Noah’s Starship Ch. 06

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Sorry for the delay. Sometimes it’s that last encouraging message from a reader that makes me think, “Ok I’ll write another chapter.” Thanks for all the private messages of support!

+{Noah’s Starship}+


I’m not exactly sure how big Navid’s dick is. Sorry for starting this off with trashy conversation, but I get asked it all the time. He’s never been interested in me taking a measuring tape to it and usually has bigger things on his mind when it’s at attention anyways. He says it is average for Persian men from his culture, men of power, and that I am average for a white boy. Most times it’s bigger than I can handle, but I do my best. He takes it slowly and seems to enjoy my struggle.

But what I think about is the time we came in his room after school and immediately started kissing. He slipped off my clothes before lifting me up and tossing me onto his bed just to show he could. He gets a little primal when we get to it, and it had been a long week.

Navid pushed down his shorts and his cock popped out full and hard. I watched as it bounced a few times, almost in slow motion. He gripped it with one hand and thumped it against his open palm with an audible thud like he was testing a baseball bat.

“See how hard you make me, my Noah?” He asked with that confident leer in his eye, as though there was no doubt I craved him. I nodded hypnotically as a gasp escaped my lips. He came towards me and thumped it against the top of his desk like someone banging on the door, like it was demanding dinner.

I felt it from the bed like a small tremor. I know that’s impossible, maybe it was just my body twitching in anticipation. It was an intimidating noise and something I’d never think of attempting with my own cock. I knew then that it was sturdier, made for taking control. It was meant for me, the only cock I’d ever care about seeing, pleasing, satiating… but we’ve never measured it.


“I like song, what it means?” Navid loves singing in the car as he weaves through traffic, but a lot of times he messes up the words to songs. He likes to ask me what I think a song means and then we debate it. He loves to debate just about anything as though he has something to prove with me. This one was Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time.”

“It’s about being so in love with someone that even if they don’t love you back, you just wish they would pretend one more time. Like you know it’s over, or never was going to happen… but you just want to feel like it is working one more time. Like everything is fine,” I offered.

“That is sad. Why you want to be with someone who doesn’t love you?” Navid asked as he cruised up Ventura and covered my hand with his over the gear shifter.

“I did that in high school. He wasn’t gay at all, but I was so into him that I didn’t care and I hung on to any shreds of friendship he offered. He was a good friend, but he just wasn’t gay at all,” I admitted and Navid squeezed my hand over the gear shifter as he accelerated.

“I can’t hear about this, Noah… I am too protective for you. I don’t like that someone hurt you. If he did not love you then he is fool. But I am happy that he saves you for me,” Navid assured.

“Me too…” I laid my head against his shoulder. It was the first time I’d ever said anything about a guy I had liked other than him. I knew he didn’t want to talk about his past people, but it kind of stung just a little that he didn’t want to hear about mine.

He had always told me that being with me was like starting over for him. But I was getting frustrated at just how little he really listened to me. I was starting to get the feeling he wanted a robot version of me that just sat quietly when not in use. He always seemed to praise how quiet and simple he thought I was. But honestly it was just intimidating to be with a guy like him who was strong, intelligent, charismatic, worldly. He was everything I had been raised to believe was above me.

“This one sounds romantic. I like the beat. Is sex song?” Navid asked as a dance mix of Years and Years’ “Memo” began to play.

“Sort of. It’s about a guy the singer was absolutely in love with, would do anything for. The guy wasn’t out though. He was ashamed of him… and only slept with him in secret. The singer settled for it though, he was too hooked on the guy.” I straightened up and pulled away from his shoulder as I realized the song could have been about us. I was his secret shame.

“Let me take your heart, love you in the dark, no one has to see… I want more,” I sang to the chorus in a whisper.

“This no good. I thought was happy sweet song. Why he loves a guy like that? He does not love himself to stand for better.” Navid felt my tension. He reached his hand to my thigh and squeezed it softly in that way that brought my cock to attention in seconds no matter what I was feeling.

“Maybe… he’s like me… he just can’t live without the guy… He’d do anything just for that time in the dark… Even if the rest of our relationship is undercover, aydınlı escort it’s still not something I can live without,” I whispered.

“This’s not us, my Noah! How you can think this? It’s not like that!” Navid yelled and I felt his body tense in guilt.

“You know for me this is not choice! I love you more than anything. I cannot live without you. My body crave you more than air. I will never leave you in dark. I promise you this. Someday we will be like regular, someday, I promise you! Karim is helping me to figure out way. He has traditional family too, and look how he is now with Mike. We will have that some day. I promise you!” Navid was growing angry and I watched his muscles bulge.

“Karim and Mike seem happy together and so open with each other,” I said and squeezed his hand.

“They work through the darkness. They love each other like I love you for always. Karim guide him through dark times with his own family and addiction. You are not in my dark, Noah. You are my only light and I love you more than anyone. I am so sorry you would ever feel this way. I hate it… I hate so much for you feel bad… but I am trying to make better. Karim help talk me through it a lot,” Navid defended as he waved his hands and then reached to squeeze my hand again. I let him. I needed it.

“Ok, it’s ok, Navee. Don’t get upset,” I soothed him and kissed his shoulder remembering what he had said about the boy being killed in his country for being found with another guy.

“Please don’t give up with me, Noah. I promise I give you love you deserve. I not ashamed never of you.” He let out a long breath and relaxed at my touch.

The song played on. The chorus came around again, and again Navid tensed up in guilt.

“This song suck!” he declared. “I erase it from playlist. I don’t want you feel sad like this.” He stabbed at the controls on his steering wheel to shift to the next song.

“This one is better,” I assured with a little laugh as an acoustic cover of “Stand By Me” came on.

“Is not about sadness or evil Persian boyfriend?” Navid questioned with uncertainty.

“No, it’s a promise from a guy to his love. That no matter how bad life gets or whatever happens, he is going to be ok as long as his love is with him. This one is like us too. I know I can go through anything as long as I’m in your arms. It’s a very old song, like from my grandparents’ decade,” I said.

“Then I like this for us. I will always be to stand by my Noah. I am good Persian boyfriend. You know this whatever happen you have me forever, my princess,” Navid assured.

“Wait!” I gripped his hand. “You said boyfriend… Twice! You’re my boyfriend?” He’d never said that word before, never really labeled us which at this point seemed silly.

“For of course! We are more past boyfriends. You are my baby! I promise you my life, my protection, my heart… If you will have it, my love. You are my soul, the gentle half of me. I plan my life with you. You are my little piece of paradise,” Navid said.

“Ok then… Wow… my first boyfriend… I have a boyfriend!” I put my head back against his shoulder.

“Ok we keep this song. Only happy for my baby,” Navid said and pulled me against him as we both breathed out relief.


“This one, here. This will be our home soon! You will have no doubt I want future for us when we live in our own place,” Navid said as he pulled up in front of a gated row of townhouses on a quiet, shady side street near the action of Ventura Blvd.

“Can we go in? Can we see it?” I asked excitedly. My dad and I had talked it out and he agreed that I could move in with Navid. Part of me had hoped he would say no. I wasn’t sure I was ready to leave him. I took care of my dad and made sure he had clean clothes and a good meal every night. He’d sacrificed so much for me. We had been just the two of us for so long. I knew he wasn’t happy about it, but he wanted me to be happy no matter what it cost him.

“No! You will not see this until the weekend when we move in. When I bring you to the home I get for us, it will be to stay. You will see it all finished and ready,” Navid leaned over me and slid his arm around me as he pointed out my window to the unit that would be ours.

By the weekend, I was filled with anticipation. He hadn’t even let me see the furniture he’d picked out. He would only say that it was modern and expensive.

Friday morning he went out for some last minute business and then came back and got me. I’d left most of my room in tact, but packed clothes and some personal items for the new place.

We pulled up to the complex and Navid got us in. It was so nice and peaceful. It was the opposite of the small apartment I shared with my dad on a busy street in a declining area. This was closer to the nice home he shared with his friends in Encino.

“This is a vintage design, but very nice! You will like, I know,” Navid said with a smile as he unlocked the door to a brown townhouse surrounded bağdat caddesi escort by big shade trees.

We went in and it all looked kind of old, but nicer than the apartment I’d spent my life in with my father. The paint looked old and there was furniture that looked like someone had lived with it quite a while. I didn’t care though. It would be a place for us. It was magic.

“It’s so beautiful!” I exclaimed and went straight through to the large kitchen. The appliances weren’t new, but they were nicer than the ones I was used to.

“You think so… like for real?” Navid asked with confusion.

“Yes! I love it! And it’s all ours! Just for us! Our first place together. It’s perfect! I love it!” I jumped excitedly and realized there was nothing but a garage below us so no one would complain about the noise.

“Oh… Noah. This was um…” Navid started.

“What? I love it. Thank you! I never thought I would live somewhere so nice and with someone I love so much. It’s perfect! You are perfect,” I said excitedly and tried to hold back a tear as it rolled down my cheek. He pulled me into his chest with a face full of thought as we looked around the new place.

“Don’t cry, Noah! Please! I am jerk. This was joke… bad joke… this place is dump… Ok now I feel major asshole,” Navid said and pushed me off of him slightly. He still kept an arm around my back as he lifted my chin to kiss me.

“I don’t get it,” I was confused and felt awkward in his arms.

“This was joke, Noah. This is unit I help my friend buy so he can redo it next after he just finish our place. This furniture is headed for charity shop tomorrow. Our place is much nicer. I just thought would be funny to show you old crappy place first as a joke like ha-ha funny. But is not funny! I thought you will hate this place and complain and then I can say ‘got you!’ and we laugh.” Navid bit his lip hoping I wouldn’t be mad about his prank.

“Oh…” I felt a little foolish. “I’d live anywhere if it meant being alone with you.”

“I know you would… is one of reasons you are too good for me. You are too sweet and trusting for my bad joke. Come. I take you to our place. Is almost as beautiful as my princess. I never put you in gross place like here with used things. You deserve finest things!” Navid kissed me again and then nudged me towards the door. He took my hand, laced his fingers through mine, and squeezed firmly as he led me down a little walkway around the corner to the redone townhouses.

He led me up to a newly painted white door inside a little patio covered by large shade trees. It felt so private and secure. He stopped me at the door and let go of my hand to unlock two locks. He opened the door very slowly and made a drumroll noise as his smile widened.

“Noah Kinney, beautiful love of Navid Naseri, are you ready to see the palace I make for you?” He asked in a dramatic news-announcer tone.

I just laughed and he took my hand and led me inside. It smelled like opening a box of new clothes or shoes. Everything was completely redone and modern with shades of grey and black. The floor was stained concrete grey with this shiny, glittery coat that danced when the light hit it.

The living room had big leather couches, a large chair with raised arms that would fit both of us, and a huge TV that was mounted on the wall. We went through to the kitchen that had shiny steel appliances and dark grey, stone counters. It wasn’t huge, but it was new and beautiful and all ours. It was a palace and I jumped around in excitement until he caught me in his strong, muscled arms.

“It’s so beautiful!” I said as he brought me into his chest. He turned me around so I could see it again as he held me from behind.

“Mike decorate it for us. He chooses the furniture and has good style! They even give us this dining table with chairs as gift,” Navid pointed across the kitchen bar to the modern steel table with industrial looking chairs.

“It’s amazing! I love it!” I turned back to catch his lips.

“And look, Noah! Best part is, we can be naked here, and here, and over here! It is just for you, love of my life, light of my soul, my perfect boy,” Navid said as he pointed around the place with excitement. “I am going to take you on every surface! I shove my cock in you over every new place! So we mark it just for us. I will make a list for us to check off!”

“Like Bingo!” I said. He looked confused so I had to explain that game to him.

“Yes! Bingo for sex,” he laughed and kept his arm wrapped around my waist. “Maybe I give you prizes for each room we finish!” He led me upstairs to a small hallway that had a brand new washer and dryer between two bedrooms.

“We have laundry in here! I don’t have to go out to use the laundry room?” I was so excited.

“Never again. We do not want to share washers with other people. That is gross,” Navid said and showed his privileged upbringing.

“And this,” he pushed open the bahçelievler escort last door. “This is our bedroom with new bed just for us!”

“But I loved your bed. It was the first place we did stuff together. It was so comfortable and smelled like you,” I noted. The room was beautiful and all shades of masculine gray with an oversized bed and another oversized television mounted to the opposite wall between two large dressers for all of our clothes. Above the bed was a large, framed picture of the two of us smiling. He held me in his arms with the marina behind us. It left no doubt to anyone who would visit our room that we were very much in love.

“No good, Noah. I want a bed that is new and no one ever have sex but you and me. No one else will ever do things on this. Is new for my princess.” Navid pulled me up into his arms and walked over to toss me onto the soft, grey bedspread. I landed on my back and he knelt on the mattress, straddling me. He leaned down and lifted me up to kiss me.

“I never thought about other boys being in your old bed,” I whispered and instantly thought of what kinds of guys he had fucked there.

“You don’t ever need to think of that. They are forgotten… like dust that blow away. There is only you and me. I never think of another when you are in my bed, ok? You either! Do not think of other when you are with me,” Navid asked and kissed down my neck.

“I don’t have others to think about… Ok. I guess new bed is better.” I closed my eyes as he bit into a sensitive area of my neck that sent chills through me. He slid his arms up the back of my shirt and pulled me against his chest. “Oh yeah… new bed… fuck yeah,” I mumbled.

“See, I tell you is better.” Navid took a break to laugh at me in my helpless state. He rolled over onto his back and brought me with him. I sat up, straddling his shorts and rubbed my hand over his stomach.

He was wearing a tight, white undershirt and khaki cargo shorts for the warm November day. The weather had been unusually hot recently. The shirt had a deep v-neck that showed his strong, hairy chest and the gold crescent necklace he always wore. I rubbed my hands up to his chest and flattened my palms over his hard pecs as I squeezed them. They were so powerful and always reminded me of gears on an industrial machine.

“My baby, you feel so good,” Navid encouraged as he slid his hands up my sides and slipped off my t-shirt. He raised up off the bed then bit and sucked at my nipples until each one was hard and pointy as I whimpered at the touch of his lips, the edge of his teeth.

“Wait!” I put my hands on his cheeks as he smiled up at me. “Thank you for everything… for this beautiful place. I can’t wait to make it our own and just… be here with you. I never thought I could live somewhere this nice.” I was feeling grateful and urgent to please him.

“Is for you, my princess. I work hard to give nice things my baby deserves. I provide for my boy. I promise as long as you are my boy you will have the finest. You deserve it all,” Navid whispered as I leaned down to kiss him. He wrapped his arms around my back as I sat planted in his lap. He kissed down my cheek and then my neck in soft nibbles.

“Oh… And we have guests coming tonight to celebrate our new life together. Karim, Mike, Aram, other friends are coming to see the place,” Navid mumbled as he kissed down my shoulder.

“What? A party? Tonight? We have to get food and prepare! I didn’t know we were having guests! When?” I had so many questions as my body gave in at his touch.

“They will bring it all, and gifts for us. It is tradition. Mike will help you with everything. No need to worry. We have time to be together first,” Navid promised.

Navid turned on the bed and pushed me off of him. I laid back against the comforter as he climbed on top to straddle me. He leaned down and kissed me as his hand slid under the back of my head and pushed me up towards his lips. He had to be in control when he kissed me. My lips moved under his as my bulge pressed up against his abs.

“So beautiful,” he whispered when he leaned up and our eyes locked. His hand caressed my cheek softly as his thumb found my lips and pressed through them. I sucked on his thumb as his other hand reached down to slide my shorts off. My cock bounced up against him as he pushed my shorts down my thighs with his free hand and then reached for my ass.

“Uhh,” I moaned as his finger traced a slow circle around my hole. He strummed it a few times and sent chills through me as he activated that spot inside me that was always hungry for his cock.

“So tight, my baby. It has been a long week and now I must work to open my prize once again. You close up without my touch. You are new again,,” Navid said as he had one hand poking a finger inside my hole and the other pressing his thumb through my lips. I whimpered around his thumb as my tongue swirled around it and his other hand played with my ass. He worked me expertly from both ends.

He popped his thumb out of my mouth and painted my spit around my lips and chin. He slid the finger from my ass and my hole twitched in need. I opened my mouth wide, missing his presence. He kept his eyes locked on mine. He looked down at me with such control. He knew how desperate I was for him and it brought a little smile to his lips as he raised his eyebrows in quick motions.

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