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I hated being sick. It wasn’t throwing up that bugged me, or body aches or any of the other normal maladies; it was simply being helpless. Everyone can attest to the fact that when you’re under the weather, everything suffers. You can’t work, can’t think, everything feels like it’s suddenly happening underwater. You can’t eat what you want, go where you want, or even think what you want when you want to. I guess that’s why most of the time, when I’m feeling ill, I tend to just ignore it, not bring it up, and hope it goes away. It usually does, mind over matter, but sometimes the whole can do attitude just doesn’t cut it, and those are the times I hate the worst. The times when you’re stuck in bed, when you can’t even muster up the energy to get something to eat, let alone do something productive, those are the times that really strike a nerve. I feel weak, pathetic, and usually just want everyone to stay away from me. Well, that’s how I used to feel.

I was home alone for a change, reading, constantly debating whether or not I wanted to get up to find something more interesting to do and constantly coming to the same conclusion. I was sick, which put me in a bad mood, which made me horny, the normal chain of events, but the idea of getting up to put a porn on or even just unzipping my pants sounded like a lot more effort than it was worth. I wished Lil was around, and, more so, that the sight of sick, flu ridden men got her all hot and bothered. When I got done wishing for that Christmas miracle, I turned onto my side and closed me eyes for a bit. I was tired anyway, maybe sleep would bring dreams of the activities I only wished I had a way of performing right now.

I must not have heard the door open, because the next thing I knew, there was a hand on my shoulder. Lil wasn’t due back from her friend’s party for another couple hours, but I wasn’t about to ask questions as the hand traced up the side of my neck and into my hair. Being something Maltepe Escort of an atheist, most people would be surprised to find that I not only believed in Heaven, but believed that the place resided solely in my girlfriend’s finger tips.

“What seems to be the trouble?” I heard her breathe into my ear.

I turned, opening my eyes, and then almost wished I hadn’t. There was no way in hell I was still awake, I must be dreaming, and that brought the threat of waking up and leaving all this, which is a reality I definitely did not want to face. Lily had her hair drawn back in a bun, which was unusual for her, but made sense, since it was the only way she could fit it all under the tight nurse’s cap. How she fit the rest of her body into the nurse’s outfit was a mystery to me too, since it seems that all forms of physics must have been absent for such a gorgeous body to be poured into such a revealing dress. Her knees were crossed and the skirt was short enough that I could see where the black fishnets clipped on to the garter belt. The top wasn’t any higher, and I could see she was wearing the red Victoria’s Secret pushup bra I got her for Christmas underneath the outfit. She had cleavage I could probably park my car in, and would be happy to try, all barely concealed by the thin white fabric. I absently noticed that a stethoscope hung from her neck and wondered if it really worked.

She smiled, probably reading my mind, and her hand moved up to my forehead.

“Ooo,” she cooed, “you feel hot.”

Her hand slid down my jawline, down my sides, slowly, almost accidentally, tracing over my nipples through my t-shirt, before finally settling on my belt.

“I’m going to have to listen to your heart.”

She brought the stethoscope out, sliding the cold metal up my chest, gently grazing past my nipples again, and finally letting it rest vaguely over my heart. She made a small face again, then Maltepe Escort Bayan licked her lips.

“Your heart is beating really fast. We need to do something about that.”

I grinned up at her. “Good luck.”

Her nails slid down my sides, electric sparks shooting out of them and up along my spine, before once again resting on my belt.

“What can I do to help you relax, sir?”

My belt was undone already, my pants unzipped, my hard cock in her hand.

“That…might help.”

She offered a sweet smile, then moved her lips down over the head of my cock. My hands gripped the bed sheets and she let her tongue slide up and down my shaft, as I watched the perfect little nurse’s cap bobbing up and down on my dick.

“Aren’t you going…to get in trouble for this?”

She smiled up at me, still stroking me.

“The doctor won’t be back for a few minutes. We have time.”

She almost swallowed the last word as she dove back down onto my cock, shoving it almost as far down her throat as she could. I moaned loudly, and I could feel her nails digging into my legs as she struggled to take all of it. I could feel a few lose strands of hair brushing my thighs as her lips came back down to the base of my cock, and I could feel my orgasm building.

She could feel it too, and she smiled up at me, swinging off the couch and kneeling in front of me, pushing her tits together.

“Come on me baby. I want your come on my tits. Will that make you feel better?”

I could come in under ten seconds if I wanted to, and I love the look on her face, the moans she makes, when my hot come splashes onto her perfect breasts. But suddenly, sick as I was, I was feeling energetic.

“That doctor won’t be back for a while will he?”

She looked at me, smiling.

“He could be in here any minute.”

I smiled back at her.


I grabbed her arm, roughly, Escort Maltepe and pulled her to her feet. Spinning her around in one motion, I used my free hand to roughly pull the miniskirt up, exposing her perfect ass. I pushed her over, hard, so her hands were on the floor and she was left sticking that perfect ass of hers up in the air. God, it looked so sweet like that. I noticed she had on matching panties underneath the garter belt, and I also noticed that the crotch was soaking through. I brought a hand up and slapped her ass as hard as I could. She screamed, but didn’t move. That was my girl. I pulled her down hard, sitting her right on my dick, and she screamed again, but this one was only from pleasure. I slid all the way into her up to the hilt, and I swear to everything that is holy, I’ve never felt anything so sweet. I’d never believed something on Earth could feel as good as this girl does to me, but every time she smiles I’m reminded how little I know.

She began picking her ass up off my cock, slowly at first, then faster, finally doing all the work and fucking me for everything she was worth. I loved watching her ass shoot up and down on my cock, watching my manhood sliding in and out of her wet pussy. It felt amazing, hell, better than amazing, and I was always surprised I didn’t come just at the thought of it let alone last more than thirty seconds when we were actually doing it. I guess I get a gold star in self control. I wasn’t going to have it for much longer though.

I could feel her coming, feel her pussy start to spasm as the orgasms wracked her body, and I knew that mine wasn’t far off. It was building, it was there, and watching her ass bounce up and down, my lips kissing in between her shoulder blades, her nails digging into my legs, suddenly I let go. I could feel myself shooting inside of her, an explosion of passion, and her moans peaked when she felt my come erupting inside her body. She rocked her ass back and forth, milking every last drop out of my cock, and then leaned back into my arms while we both caught our breaths. The nurse hat was still on, but the rest of her costume looked slightly disheveled. She turned her head and I could see the cocky smile on her face in profile.

“So, baby. Feeling better?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32