Nothing Like a Good Workout!

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Big Cock

It was late Thursday night – or rather early Friday morning. I was at the gym, working off the stress of this past shift. This was my favourite time at the gym, working on the machines while no one else was there, except of course for the volunteer night trainer. His name was Zachary, and he was generally a laid back, unobtrusive guy. He was good looking, with a nice body and a great bike, but he wasn’t a macho, muscle-head.

Anyway, that night, as I worked my body hard, lost in my own world, I didn’t notice as Zachary locked the door and put up the “back in an hour” sign. I gradually became aware that he was watching me in the mirror. I was working on my glutes, and I watched as he stared at my ass. ‘Wow,’ I thought, ‘wonder if he wants to really see something?’

So thinking, I got up and walked over to the mats, pretending I didn’t know he was watching. I spread my feet quite wide apart, bent over at the waist, and put my hands on the floor. I then “walked” them forward until I was able to do a sort of push-up, rocking back and forth. I knew, with my legs open like this, that my bodysuit wouldn’t be covering much, and he was getting an eyeful.

I did these hybrid push-ups for a couple of minutes, feeling myself getting excited at Zachary’s stare. Then, in the mirror, I watched as he walked up behind me. “Hey Shawn.” he said. “Looking good.” I paused with my arms straight, my back bent upwards. This position really pushed my tits together, and almost out of my bodysuit. gaziantep escort bayan He licked his lips. “Thanks Zachary.” I smiled. “I think I’m pushing a little hard though… I feel a cramp beginning in my thigh.” “I can take care of that for you, if you want. You have to be careful with cramps.” he said, smiling back. “Sure, thanks.”

He went to the office and came back carrying a bottle of almond oil. “This will help work it out.” he said. He kneeled beside me, put one hand between my shoulder blades, and pushed me gently into the floor. “Relax” he murmured. I soon felt his slick hands kneading my flesh, just above my knee. It felt wonderful! His strong hands were warm, and the oil made them glide over my skin.

I felt his callouses gently abrading my smooth thigh, and knew, right then and there, that I wanted those hands all over my body. I sighed deeply, and his hands continued to rub. Slowly, he moved them higher, closer to my ass. I knew he had plans too, which was okay with me!

When his thumbs slid under my bodysuit, I squirmed and moaned, letting him know I was enjoying this. He then stood up, pulling me up with him. “Just for a second, Shawn. Then I’ll finish your massage.” With a sudden movement, he tore my bodysuit off of me, leaving me naked. I was startled, but the look in Zachary’s eyes when he looked at my tits, then my hairless mons turned me on. He pulled me to him, and kissed my mouth hard, sucking my tongue into his mouth. He nipped at my lips, and his hands pulled at my nipples.

Then, just as suddenly, he pushed me back to the mat, on my stomach. He pushed my legs apart and knelt between them. “God, what an ass you’ve got Shawn! I’ve been watching you for weeks, planning this. I’m going to fuck you so hard, you won’t want to walk!”

He leaned back, and stood up. I watched in the mirror as he stripped off, and saw his thick cock pointing to the sky. He got back onto the floor, and pulled my hips toward him, so that my pussy was open and exposed to his gaze. He pushed my head back to the floor, and I watched him in the mirror again. With no warning, he buried his face in my cunt, sucking my clit hard into his mouth. “OH!” I screamed. I could feel his tongue licking my slit, then plunging deep inside me. Then he went back and bit my clitoris. His thumbs plunged inside me next, then slick with both my juices and the almond oil, they circled around my asshole.

Slowly, he inserted one thumb into my anus, swirling it around, licking my cunt all the while. Then he put his other thumb in me, stretching me wide. His tongue moved from my wet pussy to my asshole, and he licked all around it too.

Zachary leaned up then, and took his hard cock in one hand. He aimed it, then drilled straight into my pussy. He groaned a little, and said,”I’m gonna fuck you hard, baby, you’re gonna scream for me!”

I hadn’t been quiet so far, moaning and encouraging him with sexy words. He lunged into me a few times, balls slapping against my clit. Then he pulled out, rubbed the head of his now glistening cock against my asshole, and started to push into me there.

I whimpered at the pain, but he kept stuffing his cock into my ass. He finally pushed all the way in, and stopped. Grabbing my hips with hard hands, he said, “Alright now, baby, scream for me. My cock is gonna drill your ass, and I’m gonna let my cum spurt into you.”

So saying, he began moving, slowly at first, pulling out til just the head of his cock was in me, then pushing back in. He increased his tempo, groaning about how tight I was, and how my ass was squeezing his cock.

Soon he was hammering into my ass, our skin making slapping noises with each lunge. I watched his cock in the mirror, seeing it and feeling it at the same time. I loved it. I reached down and rubbed my clit, getting closer to orgasm with each pinch.

Zachary stiffened, wrapped his forearms around my lower abs, and pulled me even tighter against him. I felt him going even deeper into my ass now, and the force of his thrusts made my fingers work my clit harder. I screamed with my orgasm, felt Zachary stiffen and slam into me one last time. Then I felt his hot cum spurting deep in my ass. I squeezed my sphincter muscles gently, and felt him shudder.

We stayed like that, breathing heavily, for a few minutes. Then he pulled out of me, rolled me over, and kissed me softly. We didn’t say very much for a while, just cuddled for a bit.

I still go to that gym, and every once in a while… well, that’s another story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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