No Thanks Ch. 02

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Author’s note: The second chapter is finally here!. This will entail the past and present, with a little self play in here. The sex is coming, just be patient with me. The second half of the barbecue will happen in chapter 3. Thank you for your amazing feedback and I am still in search of an editor.


The few days between the invitation and the barbecue muddled by uneventfully. Caspian had many second thoughts about attending, but his wolf simply would not allow him to back out.

‘It would be extremely rude and disrespectful to not attend.’ his wolf scolded him.

‘I know.’ Caspian reluctantly conceded. He knew it would be a great sign of disrespect to cancel or worse, just not show up. He didn’t need the grief it would cause; he would go.

When Saturday finally rolled around, Caspian spent most of the day in bed resting up for the onslaught of never-ending questions, activities and food consumption. He looked forward to the food the most. He glanced at his phone and saw he still had about thirty minutes before he had to start getting ready. He really should try to release some of this tension from worrying about the barbecue, he thought to himself. Smiling, he rolled out of bed and rummaged through his bedside table pulling out the lube and a dildo he nicknamed the Caspinator, as it always kept him coming back(an inside joke that always made his laugh). After scooping up both he made his way to the bathroom where he had a large hanging door mirror where he loved to watch himself use it.

Closing the door he placed the dildo on the counter and popped the lube cap open, squeezing out a decent amount of lube onto his left hand’s fingers and lifted his left leg to rest on the toilet seat. He leaned forward a bit and began to slowly open himself up. As he slid his fingers in and out of his tight ring, he stared at the dildo sitting on the counter. He had purchased it from an online site during a sale, where he was able to get it nearly half off. It was officially named the All American Whopper dong; an 8″, 1 1/2″ wide sculpted dildo shaft with a suction cup. He had purchased it in black, as he loved the color contrast it made with his pale skin. He licked his lips as he pushed two fingers inside himself, his 7.5in uncut cock now at full mast and heavily leaking pre-come. He began to twist them in and out, shuddering and moaning, never taking his eyes off his upcoming reward.

Once he felt ready he took the dildo and pushed into place on the floor in front of the mirror and squeezed some extra lube onto the light brown head and spread it over the shaft with his fist coating it. He had placed the dildos curved shaft pointing toward the tub so that he had a perfect reflection of everything happening in the mirror.

Caspian leaned backward putting his hands and feet flat on the floor. He placed himself at an angle till he felt the tip of the dildo against his wet hole, lowering himself till he felt the head push through his ring; his ass greedily sucking in the shaft. He knew he wouldn’t last long, so he began to thrust back and forth with urgency, his orgasm already churning in his balls as each thrust hit his prostate, his moans growing louder. Right as his orgasm hit, he slammed himself all the way down on the dildo as his cock began to erupt several times, coating the mirror and floor with his essence, letting out a satisfied growl. He stayed still for a few moments, the walls of his ass contracting around the hard shaft as his orgasm subsided, trying to get his breath back to normal.

When he felt ready, he pulled himself from the dildo, a sudden feeling of emptiness washing over him, to get showered and dressed; the barbecue began in an hour. He pried the dildo from the floor, tossing it into the sink turning on the hot water to clean it off. He used an old towel to clean the rest of his juices from the mirror and the floor, throwing it into the wastebasket when finished. He turned the hot water on in the shower and let it run while he put the dildo and lube away again. Once that was done he went his closet he pulled out a pair of gray cargo shorts, pairing it with a black t-shirt and black flip flops. It was July after all. Once he was happy with his outfit selection, he jumped into the shower.

Under the hot spray of the water, Caspian began to think about all the events that had lead him here, to this city……

Moving all those times over the years had been out of necessity, for fear if he became too complacent, he would just stay somewhere and of course, the pack of that city or town would want him to join. He didn’t want that, he wanted to be on his own, free of the restraints of a pack and Alpha. Every city and town he moved to were all nice and he got good jobs and decent housing. The packs were accommodating and would try to get him to stay and join them. The longest he had stayed in one place was in a small town in New Mexico; a stay that totaled 8 months and a broken heart. He had met and fallen in love with another werewolf there, Carlos. He was everything he ever wanted, ataşehir escort tall, dark and handsome, the same old cliché that made his knees get weak and his cock hard. Plus he was funny and incredibly sweet; he took care of Caspian, something he never let anybody do. Their love was passionate and deep, and he thought for once in his life he would settle down with somebody, until Carlos met his true mate, leaving Caspian for him. Carlos had kissed him one last time before leaving the small trailer they were sharing together, tears in his eyes. As he closed the door, Caspian felt as if he was closing one in his heart, crumpling to the floor, sobbing. Finding one’s mate was a true gift from Luna herself, but for those in current relationships, it was also a curse to break another heart and your own. Time would heal them both though, that Caspian knew and though he understood, it still hurt immensely and he vowed to never let it happen again. That was 5 years ago and since then he hasn’t dated, though that hasn’t stopped him from hooking up with guys, both wolf, and human. He had his needs, just like any other man-wolf.


Growing up in the foster home in Wyoming, which was specifically for parent-less wolf pups, had shaped his choice to keep himself free, as no pup can join a pack without family already inside one. The home was very much a mansion, filled with dozens of rooms, each with their down full equipped bathroom for privacy. It was owned by the Alpha of the Harris pack, an incredibly rich oil tycoon that was once himself left without parents, growing up in horrible conditions with nobody to teach him how to control his wolf. He made sure no other pups went through the same struggles and opened the Harris orphanage and school. The caretakers were older men and women who were strict, yet kind and gentle, nurturing to all of the pups in their care. Caspian had been the favorite among the children there, often told how special he was and given more allowances than most. He often wondered what made him so special, he was nothing remarkable. He started out a skinny twig of a child with a large bobble head and ended up a husky teenager, though it never bothered him; he enjoyed being bigger. He watched the other boys and girls grow up around him, all of which became lean and fit. Maybe being fat was what made him special he would often think to himself with a chuckle.

It was around eleven at night on the eve of his 16th birthday, when Alderna, the eldest of the caretakers called him to their office, asking him to close the door and sit.

“Caspian.” Alderna greeted him with a warm smile. She was sitting behind her desk, her assistant who was also her younger sister, Corianna, sitting to her right in a small chair. Both looked very much alike with long silver hair, gray eyes, and thin lanky bodies. Both were older and the sweetest of the caretakers in the home. Their smiles could brighten even your worst day.

“You must be wondering why we have called you in here very late.”

Caspian nodded, this was indeed out of the ordinary. He hoped he wasn’t in some sort of trouble, though he couldn’t remember what he could have done.

“We, the eldest caretakers of this house, must tell you some things, truths of who you are and how you came to be here with us.” Alderna cleared her throat and continued.

“Sixteen years ago, a baby boy, you, were left on our doorstep, with two notes along with this.” She reached into her desk drawer and produced the notes and a golden locket. Caspian stared at them blankly for a moment, shock setting in, freezing him.

“They contain all the information you need about your birth parents and your true lineage.” She paused, giving Caspian time to absorb all she had said so far.

“W-what do the notes say exactly?.” Caspian stammered when he was finally able to speak.

Alderna unfolded one letter and handed it to him, concern in her eyes. Caspian read the note slowly, feeling tears welling up in his eyes.

“To our dearest Caspian, we are beside ourselves with grief at having to leave you here, but you will be safe and well cared for. Your father and I love you, very much but we cannot be together. Maybe one day, I can fully explain why. You’re so special, our sweet baby boy, and we love you more than anything on this earth. Be safe, our precious one.

To the caretakers of this home, I have placed another letter within with details to the father and mine’s lineage, which will further explain why our son is now in your care.

Love always,


Corianna, who had been silent thus far, finally spoke up.

“I know this must be terrible overwhelming for you, but we have had to keep this all to ourselves till we felt you were ready.”

Caspian sat the note down on the desk with shaky hands, keeping his head down as the tears began to flow.

“This other note,” Caspian sniffled, wiping away tears, “What does it say?”

“It says many things,” Alderna replied. “I shall tell avcılar escort you what it contains before I give it to you.”

Caspian nodded again mindlessly, the numbness in his body spreading like a wildfire in the dry brush.

“Your parents are a unique coupling,” Alderna began, “So unique I doubt you would find another being quite like you.”

“What do you-” Caspian began, but Alderna held up her hand to cut him off. He looked down, slumping his shoulders, keeping quiet.

“Your father was a werewolf, of a clan that has long since been disbanded, the Core pack. He….was the Alpha.”

Caspian’s head snapped up quickly, almost in pure disbelief. His father….an Alpha?!

“For your mothers part, she…..wasn’t a wolf at all and she wasn’t human.” Alderna looked to Corianna for a moment, who nodded at her and continued. “Your mother is a shape shifter……..unicorn to be exact.”

Caspian burst out into loud laughter, thinking that maybe this was all a joke but the looks on Alderna and Corianna’s faces told him otherwise. His cheeks burned hot with embarrassment as he quickly silenced himself and averted his eyes.

“Shape shifters are an interesting bunch enough on their own,” Alderna continued, “Exact opposites of us as werewolves. We may shift, but our natural form is human. They shift from their natural form to human, to pass among society. Your mother being of unicorn decent makes it all a bit more complicated than other shape shifters.”

Alderna cleared her throat, opening the second note and skimming through it, re-checking some facts.

“You see.” She continued. “Most shifters mate only with others of their kind, it’s less…complicated, if you will. Lessens the chance the baby will be born wrong, and trust me, it has happened.”

“Each of us, have our own genetic signature, species wise. So it makes it harder to birth a child with another of a different species, but it has happened, successfully and unsuccessfully. You, of course, are a success. A…..hybrid. The first and only hybrid of your kind, that we know of.”

Caspian ran a hand nervously through his hair.

“Why, why tell me this all now, why not sooner?.” ‘Or not at all’ he thought.

“Like I said before Caspian, we needed to wait till you were ready, and we feel you are. You are on the eve of your first transformation into a wolf, you had to be told. Your wolf……won’t be like the others.”

Caspian blanched at this new revelation, though any paler, he’d surely become a ghost.

“What do you mean, not like the others?” he asked using air quotes for the last part.

“I mean, your wolf will look different, then the others. Though there are no unicorn shifter, werewolf hybrids, there are others. Snakes for example have bred with wolves before and their offspring have brightly colored fur with reptilian scale patterns and their eyes are snake like but the body is the wolf. It just depends upon the species.”

“Your mother was from a team of fire unicorns, that’s why you’re hair is this color.” Alderna pointed to his hair for emphasis.

Caspian turned his head to a small mirror on the wall and took in the image of his strawberry blond locks, which often glowed like fire when he was angry. So much was making sense but something was bothering him.

“You said that shape-shifters become human, to pass, but their natural form is that of the animal.” Alderna nodded and he continued. “Then why am I always human?”

“Like I said, every hybrid is unique, there’s no set formula for this Caspian. I can tell you that as a hybrid, your human half is your true form and your unicorn is merely just a part of your DNA.”

“Make no mistake, your unicorn is part of you, like your human, but your wolf is the only other being within you. Though you will possess something else from your mother……magic.”

“All unicorns have magic, each controlling a specific element and fire unicorns are some of the most powerful of them, and I’m sure their name is self-explanatory to you for which element they control. Though I have no idea if you will obtain their magic at its full strength, a little or none at all. Only time will tell.”

Caspian sat and listened to the rest of what Alderna was saying, nodding his head from time to time. When she was finally done, he asked to see the locket.

“The locket has never opened for us, there must be magic sealing it so that only you can open it,” Alderna said hanging it over the desk to him.

He noticed how heavy it was, like it may have been made out of real gold. He opened it easily, revealing two photos of a woman and man; his mother and father.

His mother was a beautiful woman with strawberry blond hair, pale skin, and bright blue eyes. He stared at her for a moment, marveling at how much they looked alike before turning his attention to the photo of his father. He was a handsome pale man with raven black hair and emerald green eyes. He could see how much they resembled, especially avrupa yakası escort their eyes, noting that he took his face shape from his dad. His full lips came from his mother, as well as his hair. His skin tone came from both. He closed the locket and placed it around his neck and dropped it inside his shirt, to be close to his heart.

Time, as Caspian would soon learn, would not be on his side………


He shook his head to clear his mind, shampooed and turned off the water and reached for his towel but decided to dry off the ‘fast way’ so that he wouldn’t be late. He closed his eyes and let the warmth flow through his body, till sharp sizzling sounds echoed throughout the bathroom, evaporating the water off his body. The sound always made him laugh internally like he was pan frying himself.

He decided to forgo his deodorant because he would be around a bunch of wolves that wouldn’t have any on or have it lightly applied. It was a common practice to go all natural when you gathered, as your scent was unique and everyone would just sniff you a little more noticeable if you were masking it. Caspian quickly dressed and put some pomade in his hair to style it and headed out the door.

Once is the car he put on his navigation and drove out of the city towards a smaller town called Eden. The drive wasn’t nearly as scenic as Caspian had hoped but it was a beautiful day so that made up for it. During the drive, he couldn’t help but think back to his first transformation into his wolf. It came the night after he learned the truth about his parents. Alderna and Corianna had decided to have his transformation be private, as they were not sure exactly what to expect.


“It’s for everyone’s safety.” Corianna had said.

They had all gathered that warm night out in the rose garden, Caspian, Alderna, Corianna and another caretaker, a man named Flitch. It was one of the more private than the rest of the grounds and several miles from where the rest of the others were making their first transformations. Caspian always loved it there, besides the fact that roses were his favorite flower, it was always so peaceful and serene. The moon was shining brightly above and the Goddess Luna’s presence hung in the air like a protective blanket.

Caspian felt the change overtake him, he had read about it before, how the bones snapped, skin split and melted away and all sorts of very unpleasant things to imagine let alone go through. This, however, wasn’t that. His body felt warm and comfortable like being in front of a roaring fire in the dead of winter. When he heard a scream from Corianna he looked over to her. She had her hand over her mouth and said, “Oh dear Luna! You’re on fire Caspian!”

Hearing that Caspian looked down frantically, he was indeed on fire but he didn’t feel the flames. He lifted his hand up and watched as the fire burned away his flesh, mesmerized. The flames consumed him within a matter of seconds, reducing him to pile of smoking ash.

Corianna crumpled to the floor, crying hysterically, Alderna tried to calm her by telling her this was just part of his transformation, just wait and see. They didn’t wait long.

Sure enough, the ashes began to swirl at a rapid pace forming into a wolf. For a moment, every sound and movement seem to slow down, as the ash covered wolf stand still, as if frozen, its eyes closed.

“Caspian?” Alderna asks timidly.

The wolf’s eyes snap open, revealing swirling fire inside them that spread over the wolf’s body, burning away the ash, uncovering an iridescent coat of thick fur that shimmered under the moonlight, like it was covered in glitter. The flames in his eyes stopped swirling and dissipated, leaving behind white eyes. He was tall, much taller than a wolf of his age should be, coming up to nearly Flitch’s hip and he was about 6ft4. He was a breathtaking creature.

Just then the great iridescent wolf let out a thunderous howl as a golden unicorn horn elongated from his forehead, completing his transformation.

Everyone stood in awe of Caspian’s wolf; never before had there been a hybrid between a werewolf and unicorn, and yet here was one, a creature none of the caretakers gathered ever believe they would see in their lifetimes.

Caspian plopped down on the grass and began to playfully roll around, showing his belly to the caretakers, showing them he was friendly and revealing he was submissive; no Alpha or dominate wolf would bare their belly or their necks to another wolf or human, it was an act only a submissive wolf would do. This eased the tension considerably and Caspian enjoyed rubs and pats.

The caretakers spoke for a moment while Caspian scratch behind his ears and chased after his tail. They had decided to take him to where his other wolf peers were running. Alderna lead the way with Caspian in tow, his tail swaying happily as they went. When they finally made it to the clearing, Caspian became surrounded by the other wolves who sniffed and inspected him, equally as mesmerized as the caretakers, especially in his horn. When they were all done going over him, they ran off and played together for hours, till sleep was necessary. It was one of the best nights of his life and he had never wanted it to end. The navigation on his phone broke him out of his reverie telling him to take the exit coming up on his right.

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