Not a Bite to Eat

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When the war ended and we were all shipped home, I wound up disembarking in New York. By that time I was pretty much aware that I wouldn’t be going home to the farm town in Nebraska that I’d been drafted out of. I can’t say that the war changed me, what it did was just make me more me. At home I’d spent nights praying for god to change me, after 4 years of spending 24 hours a day with other men, I never wanted to change. I’d accepted that, for better or worse, I was one of those guys who only wanted sex with other men. During my enlistment that hadn’t been a problem and I’d been surrounded by plenty of guys who just wanted to get off, no matter how.

Now I was a farm boy in the big city and I intended to take advantage of the fact. I looked the part, too, a big dumb hayseed with blonde hair, a muscular body, tight little buns and a big dick that I loved sharing. I liked to think that I only looked the dumb part but I might have been wrong.

In those days, there were plenty of cheap apartments in the city if you weren’t too picky and I wasn’t. I found a 3 room 3rd floor walk up that rented for $30 a month not too far from the docks. Make no mistake, it was in a tenement and had seen its better days sometime in the last century. It even had the classic tenement bath tub in the kitchen. Hell, that was a step up for me, back home we didn’t even have indoor plumbing.

I wore out at least half a dozen scrub brushes cleaning the place up and used a couple of gallons of bug spray but when I’d finally finished it didn’t look half bad. I bought some cheap junk shop furniture, found some on the street and everything else came from the five and dime.

Within a week or two I found a job, too. Right in the neighborhood, down by the wharves was a hole in the wall bar that catered to the laborers and wharf rats that came with the ships. Having spent four years in the navy, I knew what the guys were talking about most of the time and they accepted me pretty quickly. Six nights a week from 4pm till closing, I tended the bar and the drunks. After being in four years of combat, I thought I had it made.

And there was another class of clientele in the place, too. Wherever you find that many masculine men clustered together it only makes sense that you’re going to also find the men who want them. It was all really casual, everyone knew what was going on and there aren’t many guys who are going to turn down a free blow job from anyone. Some of the guys even occasionally made a few bucks by letting some strange guy swing on his cock. I got head twice just in my first week there. And before I knew it, I’d been working there for 2 years.

In a place that small you get to know all of the regulars and semi-regulars and I’d built up a black book of guys who I regularly serviced, got serviced by or swapped head with. Things were great.

Then, one evening just after I’d come on shift a new face showed up. When he first came through the door it was hard to tell anything about him, the setting sun was behind him and all I could see was an outline. A pretty tall outline. The door closed behind him and he took a seat at the end of the bar where I slapped a coaster down in front of him and asked “What’ll it be?”

I looked at his face in the dim light and he gave me a half smile and said, “Why don’t you surprise me.”

I figured a guy that big probably liked whiskey, neat, so I poured him a double shot and set it down in front of him. While I did so, I took a better look at him.

He was a good looking guy, real strong features, big nose, big lips, wide almond shaped eyes. Each cheek had a crease in it that ran down to his jawbone and he had a cleft in his prominent chin. He had black curly hair that was a little too long for those days and a heavy five o-clock shadow that could probably never be shaved entirely away. I saw small holes where his ears had been pierced and I wondered if he might be Gypsy. He didn’t look well, though, his deep olive skin had a yellowish cast, like he was recovering from something and I wondered if he was one of those people we’d heard about who’d been in concentration camps.

“You’re staring.” he said. His voice had a trace of some kind of accent, something I wasn’t sure I’d ever heard before.

“Sorry.” I said. “I haven’t seen you before.”

“I haven’t seen you before either but I’m not staring.” he replied with that little half smile again.

“I mean I haven’t seen you in here before. I’m pretty good with faces.”

“That’s because I haven’t been here before. My ship just got in less than an hour ago.”

“Where are you from?” I asked.

“Everywhere. Nowhere. I move around a lot. I’m here, now.”

“We get a lot of newcomers here because of the war. Trying a new place because Europe is not home anymore. Were you in the war?”

“If you mean did I fight in the war, no. But I was in the war.”

“The reason I ask is because you look kind of sickly, like you haven’t been well for awhile.”

“That’s mostly from the ship, I couldn’t feed very well and the trip took longer than I had anticipated.”

“I get you.” I said. “My first year in the navy it seems like I was seasick Çekmeköy escort the whole time. I finally got used to it, though.”

He looked around the bar. There were only two of the hard core regulars there this early and the young kid I’d hired to bus the place and do bar back.

“I’d hoped this place would be more lively.” he said.

“It’s early, it will get that way when the guys start getting off work.” I noticed that his glass was empty and I asked, motioning at it, “What else can I do for you?”

He stared into my face and I noticed that he had really spooky looking eyes, really deep looking.

“You could let me suck your cock.” he replied.

Now, you have to remember the times. Nobody was ever that blatant, they could wind up in jail or a mental hospital. So, even I was shocked.

“And you could bust me on a vice charge, too, officer.”

He continued staring at me and then he said, “No, I couldn’t. I’m not police. I just really would like to suck you off.”

“And not the least bit shy about it, apparently.”

“I’ve been around too long to be shy.” he said. He stood up from the stool and leaned in slightly toward me. He wasn’t just tall; he was really well built, too.

“Why don’t you help out a traveler in need? I guarantee you’ll like what I do for you. Is there someplace more private?”

Okay, who in their right mind is going to turn down a big sexy guy who wants to suck you off? Not me.

I called the bus boy over and told him that I was going to take a short break; he should man the bar while I was gone. He looked from me to the stranger, smiled a knowing smile and just said, “Take your time.”

Without saying anything, I led the stranger back into the bar, past the johns and down the hall to the store room.

“We swapping?” I asked.

“No. I do you. I’ve wanted to blow you since I first walked in.” With that, he sank to his knees in front of me and began undoing my belt and then my zipper. When he got everything loosened, he slid my khaki’s and boxers down around my ankles.

Let me just say here that I’m pretty well hung, over eight inches on my best days. This was definitely one of the good days and I was used to at least getting some positive remark about my dick. He didn’t bother; he just grabbed my cock by the root and closed his mouth around it. I could feel his tongue probing my piss hole, cleaning up the pre-cum that had started leaking as soon as he hit his knees. He seemed to like the taste.

Then he started to suck and that’s an understatement. While playing with my balls he started eating my meat like a starving man. The Hoover Company can only dream about their products having that kind of suction. My knees weakened and it’s a good thing that I was leaning against a stack of beer cases or my ass would have hit the floor.

“Whoa, buddy, you ought to be in the Olympics.” I said.

Something made me look up and there was Roger, one of my regular fuck buddies, standing in the doorway.

“The kid out front told me you were back here and I just knew you were up to mischief.” he said as he crossed the room to where I was getting such an expert blow job. “Found yourself a new playmate, I don’t recognize him. He sure looks like he knows how to handle a dick, though.”

I didn’t reply, I was having trouble even staying upright with all of the sensations coming from my dick. But then, it got even better. Somehow that son of a bitch opened his throat enough that my 8 fat inches slid down his throat till my pubes were resting against his upper lip.

“Goddamn, he’s taking that big fucker to the root.” Roger said as he watched. You have to remember, this was more than 20 years before ‘Deep Throat’, and times were kind of innocent.

With my cock buried full length in his throat, he started working the muscles surrounding it. I swear to god it felt like I’d stuck my dick in a milking machine the way his throat stroked my shaft and it felt like there were little fingers inside of him tickling my dick at the same time.

I didn’t know whether to shit or go blind, as we used to say. Instead, I just leaned back to give him better access to my root and tried not to moo like a cow. His lips were already sealed around the base of my cock but if felt like it sank in deeper, pulled by his throat muscles. I saw his hand fumbling with Roger’s belt and fly at the same time that he was giving me a world class dick sucking.

I couldn’t hold out long, I shut my eyes and relaxed and his throat did the rest. When I came, it felt like he was sucking the fluid out of my spine and even though I must have shot at least 6 full sized loads, he didn’t even choke. His throat just kept on milking and I just kept on shooting until there was probably nothing but dust left in my balls.

I opened my eyes and looked down and watched as he backed his throat off of my cock. In his right hand, he had Roger’s big stiff cock out of his pants and was stroking it. He held my dick around the base until it finally popped out of his lips, then he licked the last few drops oozing out of my slit before he looked up, smiled and said, “Thank you.” Gebze escort bayan Then he went to work on Roger’s dick the way he had on mine.

I was trying to catch my breath as I watched him service Roger’s meat. Roger has a real nice piece, too, thick and red with an oversized head on it. I’d sucked him off plenty of times, I knew how that knob could fill a mouth but I’ll be goddamned if the stranger didn’t slide it down his throat the same as he had my own. Roger started gasping and moaning and I knew exactly what he was feeling.

He lasted even less time than I did. He leaned back, threw his head back on his shoulders and it looked like he wanted to let out a howl. I could see the root of his cock pulsing in the stranger’s lips so I knew he was losing his load down the sucking throat the same way I had. The stranger’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed the spunk.

“Jesus Christ, this cocksucker could kill a man and then make him beg him to do it again.” Roger said to me when his body stopped quivering. The stranger backed his cock out and cleaned up the few remaining drops in his piss slit, same as he’s done with me.

“Give this fucker anything he wants to drink tonight and bill me.” Roger said as he tucked his softening dick back into his pants.

“No need, our new friend drinks on the house.” I said, looking down at the man on his knees in front of us.

Roger said, “I need a fucking drink after that.” and exited the room.

The stranger was still on his knees in front of me and he began to fondle my wet cock.

“I knew you’d like what I could do for you.” he said. “And your friend didn’t seem to have any complaints, either.” He was stroking my dick the whole time and damned if that fucker didn’t start to get stiff again, already.

“I’d better get back to work.” I said.

“Unless…” he replied, my hard cock in his hand pointing at the ceiling, “Unless you’d like to try to shoot another load of that delicious juice.” His tongue snaked out and started digging in my piss slit.

“What the fuck, I’ll skip my lunch break.” I said.

He looked up and gave me that half smile and then he went to work on my prick again. It was extra sensitive from having just been worked over and I swear I was seeing stars before I felt my ass hole pucker and my balls start to empty once again. His throat milked out cum that had probably been in my balls for 5 years, it felt so intense. If he hadn’t been holding me up with one hand against my chest, I really would have hit the floor that time.

“Man, I don’t know where you learned all of that but you ought to patent it.” I told him as he cleaned up my cock head.

When he’s gotten the last drop he said, “I hope we can do this again. I really like a guy who can give me more than one load.”

“Next time, we’ll go for three.” I replied. I pulled my pants up and tucked my exhausted dick into my boxers, then said, “You’ll be sticking around for a while, I hope.”

“I will indeed.” he said. “I rarely find an atmosphere so hospitable. And if you have other friends in the bar tonight who you think might need some relief, feel free to point them in my direction.”

“I will indeed.” I repeated and he laughed a low chuckle.

“I don’t even know your name.” I said.

As he stood up he said, “Names are meaningless. What would you name me?”

“You look like a Tony to me, on a count of you looks sort of Italian.”

“Tony it is then.” he said as we walked to the doorway. “And don’t forget your promise to introduce me to some of your friends.”

“I can’t wait to see the look on their faces after you get through with them.” I told Tony.

Tony stayed on all evening, periodically going in back to the store room with guys I selected for him. I’d ask guys I knew were into it if they wanted the best blow job of their lives, point out Tony and tell them to head to the back room or the john. I’d give Tony a nod and he’d get up and follow them. He must have serviced 6 or 8 guys that first night and every one of them went home with a big smile on their face. And I finally just stopped giving Tony all of the drinks that were bought for him, he would have died of alcohol poisoning if he drank them all.

At closing time, Tony was still perched at the end of the bar. He was looking a lot healthier somehow, he’s lost his pallor and he just seemed plumper or something. He was the only one left besides me and the kid.

“Time for me to close up.” I told him. “You got a place to stay?”

“I took care of all that before I even arrived.” he replied. “I just thought that maybe, since you had some free time now…”


“If you can get it up again, I wouldn’t mind another load of your sperm in my belly.”

The kid who worked with me snorted, suppressing a laugh and I got an idea. I moved behind him, grabbed his arms so that he couldn’t move and I said to Tony, “There’s one cock in this bar that I know you haven’t tasted yet. It would be a shame for this youngster to miss out on the fun.”

The kid thought I was joking, he squirmed around and said, “Let go of me, you big fucker.”

Then Escort Şerifali Tony got up and slipped behind the bar with us. While I held the kid still, Tony dropped to his knees in front of him and fondled his cock through his pants.

He looked up at me and said, “He’s already hard.”

“Come on, let me go.” the kid said as Tony undid his belt and slipped his pants down to the floor. The kid is skinny but he’s got a man sized dick as I well knew.

“I love the taste of young cum. It’s like drinking new wine.”

Tony’s mouth closed around the kid’s hard cock and just like the rest of us, he soon acted like he’d died and gone to heaven. Young guys can’t hold their load for long but they recover quickly. After the kid squirted his first load into Tony’s belly, his dick stayed hard and Tony kept on sucking. A few minutes later, Tony was swallowing a second course. I’d released the kid from my grip and his hands were on Tony’s head, trying to force more of his cock into Tony’s throat and he held him in place until his balls dropped back into their sack.

When he finally released the kid’s cock he looked up at me and said, “Young cum tastes so fresh.”

“Yeah, well, anytime you want another helping, just let me know.” the kid said as he adjusted his clothing.

“I’m so lucky that I wandered into this bar.” Tony, on his knees, said as he began groping my swollen dick.

So that was how we met. After that first night, I could count on Tony being perched on the same bar stool from open to close. And it seemed like he never met a stiff dick that he didn’t like.

After a couple of days he started dressing like the other guys in the bar, too. Old dungarees and a wife beater or worn khaki’s and a shirt with the sleeves cut off. As big as he was and as well built, you couldn’t tell him from the laborers around him. And he was popular. He gave the best head in town and he looked like he could whip your ass to the ground without breaking a sweat. It was like the guys respected him for who he was.

I came to find out that as eager as Tony was to suck a cock, he was just that eager not to give out any information about himself. The first few weeks I tried to get him to open up but he always gave me the same type of vague answer to any question I asked about him or his past. I thought maybe he’d want to talk about his experiences during the war but all he said was, “I survived.”

When I asked if he missed Europe he said, “European life died when the Nazi’s were conceived.” He wouldn’t even tell me what country he’d come from, he just said, “Borders are a construct. Countries only exist in the head.”

I figured he must have had a really rough time and just wanted to forget it, so I stopped pushing him for answers. But that didn’t quell my curiosity. He was really popular, as I said, but I didn’t know a single guy who’d ever seen him outside of the bar or who’d ever been invited back to his place. No one even knew if he was from the neighborhood.

Which drove me to take a step that I should have known better than.

Tony had been showing up nightly for a couple of months and I was determined to find out more about him. So, stupid me, I waited until one night after closing and after Tony had given me my nightly farewell blow job, and I followed him. The kid wasn’t there that night so I just let him get a couple of minutes start and then slipped out the door after him. I could see him walking in the middle of the next block, so I crossed the street and trailed him, sticking to the shadows. I guess I thought I was a junior G-man or something. He walked for several blocks and then he crossed to my side of the street. I let him get a bit more ahead of me and then I crossed back over so that I could see him.

A block or two later, he stopped in front of a vacant store front and lit a cigarette. I’d never seen him smoke before and he only took a couple of puffs before he ground it under his foot. Then, he looked around, turned and disappeared into a doorway beside the vacant shop. I waited several minutes but no lights came on in the building so I figured he must have gone in the back. After a few more minutes, I crossed the street and peered through the glass in the door. In the dimness I could just make out a short hallway and a flight of stairs going up into the darkness.

That afternoon when I woke up I decided to have another look at the building where Tony apparently lived. I walked back to the address in the daylight.

The part of the area it was located in was pretty much deserted, almost all of the businesses shuttered and empty windows on the upper floors. If you wanted privacy, this was the place; I didn’t see a sign of another human anywhere.

I looked into the front window of the ground floor shop. It was pretty obvious that no one had used the place in a long, long time. The window was so sooty that I had to smear a peephole to even see in. The inside was just as bad, it looked like no one ever even set foot inside, and the dust on the floor was undisturbed. I moved over to the door I’d seen Tony go through and peeked in there. I couldn’t see a mailbox anywhere so that nixed checking out his name that way. The hallway was clean, freshly swept and painted and you could tell that the stairs had been scrubbed. I was leaning to look in, my hand on the knob of the door, when it shifted slightly. I turned it and the door opened. It wasn’t locked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32