Nude Family Camp

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Alex yawned and stretched like a great cat a smile spreading across his features as he did. One thing that most people don’t understand is that people don’t smile with their lips, not really. The smile with their bodies and since Alex was lying nude on a towel all the other places that were smiling were readily apparent. The slight raise in his shoulders and relaxation in his chest and belly could be seen by anybody who bothered to look. “You know I gotta admit I thought this was a pretty shitty idea at first.” His voice was light and dreamy. To him it sounded far away and he could only imagine how the people around him heard the sounds escaping his throat.

Josh didn’t open his eyes. He really didn’t want to ruin the perfect painting on the back of his eyelids just yet. He might not be able to get it to return and even the sound of his nineteen year old son’s voice threatened to destroy that faint picture of his wife and step daughter that had formed there. “What?” He finally answered. He knew that his son would keep pestering him until he’d said whatever it was he wanted to say. This was a little more annoying than most things though because he already knew what his son was going to say.

“This has been pretty fucking cool. I’m glad I came.” Alex responded rolling onto his stomach. He rested his head on his arms stretching out one more time before settling into a comfortable position. “How did you know this was going to be a good idea?” He asked letting his attention drift over to his sister.

Josh had to stifle a growl as the beautiful image in his head faded away leaving him just the red light filtering through his eyelids to stare at. “I didn’t.” He drew in a deep breath inflating his barrel like chest and opened his eyes. Alex bore more than a passing resemblance to his father, he was almost a clone sent from the distance past. They had the same strong chin and high cheek bones, identical tans that brought them to near perfect bronze after just a day or two in the sun. Where they really differed was in the arms and torso. Josh had been a real estate agent for the last ten years and it had turned what had been once been referred to as the arsenal into simple flesh. During his twenty year long military life he’d had the cannons that Alex was casually using as a head rest. He’d had the cannonballs and a full set of grenades beneath that. Today though he only held the reminders of those things, not yet fat but not the kind of awe inspiring definition that his son now possessed. “Thanks for ruining my perfect dream by the way.”

A chuckle rumbled from Alex’s chest. He adjusted his weight just slightly so he could see his father then turned away. “I’m not sure what you were dreaming off but was it really better than that?” He pointed with his chin towards his older sister. Just like the two men she was completely nude and lying on her back. She was a sleep at the moment her impressive chest rising and falling in time with her breathing. “I mean damn.” He let himself smile slightly as he drank in his sister’s beauty. A life time gymnastics had kept her thin and trimmed. It had been painful to watch her give up her dream of going the Olympics as a gymnast. She simply wasn’t built for professional gymnastics. It wasn’t a sport that favored women who were as well endowed as Sarah had turned out to be. It was equally cruel to women who developed broad hips. The fact that Sarah was blessed with the kinds of curves men lust after kept her from competing in a sport clearly better suited for prepubescent boys.

“You aren’t wrong about that.” Josh said letting his eyes linger on his daughter-in-law for a moment before drifting to her mother. In his mind Janet was the living example of something that improved with age. She might have gotten beyond her daughter’s tight unblemished skin but he liked the tribal tattoo at the small of her back. It gave her character, especially when she’d gotten it in eighties before every hot bitch had a tramp stamp.

Janet’s eyes had been closed but she wasn’t sleeping. Hearing the men talking about her woke body up without her full permission. She didn’t mean to arch her back just slightly but it happened anyway pushing her rump up and revealing her nipples. Janet meant to sigh slightly to let them know she was listening but she hadn’t been expecting the purely seductive sigh that even got her a little wet. Wetter, she’d been wet almost since they arrived at the camp. “It was a great idea and you should be proud of yourself.” Janet finally said propping her head up on her hands. “I never knew how trapped I was by clothing!”

None of them had really understood how binding their clothing was. How trapped they had been behind flimsy pieces of fabric. It was difficult to even quantify in words and though all four of them had tried the only word they could come up with for the feeling was trapped. Clothing tuzla escort traps people. They shame them of their bodies, and forces its definition to be made not by its own beauty but by the pieces of cloth draped over it. Being nude was just liberating.

It wasn’t just the feeling of the air on your skin. There were a myriad of other new sensations that shouldn’t have been alien but were. When they had first arrived at the camp one of the first things that the instructors had ordered was everybody to return to their vehicles and strip. The hot leather seats had been a new experience for all of them as was the feeling of concrete beneath their bare feet. It was like the world had been completely reinvented and everything was completely new

“She’s right. This is good shit.” Alex mused as his eyes slid shut. And have you checked out Sarah’s rack? I knew she was stacked but damn.” He sensed Janet’s body tighten at the comment. There was no point in trying to clarify that she was also hot as hell. If she hadn’t already gotten that from all the stares then she never would. It was just that for him Sarah might just have been perfect.

“Now now young man. I won’t have you speaking that way about my daughter.” Janet said spreading her arms just enough that her own breasts were visible. She shook her chest just for show and smiled.

“You’ve got a killer rack too Mom.” Alex wasn’t just flattering her either. There wasn’t much wonder to why his father had married her. The only thing that was wrong with her was that she wasn’t eighteen. If she had still been eighteen and her breasts were still high and firm instead just large and impressive she would have been perfect. The same went for her face. Her sky blue eyes were intoxicating. A few crows’ feet around the edges only marked her as quality MILF material instead of detracting from her overall hotness. There was only one thing that was detracting from her overall hotness. Sarah. Still in the prime of her youth, blonde to her mother’s brunette and laying less than three feet away. Even with that around her was still hotter than the sky on the Fourth of July.

“You’re just saying that.” Janet answered slinking up to her knees. Her hips moved one direction and her shoulders another putting her body on full display for her son-in-law and husband. Both men whistled their appreciation. “You like that huh?” Janet hissed rolling onto her knees and pushing her rump towards the men. Her long brown hair partially concealed her face but they could still see her smoldering eyes.

Alex wasn’t really the guy who thought a woman’s eyes were her best asset. He was definitely leaning towards a woman’s ass and her tits were a close second. Right then though Janet was giving him reason to pause. Her eyes were amazing and it was because of the energy in them. They were literally burning; he could almost feel the heat pulsing off them. It easily knocked whatever sleep had remained in his bones out. “So who wants to kiss me?”

Janet felt her stomach twitch slightly as she spoke. This wasn’t the first time she’d noticed Alex. It was impossible to be a woman in the same house as that kind of animal and not notice him. He was a beast chiseled from stone. At first Janet had believed that had something intangible that made him so irresistible. That like his father I t was just something in the way that he carried himself that made him so damned sexy. She was wrong. Three days ago she’d realized how wrong she was. It was the way he smelled. She couldn’t place the scent but it was definitely that. That reason was what kept her from doing the laundry. Whenever she spelled him, especially his crotch she couldn’t batter the clouds from her mind long enough to think clearly.

“Stop it.” She whimpered. Her body was already threatening to take control though. The two most handsome men she had ever known were lying just a few feet away and they were staring at her as she posed for them. She knew full well that if she didn’t want to be fucked her best bet was to curl up into some kind of unassuming position. The position she had, on all fours with her mouth open waiting for something was not a good position though. I didn’t matter; her hormones were starting to take over again.

“Stop what?” Both men replied in unison. Sometimes men are completely oblivious to the power of simple things. Both of them were genuinely confused as to what had happened that had her so aroused. As far as they could tell the only that hat happened was a brief conversation. It didn’t occur to either of them that something as simple as their eyes on her flesh could produce enough friction to start a fire. There was just one way she knew off to cool that inferno.

“Stop staring at me like a piece of meat.” Janet crooned letting her eyes shut. She was hoping that if she couldn’t see them it wouldn’t be as arousing. If she tuzla escort bayan wasn’t staring her husbands cock begin to twitch with interest, or watching her son in law’s hips adjust slightly because of her maybe she could quench the inferno that was turning her skin pink. It might have worked if didn’t know they were there. Instead her other senses kicked in. She could smell them, the sweet arousing smell of fresh sweat. She could hear them breathing, especially her husband. He was trying to hide it but he was breathing in quick short breaths, he always did that when he was horny. God that wasn’t going to work!

Something familiar brushing her lips snapped Janet out of her reverie. “I’ve got something you can kiss.” Janet’s lips were already pressed against her step son’s hard cock. She started say something to the boy but then the flames broiling in her belly flared up reacting to the same energy in the young man’s eyes. Her lips parted and she slipped them around Alex’s manhood. She could almost literally feel the flames from stare sizzling against her flesh. This is what it means to be a piece of meat she realized with sudden clarity. This was what it was like to be prepared to be devoured. That’s what was racing through her mind. She felt like she was simmering in her own juices, heating up for this man.

Normally she felt powerful when she was giving a blow job. She normally loved how much power she had in that position. How a woman on her knees was suddenly the most important thing in the universe when her lips were servicing a man. Right then she didn’t feel powerful, she was helpless. Her body was acting on it’s own without her permission. Her tongue danced and twisted, her entire head bobbed but it wasn’t her will that was driving her it was his. This boy, this man her step son made her into this helpless slut. Without saying a word he had guided her hand between her legs and forced her to slide two fingers into her slick pussy.

Josh tilted his head slightly watching his wife starting to work on his son. It was like watching porn in real life. He couldn’t pull his eyes away from her lips. She looked like she hadn’t eaten in weeks and he was the sustenance that would get her through to the next day, something so savory that she had to eat it as quickly as possible cramming as much of it into her mouth as she could physically manage and then trying for just a bit more. Saliva oozed out of her overstuffed mouth and flowed down to his scrotum before dripping onto her breasts and she didn’t notice or care. She just wanted more. She wanted it all and Josh’s body was reacting.

The rustling he was hearing that through the all the wet noises Janet’s lips, both pair were making was the sound of his left foot tapping. It was an unconscious tell he’d had his entire life. That damned leg just wouldn’t quit quivering once something really had him going. Goddamn it. I can’t even control myself better than a teenager! It was irritating to know that he didn’t have any control, not over the way his leg was pumping, and not over the way his heart was pumping blood into his cock.

A sudden flash of discomfort brought his attention again to youth but this time in a positive way. Watching his sexy wife slurp his son’s cock like it was her very first ice cream cone had him hard. Not aroused and erect, he didn’t have any trouble getting his soldier to rise for battle but this was the first time in years that he’d been so ready to go to war that it hurt. It felt like his cock was a size to big for it skin. It pulsed and throbbed, and strained. It was something he remembered almost pleasantly from his youth but it was problem in its own right. I need a woman. His mind flashed suddenly and hew knew that he had to be satisfied. It was no different than a starving man at a banquet.

Just inches away Sarah was fighting the same battle. Her eyes were cinched shut to keep her from seeing the action. Both her hands were down between her legs trapped there as her legs clamped shut preventing any hope of escape. Her entire body was rocking back and forth and strained whimpers slipped from her mouth before her teeth could clamp down preventing their escape.

Neither Josh nor Sarah were aware that they had been inching closer to each other. It was Joshs damn tapping foot and Sarah’s clenching, unclenching, shifting, twisting thighs that had dragged them inch by inch closer. They both realized how close they were for different reasons. For Josh it was a completely olfactory experience. Her wetness slammed into him like a Mac truck. If he hadn’t already been lying on his back it might have knocked him flat. Fortunately for him he was already prone. Sarah’s experience was more tactile.

The twenty year old wasn’t a virgin but this was the first time she’d truly understood why people you wanted were called ‘hot’. Right then as she escort tuzla felt the heat pouring off his body it made perfect sense. Her mind was only able to focus on that thought briefly though before it raced away from her mental grasp which was rapidly fading. A moment after that thought had faded another had taken its place as her only thought. She needed that warmth inside her somehow. She had to feel it, she had to have it.

If there is no other constant about human beings it’s that naturally they take the path of least resistance. If Sarah had control, even over her own will she might have ended in any number of different positions than she did. At the time she wasn’t. Nor was Josh. She pulled herself up to her knees and then over him. Her crotch ended over his face, there was no accident there. She wanted her father to do something he’d never done before. Kiss her on the lips. Not the chaste kiss of a father to a daughter but the powerful claiming of a man and his woman. She wanted to feel his tongue probing her greedy orifice. At the same time her mouth opened and accepted the swollen piece of meat begging to be devoured.

Janet turned her eyes just far enough to see that her husband and daughter were engaged in simultaneous oral stimulation. Why the fuck didn’t I think of that? She questioned, nearly out loud. She didn’t say it though her mouth was still full of Alex’s cock. She couldn’t let that stand though, she needed to feel his cock inside her a different way. She needed more than that to get her where she needed to be. “Fuck me.” Janet whispered. Alex’s hard cock fell from her lips and smacked wetly against his thigh. His hips pulsed and twitched. Fortunately Janet didn’t keep him waiting for long. She crawled over her own daughter like the younger woman was just a desk to be fucked on top of and wriggled her ass.

If Sarah had ever made a list of impossible things that couldn’t happen feeling her mother’s nipples pressing into her back as her new brother fucked brains out wouldn’t have made the list. It wasn’t simply impossible, it was unfathomable but it was happening. Sarah felt her Janet’s heart thudding behind her breasts much like her own. Two female bodies slick with sweat glided against each other as two different men pumped into them. A hiss of pleasured pain escaped Sarah when Janet’s nails dug into her rump trying to steady herself. The other hand gripped Alex’s bicep and nearly drew blood. Sarah felt the reaction to that as well. Alex’s body went as stiff as a board and arched upward.

The string of expletives exploding from Alex’s lips could have peeled the paint from a battle ship. Janet wasn’t far behind spewing filth like a busted sewage drain. Every bit of the experience was shouted through the rolling hills in the most depraved language they could conjure up.

The women felt it first; the incredible heat that four lewdly twisted bodies produce. Janet swore should see wisps of steam rising around them as they got closer and closer to their climaxes. Each of their bodies got hotter and hotter almost ready to burst into flames. The men were pumping and thrusting nearly driving through the women. The women were just as greedy in devouring the husband and son stretching towards the only thing in the world that matter right then. The hard man flesh lewdly stretching their bodies.

I’m cumming! Four brains and two voices roared at the same moment. They all felt the mind shattering blast rip through their bodies at nearly the same moment. It actually started with Sarah and her legs cinched shut around her step father’s head so tight it hurt. From there it shot up into Janet’s belly with the same reaction. Her legs clamped shut squeezing down on Alex’s cock. The energy shot into the young man and then echoed back out of him passing through both women and into Josh where it bounced back out. The energy was trapped like that for a while racing through quivers, shivers, shakes, spasms, grunts, groans, and pulses until every ounce of energy any of them had was completely exhausted.

“This was a great idea.” Alex whispered slipping off Janet and into the grass. I can feel each blade of grass. Hints of laughter escaped.

Janet was only a moment later when she slipped off the heap her head resting on her step son’s stomach. “Good thing you aren’t really my son. You’re just a sexy man who lives with my husband.”

“You know there is no way I’m wearing clothing around the house from now on right?” Sarah slithered down from Josh’s body and rested her head on her mother’s stomach. “This weekend has been amazing. I hate clothing.” She tried to sit up for a moment but her body wasn’t ready for that yet. Her entire body felt like it was made of jelly.

Last to move was Josh and he moved to rest his head on Sarah’s stomach. “You’ve got to wear clothing sometimes. I love that tan skirt you have.” He smiled turning his head to kiss her belly. The young woman giggled and promised she would dress up for the men if they behaved.

“Hey Mom?” Janet turned her head. “Do you like anal?” A smile started to spread over the older woman’s features.

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