Noah V Kane Ch. 03: Dining and Dancing

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They continue with the light, unforced conversation. This time there was no destination entered in the GPS and within minutes he pulls into a very secluded wayside inn that has a very weathered wooden sign advertising “DINING and DANCING.”

Jasmine starts to get out and remembers the unsaid protocol established from the water and waits in the truck. She was not disappointed. With no pomp and circumstance, Antonio walks around the front of his beautiful truck and opens her door.

Once again, with a comical exaggeration, he extends his hand. “Ma’am.”

“Thank you, Sir.” She was impressed in her own confidence.

He once again escorts her in as if he was the captain of the football team escorting the Homecoming Queen.

They find it dark inside. Only candles on the tables and dim lights by the bar. He guides her to a dimly lit corner booth near a quaint wooden dance floor and away from the swinging doors that lead to the busy, noisy kitchen. They settle in, sitting close to each other. A big busted waitress comes to take their drink orders. “Good evening Antonio, what will the two of you be drinking this evening?”

“Hmm,” Jasmine caught that she called him by name and his first name at that.

Without hesitation, he replies, “Good evening, Maggie. She will have a ‘sex on the beach’ and I just want a Coke with easy ice.”

She scurries off and Jasmine likes having Antonio to herself again. She takes quick stock of the activities of this first date and it dawns on her just how different he is from the men she was normally was drawn to.

He is confident and observant, but far from arrogant or egotistical. He is . . . mysterious. She still didn’t even know what he did for a living. Most of the time, guys were so wrapped up in themselves and the work they did. But Antonio has oddly uncoupled his performance from his identity. It is obvious he is a stud. Everyone around him knows it, yet he never lets on he is a stud.

As they continue the light conversation she assessed her date further. “I feel safe, protected in his arms.” She snaps back into the present as Maggie returns.

“Your drinks, Antonio,” without even acknowledging Jasmine’s existence and disappears again.

As they continued listening to the piano player play familiar show tunes, the subjects of conversation became increasingly intimate. They were able to laugh at Jasmine jumping into Antonio’s arms three nights ago. She admits how out of character that was for her.

“I was hoping you would call,” sliding her left ankle from under the table to expose her anklet. “You ‘tagged and bagged’ me.”

He raised a brow, “I had to come back and claim my prize!”

“I HATE that three-day rule!” she retreated her foot to the safety of the table.

“Patience, patience,” he quips playfully

“I am not patient.”

“Ah, but it got you here.”

Damn, she thought, handsome, mysterious and witty.

Jasmine not so casually placed her hand on Antonio’s thigh. The dating etiquette was torturous the next few minutes. The sexual tension was electrifying and captured the moment.

Just as Jasmine was about to move her hand, Antonio placed one of his large hands over hers and then released it. She took the cue and left it there.

There was no conversation now, only intense eye contact to confirm mutual consent. Antonio placed his hand over her entire thigh and squeezed lightly. She sat perfectly still as she felt his hand slowly inch a bit higher. Oh, so gradually getting closer. Jasmine felt the flood waters of her groin open.

As his hand drifted closer, Jasmine slightly opened her thighs. The anticipation is overwhelming by the time his hand finally reached its intended destination.

“You aren’t wearing panties?” he whispers in discovery.

“I never do.” She relishes finally catching him off guard.

His silence and the look on his face is priceless! Jasmine couldn’t tell if it was shock, desire, or just outright lust.

He bursa escort smiles mischievously and leans in to kiss her again. As Antonio kissed her passionately, his long, beefy fingers traced the outer lips of her already hot, and very wet womanhood.

Their lips lock in a lover’s kiss, Jasmine arches as she feels him press his fingers past her swelling lips and into her throbbing warm moist slit. Jasmine lets a low moan slip into their kiss and she feels the sound vibrate the roof of his mouth.

Jasmine raised her hand from his thigh to find the bulge in his pants. She pressed her palm hard against it and Antonio thrusted his denim-clad cock into Jasmine small feminine hand. So Jasmine unzipped his pants and snaked her hand inside. She firmly grasped his by-now rock hard manhood. The touch of her eager hand seems to spur him on. His fingers had a renewed purpose to thrust in and out of Jasmine soaking wet flower. Jasmine stroked him, slowly with intent. She secretly took mental note of his girth and length. She marveled and feared what he could do to her with this tool. They broke their kiss, their breathing shallow and ragged. Antonio kissed Jasmine’s neck and delicate ear.

Little did she know he had a thing for ears. He loved the subtle similarities of a woman’s ear and their more sensitive parts

“Oh Antonio!” escaped her lips, “You’d better stop what you’re doing if you don’t want me to explode right here in front of all these people!”

They reluctantly retreated to the dance floor. The piano was playing familiar dance tunes. Antonio pulled Jasmine into his arms and began to sway with the music. When Antonio put his arm around her back to hold Jasmine close, he felt bare breasts under her dress. Antonio pulled back just a little and looked at Jasmine with a naughty gleam in his eyes

“No bra, either?” Jasmine giggled and said nothing. Antonio already knew she was naked from the waist down, but now he knew the only article of clothing Jasmine had on was her dress and a smile, oh and an anklet.

As they dance Antonio pulls her close. “She is stunning, smart, and sensual and I want her to be mine. I have to have her as mine.” He contemplates, and he slides his hand down her back, over her lush bottom. The earlier discovery that she is completely naked under her flimsy dress excites him tremendously. He decides to pull her even closer and he feels his cock grow as the possibility of owning her crosses his mind. Her breasts and hard nipples press against him as she snuggles her head just below his chin. Jasmine looked up at him as he leaned forward and lightly kisses Jasmine on her lips. Soon Antonio’s kiss was more forcible, her sweet lips parted to allow his tongue to more deeply explore Jasmine’s mouth.

Jasmine couldn’t help but feel his manhood pressing against her soft stomach. Jasmine returned his kiss, pressing herself against him, begging him to know that she’d soon be naked in his arms. Soon she will willingly open herself to him. Soon she’ll welcome his kisses and caresses all over her naked body. Soon she’ll eagerly welcome his hard shaft deep inside her and drench it with her wet excitement. As they leave the dance floor Jasmine walks in front of him to prevent the other dancers and diners from seeing his arousal. It’s the least Jasmine can do, since she’s the cause of the bulge in his pants.

When the new couple gets back to their table Antonio sits closer to Jasmine as they talk quietly. Jasmine bites her lip and Antonio takes it as a sign of consent as Antonio once again slowly runs his hand up under Jasmine’s dress, hoping no one is watching. Jasmine willingly parts her legs as she feels his hand again moving up the inside of her bare thigh. She doesn’t object as his hand moves high enough to skim her navel. Jasmine still doesn’t object as Antonio again slip his hand down and lightly caresses the very swollen and very wet lips of her delicate flower.

He slowly removes his hand for fear others may see the arousal bursa escort bayan on her face. But as they look at each other in the candlelight Antonio lifts his wet hand to his lips to taste Jasmine’s wetness. That oh so erotic gesture tells Jasmine that very soon his hand will be replaced by his lips, hoping to lose himself between her more-than-willing thighs.

Unable to contain her desire any longer, Jasmine kisses him and whispers in his ear, “Sir, please let’s go, now!”

She doesn’t have to tell him twice. They quickly leave the restaurant and nearly run to the truck. He lets her in the driver’s side and quickly follows forcing Jasmine to straddle the large console. As soon as they both are in, they embrace and kiss like two silly teenagers. As Antonio pulls away from the curb Jasmine smiles at him mischievously. Antonio looks down only to see Jasmine pulling her dress up to her waist, exposing her naked thighs. Jasmine spreads her legs wide and as Antonio looks back and forth from Jasmine to the windshield and back again Antonio sees Jasmine push her hand between her legs and notices how wet the top of the console is.

“You know, It’s very difficult to concentrate on driving when I hear your wet fingers and knowing why they are so wet,” as Antonio speeds up, to get to a hotel.

The truck cab is soon filled with the smell of Jasmine’s sex. Antonio sees Jasmine remove her fingers from between her legs. Her whole hand is completely soaked with her own juices. Jasmine leans over and very slowly runs her hand over his lips, covering them with her juices. Keeping one hand on the steering wheel, Antonio grabs her hand, holds it to his lips and eagerly licks it dry. This only heightens his desire, if that’s even possible.

At long last, they arrive at the quaint, out-of-the-way hotel. It’s a hotel seemingly built with lovers in mind. There are no rooms, as such. There are small, cozy individual cabins. Each one has a fireplace that the manager, ever the romantic, lights just in time for each party’s reservation. The bed is right in front of the fireplace. What more can a couple in love ask for? They pull in to the drive; Antonio goes in to register and pay for the cabin and they go to their assigned cabin. When they pile out of the truck, the two of them are punch drunk with lust for each other. Thankfully no one was watching, because it would have seemed like clowns piling out of a clown car. Jasmine’s foot gets stuck between the seat and console so Antonio, drunk on lust and high on primal desire, pulls her out of the truck by her wrists and she lands awkwardly in his arms. They nearly run to the door. Antonio fumbles with the key, dropping it twice, but finally gets the door open. They rush inside and shut the door quickly behind them. They’re both so excited and overwhelmed with their desire they strip their clothes off as soon as they get inside.

She stands in front of him, her stunning body completely exposed, and her soul naked before him. Antonio pulls Jasmine against his own naked body and they kiss passionately. As their tongues entwine, Jasmine can feel his hard manhood pressing against her belly and Antonio feels Jasmine ‘s skin getting wet from the ooze of pre-cum dripping from it.

He slowly deliberately lifts her and sits her down on the edge of the bed, then kneels between her widespread thighs. Antonio lets his kisses travel down across her chest, as he carefully caresses each of her breasts and draw each rigid nipple into his mouth. Even after the deep kisses he still has the taste of her essence from her fingertips in his mouth, and the hardness of Jasmine’s nipples arouses him so much that Antonio rises up for a moment to guide his hard, wet, 9 inches deep inside her. She’s so wet but his size presents glorious torture as Antonio slides slowly and forcefully inch by inch. Jasmine’s body surrenders to the man that has so thoroughly captivated her soul. He savors the feeling of Jasmine’s hot, wet, essence surrounding and escort bursa pulsating his rock hard manhood.

Leaning forward again, Antonio takes one of Jasmine’s nipples in his mouth as Jasmine feels every throb and vein of his shaft sliding in and out of her. Antonio then slowly withdraws himself from Jasmine’s warmth and begins to kiss and trace his tongue down across her belly. At long last Antonio positions his face between Jasmine’s wide-open thighs and sees her beautiful, wet essence glistening before his hungry eyes.

First Antonio gently kisses the insides of Jasmine’s thighs as he moves toward the object of his desire. As his face moves closer, Antonio can see her outer lips swollen and wet with excitement. At first Antonio just runs his tongue lightly across the surface, then pushes it in deeply…but only for a brief moment. Antonio caresses her essences, carefully ignoring her engorged clit. With just the tip of his tongue, he circles the two wet protruding lips. Antonio does this again and again and again! Her body begins to tremble with excitement and anticipation as Antonio presses his lower jaw forward, feeling her most intimate flesh pressing against his cheeks. His tongue finally seeks out her clit and begins to lick the small knob from side to side. Jasmine hears his muffled voice begging “Cum to me, baby!!” Antonio chants over and over again as his tongue plays against her ripest flesh.

At long last Jasmine can resist no longer and Antonio feels her body tremble and feels her pushing herself against his eager mouth. Antonio hears Jasmine moan and feels and tastes the rush of Jasmine’s hot juices filling his mouth, running down his chin.

He slowly tears himself from between her legs, his face and neck drenched with the evidence of Jasmine’s passion. Antonio gently lays Jasmine back, straddling her and guides his hard manhood deep inside her again. Antonio leans down takes her ears between his teeth.

Jasmine feels him deep inside her, slowly pushing inward, then outward. Jasmine hopes he can feel her outer muscles gripping his hard shaft, drawing it in deeper and deeper. Antonio can feel his hard knob pressing deep, into Jasmine’s very depths, surrounded by her womanhood.

He continues to hold her earlobe between his teeth as if to keep her from escaping. His hands caress her body. Antonio feels Jasmine’s hips pushing up to meet each of his deep thrusts. She moans softly each time the head of his cock reaches it’s deepest penetration, pushing her cervix against the front wall of his target while feeling his balls slapping against her ass. They both savor the pleasure as they feel his shaft slowly pulling out, Jasmine hot moist inner flesh clinging to it as it pulls away. His cock slips out of her slit and Antonio grabs it, running it’s wet tip up and down her ass crack, finally letting it caress her hard swollen clit, rubbing it over the little knob. Antonio slowly drives back into Jasmine deeper and deeper until he can go no deeper, then slowly pulls back and thrusts in again and again and again.

Her passion grows and grows. Antonio looks into her eyes… “Yes…YES!!” They know they are in sync as Antonio increases his thrusts faster and faster, pushing his manhood in and out! Antonio looks into her passion-filled face, feels the sudden pulsing tighten around his shaft. Jasmine can’t help herself and begins moaning louder and louder, her hips pushing against him, drawing him deeper and deeper inside her.

She cries out, “OHHHHHH SIIIRRRRRRRR!!” and Antonio feels her body shudder. She is suspended in time and space as her orgasm rages through her. Jasmine can feel the rising tide within him, she can feel it racing down his throbbing cock as Antonio speeds his desire. Jasmine feels his hot semen explode flowing like hot lava out of him, filling her with his very being.

He can see by the expression in Jasmine’s eyes that she feels his hot wetness filling her. Antonio can also see in Jasmine’s eyes that she welcomes his gift. They lay there spent and still totally connected physically and emotionally…bodies, minds, and souls in the most special of ways. Neither wants to break that special connection. They fall asleep in each other’s arms, still joined in a lover’s embrace.

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