Nude Weekend Comes to an End

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Sharon stretched calmly across the bed as the noise from the guests roused her for the final day of her first carnal weekend. Being a heavy sleeper, she was not at all surprised to find that Marcus was not beside her and that Lisa was also missing, leaving a naked man sprawled face down across the now lowered cushioned platform.

A glass of water rested on the bedside table and she took a lengthy gulp, enjoying the feeling of the cold liquid refreshing her senses.

She looked down at her bald pussy and ran her fingers around the soft pink skin. Anna had done a fine job, but she was yet to show anyone, other than the men she’d fucked previously, her new look.

The man on the platform rolled over and his cock popped up, firm and hard from the early morning hormonal peak. He didn’t wake through and as enticing as it was, Sharon withstood the temptation to mount him.

Keen, but also a little bit nervous, Sharon sauntered out into the hall just as two couples, fully clothed and being farewelled by the naked remainders, passed by.

None of them even really noticed Sharon as they brushed past her and exited.

To her left in the main living area there were six people mingling around the dining table, chomping away at their brunch.

Opposite her though was another bedroom and she could hear the faint sound of sexual activity sneaking out from behind the partially closed door.

Excitedly she pushed the door open only to be disappointed to find a video playing to an empty room.

Sharon watched the young girl being spit-roasted for a moment before being startled by a hand being placed on her shoulder.

“Oh for fuck,” she said when she saw Marcus standing behind her.

“Settle petal,” he laughed. “Getting into the movie were you?”

“Well,” she gave him a kiss on the lips, “Not much happening around here at the moment.”

Marcus raised his eyebrows and smiling said, “Someone wore most of the men out this morning.”

Sharon just smiled back and grabbed his cock. “I hope this one still has some fuel in the tank.”

Marcus reached down to her pussy but as soon as he discovered that there was nothing there his eyes opened in surprise and he pulled back for a better view.

“My, my, my,” he said and striking a pose of the Thinker by Rodin, he gazed up and down her torso. “I’m not sure about the shaved pussy. I think I need to examine it a bit more closely.”

Playing the tease, Sharon slapped his hand away before embracing him fully.

“I’m hungry and I really need a cup of tea,” she said.

Marcus kissed her on the forehead and took her by the hand. “So do I. Let’s eat.”

The barbecue outside had caught on fire and Peter was trying to dampen the flames, a job that allowed him to wear an apron. An apron that had a naked woman emblazoned down the front of it.

“Peter makes a fine woman, but a crap cook,” Marcus said.

Sharon counted only ten people left. Tom and Mark were watching a music show on the television, Lisa and Phil were next to them cuddling on the lounge, Caz was in the kitchen with Neil and Ellen, and everyone else was unknown. When she glanced at the clock, she discovered why.

“Ten to eleven!” She exclaimed, “Wow, that’s pretty late for me. No wonder nearly everyone’s gone.”

“They all had to get to church,” Neil said causing Sharon to chuckle. “No, seriously,” he said noticing her disbelief. “Many of them have gone to church.”

“Religion doesn’t always exclude hedonism,” Tom said, “Most of the time it does, but not these guys.” He glanced down at Sharon’s pussy and smiled. “Nice haircut.”

Mark looked over and clapped his hands. “Nice. Come over here and we’ll test it out.”

Sharon giggled and held up her hand. “Right now I need something more sustaining than dicks.”

Marcus passed her a cup of tea and the casual nature of the morning returned. They ate breakfast, talked crap about the cricket and Sharon forlornly watched as the numbers continued to dwindle.

“We’re off soon too,” Lisa said, “We have to go to Phil’s parents for lunch.”

“What?” Sharon pointed at her bare pussy in exasperation, “So I’m subjecting myself to an itchy regrowth period for nothing!”

“Hey,” Mark pointed at Tom, “We’re still here.”

Tom grabbed his dick, stroked it a few times and winked at her.

Marcus shook his head in mock despair as Sharon placed her cup of tea down, spun on her seat and sauntered over to the two men who automatically made extra room between each other.

“So, what are we watching here?”

“Rage,” Tom said. “It’s crap this morning though. Top 40 rubbish.”

“There’s a better show viewing in that room down the hall,” Sharon sat between the two men and placed a cushion over her waist, deliberately hiding her pussy from view

“And what would that be?” Mark turned on his side, bending a knee up onto the lounge.

“Oh, well it was two guys fucking a woman, but that scene Bostancı Olgun Escort could well be over.”

“Sounds like your kind of scene,” Lisa said.

Sharon smiled at the comment but didn’t reply. Instead she reached out and stroked first Mark’s, and then Tom’s cock.

“Hmm, threesomes are so passé,” she winked at Lisa.

Lisa looked at Phil who glanced at the clock before shaking his head and saying “We have to go in ten. We should start to get ready.”

“Did you guys catch the train?” Neil asked from the kitchen.

“Sure did,” Phil said as he rose from the lounge, leaving Lisa to fall across it. When Lisa saw Sharon move the pillow away from her waist, allowing the two men access to her bare quim, she slunk down onto the floor, and like a panther, crawled across the room towards them.

Sharon smiled as Lisa, with a look of desire writ plain across her face, began to kiss and lick up her leg. Tom turned Sharon’s face towards her and they began to kiss as Mark slid his hand down to her naked wetness.

“Oh come on,” Phil called out, “Lisa, we really need to go soon.”

Lisa just smiled and shrugged before returning to teasing Sharon.

“Don’t go,” Sharon begged “Just one more session, pleeeeaaaaasssee?”

Mark started to suck on her left tit as he fingered her wet pussy. Lisa ran her tongue along her inner thigh before finally, and with great relief for Sharon, slid her tongue across Mark’s fingers and into her waiting hole.

Mark concentrated his fingers on flicking her extended bean, rubbing and massaging the sensitive nub.

“I like this new feel,” he said, “Feels good on my hand anyway.”

In answering, Sharon raised her eyebrows at him and reached down once more to his hard cock. Sharon caught Marcus staring at her from the kitchen. He was sitting nonchalantly back, sipping on a cup of coffee as he watched the foursome unfold.

Tom hopped up on the lounge and held his rigid cock up to Sharon’s lips, lips that rapidly encased the engorged head before sliding along its hard shaft.

Sharon, as she sucked Tom, swapped her gaze from Marcus to Caz and back again, several times over until Caz worked out what it was that she wanted.

Caz came up to Marcus and squatting down next to him, whispered in his ear, “I think that she may want you to be the first.”

“First?” Marcus asked, not quite getting what she was on about.

“Her new pussy,” Caz reached over and grabbed his semi-hard cock, “I think she wants you to fuck her before either of the others do.”

“Oh,” Marcus smiled and put his coffee cup down, “Well, I might need a hand to get hard quickly, she is quite busy at the moment.”

They looked over at Sharon who was now sucking royally on Tom’s cock as Mark mirrored the position on the opposite side, offering Sharon his cock as well. Lisa was busy licking and sliding three or four fingers into Sharon’s aroused cunt.

Marcus helped Caz up as he arose from the chair and led her by the hand over next to the four.

“Lisa!” Phil called out, with an even greater tone of impatience, but he was cut short by Neil who made him an offer.

“Where do you live?” Neil asked.

“Strathfield,” Phil replied, “Well near there anyway.”

“Bloody hell mate, don’t worry about it, I can give you a lift to your door, we go straight past Strathfield.”

Phil checked out the group and looked at the clock once more, “Fair enough. Thanks mate.”

“Anything to keep the peace. Happy wife, happy life.”

Ellen coughed to attract the two men’s attention and held her hands out to the side as if to ask ‘What about me?’.

“Phil” Neil said, “I think Ellen’s feeling a bit left out.”

Peter threw the tea towel he was holding onto the bench and said, “so much for washing up.”

“Well Neil,” Phil took Ellen by the hand, “I’ll take Ellen upstairs, there’s no room on the lounge. Pete, care to join us?”

Peter looked around the room, at his wife Caz who was on her knees sucking Marcus to hardness, to the four on the lounge and back to the petite form of Ellen.

“Let’s go,” he moved towards the stairs, but was stopped by Ellen who refused to budge.

“I’m not missing out on this,” she said, pulling her hand away from Peter. “And we started this on the kitchen table, let’s finish it there.”

Marcus held the back of Caz’s head and gently fucked into her as he watched Sharon swapping from one cock to another.

Lisa looked back over her shoulder at Marcus and with a nod of the head, beckoned him over. Marcus was quickly replaced by a horny Neil who was more than happy to be able to stay longer. Sharon moaned excitedly as she saw Marcus, his long cock bobbing proudly in front of himself, approaching.

“Fuck me,” she called out in wild desire, “fuck me nice and hard.”

Just as Marcus got there Lisa knelt up and sucked his dick into her mouth, leaving a long trail of spit hanging from his knob. Sharon shuffled forward and with the support of Mark Bostancı Sarışın Escort and Tom, who grabbed her by the back of the knees, she spread her legs wide open.

Marcus knelt on the rug and rubbed his cock along her wet slit, smearing the combined fluids of her own nectar, and Lisa’s saliva around the newly naked folds of Sharon’s cunt.

“Stick it in baby,” Sharon begged, “Fuck me, fuck my little pussy.” Marcus had to admit that it felt nice as he ran his cock around her nude pussy, her clitoris protruded elegantly as he ran his knob over it.

“Fuck her man,” Mark said, “Fuck her nice and hard and cum in that pussy, I’ll fuck her straight after.”

“Fuck me together,” Sharon moaned softly, as if in a daze. “Fuck my holes, fuck me hard.”

Marcus could resist no longer and with Mark reaching down and rubbing her clit and Marcus slamming his cock in to the hilt, Sharon screamed out in ecstasy as an orgasm of cataclysmic dimensions tore through her body.

“Ahhhh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” she cried out but was quickly muffled by Tom’s cock as he returned to fucking her face with a fervour.

Sharon’s cunt was making a slopping sound as her orgasm released even more of her thick, smooth nectar. Marcus’s balls were slapping against her arsehole as he drove his cock into her, hitting her cervix whenever he bottomed out. Lisa, watching and masturbating from her position on the floor, crawled over to Marcus and began kneading and massaging his tightening ball bag.

Both Mark and Tom were squeezing her tits, tugging and twisting her nipples as she alternated from one cock to another. Lisa started licking Marcus’s balls as he pounded into the squirming Sharon.

Ellen and Caz, having now blown Neil, Peter and Phil to hardness, climbed up onto the dining table and lay down, head to toe. Lisa, on seeing the new dynamic occurring, released Marcus’s balls from her velvet grip and joined the other two lustful ladies on the table.

Without even an excuse me, Tom withdrew from Sharon’s mouth and headed over to the growing throng of naked fuckers on the table.

Mark, grasping the opportunity of having Sharon’s mouth, and her exquisite cock-sucking skills, at his disposal, stood up and threw a leg either side of her twisting, aroused body. Marcus slid one hand up to Sharon’s right nipple and massaged her hard clit with the other. He watched in fascination as Mark began to fuck her face with a gusto. His heavy balls swung low and in rhythm as he slammed into her gurgling, moaning mouth.

“Fuck, you’re good at this,” Mark emphatically said, “Such a hot fuck, such a gorgeous little woman for us all to enjoy.”

“Here, here,” Marcus said, plowing into her super wet and horny pussy and watching her drool all over her chest as Mark pistoned into her. “She just loves cocks, don’t you? Love having them fucking your holes, love feeling them cum in your mouth, over your face, in your cunt.”

Sharon began pulling on Mark’s cock and squeezing his balls as he fucked her face. At times she would pull it out, take a deep breath, moan, lick along its base to his balls, suck them into her mouth as she wanked its length, before going back to running her deft tongue around his knob, tasting the tang of his oozing ejaculant.

Marcus pulled his cock out, and after examining her open pussy, began to lick at her moist quim. Sharon bucked her hips wildly as Marcus sucked her clit into his lips, flicking it with his tongue, pressing down onto the nerve ending of delight that her nub was.

“Oh god, oh for fuck’s sake,” she moaned. “Fuck me, both of you fuck me.”

Mark immediately flicked his body back onto the lounge and sat back, holding his glistening, saliva coated cock in his hand. “Come on babe, ride this one,” he said.

Sharon, her body bristling with urgency, climbed atop Mark initially facing him, but after quick consideration, flipped over into the reverse cowboy position. She rested back onto Mark’s heaving chest and after spitting down onto his cock, slowly slid it into her arse.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s the way, ride my cock,” Mark cried out as he watched his cock disappear up her arsehole. “Oh lord that’s tight.”

Marcus was impressed with the speed and eagerness with which Sharon mounted and rode Mark’s hard cock. So rapt in her own delight she lay back further onto Mark and as he began to squeeze her tits, she ran her hands down to her pussy, began to rub her clit with one hand, and finger fuck herself with the other. Marcus watched her pleasure herself as he stroked his cock. Her beauty astounded him. The way she threw herself into any sexual activity with such abandon excited him immensely. Thinking that this may well be the last session of the weekend, Marcus decided a blowjob was in order. He stood up on the lounge and straddled the two of them as they awoke from their sexual torpor.

“Yeah fuck her mouth, man. She fucking loves it,” Mark said as he quickened up the pace of his anal reaming.

Marcus ran his cock Bostancı Şişman Escort along her lips, drawing a string of pre-cum across her cheeks. Teasing her, as she reached forward with her mouth he would dip his cock in, then pull it out again. To fight back Sharon the closed her mouth and as he offered it to her, she turned her head away.

“Ha!,” Marcus said, “Well played.”

Sharon laughed and looked up at his wanting, needy face, “Well, are you going to fuck me or not? Or will I get Tom to?” They looked over to the table that with legs spread and poking up everywhere, looked a lot like an upended spider.

Tom was fucking Caz as Neil fucked her mouth. Lisa and Ellen were head to tail as Peter and Phil took turns fucking either a pussy, or a pout. Tom had no intention of stopping fucking the middle-aged school teacher on the table.

Marcus held his cock away from Sharon who, momentarily, was going to suck him off, and hopped down onto the floor. Sharon spread her legs even wider and Marcus watched as her pussy opened like an iris in flower.

With no teasing, no rubbing his cock around her labia, Marcus got into position and listened to her wail as he slid his cock in to the hilt.

“”Ahh for fuck’s…,” Sharon screamed in orgasmic bliss as the feeling of two hard cocks filling her up, tripped the orgasm switch once again.

The flood of juice from her hot pussy warmed and oiled Marcus’s cock, and extra dripped down, lubricating Mark’s thick prick.

The two men stepped into a nice rhythm as they sawed into Sharon’s dopamine rich body. In her higher state, Sharon began to kiss Marcus as they fucked, her tongue delving deep into his mouth. She began to whisper to him as they fucked, not words of love, but crudities, the type of language that churches wanted banned.

“Fuck my dirty cunt, fill me with cum, fuck my arse, shove your cocks in, cum on my face, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she moaned softly.

Marcus and Mark stepped up the pace as she continue her lewd language.

“Fill me with cocks and cum, fuck my face, cum on my tits, lick me out, lick my clit, suck my tits, oh fuck, oh fuck….”

Her eyes rolled back into her head as an orgasm, that was as unexpected to herself as it was to Marcus and Mark, shook her to the very core of her being.

Her spasming pussy and extra fluids sent Marcus over the edge as well and he buried himself in deep as his cock exploded, coating her inner depths with his thick jizz.

“Oh I’m cumming, oh fuck, oh God that’s good.”

“I’m close too, man,” Mark said from below, “Pull out, let me in.”

Marcus slid his cock out of Sharon’s newly shaved cunt and stood up. Rubbing his sensitive knob he watched as Mark pulled his cock out of her arse and then lowered her threshing body back down on his cock, a cock that was now in her pussy.

“Oh fuck yeah, babe. That’s it, fuck that cock, fuck it hard,” he called out.

Sharon leaned forward so that she was bent over at the hips and began to pound up and down on his cock, Marcus’s cum coated Mark’s cock as she pistoned up and down. In the position that she was Marcus took her by the hair and offered her his waning cock to clean, a job she accepted with enthusiasm.

Over on the table the action on the lounge had brought Caz to a screaming climax that was silenced by Neil cumming into her mouth. Tom joined in moments later by pulling out of her pussy, dashing around the table and squirting whatever left that he had atop Neil’s.

“I think that Caz, being the host, should be the final recipient from today. Don’t you think?” Tom asked them all.

“Fuck yeah,” Mark called out, “what a great host she is.”

Sharon angled herself off Mark and fell back onto the lounge, rubbing her pussy as soon as she landed.

Peter helped Caz off the table and on a thin mattress on the ground she knelt down, her arse resting on the back of her elbows. Her right hand began frigging her pussy as the three men began wanking and taking turns being blown by her hungry mouth.

Marcus, his nut sack empty, lay in behind Sharon and they spooned and watched the blow bang occur. Marcus rubbed his free hand around her hips, relishing the soft touch of her young, soft skin.

Mark, Peter and Phil stood around Caz wanking their cocks as she frigged herself and squeezed her tits.

“Come on boys,” she urged them, “cum on my face , cum in my mouth.”

Peter moved forward and slid his cock into her mouth and Caz reached up on either side of him, grabbing a hold of Mark and Phil’s cocks.

Caz twisted her hands around the greasy poles of Mark and Phil like she was revving a motorcycle.

Peter took matters in hand and began a rapid wank of his prick as Caz eyeballed him and lolled her tongue out, waiting for another load from her beloved husband. He didn’t disappoint and a thin stream of his spunk shot out along her tongue, coating it like icing on a cake.

“My turn,” Mark urgently said, taking his cock and aiming it at Caz’s still open mouth. With two good slow, firm strokes, his dick exploded, sending one streaking across her cheek, the other, less forceful ejaculation, rested also onto her tongue. She could feel the thick unction begin to slide down her throat and its passage was soon aided by the weight of Phil’s substantial final load.

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