Nothing Beats a Mom’s Love

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How humiliating. Here I am, a once-successful thirty-something, happily married, or so I thought, two kids, great house, great life, blah, blah, blah. And now…I’m looking up at the façade of my old childhood home, watching the moving men carting in the few boxes I have, the remnants of that successful life that’s now wrecked to hell and back. Ye gods, does anything spell “loserville” like moving back home with your mommy???

I grabbed another box from the back of the car and carried it up to the house. Two of the movers, taking a short smoke break, don’t see me behind them and are talking about my mom. “Damn,” says one of them, blowing smoke out forcefully as if to punctuate his statement, “that is one hot momma, I kid you not. What’d she do, have him when she was 12 or somethin’?”

The other guy gave out a short, barking laugh. “Hell, she looks younger than him! I keep hopin’ that top of hers slides down…wanna think about suckin’ them nips of hers…” He groaned and did a quick double hip pump…then they turned and saw me. At least they had the grace to look embarrassed. I glared at them and said in my coldest voice, “How about putting the energy you’re wasting fantasizing about doing my mom into moving my stuff in?”

They glared at me…and behind me, the voice of their boss chimed in, “If ya two don’t need to get paid today, just let me know — I can send ya home to fantasize alllll ya want…without pay, of course.” If their faces could look any darker, they would — but they also knew that they’d been well and truly caught out and couldn’t even retaliate. They snuffed out their cigarettes and went back to work in a furious silence.

“Sorry about that…,” the boss began, but I waved it off; the situation was embarrassing enough without discussing it any further. “It’s ok,” I said. “It’s been taken care of.”

He could see I was embarrassed by the whole thing, so he just smiled and walked off. You’d think I’d be used to this by now…my mom, the hottie. But I wasn’t. Not even after all the years of hearing my friends tell me how lucky I was and how they’d love to “do” my mom. Not after watching my male teachers (and a few of my female ones) drool over my mom. Not after wondering, every time I went out in public with her, if it was going to be uneventful or if another of her many admirers was going to waylay us and try to paw all over her — in public, for God’s sake!

And what bothered me most about it was…I understood how they felt. I had the hots for my own mom. She always took fanatical care of her body, and she had the ripest curves — gorgeous big breasts, nice round ass, curvy hips, and a slender but not too thin waist. She also had a habit of walking around the house with next-to-nothing on, so my teen years were an agony of watching my mother’s alluring body in very see-thru peasant blouses, teeny tiny booty shorts, stretched-to-the-max tube tops, almost-not-there bikinis and tuzla eve gelen escort other articles of clothing I was convinced were nothing more than torture devices designed especially to drive me crazy. And with my mom’s penchant for doling out affection very liberally — she loved to just come up and hug and kiss me at any time, any place — I spent a lot of my adolescence in a haze of testosterone-fueled horniness.

And time had been very kind to my mother. She didn’t look like she had aged a day. She bounced out to the porch to meet me — and I do mean bounced — grabbing at the box as if to take it from my hands. “Hey, Mom!” I protested, trying not to drop the box and wondering what on earth had got into her — she was even more bubbly and excited than usual.

“Oh, come on, Craig!” she giggled. “Why don’t you let your mama help you out a bit?” I could hear some snickers as Dumb and Dumber got a kick out of the double entendre my mother had unwittingly made, and I turned even redder. “Mom, it’s ok,” I said as gently as I could and stepped around her to take the box to my old bedroom — mine once again. Oh successful me.

She followed me up, pouting slightly. “Craig, you don’t have to be so mean,” she whined slightly. She came up to me, wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing her body against me. “Give your mama an ‘I’m sorry’ kiss.”

Oh gods. It had been weeks, long, lonely weeks since I’d had anything remotely approaching sex. Melody had made sure that my last few weeks with her had been nothing but unadulterated misery. Not that sex with her had been nirvana, but something was always better than nothing. I’d gone through the driest spell I’d ever had since hitting puberty…and now my hotter-than-hot mom was pressing a body that desires were made of against me. I looked around wildly, but the movers were on lunch break and nowhere around. It was just my mother and me.

I groaned, “Mom…,” and she shifted slightly against me. It felt like wires of fire running from any part of me in contact with her to my groin. I knew I was getting hard, very hard. If I didn’t get away from her soon, I was going to let my mom know that I had a stiffy for her, to put it crudely. I tried to give her a peck on the cheek and run, but she was having none of it.

“Craig…!” she said warningly, then grabbed my head on either side of my face in her hands and gave me a kiss on the lips. Suddenly, it was as if a dam burst. I couldn’t hold it back anymore…years of repressing how I felt just slammed against the wall of my resistance and found huge gaps to pour through. The wall was history. I grabbed my mother — hell, I wasn’t thinking of her as my mother, just as a hot, sexy woman that I needed to get my cock into — and gave her a kiss that was definitely not in the “good son” handbook.

She struggled against me, causing me to hold on to her tighter, my one tuzla otele gelen escort hand sliding up to the back of her head, the other to capture her arm against her body. I broke off the kiss long enough to groan, “Is this the apology you wanted, Mom?”

“Craig…noooo…,” I dimly remember my mother moaning, and then my mouth descended down to capture hers again. I crushed her lips with mine, feeling her slight resistance fade as I pulled her body up to mine, sliding my one hand underneath the very flimsy loose camisole my mother wore for a top. Oh gods…her breasts were heavenly, the nipples already hard, the breasts heavy and oh so soft to the touch. I pulled her blouse off over her head and watched her breasts bounce free…oh the beautiful pink nipples, so hard already! I bent down to suck and lick them and my mother arched her back and moaned, “Oh god Craig — that feels so good!”

I unsnapped her jeans as I continued to suck first one nipple, then the other. Easing them down over her generous hips and ass, along with her panties, was just heavenly. She moaned and writhed as my hands slid along her naked skin, pushing her pants even further down. When they pooled around her ankles, she stepped out of them and stood in front of me in her naked, sensual glory. I could smell her arousal and suddenly all I could think of doing was getting my prick into her hot little snatch. I all but ripped my shirt off as my mother undid my jeans and slid them and my briefs down my legs, chiding me the entire time: “Craig, slow down!”

I was in a frenzy, and she was on her knees in front of me. I grabbed her hair in one hand and my cock in the other and growled, “Suck it. Suck your baby’s cock, Mama.” She looked up at me, grinned, and then opened her lips and practically inhaled my cock. She so deep-throated it, I didn’t even hardly need to fuck her face…but I did anyway, it felt so good.

But I didn’t want to come in her mouth, tempting though the idea was. I had fantasized all my life, since puberty, about what it would be like to have my dick in my mom’s pussy. Here was a perfect opportunity to find out. I had her get up and pulled her over to the bed. Pushing her down on it, I had her spread her legs open to reveal the most beautiful mound of Venus I’d ever seen — looking pearly-pink, moist and oh so damn fuckable. I had to taste it…it looked so delicious. I bent over her and licked her lips, hearing her gasp and feeling her jerk. I moved up to her clit, sticking out like a little mini-prick, sucking it until she was panting and begging me to stick it in her, shove it in hard, fuck her NOW!

I stood up, my cock sticking out straight from my body, and purred, “Mom, look at what your baby boy has for you.” She looked and then gasped, as if the size hadn’t quite registered with her before. “That’s right, Mom,” I continued, “this is all for you…you caused this, tuzla sınırsız escort you deserve to have what you earned.”

She moaned and whispered, “Oh no, son!” but stayed in place and even spread her legs apart a little more. Wow…my mom wanted me to fuck her! No matter what her words said, she was just aching to have me give her the ride of her life. And give it to her I would. I pushed her legs up to almost her shoulders and then knelt against the edge of the bed, angling my cock so it would slide into her dripping wet cunt…and slide it did. Oh god, oh hell, heaven was nothing compared to this! I lost all semblance of control, bucking into her like a mindless beast, pounding her pussy hard as could be. My mother screamed under me, “Oh god yeah, fuck me, Craig baby! Give your momma what she’s been wanting for so long! Give me what that bitch Melody didn’t deserve!”

That sent me over the edge, as did my mother’s tight pussy squeezing the hell out of my cock. I groaned, “Dammit, I’m cumming!!” and shot a huge load into my mother’s vagina, filling her womb up, I’m sure, with my seed. I hadn’t come that much in ages. A few more thrusts and my mom screamed, “Yes! Oh hell yessss, I’m cummin’!!” and I felt hot juices glide down and coat my dick. Oh god it felt so good!

I fell on top of her, breathing heavily, and we both just lay there, quietly absorbing what had just happened. Had I really just fucked my mother? Had she really begged for it, saying she’d wanted it for a long time? And how did I miss the fact she disliked Melody so much? Pretty soon, Mom stirred and said, “I think I best be planning to get us some lunch before the movers get back.”

I breathed, “Mom, wait.” She settled back down, and I somehow plucked up the courage to ask her the questions that were going through my mind. “How long have you wanted to fuck with me? And I never knew you disliked Melody. Is that why you’ve been so happy today? Because Melody’s out of my life?

“That ball-breaking bitch,” my mother growled out, which completely threw me. My mom? Saying such things? “I didn’t just ‘dislike’ her, I hated her,” she continued. “She not only got to fuck you, but she tortured you all those years — acting like you were never good enough for her or HER kids. You were worth twenty of her, hell, two hundred of her.” My mother stroked my hip and thigh, making me shiver and feel a little aroused again. “I knew you would be so good…I’ve wanted you for a very long time, but I’ve been fighting it because…well, it just seemed so wrong. But when I saw you in the driveway, coming up to the house, those tight jeans and shirt…I couldn’t resist teasing you.”

I buried my face in her shoulder. “I — I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time too, Mom,” I confessed. “And you were way better than any of my fantasies.”

She giggled, then gave a start as we both heard the crunch of gravel — the movers were coming back. We looked at each other, then quickly jumped up and pulled on our clothes. Mom, wearing a lot less, was quicker and went downstairs to fix herself and me some sandwiches. I finished pulling on my clothes and paused a minute before going down to eat lunch. If this is loserville, I thought with a sense of smug content, I think I’d like to run for mayor…!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32