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April Aniston

Last Saturday nite we were bored as hell, sitting on the couch having a couple drinks when AJ put in a new bi porn that we had just bought the day before. After watching a few scenes both of us were getting hot.

I looked at AJ and asked him “So…should I post an ad tonight?” AJ said “Hell yeah, let’s play with another dick” I quickly brought up Craigslist on the computer and posted an ad for another guy to join us. The ad was straight and to the point, we were hot and horny and wanted to play with his body together. We would host now.

It didn’t take long for us to receive several replys. All responses were older men, not our type, except one. His reply was perfect – he loves kissing guys, said he was a professional cock sucker and that he got off on the idea of pleasing a guy with his wife helping.

It was getting late, and although he didn’t send a face pic we were so hot we just decided to let it ride. We exchanged our naughty pics and all agreed that he would join us in an hour. We both quickly cleaned up in excitement. AJ put on his boxer briefs that show off his hard dick so well and I put on a hot see through teddy. We looked so fuckable we could bearly keep our hands to ourselves while we waited for him to arrive.

About 11:30pm we heard the knock at the front Rus Escort door. Knowing it was our boy toy for the night, we both went to the door together….as the it opened, we looked out and to our suprise we were greeting an old friend that we hadn’t seen in a few years, but knew all through high school and after.

We all looked at each other, not knowing what to say – it was our Craigslist nightmare. We invited him in to figure out how to keep this between us. As I was in the kitchen making drinks for all of us, AJ went to turn off the porn we still had playing on the TV. I heard Kyle tell AJ “You can keep that on – obviously we all know each others litte sexual secret.”

We sat in the living room, watching porn and having drinks while we talked about the fact that we all know the same people and agreed we would keep this nites events to ourselves.
We sat for about an hour when Kyle revealed that he had always had a secret crush on both of us. AJ and I looked at each other, Kyle was an attractive guy and was exactly what we like in a third – smaller build, clean shaven and loves to bottom and please guys. His cock pics were fucking hot. 7.5in thick cut. AJ nodded at me and I smiled.

I told both of them that I still wanted to play Sincan Escort and that if they were ok with with each other we should just have a group kiss to break the ice. Both Kyle and AJ agreed so I moved in to kiss Kyle. We kissed for a moment and then went toward AJ as he joined in for the hottest threeway kiss that we had ever had.

As we were all kissing, I put my hands on their laps and could feel their cocks getting hard underneath their clothes. As Kyle reached across me to play with AJ’s nipples, I didn’t want this to stop. The boys were making out, I made my way down to free their cocks. Both dicks were rock hard and I couldn’t wait to feel them inside my mouth rubbing against each other as I licked them up and down.

As I sucked their cocks together, Kyle asked me if he could come down and take over for me. He kissed AJ’s body and made his way down until he had my husbands dick in his mouth. AJ moaned. He loves to feel a mans mouth and he gets off watching him take it as they stare at each other. It’s so fucking hot to watch, I was getting wet, and all of the dirty talk we were doing wasn’t helping my pussy from aching.
After Kyle was done for the moment, it was AJ’s turn to stuff his mouth. Several minutes later, it was Sıhhiye Escort my turn as the boys both went down on me and took turns licking, touching and kissing my body. Kyle said to AJ as he grabbed him, “My ass is so wet and ready to get fucked.” AJ quickly turned Kyle onto his back and began rubbing the head of his dick on his juicy hole. I told AJ to fuck him really good but don’t dare make him cumm – we all wanted to play tonight.

I watched as he entered Kyle’s ass and leaned down and kissed his mouth hard like they were making love. He took it slow, enjoying every second and every inch of his tight ass. I watched my husband make gay love to our friend and I lost control. I asked AJ if I could take my turn and feel Kyles hard cock inside my pussy. He said “fuck yeah, I want you to enjoy his dick and tell me how good it feels and if I will enjoy it.”

I climbed on top and rode his dick fast and hard. I was so horny I thought I would explode all over him but knew I had to hold back for now. It was now his turn to feel a mans ass wrapped around his cock. AJ told me he was ready to feel Kyle inside him as he listened to his wife screaming with pleasure and telling him he was going to love it in his ass.
My husband sat right on his hard dick and looked at me as his eyes filled with pleasure. He told Kyle that his cock felt so good in his ass. I watched as AJ’s dick flung around in circles as he was bouncing on him. I wrapped my mouth around his cock, knowing that it wouldn’t be long until he exploded. Kyle was hitting his spot just right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32