Nurse Sunitha

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At the Hospital…

One day this happened to me at the clinic.

I (Raj 19) had a small itching near my navel and hence I went to the doctor. The male doctor who was aged around 60 checked me and then said it seems nothing but in any case we will take some tests. He called a nurse and said “Sunitha!! This patient, Raj, needs these tests. Can you take some samples?”

Sunitha was a woman of age around 40 I believe. She led me to another room. On the way I was enjoying her butt movement along the way due to which my cock has raised to the occasion. Her eyes were dark and her lips were luscious though she is aged. Also her tits were taut.

As soon as we entered the room there was another lady without nurse uniform there. “Shaila, this patient needs to be tested. Can you prepare the bed?” Shaila smiled and said “Yes madam, the bed is ready and I will undress the patient and bring him there. You can go and check the equipments.” Shaila was a woman of around 30 I believe and is working as cleaning lady, I believe. She did have a small pair of boobs but her lips seems to be too wide and pouting, probably got like this because of too much sucking, I thought.

I was surprised at the thought of undressing and asked “Sister, should I undress??”

Nurse Sunitha nodded and went inside the room. Meanwhile Shaila came near me and said,

“Sir, there is no problems and this is a hospital here no one will be here except us and this is common for any tests. So don’t worry and keep still, I will remove your shirt and pant”

Ohhh…what is this happening? Is it a racket of removing the kidney or something?? I came here for

some small issue and these two ladies are planning to undress me. But in any case let me see what it leads to and so I stood still while Shaila removed the shirt.

I was taken aback when she took off my sweatshirt also. Then she knelt down before me and removed my

Pants. She was looking at the bulge in my pants eagerly and then she touched my undies and immediately I stopper her

“What is this for?? I am not…”

“SHHHH!! This is a hospital and you need to act on

orders. So let me undress you completely and take you to the bed for testing!!”

I kept mum as she removed my jockey and lo! There came out my 8 incher fully erect and oozing too much of pre-cum not necessary to tell the reason!!

She also for a minute gasped and licked her lips and then smiled and got up and said that we can go in. She led me to the bed inside.

As Sunitha was turning the other side she didn’t see us coming in and naturally I was lying there on my back with my fully erect cock facing the roof. silivri escort Slowly Nurse Sunitha turned back and her eyes fell on my cock and she also gasped since there was so much pre-cum oozing out of the tip. And she gave a surprised look and questioningly she pulled Shaila to outside for some discussion. I leaned forward to listen to what they are speaking.

“Shaila! What have you done I am supposed to test his stomach skin only and a blood sample need to be taken thats all. Why did you undress him completely”

I was very glad that there is no problem , but I wanted to find out what these women were planning to do.

“Ohhh..Sorry madam, I thought he came for the fertility issue and needs some testing in testes and hence only I undressed him completely. Also when I removed his jockey I was taken aback with the erectness and the beauty of his cock that I didn’t realize he could not have come for the fertility issue.”

“Then why did you lead him here?”

“Madam You know about my lust towards male semen. Also the pre-cum looked so delicious that I thought we will take some of his semen samples and taste the cum!!! Sorry madam if I am wrong!!”

“Ok! Its ok. Shaila, after discussing with you during the last week I also want to taste some fresh cum. And actually I also wanted to touch and taste the delicious bit of meat between his legs. But how can we do it?? Will he not object for a simple itching issue do you need semen sample?? Also the doctor is in and he will chuck us out if he sees us sucking a patient’s


“Madam, for the patient, cannot you say that the itching may be a serious problem and hence you need to check up his cock and testes and then slowly asks me to check up and I will start kissing him down there and after that I don’t think he will object. Reg., the doctor, I just saw him going out and I don’t think he will come back for another hour. Also there are no patients and only my elder sister is there in the

x-ray room and she will not mind for a bit of cum. But I feel this seems to be the best piece of meat I have seen. You should taste this cock since this is your first time giving oral and this would be nice!”

After hearing this I could not believe my luck of having two ladies sucking me and also there is a possibility of third one joining and how wonderful it would be! The thought made my cock shiver and there came some more drops of pre-cum. By now my cock was glistening with the pre-cum.

Both of them came in now and I could see that both of their eyes didn’t leave my crotch at all. I acted though as I was relaxing, but I intentionally şirinevler escort made my cock quiver to and fro and it looked as though my cock was calling them towards it which made them gasp a bit.

Sunitha came near me to my right first and told

“Raj! Since the itching seems to be due to intra neural and intra venal, I think it would be better to test your reproductory organs also. Hope you don’t mind!”

I could see on the other side Shaila came and stood near my cock and kept looking at it.

“Is it madam? But it seems my you don’t mind me calling it as cock.. my cock is somewhat nasty and it may wet your hands if you touch it.”

“You are right! Shaila why don’t you clean him up with a towel”

But Shaila seemed not wanting to waste the pre-cum –

“Madam, why don’t I do the taste test on the pre-ejectory particles (pre-cum) for the patient. I know this has to be done only after ejaculation by a adult male, but in this case, I will check up if it is ok for you.”

I queried “Taste test?? what is that?”

Shaila replied “It is a test we taken on patients having infertile/itching problems primarily. One of us might take a little semen and taste the same. I am actually an expert in the taste test.”

Sunitha asked her to go ahead.

“Ok. You are right we don’t need to waste the semen sample and perhaps the pre-cum can be tasted”

Shaila didn’t seem to wait for her to finish and immediately her tongue came out as she bend herself towards my cock. Her tongue started playing in my cock right from the bottom to the top and again to the bottom. In a minute she thought she has licked the entire pre-cum smeared on my cock when my cock gave a fresh supply of pre-cum which made my cock glisten again.

Now Sunitha interpretted “Shaila, let me do the taste test now while you measure the testes” She looked at me for any reply from my part. But I looked relaxed and nodded to her. Saying so, she bent and started licking the head from where sufficient amount of pre-cum was flowing out of the tip.

Shaila moved her head slightly below and started taking my testes in her mouth and she also licked the underside of my testes and I could feel her tongue near my asshole.

Shaila was whispering to Sunitha ,

“Madam, lick the underside of his cock to make him cum quick!! I can sense from the tension in the vas deferans nerve that he is going to cumm quickly. When he cums just let the cum fall on the cock so that we will both lick it off. We are unsure when he will cum or come here again”

In another minute I shivered and şişli escort attained the climax with great ecstasy. My cum shot out and I could see lot of cum fell on both their faces before the sport stopped and then the rest of the semen just flew out and drenched my cock completely. I could hear both of them gasp and I could hear Shaila’s comments

“So much of cum!!I think this guy would not have come for many days”, followed by Sunitha ‘s

“Yeah and it tastes delicios really as you had said.”

Shaila came up to my cock for her share of cum. Two tongues are better than one!! What a bliss!!!! Together they finished licking off the entire cum and then both got up thinking that I may want to leave.

But my cock didn’t go limp entirely and it was slowly getting up again. Shaila was keeping her hand still on my balls and caressing them slowly as though some more cum will seep out of cock. I asked

“Madam, Is the taste test ok?”

And Nurse Sunitha replied

“Yeah it was delicious and thick…err..i meant you seem to be ok.”

“Why are you saying – seems to be? you are not sure??”

To this Shaila replied

“Yes, Sir. Actually for madam this is the first taste test she is taking and hence she seems to be not sure. Perhaps madam can we have one more test. Is it a problem for you sir to come once again??”

I told “No Ms. Shaila, I don’t have a problem and I have come a maximum of 5 times in an hour one day. Only you should shake it for sometime or…….”

“or??” Sunitha .

“Or if you can lick my cock or suck my cock then I will come in another few minutes.”

“No problem!”

saying so, Shaila knelt immediately and took my semi erect cock completely in her mouth. I suggested

“Perhaps Sister, you can lick my testes to make me cum faster.” and so did Nurse Sunitha.

After some time, nurse Sunitha pulled Shaila up and grabbed my cock from her mouth and pushed it into her mouth and started sucking it. It seems that Shaila was having less luck as I immediately came in Sunitha ‘s eager mouth and she was not leaving the cock or the cum escape out of her mouth while I was cumming, though, Shaila was trying to pull my cumming cock out of her Sunitha ‘s mouth. Nurse Sunitha left my cock out of her mouth only after it was dry and limp. Shaila got very disappointed and said

“Madam, you could have given some for me”.

I said “Perhaps, Mrs..Shaila you can suck me for a few more minutes while sister feeds me her boobs for the next cum, if sister does not mind.”

And so I was sucking Sunitha ‘s boobs while Shaila was sucking voraciously at my cock. Sunitha didn’t know that within another 15 minutes I have ejected two loads of cum into Shaila’s eager mouth who also didn’t make Sunitha know this for the fear of sharing the cum I believe.

After the four loads of cumm, my cock got limp completely, though it will get up in another few minutes. But I needed to pee first…

To continue

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