny called to her, all he got was a moan in response. Danny didn’t last much longer, blowing his second load in my step-daughter’s tight little cunt. When I caught the semen dripping out of her, knew that I was going to cum. Then it hit me, where? Trapped in her wardrobe, silently masturbating myself, I’d completely forgotten about where I would cum. Quickly looking around I found my saviour in a pair of Sam’s leggings, carelessly left lying on the floor of the wardrobe. I wrapped to synthetic material around my throbbing aydınlı escort cock and exploded into them, then cast them aside, making a mental note to clear them up when the two lads were gone.

Danny had collapsed of the bed, and I think was starting to dress himself again. Chad grinned maniacally, clearly pleased that he had outlasted us both, not that he knew about me of course. He grabbed Sam by her neck and thrust with all his might inside of her, Sam started to once again shake as she reached her second orgasm. Chad, meanwhile, was pumping his seed deep inside her bowels, the pulled out to cover her arse and back, completely sticking in her hair. Samantha seemed to be a little out of it after that, and the two lads, now bored got dressed and left the room with Chad calling out.

“We’ll let ourselves out slut, you were a good fuck.” I heard the door slam shut and waited a few more moments, silently watching the rise and fall of Sam’s breathing. I tentatively stepped out the wardrobe, shaking, and called out to her.

“Sam,” No reply, “Samantha, sweetheart?” A short groan in response, a carefully picked up a box of tissues from her dresser and wiped her down a bit, cleaning some but not all the semen off of her nude body. As I turned her over her bright blue eyes widened, recognizing me, then dimmed back into a bit of a drunken haze. Throwing the tissues away, I came back to admire her for a final time. My trousers and pants were still down at my knees, and the sight of her nice firm breasts, and sex with cum oozing out of it woke up the motor for a second go.

“Sam, baby?” I asked, removing my shirt and kicking off the trousers and pants.

“Look, I’m sorry but you’re just such a beautiful girl, and after watching what those men did to you, I just can’t help myself.” I explained, she probably won’t even remember this, anyway. I moved above her, and tentatively, placed my hand on her breast. It was so firm so smooth, I became addicted instantly. I fondled and groped at her breasts, whilst she groaned and fell in and out of unconsciousness. Then I felt my cock rub up against her nether regions, and completely without thinking, guided it in.

“Good God, you do have a tight little cunt don’t you?” I said, as I grabbed her by her shoulders and began to thrust into her, hearing the squelching as my cock displaced Danny’s cum. I started to get more enthusiastic with it, it started feeling less like me defiling my own daughter, and more like fucking some nice slut. I began to kiss, nip, bite and suckle at her nipples, sometimes holding on as desperate as a new-born. One of my hands fell down to her wrist, and pinned a hand above her head, whilst the other travelled down her smooth back, aided by the jumping of the mattress in time with my thrusting. Where it reached her supple arse, and I began to slap at it.

“You’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you!”

What I filthy slut I’ve raised, bring two stranger here to fuck!”

You’ve got such a tight little cunt baby, let daddy fill it with his huge cock, you dirty whore!”

Samantha, throughout all of this, moaned and screamed, as far as she could tell Danny or Chad had just come back for a little more, she was completely out of it. She loved every second of it, getting pounded by her own step-father, I even felt her velvety cunt tighten up around me like a vice as she came for the third time! It was so wonderful, I’d forgotten how great a teenage pussy truly was, wrapping so entirely around my cock. I became hunched over, thrusting into her, my head resting on her abdomen, licking at the undersides of her breasts. One of my hands groping and slapping at her arse, whilst the other moved from her wrist to pulling her hair to bring greater moans to the surface and she arched herself towards my fucking.

As I felt myself near oblivion, staring up at her beautiful face from under her breasts, I knew what I had to do. I exited her tight cunt, and straddled her stomach, slapping my throbbing erection down into the valley of her cleavage, then pushed them together, encasing my cock, and began to thrust. The heavenly softness of her breasts, still partially cum covered, was one of the best feelings of my life.

“You like daddy fucking your tits, don’t you slut!” I called down to her, to which I got I meager;

“Yes daddy, fuck me daddy,” In response. Soon I felt my throbbing become unbearable, and left the warm sanctuary of her breasts, and knelt of her, jacking off my cock and completely coating her tits and face in my creamy white seed, rather impressive for a second shot.

Once I finished, I embarrassedly picked up my clothes and moved to mine and Mandy’s bedroom, where I furiously jacked off to the memory of fucking Samantha until I fell to sleep of pure exhaustion. I did think of cleaning her up, but Chad and Danny hadn’t, besides I felt a proud sense of ownership knowing that she was coated in my semen more than theirs, and Sam would never know anyway.

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