Nurse Myer Pt. 03

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I stand naked in front of Nurse Myer, sticky hard cock in my right hand, pumping away, trying to come as I have been commanded. It has been a surreal evening already, doing things I have only dreamt of and many I would never have thought I could even dream of. So many firsts, maybe I am a little vanilla normally, but even standing naked, masturbating in front of a beautiful women is one of them.

Myer has cum twice already, I have been close multiple times, but every time I have been close, I have then been denied. However, this time I am smiling whilst I wank in front of her, as she has told me, correction, ordered me to cum in front of her and too cum soon.

It really does not take me long, I feel the urge building up inside me, my cheeks starting to flush, my cock straining and it is so hard. I tell her I am getting close, I ask her again, am I allowed to cum She tells me that this is what she has said, so yes, I am allowed to cum, but must tell her when I am close.

I quickly explain that I am close and that was why I asked, and she corrected me “when you are about to cum, when you are about to spurt out of that cock, then you tell me, not just when you feel it building”. It does not take long for that urge to build up and bring me close, I start to slow down, naturally tuzla escort trying to make it last a little longer. Nurse Myer notices this and tells me not to fucking slow down, keep going and just tell me before I spurt. Seconds later I have to tell her, “I am about to cum”. “Fucking let go now, right now” she yells at me.

Confused and surprised, I do exactly that. Standing there, cock point straight out, with Myer laughing and pointing at me. Then I feel it, I feel my cock pulse and I see cum dribble out and in some short little spurts, fly a little further out from my cock. I have never had that happen before, never have I cum without fucking a ladies ass or pussy, or with her mouth wrapped around it, or a pair of hands mine or anothers. It is a weird feeling, and to this day, I still cannot describe it very well. It was enjoyable to a degree, it did feel good, but at the same time, it does not feel like I really actually orgasmed and shot my jizz. Yes I can see it in a small pool on the floor, but my cock is still hard, bobbing around and Myer is still laughing at me.

I am not sure what to do next, so I decide not to say or do anything, hands are by my side, looking at Myer laugh at me. She starts to calm down and tell me that I have been a very good boy this evening and so far have done eveything tuzla escort bayan she has asked of me, she then corrects herself, done everything instructed by her.

She then orders me to slowly start to wank myself, as I am not allowed to get soft, but I am certainly not allowed to cum for quite sometime, she still has many more uses for this cock of mine and that she has many more orgasms planned for herself. With that she gets up and heads into the bathroom, shuts the door and I hear the shower start. I dont move, other than my hand pumping on my cock. I am surprised that I am still hard and I still feel horny, even though my cum has pooled on the floor from only a few minutes ago. Normally after I cum, I go soft pretty quickly and it might take a good 30-60 minutes before I am good to go again.

Then the bathroom door opens, I am told to swap hands and then come and join her in the bathroom. To be honest, I wanted to run, but walking was safer to do whilst still wanking myself. She was in the shower when i walked in and again, I just admire her, she is so beautiful! She explains that whilst she knows I am a dirty sissy bitch, but she still prefers me clean and the same goes for her, but I am here to please her. She explains that I must stop wanking, but not go soft, (with her naked in escort tuzla the shower, that was never going to happen) and join her in the shower. I was to clean myself very quickly, but very thoroughly , but then just as thoroughly but much slower and sensually wash all of her.

I did as ordered, grabbed the soap, washed my body quickly, with a little more time focussed on my sticky cock. Then was the fun part, I started on her shoulders, with the soap in one hand, I lathered up her right shoulder, then swapped hands and did the other shoulder. Then put the soap down and with the shower head in front of her, and water hitting her breasts and below, I rubbed and lathered across her shoulders and upper back, swirling in circles, taking my time, trying to please her. I figured I was, as she let out a couple of gentle moans, and then pushed her ass back into my hard cock. Some of the soap from her shoulders had reached her ass, and this just made it easier for her. She pushed right up against me, forcing me into the glass wall, pinned, no where to go. I stopped with my hands without even realising, and was ordered not to stop. Then she started grinding up and down and a little side to side against my now soaped up cock.

She passed me the soap and directed my hands down to her perky and firm breasts. I quickly lathered them up with the soap, she took the soap back and I played with her nipples, and her entire breasts, as my hands just slide all over them. My god, I was in heaven.

To be continued if requested.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32