Not IN Love Ch. 04

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Big Tits


This is a fictitious story. All characters are fictitious and any resemblance to real people is coincidence. Do not take any information in this story as health advice.


One morning Lucy woke with Joe sucking her vulva. Again she felt the urge to pee but also felt an orgasm coming on. Joe frantically licked from her vaginal opening to the top of her clitoris. He was licking as fast as he could and Lucy just let herself go. Her orgasm was a massive release of tension and liquid. Joe sucked it all down and kept sucking until Lucy relaxed again.

Joe then released his remora like suction on her vulva and his grip on her legs. He looked up from between them with a gigantic smile on his face. Lucy looked down, giggled and said, “Did you enjoy that?”

“Did you?” asked Joe looking a bit concerned. He was worried that he had hurt her.

“Absolutely,” answered Lucy, “My morning pleasure delivered as promised.”

“I aim to please,” replied Joe with a smile.

“Well you certainly did that,” replied Lucy, “That is still the most intense oral orgasm and I’m going to get that every morning. I’m the luckiest woman in the world.”

“I’ll do that for you every morning we wake up together,” stated Joe.

“Cuddle,” said Lucy as she stretched her arms out towards Joe.

Joe slid up Lucy’s beautiful body and laid on his side next to her. They cuddled for a while and then Lucy said, “Wait here.”

Lucy went into Joe’s en suite, removed the enema kit from her vanity bag and used it to clean herself out. She then returned to bed and said, “I’ve been practising.”

“Again?” asked Joe, “You’ve been doing a lot of that.

“What I don’t understand is that you’ve been practising and been on the pill for a long time and yet we’ve only recently started dating. Is this all part of a devious plan?”

“Yes of course. I decided a long time ago that I’d let you be my boyfriend and that I’d let you take my virginity,” answered Lucy.

“Oh did you?” asked Joe, “and I have no say in the matter?”

“Well you’d be an idiot to turn down the opportunity with a gorgeous body like this wouldn’t you?” asked Lucy.

“There’s more to a sexual attraction than just beauty,” responded Joe, “There’s intelligence, personality, humour, compatibility, …”

“You’ve already told me that I’m all those,” interrupted Lucy. She smiled, posed her body and said, “Face it Joe, you’re onto a good thing here.”

Joe shook his head and said, “I see that I’m going to loose this discussion if I continue but I do feel a little bit manipulated.”

Lucy caressed the side of his face and said, “You’ll get used to that. Now do you want some of this hot arse or not?” She touched her buttocks with her finger and made a sizzle sound.

“I don’t think that I have a choice, do I?” asked Joe.

“I’m not going to rape you,” answered Lucy. She then put her finger on her chin and looked thoughtful as she said, “Although?” They both laughed.

“Here I come,” said Joe and grabbed Lucy by the waist. He effortlessly picked her up and gave her a big hug.

Lucy almost passed out in his arms. She was like a rag doll. Somehow he could fill her with ecstasy when he hugged her. It seemed physically impossible but Joe could somehow hug away her worries and almost make her come just with his cuddle. However, she had other things on her mind.

Lucy pushed Joe back onto the bed. She straddled Joe’s legs and then opened a bottle of lubricant that she was hiding in her hand. She squeezed Kurtköy Escort out some onto her other hand, looked down at Joe’s hardening penis and squeezed out a whole handful of lubricant.

Lucy rubbed it over his semi hard penis and Joe shivered. “Is that a bit cold?” she asked with a smirk. Joe nodded.

“Let me warm it up for you then,” she said seductively and then rubbed his penis and balls as fast as she could.

Joe was a bit shocked. This was not sexy at all.

Lucy then explained, “I want this to get hard as quickly as possible,” as she kept rubbing.

Joe’s penis reluctantly responded and to his surprise it became very hard, very quickly especially when Lucy squeezed his balls. Something that Lucy noticed.

“Good,” said Lucy, “Now for the next part.”

Lucy slid up Joe’s body onto his chest. She grabbed Joe’s penis and rubbed it against her puckered, anus. Joe said, “A bit off target there.”

“No, not at all,” replied Lucy, “I asked if you wanted some of this hot arse and that’s what I’m going to give you.”

Joe said, “Don’t hurt yourself,” with a concerned look.

“I said I’ve been practising didn’t I?” replied Lucy, “Don’t worry, it’ll fit.”

Lucy then pushed the tip of Joe’s penis into her anus and she relaxed herself. Joe was amazed at how quickly her sphincter dilated and let his glans into her rectum. “You have been practising,” he said as he raised his eyebrows.

“Ssh,” said Lucy as she touched his lips, “I need to concentrate. Just enjoy.”

Lucy closed her eyes and concentrated on getting Joe’s shaft further into her rectum. He lifted his hands and gently brushed the underside of her breasts. Lucy opened her eyes, looked at Joe and brushed away his hands as she said, “Don’t distract me,” she then continued to ease Joe’s penis into her rectum. When she felt that it was too big or too tight, she eased it out until the corona of Joe’s glans was caught by her sphincter. She then slowly impaled herself again onto his shaft. Each time she found that his penis would slide more easily into her rectum.

At one stage, Joe felt his glans push against some resistance. It was probably the entrance to her Sigmoid colon. Lucy frowned in concentration while she twisted her pelvis into different positions and when there was little resistance Joe’s penis penetrated further into her bowels. Lucy smiled.

Eventually Lucy could feel her pubis grinding on Joe’s. She opened her eyes and looked down. She could see a bump in her abdomen just below her ribs. It must have been the tip of Joe’s penis. She raised and lowered herself and was mesmerised by the bump going up and down. Joe also noticed the hump moving and it turned him on immensely.

Lucy was very pleased with her efforts so she tilted her hips forward to rub her clitoris on Joe’s pubis as a reward. She looked into Joe’s eyes, smiled and started to rub herself to orgasm. Joe watched this goddess satisfying herself on him relishing in the feeling of his penis completely engulfed by her beautiful body.

Lucy took her time. She wanted this to last. She very slowly teased herself as she slowly ground away. The feeling of her rectum being completely full and the thought of Joe’s penis being way up inside of her made her mind very randy. It wasn’t long until she gasped as she came sending come over their crotches.

Lucy sat there impaled on Joe and trembled. She opened her eyes after coming down from her orgasm and said, “Your turn, doggy style?”

“Yes please,” replied Kurtköy Escort Bayan Joe as he started to move her around until they were in the preferred position.

“Take it easy please,” requested Lucy, ‘until I get used to it.”

Joe nodded and very slowly started to slide his shaft out of Lucy’s anus. She shuddered. When he felt her sphincter gripping the corona of his glans, he stopped and started to slowly push in again. Lucy groaned. Again there was resistance at her Sigmoid colon and again Lucy twisted her body until Joe’s glans proceeded further into her bowels. Once fully in, Joe slowly repeated the process. The next time Joe pushed into Lucy’s rectum there was little resistance at her Sigmoid colon.

Lucy could feel that the tip of Joe’s penis was more easily sliding in and out. There was no resistance at that funny spot. She opened her eyes and said, “Go for it big boy. My arse is all yours.”

Joe started to relax as he increased his thrusting frequency. Lucy’s rectum was tight, very tight. He could feel her sphincter grip his shaft and her rectum tighten on him. He could feel his shaft being bent as it passed around her Sigmoid colon and it felt very good. Now and then Lucy would groan as she tighten her rectal grip on his penis. Joe also groaned.

Lucy said, “Come on big boy, is that all you’ve got? I’m used to you now. I won’t break. Fuck, my, hot, arse!”

Joe got into a rhythm that he felt would bring himself to orgasm. He knew that it wouldn’t take long before he would come. He kept at that preferred rhythm but he wanted Lucy to also enjoy herself so he reached around and started rubbing her clitoris. Lucy threw back her head and arched her back as she said, “Oh … Fuck,” and came. Juices spurted down her legs and over the sheets but she didn’t care, they could be washed and this wonderful feeling was worth it. Besides, Joe didn’t seem to mind her juices going everywhere and anywhere.

Joe was very close, he rapidly rubbed Lucy’s clit as he fucked her arse. Lucy reached between her legs and grabbed Joe’s balls. She squeezed and pulled them. Joe then heard Lucy shout out as her rectum and anus squeezed his shaft. It was almost painful, his balls were certainly getting a hiding, but it was very good and he shot his load deep into her bowels. His glans wasn’t tightly gripped like his shaft and so it wasn’t as sensitive, so he kept on thrusting until he had completely emptied himself into her belly. He stopped thrusting and held his cock deep inside Lucy’s bowels. Her rectum and anus were spasming around his shaft. Lucy was moaning into the pillow. Lucy let go of his scrotum and Joe’s body trembled. He was breathing very hard and so was Lucy so he eased both of them onto their sides to rest. Eventually Lucy’s innards and body stopped spasming.

Joe’s penis became flaccid and so he eased himself away from Lucy. Lucy groaned and then shuddered as his penis fell out of her anus. She turned around and asked in a seductive, innocent voice, “Was that good for you too big boy?”

“Very good thank you madame,” Joe answered politely and they both laughed.

In reality, Lucy was very satisfied that, although she could not satisfy this man vaginally, she now knew that she could satisfy him both orally and anally. “You’re most welcome,” she said in a mock elegant voice. In reality, Lucy wondered if she could keep up with Joe’s libido? She wondered if she could share him with someone else? Maybe Maggie would be bi-curious and they could have threesomes? Escort Kurtköy It would certainly help ease her poor, punished orifices.

Joe grabbed Lucy and gave her a big hug which, as usual, resulted in her almost collapsing with ecstasy. Joe then asked, “Why do you call me ‘big boy’? We’re the same height; have the same body shape, tall and slim, although you’ve got perfect sized, pert breasts with pointy nipples; I’m probably only a little bit heavier than you; why ‘big boy’?”

Lucy just smiled and reached down to grab Joe’s penis as she said, “Not so big now, but …”, Joe laughed along with Lucy.

Lucy was the first woman that Joe felt so in tuned and comfortable with. She had literally opened herself up to him and he felt she’d also, figuratively, opened herself up, so he asked, “Why do you lack confidence and cover it up with insulting other people and being extroverted?”

Lucy stiffened with a shocked expression, did he know her that well? She thought that she could hide her lack of confidence from everyone. She decided that it wasn’t worth lying to Joe so she answered, “I ask myself why would my parents send me … “

Joe mimicked Lucy word for word as they both finished, “away to an all girls boarding school to turn me into a lesbian?”

Again Lucy was in shock and she just stared open mouthed at Joe,. She asked, “How did you do that?”

“I think I’ve heard you say that enough times to know what you’re going to say,” answered Joe with a big smile on his face.

“No, I mean,” replied Lucy, “It’s not the words or the intonations. You sound exactly like me. Like a woman. No, not just like any woman but exactly like me.”

“I don’t know,” answered Joe, “I think about the words that you’re going to say and I just say them like I think you would say them. I don’t mean to be disrespectful. It’s just a joke.”

Lucy cuddled Joe and said, “I know that. It’s just … you sound exactly like me. You could be me although you’d need some perfect, pretty tits and something to cover up your groin, but, you … you could easily impersonate me.”

There was a comfortable pause and then Joe said, “I don’t think that your parents sent you away to be a lesbian. I think that they sent you to the best school that they could afford because they want to give you the best education possible.”

“So they say,” replied Lucy, “I just have doubts, that’s all. I know I shouldn’t but I do. Except in the case of Dick. I have no doubts about Dick. He’s such a Dick!”

Joe mimicked. “Such and Dick!” as Lucy said those words and they both laughed.

“Uncanny,” said Lucy to no one in particular.

They cuddled for a while and then Joe said, “Do you want to say goodbye to your parents before I take you to the train station? I think that you should. They love you very much.”

“Yes, I suppose I should,” answered Lucy, “Come on then. Let’s get ready to go.”

After showering together, they got dressed, loaded Lucy’s small port into Joe’s E-Trip and drove over to her parent’s place.

They walked in through the backdoor. Lucy said, “Hi mum.”

Joe said, “Hi Mrs. G. Is Dan in the shed?”

“Yes. Where else would he be?” answered Jenny jokingly and with a smile. Joe couldn’t help notice Jenny’s braless breasts jiggling around under her T-Shirt. Joe went out to the shed to talk with Dan.

Lucy and Jenny talked a bit uncomfortably but seemed to come to a compromise about her dating Joe.

The time came to go to the station. Joe drove Lucy and her belongs there, said goodbye and waited until Lucy boarded the train. Lucy said just before she went to her allocated seat, “See you on Friday?”

“Sure thing,” answered Joe, “I’ll pick you up from here. Bye,” they kissed and went their separate ways.


To be continue…

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