Nourishing My Nieces

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I’m an 18-year-old aunt who breastfeeds her twin nieces. As if that wasn’t unusual enough, my neices are also 18 years old. You see, their mother Dina was a member of a sorority in college that encouraged sisters to induce lactation and nurse each other as a means of intimate bonding. For most participants in this eccentric practice, it isn’t really a sexual kind of intimacy, though it can be for any member who happens to be oriented towards fellow women anyway. There is a definite feeling of deep closeness that accompanies it, which may be just about as pleasant as sex, but it’s generally a different sort of pleasure than anything that could be called erotic.

Anyway, after she graduated and had a family of her own, the experience left Dina wholly uninclined to fully wean her two daughters. She introduced Monica and Veronica to other sources of nutrition at about the normal age, and to this day, they eat plenty of conventional food, but breastmilk, rather than dropping off the menu completely, simply ceased to be their exclusive source of sustenance, instead remaining as one extra option in an otherwise quite ordinary diet. As for me, I was a surprise for my mother, who managed to get unexpectedly pregnant at 41 at the same time as Dina, who was 23 at the time. This is why my neices and I are the same age and grew up more like sisters or at least closely bonded cousins. In fact, they don’t call me “Aunt Michelle” very often unless they’re speaking ironically, though if they’re being really facetious or ornery, I might get an occasional “Auntie,” just ’cause they know I hate that and like to tease me.

Perhaps due to her mammaries getting plenty of use during her college years, Dina has always had plenty of milk to go around, so in addition to keeping Monnie and Ronnie well-fed, she also helped Mom feed me throughout my infancy and toddlerhood. The fact that she continued to let her own daughters suckle well beyond that age is probably what instilled a certain curiosity within me, and it eventually culminated in me inducing myself to lactate as a sort of experiment during my junior year of high school, and by now, Monnie and Ronnie have come to rely just as much if not more on me for milk than they do on Dina.

Aside from being a sublime way for us all too bond, it’s also apparently more convenient than some might think. If Dina or I happen to be nearby when they’re hungry but either too lazy or in too great of a hurry to prepare something for themselves, neither of them will hesitate to pull the ever-willing feeder’s top aside and latch on to the nearest nipple. In fact, up to one full meal per day, usually breakfast for both of them, is likely to consist entirely of breastmilk! Neither Dina nor I mind at all, though. With me, they would initially ask first, but I soon told them the same thing that their mother had been able to leave implicit since their infancy. Whenever they want it and I have some to give, I’m more than happy to provide it. I don’t think I ever feel more at peace than when I’m nourishing my nieces from my own body.

Nourishment was not always the only or even main reason that they sought milk of the non-bovine variety, though. Even I learned early on that human breastmilk is a great natural pain reliever for the suckler and an equally good if not better stress reliever for both the suckler and the feeder. In fact, there’s apparently even a term for breastfeeding to such non-nutritional ends? comfort nursing. Well, comfort nursing is a bit of a tradition for us. I may have largely stopped feeding from Dina for hunger’s sake, mostly at our mother’s behest, but she was still my first choice for soothing my aches and pains. If she happens to be close and available when something’s hurting, her milk still gives the most immediate relief and often buys me some relatively pain-free time to procure more conventional treatment. It’s not as if I’m any less tolerant of pain than any mature 18-year-old, and nor are my nieces, but even with minor aches, why suffer any more than we have to?

Just a short while ago, my seasonal allergies caused me to wake up on a lazy Saturday morning with a sore throat, but fortunately, Dina was at my house to help Mom erect storm shutters for an upcoming tropical storm. I trudged downstairs from my bedroom, originally going to ask Mom if we had any cough drops. As I approached the family room, though, Mom and Dina’s voices drifted my way and made it clear that they were taking a break.

I approached them groggily and plopped down on our forest green couch next to my older sister. “It’s my time of the year again,” was all the explanation I needed to give with a roll of my eyes as I simply pulled Dina’s T-shirt up, lazily leaned sideways, and took her areola in my mouth. I closed my eyes and immediately began sucking on her thick nipple and gnawing cyclically on the crest of her firm breast, sighing as I was rewarded with kağıthane escort a welcome spurt of creamy elixir. It rolled down my throat, cooling the raw flesh on its way into my stomach. I felt more than heard Dina chuckle as she began stroking my hair while I indulgently pressed out a constant stream of sweet ambrosia with the ministrations of my lips and jaws. I let the sensation of intense bonding with my sister warm me as I drank contentedly, purring as the sharp pain softened and faded into almost nothing.

I realized with a start, just as I was happily lapping up the last dollop of milk from the breast opposite the one I’d started with, that I had essentially stolen the twins’ usual breakfast. They slept in even later than I did on weekends, so they probably weren’t quite awake yet. I knew that they were perfectly capable of getting a bowl of cereal or something, especially since they had no way of knowing when their mother would return home anyway, but I decided that it would be a win-win situation if I just jogged over to their house and fed them with my own milk. They wouldn’t miss out on their favorite breakfast food, and I would be further comforted by the pleasures of nursing them. So, after I took a cough drop just for good measure, since it turned out that we did have a few left, I brushed my teeth, got dressed, and made my way to Monnie and Ronnie’s house.

They were just crawling out of bed when I got there, and I had barely finished explaining the situation as I sat on the end of Monnie’s bed before they gave me a couple of sleepy smirks, knelt to either side of me on the floor, and expertly peeled the bust of my tank top aside. I giggled lightly as they brought their eager lips to the peaks of my breasts, and it turned into a moan as my nieces instantly began sucking on my nipples and kneading the surrounding flesh with their jaws. Their hands resting on my thighs, they mashed their noses against my supple mounds as their suckling accelerated. “Oh, geez, you guys are hungry as ever this morning!” I gasped amusedly as I leaned my head back and let the welcome feelings of warmth and closeness with my nieces wash over me. I continued to just sit there and breastfeed them for about fifteen minutes, and it warmed my heart when their sighs of satisfaction reassured me that my milk was amply sating their appetites.

One might think that nursing would be much less filling and/or soothing for teenagers and adults just because they’re so much larger than a younger child, but this assumes that they drink the same amount at the same rate as a baby would. Actually, the twins now routinely consume as much milk in one session as their infant or toddler selves typically did in one day. For Dina, it used to be that the milk supply she woke up with in the morning would usually be enough to satiate the twins throughout the day, but that was over a decade ago. Now, even with me supplementing Dina’s supply, the twins quite routinely exhaust two breastfuls everytime they suckle, leaving whoever’s mammaries they’ve just drained to completely replenish themselves anew.

Again, I certainly can’t complain. Not only do I deeply enjoy feeding them, but Monnie and Ronnie are probably the primary reason that I now sport a pair of round and perky 42Ds instead of my original 40Cs. In fact, I can never help but feel proud at how well my apparently very productive boobs have kept up with the demand. Plus, although I eat like a horse, I think most of the fat ends up going into my milk. I’m not entirely sure how my neices manage to stay as thin as they do if that’s the case.

My lactation was probably never as handy as it was one day towards the end of our senior year. Finals were fast approaching, and the three of us were supposed to meet in the school library during study hall for a moderate cramming session. That is why I was surprised when Ronnie rushed up to me by herself at the start of the period. “I just got a text from Monnie,” she said. “She dislocated her shoulder in phys-ed! She’s in the nurse’s office.”

I instantly started heading in the pertinent direction along with Ronnie, and we arrived about five minutes later. I was not surprised to see the nurse, a lean woman with wavy gray auburn hair, seated at her desk apparently talking to the paramedics, and I suppose the sight of Monnie sitting on the brown leather half-couch/half-bed clutching her very limp right arm to her side was to be expected. What I did not expect, however, was to also find our best guy friend Rick, a short but toned blond boy with ice-blue eyes, seated in a chair with an ice pack on his foot, which was propped up on a footstool that matched the duvet. “What happened to you?” I asked on my way towards my injured niece.

“He headed over here as soon as he heard what happened,” Monnie explained with an appreciative smile as Ronnie kartal escort bayan sat down next to her, “but apparently, he was in such a hurry to check up on me that he tripped and sprained his ankle just as he got here.”

“You’re such a klutz!” I teased.

“Yeah, but I’m a sweet klutz,” he retorted with a smirk despite the warmth in his eyes.

“Damn it, he’s right,” Ronnie conceded with a smile in mock resignation.

The nurse hung up the phone. “The paramedics will be here shortly to pop that thing back in,” she said in her usual no-nonsense manner. “There’s not much else to do now but wait, unless you can think of anything that might make you a little more comfortable.”

Monnie quite visibly winced at the thought of popping anything anywhere. “Not really, no. Thanks, though. I’m already about as comfortable as I can be.” Someone who didn’t know her well enough might’ve missed the brief but longing gaze that fell on my breasts, but I saw it and gave her an apologetic look in return. The nurse was one of Dina’s old sorority sisters, so if Rick wasn’t there, she probably would’ve been drinking thirstily from my mammaries already.

“I’ll make sure they’re as gentle as possible,” Rick assured her, clearly sensing her apprehension, “even though it was kinda funny to hear how you apparently cursed like a sailor when it first happened.”

This earned him a generous view of Monnie’s middle finger from her still functional hand, but the smile in her eyes belied that it was just a playful gesture in acknowledgement of his attempt to lighten the mood. She had to let go of her limp arm to do it, however, and as it went a bit more slack than it had been, she grimaced and gripped it again. “Ow!” she hissed in pain.

I gave her a meaningful look and jerked my head in Rick’s direction. “I trust him if you do,” I said, gesturing at my bosom with a downward glance. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ronnie stand up and close the door, obviously catching what I meant. Meanwhile, Monnie sighed and nodded, which I took as my cue to position myself standing between her legs as she said, “What the hell? I could really use it right now!” Even as she spoke, she was expertly pulling my breasts free of my tank top, and the last couple of words were actually a bit muffled as she immediately seized a nipple in her mouth and began audibly gulping down a robust flow of warm milk. She chewed firmly but toothlessly on my areola as she sucked, bobbing her head against the fleshy reservoir from which she drank voraciously.

“Woah! What the hell?!” blurted Rick, his eyes widening comically before he courteously averted them.

While Ronnie reassured the nurse that we’d decided Rick was a suitable confidante, I chuckled at his flustered reaction. “Rick, it’s okay. You can look at me.” I couldn’t help but feel relieved when he slowly removed his hand from his eyes and fixated awkwardly on my face. At least he wasn’t totally grossed out. “I know this is weird, but just try to think of it as just a really quirky way of bonding in our family that just so happens to be great for snacking or pain relief too.”

“Are you actually…? How are you even…?” He finally stopped sputtering, cleared his throat, and somewhat reasserted himself, though he was still clearly trying not to stare at my exposed boobs. It was kind of cute, in a way. “Okay, so…what exactly is this?”

I smiled gratefully at his willingness to at least listen to a potential explanation, so while Monnie just kept suckling eagerly, her lips smacking against my areola, I launched into an explanation. “Dina was a member of this sorority in college that actually encouraged its members to induce milk production in themselves and breastfeed each other. It was their unique way of bonding as sisters, because it turns out to foster a really deep feeling of closeness, even if it’s not on a strictly maternal basis. It can be a sexual thing, but in most cases that I know of at least, it’s not, and of course, it’s certainly not for me and the twins.”

Our bewildered male companion threw a quick glance at Ronnie in awe of the implication that I fed her too.

“Anyway, after her experience in college, Dina just saw no reason to stop nursing her girls, especially since it still has some health benefits no matter how old you are. Hell, she even helped Mom feed me sometimes when I was little, which I never really forgot. I think that’s part of why I got curious as I got older, until finally, I decided to try inducing myself to lactate, and when I succeeded, the twins were quite happy to have another ready and willing feeder in the family.” I felt Monnie’s fingers graze my cleavage and cup my breast. I smiled warmly at her as she emitted a soft moan, clearly soothed by my milk. “So breastmilk just never dropped entirely off the menu for them. I’m sure kurtköy escort bayan you know it’s obviously not their only food anymore, and it hasn’t really even been a majority of their diets since they were toddlers, but it has definitely stuck around as just one extra option that they have whenever they feel like it.”

Ronnie piped up with a small smile. “It tastes great, it’s good for us, and like she said, it makes us feel really close to each other on an emotional level. That’s one thing no other food can do. It’s also surprisingly filling and convenient!”

I chuckled. “Yep. Sometimes they have a specific hankering for it, but as often as not, they’re just hungry in general, and they’re either in a hurry or just being lazy.” I shot a playful smirk at Ronnie before turning to face Rick again. “Anyway, like I said, it’s great for pain or stress relief, too, which is why I decided it was worth offering some milk to Monnie just now.” I gave him a nervous smile. “So I’m sorry if we’ve weirded you out, but I just figured we knew each other well enough by now to share this with you. You don’t have to completely understand it, but we do hope you can at least get used to it after a while.”

I tried to read his expression. He was noticeably more relaxed but still a bit flustered. He paused to absorb what I’d told him before he spoke. “Okay, look, you’ve gone out on a limb and been really honest with me, and I’m flattered that you felt comfortable sharing this with me, so I think it’s only fair that I be just as honest with you. So here goes…”

Now he looked quite nervous himself, and I bit my lip, suddenly apprehensive that he was going to say something along the lines of, “I’m really sorry, but I just can’t handle this, so maybe we shouldn’t hang out anymore.” But nothing could’ve prepared me for what he actually said.

“God damn it, Michelle! It was hard enough being stuck in your friend zone already, but this…” He trailed off momentarily. “This just makes you ten times hotter!” He let out a load groan. “I mean, there’s something so primal about those gorgeous boobs of yours doing what they’re actually meant to do, and the fact that it’s not in the typical context of having a baby just adds to the sexiness somehow! On top of that, the fact that it’s so completely innocent and casual for you just makes it even sexier from where I’m standing!”

I gaped at him, amused and shocked at the same time, but before I had time to respond, the paramedics arrived. Monnie immediately detached herself from my breast and slid the bust of my top back into place just as they entered, and they wasted little time in tending to Monnie’s arm while Ronnie and I looked on. One of the emergency workers even gave Rick’s ankle a little extra attention and advised him on how best to take care of it. Meanwhile, the other two bent Monnie’s arm at the elbow and slowly rotated her forearm until what was apparently her second outburst of profanity that day signaled that her shoulder was back in its rightful place. Despite hissing through gritted teeth from the initial jolt of pain, she thanked them sincerely, visibly relieved that the worst of her injury was behind her.

After giving us some brief advice to ensure optimal recovery, the paramedics left almost as soon as they came. As soon as they were gone, I took two quick strides back to where my niece was seated. Catching her eye and raising my eyebrows in silent query just to have my suspicions confirmed just as wordlessly, I sat down in her lap and helped her peel my tank top aside again. “Thanks,” she said before promptly seizing my nipple between her lips once more.

“Anytime,” I said with a genuine smile as I let her resume her snack, purring as she started to suckle indulgently. I then turned back to a still slightly bewildered Rick.

Truth be told, I wasn’t exactly put off by his attraction to me. I already knew him to be a really sweet guy, and his reaction to what would’ve easily disgusted most other guys endeared him all the more to me. I didn’t even mind his clear arousal at what he had just seen, because I knew my physical sex appeal wasn’t the only thing he liked about me. Heck, he’d befriended me and my nieces years ago and still hung out with us regularly despite never getting anywhere sexually with me, and that counted for alot in my book. Even so, I gave him a firm look and said, “Do I even have to tell you what I’ll do to you if you say a word about this to anyone?” It was a semi-playful threat, but with a very earnest plea behind it, and I knew he’d understand.

“No, absolutely,” Rick replied with a warm smile. “I totally get it.”

Now that that was out of the way, I could have some fun with him. With a smirk, I added, “Good. ‘Cause if you’re a good boy, I might let you have a taste sometime.”

Ronnie gasped and then laughed out loud, while Rick groaned again and glared at me with darkened eyes for being such a tease. I think even the nurse let out a poorly stifled guffaw. I just chuckled, and on her part, Monnie was still too busy gulping down my breastmilk to really react at all, though what might have been a quick laugh did take the form of a brief and sudden exhalation that tickled my areola. I squeaked, and Rick bit his fist at the sound.

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