Not My Fault

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Look, it wasn’t my fault.

I was over at my sister Sally’s house; she was having a party that night, and I, as usual, was there early to help her with her outfit. I know that makes me sound kind of girly, but whatever, it just shows that she values my opinions! Anyways, I had come over straight from the gym (I’m not what you’d call bulky, but I do keep in shape), and I needed to grab a shower and get changed. Sally always lets me use her shower; she knows I get self-conscious using the public showers at the gym with all those big sweaty men.

Anyways, I had just finished my shower (Sally had a lavender body wash that smelled great) when it happened. And look, it really wasn’t my fault.

So Sally’s always been a bit of a slob. I love her to pieces, but she’s always got stuff lying around in her room. Clothes, magazines, deodorant, and that day – a candle. Now I don’t know what the odds were, but as I was walking back over to my clothes, I stepped on a pair of teal panties (satin of course), slipped and when I landed…

Well lets just say my tight little tush was no longer a virgin.

I squealed in surprise and pain. Sally started hustling up the stairs, asking if I was okay. Still completely stunned I didn’t respond until I realized she was about to open the door! Panicked, I breathlessly shouted that everything was alright, though of course I wasn’t sounding very convincing. As she asked if I was sure I scrambled for something, anything to cover up.

Now you might have gotten the wrong idea since I use her shower and everything, but we’ve got plenty of boundaries there’s nothing… icky between us. Well, nothing icky until what she saw when she opened the door. Me on all fours crawling towards that pair of treacherous panties, with a candle sticking out of my ass.

“Ohmygod Paul? What the hell are you doing!”

I didn’t say anything.

“You’re not even going to tell me it’s not what it looks like?”

“Wait, what do you think happened?!” I squeaked indignantly.

“Well I heard you cry out, I just thought you were hurt instead of… well…”

“I am hurt, I’ve got a candle in my ass!”

She burst out laughing. “Ok, Paul, whatever you say, I’ll leave you to… get dressed.”

“Thank you,” I said with a sniff.

But as soon as she left I realized I was in trouble. I reached down to the candle, but as soon as I so much as brushed against it, it rubbed against something fantastic. I let out a moan before I knew what had happened, and snatched my hand back. What the hell? I gingerly put my hand back, but with the angle I kept having those weird spasms. I gritted my teeth against the sensations as best I could, but I kept clenching around the candle, making it really hard to get out!


“Yes, Paul?”

“I uh, I need your help.”

She came right back in, grinning like the cat who caught the canary.

“Just so you know, that drawer over there has some better options. For next time.”

“Sally! That’s so gross. That’s not what this is!”

“Whatever you say, Paula.”

I rolled my eyes. “Can you just pull this thing out?”

She snickered again, most unattractively I thought, and told me to get on all fours so on her bed so she could get a good angle. After a totally inappropriate (and kind of distracting) pat on the butt she grabbed hold of the candle and started to slowly twist it, trying to slide it free.

Once again that strange sensation rocked through me. I managed – barely – to keep from moaning, or, god forbid, wriggling. But I could feel myself blushing a brilliant red on my ears and the back of my neck.

“Hey, you’ve got to unclench, I can’t pull it out like this.”

“I’m trying, just tug!”

With a shrug she wrapped her hand around it and yanked as hard as she could. There was a dull snap as I finally felt my anus close back up. I felt relieved, though still oddly full.

“Uh Paul, I think I’ve got some bad news.”

I looked back over my shoulder to see maybe half of the candle in her hand.

“Seems like you really want it up there.” she said with a smirk

“What are you saying, of course I don’t!”

“Well, it’s pretty stuck anyways”

“I guess I’ll have to, you know, pass it.”

“Are you kidding? Now that it’s broken off in there you could get really hurt if its at a weird angle!”

“Well what are you suggesting?”

“You need to go to the ER.”

“Hell no! I’m not gonna let someone see me like this!”

“What? You were ok with me helping.”

“Yeah but that’s different, they’re gonna think I’m gay or something!”

She snorted, “What? why would they think that.”

“I’m serious! I’m not gonna go to the hospital and sit in some waiting room with this thing up my ass!”

“God, you’re so ridiculous. Fine, what if you didn’t have to go the hospital, what if it came to you?”

“What Maltepe escort bayan do you mean?”

“You know my friend Brett?”

“Not really.”

“Well he’s this really cute intern at St. Martha’s I’ve been trying to date, and he owes me one. I’ll ask him to come over and help you out with that. According to him people are always getting things stuck up their butts, he’s probably done this a million times.”

“But he’s gonna think I did this on purpose, he’ll think I’m gay!”

“Is that the most important thing to you! This could be really serious! I’m calling him. Don’t worry I’ll just say you’re a friend.”

I didn’t have a good response so I just sat there while she called him up, trying to shift my weight so that nothing pressed on my intrusive new friend.

“You know. Seeing you pouting like that gives me an idea.”

“I’m not pouting!” I said, stamping my foot in a way that added no credibility.

“You’re worried he’ll think you’re gay, what if he thought you were a girl?”


“I’m serious. We dress you up; with your build, we can make sure he never guesses.”

“What’re you trying to say!”

“Oh come off it, you’re not going to honestly tell me you think you’re too manly to pass?”

I didn’t know what she was talking about. I mean, look, like I said I’m not exactly bulky, and I might not have had much body hair, but it wasn’t like I was some sissy. I mean I went to the gym!

“Nothing to say? Just gonna’ pout? I’ll tell you what. You put on those panties and look at yourself in a mirror from behind. If you still don’t think this can work. I won’t say anything else.”

I didn’t want to say that I agreed, so I just stalked over to those damn panties that started it all, bent over with a grunt of what was definitely pain, no matter what it sounded like, and pulled them up.

Now look, no matter what you might be thinking, I’m no poof. Of course I’d never worn panties before. So I wasn’t really expecting anything, but they felt weirdly good. The smooth satin sliding up my legs left them tingling, and the lace trim tickled at my thighs, making me squirm.

They were much smaller than my own shorts; no matter what Sally was always saying, we were not the same size, and I was feeling very compressed. My package was bulging at the front, but my poor rear was also feeling quite squeezed. My cheeks were definitely being spread apart by a most unfortunate wedgie, but honestly, the satin felt very… stimulating sliding against my pucker.

While I was still processing all of this, Sally came rushing up behind me and clasped her hands over my eyes. “Okay no peeking,” she said teasingly, pressing right up against me and marched me back into her bathroom.

“Sally, stop it,” I whined, squirming to try to escape the pressure on my poor tush.

“Wow, you are such a little skank!” She said, “If you could only see yourself you would have the biggest stiffie!” With that last word she ground her crotch into my backside eliciting a much more ambiguous yelp than I would’ve wished.

“Ok, now cock your hip out, a little more, really get your butt up there, turn your shoulders a bit more this way to hide your chest, and there!”

She pulled her hands back from my eyes with a flourish. I was floored. I mean I was right there, looking at my face there was no doubt it was me, but my slender waist, ending in those lacy panties was… really hot, I thought with a smolder. The too tight panties were pulling at my butt, giving it just a little more lift, creasing down into my cleft, and it was just enough to leave me staring, my eyes drifted away down to –

“A bit too hairy.”

I started, looking back at my sister.


“Your legs, they’re a bit hairy”

“Oh umm, I guess.”

She eyed my legs speculatively, until she looked a bit higher and grinned, “Well, I suppose I don’t need to say anything more to persuade you about my plan. Either you think you look quite good en femme, or you’re just enjoying my undies.”

My eyes shot down to my crotch where a mortifying bulge was indeed forming. I shrieked and grabbed a fluffy pink towel to throw over myself.

“Haha oh that’s rich!. You’re even wrapping it round yourself like a girl!”

I yanked the towel down from my chest with a scowl, “Look I’m kind of having an off day. Now what were you saying about my legs?”

“We’ll need to shave them.”

“No way!”

“You want Brett to see that you’re a boy then?”

“No, but, uh, some girls don’t shave their legs” I said, grasping at straws.

“Not girls that look like you do in those panties.”

I blushed and looked away, “Well won’t I be wearing pants anyways, why would he even see my legs?”

Instead of saying anything she snaked her hand out pressing up against Escort Maltepe my poor butt, grinding my temporary resident until I was stretched out on tiptoes squealing, trying to get away! And then she slapped my ass – hard!

I squealed again in what I was determined to call pain

“What the hell did you do that for?!”

“I figured you might not want to have anything pressing on your bum given the whole reason we’re doing this, but you clearly needed a reminder.”

“I’m not just gonna stand around in knickers like this.” I said, rubbing my butt before stopping with a guilty shudder.

“I agree, we’ll have to put you in a skirt.”

I opened my mouth to disagree, but then gave up. What was the use, she was probably right anyways.

She grabbed a flouncy little number, white with pink trim, that didn’t quite reach the knee and tossed it over to me. I eyed the length of it with a raised eyebrow, and she just exploded!

“Look I’ve been very accommodating, but you are just unbelievable! You’re forcing me to do all this work for you just to protect your fragile ego. I should just fling you out of the house right now and make you walk to the ER!”

“Ok,” I mumbled.

“Ok what?”

I wasn’t sure what she wanted me to say, so I just stared at her feet, trying to look contrite.

“Say: Thank you so much for helping me soothe my fragile ego. I am so lucky to have a big sister like you who would go to all this trouble so that I don’t have to show some stranger my bum-toy.”

“It’s not a bum-toy it’s -“


My eyes welled up with tears as I tried to rub the sting out of my cheek

“Say thank you, or I’ll put you out on the street in your pretty panties!”

“Thank you sally for helping me soothe my ego, my uh fragile ego. I’m so lucky to have a big sister like you who’d go to all this trouble so I don’t have to show some man my, my bum-toy.” It all came pouring out of me in a rush.

“But remember, you will have to show a man, you’ve got to show Brett. I’m just making sure it isn’t some stranger.”

“But I don’t know Brett.”

“Don’t worry he’s a great guy, funny, cute, the whole package.”

“That’s not really what I’m worried about.”

“Trust me, I’m sure he’ll be all eyes on me,” she said, her own eyes twinkling.

“Ok, now that we’ve got things sorted out, and we won’t have any more back talk, she said, giving me a faux-stern glare, “Lets make sure we’ve got your outfit. Then we can figure out where we need to get creative. In the mean time though you need to change one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Your voice, don’t talk all falsetto, but just pitch it a bit higher. You’ve been mostly doing that since that candle put you in touch with your feminine side, but make sure you don’t start talking all macho. You should smile more too; girls are always smiling. And just to help, each time you slip up you’ll get a pinch. Like this,” she said grabbing for my nipples and giving them a nasty twist.

“Owww!” I cried, feeling my little pointers throb and begin to swell up. “I thought you meant on my butt.”

“Why? Feeling hopeful? No, if you’re going to pass as a girl you’ve got to get more aware of your boobs, so we should probably start by giving you some. Now I know this will break your little heart, but we don’t really have the time or materials here to really do them justice. For now just put on this bra and I’ll stuff it with some stockings. Actually… hmm. One more quick thing to make sure you remember you’ve got boobs since stockings don’t have the weight to really give you the feel.”

She reached over to her makeup and grabbed a bottle with a clear liquid in it. “This is normally for plumping your lips, but it should do something interesting here,” she said, dabbing at my reddened nipples with the brush. It stung but not in a bad way. I’d never really thought about my nipples before, but with all the attention she was paying to them, it felt like there was some kind of current running between my nipples and my willy. The awful part though, was that every time my willy twitched I could feel a tug in my ass. I had to get that thing out of me fast.

“I don’t think it actually plumps things up much,” she continued, “but you’ve gotta love that tingle. Ok, now that that’s done, in you get,” she said, passing me a really sexy bra. Obviously I mean that it would have been really sexy on a girl, but even on me the turquoise against my pale skin and the lace-work across the cups was really gorgeous.

She had said she was going to stuff the bra, but she instead very carefully layered in a small mound of silk stockings, their smooth surface tugging at my over-sensitive poppers, making sure that I was staying as erect as possible, clenching and un-clenching against Mr. Candle until I realized what I was doing with a blush.

“Okay, Maltepe Rus Escort now we’ve got your underwear taken care of. We don’t want to tuck you back, because he’ll be seeing the back of your little panties, not the front. So let’s get you a bit more dressed. We don’t want to get too saucy with the cleavage, since that won’t really hold up if he gives you a look, so something tight, but not too low cut will be good and make sure he’s not thinking of you as a boy.”

She picked out a light green top with just the hint of sleeves and some kids character across the chest. As I wriggled into it I was quite surprised by how much even my modest breasts changed the curve of the shirt. I twisted around taking a look at how it fit on me, but sadly, “It’s too short,” I said with a frown.

“What are you talking about? It’s perfect!.”

“It barely covers anything below my tits!”

“Worried about showing off your tits already? I guess you really are feeling them.”

I blinked, caught off guard by that reply.

“It’s a belly shirt, silly,” she went on, “you’re supposed to show some skin with it. You’re just worried cause you’re still in your panties.”

I blushed despite myself. I don’t know why, but now that I was in a bra and what was clearly a girl’s top, I felt more embarrassed by my – by her underwear.

“Alright, let’s get your legs sorted so you can get your skirt on. We’ve not got time to get them waxed-”


“- and I’ve got to still deal with your hair and makeup. Have you ever shaved a leg?”

“No, why would I have?”

“Well then you’ll probably make a mess of it if I just leave you to do it. Tell you what, I’ll get started on your hair, you just rub on some of this Nair, she rattled off, handing me a pink bottle lying on the floor.

“It’ll be a lot easier than shaving, no nicks!”

“Will my hair grow back? “

“Yeah sure in a bit.”


I got to work rubbing down my legs, trying hard not to think about how amazing my panties would feel on smooth legs. I wasn’t really thinking about what Sally was doing to my hair. I just did what she said.

“Ok Paula, keep your head still for a moment.”

“Paula, why don’t you put some of that on your armpits, I mean since you’re doing your legs already.”

“Ok, tilt your head to the side, Paula.”

“Ok, Paula, close your eyes again. I’ve got to do your makeup and I want you to be surprised!”

I did what she told me and tried to keep still as she tickled her way across my face. After what seemed like forever she told me to open my eyes, and I Was Gorgeous. I had this adorable little pixie cut – and my makeup! I didn’t know enough to see exactly what she’d done, but it made my whole face pop!

Tears welled up in my eyes as I gushed, “Thank you!.”

“It’s okay Paula, just stand there, take a look at yourself. I’ll get the Nair off you.”

She grabbed a damp washcloth and started gently rubbing all of my hair off of my legs and armpits. I watched mesmerized as what seemed like the last bits of masculinity were dabbed off. Until I was reminded with a deep tug in my ass of that other piece of masculinity poking out the front of my panties.

I was expecting her to be grossed out, but Sally just said, “I know, it doesn’t work with the look, but since you’ll be showing nothing but your butt, it’s really better not to tuck it where it would be seen. Next time we can though.”

“Next time?”

“Look at yourself girl, are you really telling me there won’t be a next time?”

I sat there for a moment, floored my the question, but then I was literally saved by the bell.

“Brett’s here! Oh crap he’s early. Throw on your skirt, and umm, put on this jacket, get the hood up, it’ll hide where your hair’s not perfect, no time to worry about shoes, just grab any socks you see, they don’t have to match.” She said all this as she was racing down the stairs leaving me petrified and sitting on her bed.

“Brett! Hiii!”

Oh my god he was really here

“Hey Sally, how’s it going.”

There’s no way this is going to work

“Oh it’s going great Brett, so good to see you.”

I couldn’t call it off, Sally was downstairs already! Maybe I could hide?

“Yeah it’s great, now look you said your friend was in trouble? I’m grabbing this time between shifts, so I should really hurry up.”

At least these ankle socks are cute.

“Oh sure, Paula’s upstairs.”

I looked around trying to find a place to hide, but no, I had to do this, this was the best choice. It took everything I had, but I just stood there, smiling til my cheeks hurt, as I listened to him walking up the stairs. The door opened, and my heart started pounding as this tall, tanned guy in scrubs that fit him way tighter than I had expected gave a gleaming smile and walked over to me.

“Hi, you must be Paula”

“Umm yeah, I guess.. you must be Brett!”

As we shook hands, his warm strong hand seeming like it could just swallow mine up, my ass twitched sending a tingle all throughout my body, lingering in my plumped nipples.

But remember – This was NOT my fault.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32