Not So Gentle Way Ni Dan

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As I wrote in Part Sho Dan, I owned my own Judo dojo. It wasn’t lucrative by any means but it did have some benefits. Some benefits were more dangerous than others for sure.

Mona was such a benefit. 5’5″ late 30’s Mom. She had long dark hair, a very pretty face with big brown eyes, high cheek bones and fat red lips. Her sizable tits never lost their size after birthing her daughter and son. While she was a bit hippie, her proportions were well balanced.

About seven years ago, Mona took up Judo with her husband (my friend Mike) but as I always say, Judo is tough and not for everyone, so he quit. Monica loved it.

She tried very hard and listened to every word of instruction I provided. She was one of my star favourite students. I probably could have taken advantage of her long ago, but for my friendship with Mike.

This all changed during one practice however. Either Mona was looking particularly hot or I was really horny or both. I demonstrated a particular ground move to bypass a leg guard (my favourite against female partners).

“Okay, partner up and try it out!” I called out.

After everyone else paired up, Mona was left alone.

“Sensei, I have o partner.” She pouted.

So I volunteered myself. We went to a back corner and bowed to each other.

“Ready?” I asked as I sat facing her.

She knelt between my knees and tried to mimic my demo.

“I just don’t get it Sensei.” She again coyly pouted. “Would you do it to me?”

She sat on her ass and waited as I moved between her spread knees.

“Okay, first you need you make your Uke (parnter receiving the technique) totally defensive.You must take control so you can do as you wish.” I told her.

I grabbed Mona’s pants at the knees and suddenly pulled up and forced her to her back. Her legs were an open Vee towards me.

“See now it’s difficult for you to do anything offensive while I maintain control.” I told her.

“Now push one knee to the mat.” I pushed down her right knee, “While you lean forward with dikmen escort you body like this.” I put my right shoulder behind her left knee and pushed forward splitting her legs wide apart. My cock pressed against her spread ass.

I held it there. “See, it’s difficult for you to do anything now, right?” I asked her. “I can take my time now.”

Mona only nodded in response. Her hips seemed to rub me up and down.

“Now to bypass the legs…” I slide my left shin over her upper inner right thigh and placed my knee to the floor. Normally I don’t place myself so high up the leg, but… As a result my crotch was now right on top of where her cunt would be.

I stayed there to explain the next moves. Meanwhile I started rocking back and forth slightly mimicking her move. Per my norm, I was commando under my Judo pants. My cock naturally grew stiff against her. It felt the heat emanating through the thick cotton material separating us.

“So now cross your other leg behind like this and step over.” I said reluctantly. “Then let the other leg slip off your shoulder.”

“Let the other leg go and move into a side hold.”

I placed my left arm under her neck and grabbed the crotch of her pants and pushed it towards the mat. I love this move. The pant seam would run right between her lips.

Mona’s right arm was trapped under my body but between my legs. My obvious stiff pressed into her open palm. She grabbed and stroked it slightly.

“Okay, you do it now.” I said as I released her.

Mona copied my moves but stopped as she slid her shin over my thigh. She paused. “Wait… what am I suppose to do next…” Pretending she forgot.

“Wait I think I know! First, I think you did this!” Mona forcefully rubbed her pussy into me. She grabbed my hard dick and looked at me. “What am I suppose to do with this leg? How do I control it?”

“Oh yeah!” She stepped over and moved to my side. She laid on top of me with her full bosom in my face. “Is this okay?”

“Almost perfect.” emek escort I told her. “You need to handle that loose leg a bit better.”

She set up again. Mona split my legs hard. This time her free hand undid my pants and slipped inside. “Is this better?” She asked as she jerked me off. I certainly was losing control.

She stepped over to my side. This time her head was lower. She managed to expose my cock a bit and gave me a few quick sucks then covered me up again before anyone noticed.

“Yes Mona.” I told her. “That was much better.”

I looked around the mat. Everyone was involved with their practice and didn’t notice what Mona and I were doing (or so I thought).

“Okay everyone! Newaza randori!” I called out. This is free practice ground work. Both sides try their best to control their partner. “Hajime (Start)!”

Immediately, everyone began their grappling with their partner. I barely managed to turn my attention back to Mona before she jumped me from behind.

We were spooned, my back to her front. She wrapped her legs around my waist. Her left forearm was against my chin but unable to execute a naked choke. Reflexes made me tuck my head.

Mona reached around and under my top and pinched my nipple.

“Mona you little bitch!” I thought to myself.

I rotated my body left while I pushed her right leg. I easily freed my right leg. We were now face to face but she had wrapped both her legs around my left.

Mona rolled me onto my back. Her crotch pressed into the front of my upper thigh. She used her right hand and grabbed my right lapel for leverage as she started humping against my leg. Her hip was grinding into my cock and balls.

I reached inside her jacket and started grabbing her tits. Mona wasn’t wearing a bra. I pinched her nipple.

“Ow!” Mona whispered in mock pain. She used her free hand to grab my shaft under my pants and start to jerk me off.

I couldn’t let her make me cum, at least like this. I grabbed her belt and pulled to roll her onto eryaman escort her back. One of her arms was trapped under my body. I used my right to entangle her other. With one hand available, I was free to pull up her t-shirt and I started sucking on her exposed breast. I undid her pants and slipped my hand inside. She too had worn no underwear. I found her trimmed bush was no protection against my attacking fingers.

Mona entrance was already wet. Her clit felt fully engorged. My digits easily entered her well lubricated cock hole.

Mona moaning and grunting sounded like normal exertion noises.

She started humping against my hand. Her pants had slipped below her bum. Since her feet were away from everyone, no one would see.

“Sensei!” Mona moaned in my ear. “I need you to fuck me. Please put your cock in me now!”

I moved myself parallel to her. I pushed the front of my pants down, freeing my throbbing cock and thrusting it into Mona’s hot box. It slid in easily.

Mona wrapped her legs around my waist. It looked like a typical guard position. Her heels dug into my buttocks with each thrust of my hips.

I reach under her jacket and attacked one of her tits, pulling and pinching her nipple hard as I sucked and bit the other through her tee leaving a huge saliva spot.

“Oh fuck yes Sensei!” She moaned into my ear. “Fuck! Oh fuck!”

I could tell she was almost there. Her thighs squeezed me tightly. Her hands held my head into her bosom hard. Her fingers pulled at my hair.

Mona passed any point of return.

“Gawd! Yes!” She moaned more. “Sensei! I need your cum!”

I could feel her cunt start to pump the cum out of my balls. I could hold out no longer and blew my load into her.

“Agh! Yes! Agh! Yes!” with each bullet I fired.

Finally just shooting blanks, I slipped out of Mona and fixed my pants as she did hers. I noticed a huge wet spot form in the crotch of her pants.

I looked around. No one had noticed Mona and my indiscretion except for Donna. She stared right at me knowingly.

“Sore made! Change!” I called

Mona bowed out and moved weak kneed to her next partner. Donna made a bee line straight to me.

“I hope you have sometime left for me!” It was more of a statement rather than a question.

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