Not Just the Usual Ride Home Ch. 01

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It was nothing new, I always stopped by the convenience store on my way home from work, especially on long days like this one. At 45 years old, with a BA in Business, it was the only job I could find since the Central NY economy had completely tanked. I had lost my cozy bank job nearly 18 months ago. Getting dirty was a small trade off for the mostly large paychecks, and the kind of physical shape that most guys my age spend hours a day at a gym to get into.

I hadn’t been with the company for more than a couple of weeks when I decided to shave my head (I’d grown tired of playing hide the bald spot) and started growing a goatee. And since the new look, I had been getting noticed by more than a few women that regularly walked passed the job site. I loved women, but recently I had been coming to terms with my cock curiosity. I had begun to notice other men, especially my younger friend and convenience store clerk, Bob

Life was finally starting to look up for me again. As I said, stopping by the convenience store, after long days had become an almost daily ritual. I’d stop, grab a six pack of beer or two, have a little chat with my friend, and former local football hero (Bob Denardo)that had since become the primary night clerk, then head home to my apartment alone, to drink and usually stroke off.

Bob had blown his chances at a college scholarship after getting tackled by half the opposing team while completing a game winning pass, blowing out his knee, while costing him his scholarship. And with no scholarship, he had been forced to take any job he could find, which was how a guy like Bob ended up working in a small town convenience store. Even after recovering from his busted up knee, Bob had managed to stay in incredible shape. At 6’1″, he weighed around 220 lbs, had dark brown hair, ice blue eyes, tree trunk legs, and well muscled arms that rivaled my own.

Women, young and old alike, were yenibosna escort almost always hanging around the store until late in the evening in the hopes that he might talk with them. So I was more than a little surprised when he started to make random compliments in my direction. At first, I was flattered and didn’t think anything of it, figuring it was just him being nice, that was until tonight when Bob followed me into the beer cooler.

I typically went into the walk in cooler, because the beer in there was always colder than what was available in the open aisle cooler. Tonight Bob seemed more than happy to see me. As I walked towards the back, he followed close behind. Hi Jay, can I help you get anything? Nope, just grabbing my usual sixers of Beck’s Dark, but thanks for offering, Bob, I replied with a smile. Have you been working out, Jay, your arms look ripped? No, it’s working concrete that’s got me back in shape, Bobbie, but thank you for noticing, I said with a chuckle.

As I turned I caught Bob literally staring at my ass, and I don’t know why, but for the first time I felt more than a bit interested. And as I made my way out of the cooler, my hands full, I swear he copped a feel of both my ass and my bicep. I stopped, frozen in my tracks, smiling as I turned to see him grinning.

I was surprised to admit that I was undeniably attracted to this young stud. So, do you like what you’re feeling there, Bobbie? Sorry Jay, I couldn’t help myself, I just can’t believe how big your biceps have gotten. Yeah, I was kind of impressed myself. And as if saying this had emboldened him, I suddenly felt his hand on my now hardening cock. I like this even better though, Jay. Look, I get off in 30 minutes, wanna come by and give me a ride home? Sure, but won’t your folks wonder why you’re coming home with me? Oh, they would if they were home, but yeşilköy escort they’re vacationing in Florida for the next two weeks, so the house is empty. Are you sure about this Bob? As sure as your hard cock, he replied with a wink. I suddenly felt flushed knowing I’d return without question.

As I drove home I couldn’t help but wonder if it had been real, but my almost uncomfortably hard cock was evidence. I quickly showered, shaved and doused myself with Polo cologne, while almost inhaling 2 or 3 beers. And as I returned at the appropriate time, I made sure to park behind the store near some snow covered trees.

No sooner had I parked my truck then Bob jumped in the passenger side. Just seeing him got me hard again, and as though he was shaking my hand, his hand was suddenly massaging the growing bulge in my jeans. I’m glad you decided to come give me a lift, Jay. It’s nice to know how obedient you can be. I just smiled and said, I didn’t have a choice, Bobbie, my cock practically drove the truck here itself.

In truth, I really just wanted to get him alone, so I started up my old truck heading down the back roads to his house. I had been going commando most of my life. As I drove along, Bob learned this first hand, very quickly as he unzipped my fly and my throbbing member popped out. His hand felt warm and soft against my hard shaft. As I parked my truck in his driveway, he leaned over and planted a surprising warm kiss on my thick lips.

He seemed to take charge immediately, but my curiosity got the best of me and I reached between his strong legs to find what can only be described as a horse cock. This thing had to be at least 9 or 10 inches long and almost as thick as my wrist. As I felt it through his pants running down the left leg of his loose fitting cargo pants, he let out a moan, pulling slightly back and said, Would you like zeytinburnu escort to see it? I could only shake my head yes.

As he opened up his pants for me it seemed like a belated Christmas present. And as he pulled his big, beautiful cock out, he appeared quite proud of himself, and understandably so. Go ahead and touch it if you want to Jay. Without answering my rough right hand reached over gently touching, then stroking it, as Bobbie leaned back into the bench seat.

In high school, I too had played football, so I’d seen cocks of all shapes and sizes in the locker room, but this uncut beauty was a slightly curved work of art. As my hand stroked the big silky soft shaft, the almost angry purple head popped into view covered with precum, which I couldn’t resist leaning forward and tasting. It was at that moment that my young friend returned to his aggressive demeanor, as he began to command me. That’s right, lick it all up, You know you love the taste, don’t stop stroking it, pump my shaft, that’s right, lick it all up, now take it into your sweet mouth, Stud.

I willingly obeyed Bobbie, taking as much of him into my hungry mouth as I could fit, swirling my tongue over the head as I continued to stroke his hot, throbbing shaft. I massaged his balls with my free hand, and as I felt his strong hands begin to forcefully push my bald head downward, I felt his balls tighten and the first thick, creamy jet of cum splash into my throat. At this point I had somehow managed to get almost half of him passed my cherry chapstick soft, full lips, and his forceful hands hand somehow managed to get most of the head into my throat. In my sexually heightened state, I felt next to no gag reflex, an obvious sign that I had truly wanted this even more than I had realized.

His creamy cum filled me overflowing, and as his last spasm escaped him, he pulled me up to kiss and lick what little had escaped me, locking us into a deep, passionate cum kiss. As previously ordered, my hand continued stroking his still very hard horse cock. We hadn’t even left my truck yet. Bobbie pulled back just slightly whispering, Don’t worry Baby, there’s a lot more left where that came from, and you will take every last drop for me, won’t you? Yes, Bobbie, you know I will.

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