No Regrets Ch. 06

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Tracey woke first and had to take a second to get her bearings. She could hear the rain hitting the tent and the rumble of distant thunder. “This is going to be a great day,” thought Tracey. “Where did all this rain come from? It wasn’t in the forecast, she and Susan had checked. I wonder what time it is…must be about six or six thirty,” mused Tracey.

Tracey needed the bathroom bad. Slipping a rain coat over her naked body, she ran across the access road to the Porta-John. As she went out, she had noticed that Susan and Allan were still asleep. As Tracey came back into the tent, Susan opened her eyes and smiled at Tracey…..Susan was still snuggled in Allan’s arms in the large sleeping bag.

Mouthing a quiet, “Good Morning, Sis,” Tracey removed the rain coat and stood there naked, stretching her arms wide to relieve the kinks from sleeping on the air mattress. As she stretched, Allan awoke and stared at her.

“Oh man,” said Allan, “this is the way to wake up….holding one beautiful naked girl in my arms and watching another beautiful naked girl do exercises.”

Tracey laughed, not at all self conscious about her nakedness, “I’m not exercising, I’m trying to get the kinks out.”

Susan unzipped the sleeping bag and threw the cover off Allan and herself. Allan’s prick was standing at full attention, rock hard, its crown almost purple from the engorged blood. “Oh look here, the little fellow is already up and I do mean UP,” said Susan. She leaned over and kissed the head of Allan’s prick letting her lips slip over just the head. Susan raised up and looked at Tracey, “You wanted to taste Allan’s cum….you want some directly from the source?” asked Susan.

“I sure do,” said Tracey as she laid down between Allan’s legs with her mouth positioned over his prick. She could smell the cum and pussy juices from last night that had dried in the hair around his prick. Tracey looked up at Allan, “If I don’t do this right, tell me. Last night was the first time I’d ever had a prick in my mouth.” Tracey lowered her head and tongued the head of Allan’s prick… pressing it back against his stomach, she ran her tongue down the underside of his prick to his balls and tongued those. Running her lips up his shaft, she slipped her lips over the head of his prick and took him as deep into her mouth as she could, feeling the large head of his prick fill the back of her mouth and her throat.

“You’re doing fine, Tracey.” As Tracey’s tongue massaged the head of his prick and her lips moved up and down on his shaft, Allan groaned softly, “You’re doing better than fine….that’s great. I can’t believe this is your first time.”

Susan gave Allan a quick kiss. “Not only is this her first blow job, but last night was the first time she had ever been fucked by a guy.”

“I didn’t know….I didn’t feel anything last night….except she was tight, really tight,” said Allan.

Susan laughed, “Her old boyfriend stuck his cock in her, but when he busted her cherry the blood scared him and he wouldn’t go on.”

Tracey lifted her mouth from Allan’s prick, “That’s okay….last night made up for that. I’m glad my cherry was already taken care of….”

Susan placed her hand on top of Tracey’s head and push it down…back to Allan’s prick. “You suck, honey, we’ll talk,” said Susan, “you can’t talk with your mouth full.”

Tracey cupped Allan’s balls in her hands and played with them as she continued to moved her mouth up and down on Allan’s prick. She could feel Allan making small thrusts upward with his hips as she sucked him. Lifting her head, Tracey looked at Allan, “Tell me when you’re going to come – I want to see the first shot,” lowering her head Tracey resumed sucking his prick.

After a few minutes Tracey felt Allan’s legs twitch…she could feel his thigh muscles tighten up. Allan said, “Oh that’s good….real good…suck harder….that’s it harder, you won’t hurt it…..Ohhh….Ohhhh…..I’m fixing to come.” Tracey moved her mouth about six inches back from the head of Allan’s prick. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she stroked Allan’s prick intending to watch him cum and catch it in her mouth. She felt Allan’s prick throb and saw the first spurt of cum, a large one, erupt from the head of his prick. She hadn’t expected it to come out with such force….it missed her mouth hitting her on her nose and left cheek…the second spurt hit her lips and mouth before she quickly engulfed his prick, sucking him deep into her mouth. She could feel his prick throb and pulse as he pumped his cum into her mouth. Tracey continued to suck him until she felt the hard prick begin to soften and shrivel.

Tracey kissed Allan’s prick one last time, then raising up gave Allan a deep kiss, running her tongue into his mouth letting him taste his own cum. “Hmmm, you really taste good,” said Tracey, as she broke the kiss. “Susie said your cum tasted sweet….it does. I liked that…..God, it was like holding my mouth over the water hose and having Susie turn kaynarca escort the water on.” Susan pulled Tracey to her, gave her a quick kiss, and then proceeded to lick the cum off Tracey’s nose and cheek.

Allan gave each of them a quick kiss and got up, his prick now hanging limply between his legs. “That’s a nice way to wake up,” said Allan. “I could get used to that.”

Susan laughed, “I bet you could.” “We need to get cleaned up….I need a shower,” said Susan. “Me too,” echoed Tracey.

“We’ll take the car up to the public bath-house — I’ll unhook the boat. We can get cleaned up, then have breakfast at the Park Lodge. There’s no sense trying to cook anything in this rain,” said Allan. “Then we can decide what we want to do today.”

Tracey and Susan were still sitting on the sleeping bag, and Tracey’s head was about level with Allan’s limp prick. Cupping his balls and prick in her hand, Tracey said, “If nothing else, we can come back here and play around.” Tracey gave Allan’s limp prick a soft kiss, “After Susan’s little fellow here has caught his breath.” All three laughed happily at Tracey’s suggestion.

“Jesus, it’s pouring down,” yelled Allan as they came literally tumbling back in the tent to get away from the downpour. “I’m glad this site is on high ground….we’d be flooded otherwise.”

They had gotten cleaned up and had breakfast in the cafeteria style restaurant at the Park Lodge and killed some time in the gift shop and the small museum for the Civil War battlefield that was part of the Park. They had watched the local weather on the TV at the Lodge.

“What did that weather man call it” asked Susan, “a stationary front?”

“Said it was going to be like this until tomorrow,” said Allan. It had gotten noticeably darker when they left the lodge and just as they arrived at the tent site the downpour started. The interior of the tent was quite dark. Allan tried turning on the light bulb hanging from the tent’s center pole, but the power was still off.

“Gals, I’m sorry….I didn’t think we would run into this kind of weather,” said Allan.

Susan gave Allan a kiss. “Don’t be silly, it’s not your fault…..Tracey and I checked the weather before we left yesterday, it was suppose to be cloudy but nice,” said Susan, hugging Allan. “We’ll have to rough it,” she said laughing, “just like the pioneers.”

At that moment they heard someone yell, “Any one home?” They hadn’t heard the jeep drive up with all the rain and thunder. A young man in a raincoat and rain hat walked up to the front of the tent and standing under the front awning removed his hat and shook it. He looked at the three of them and smiled. “Sorry, to bother you. I’m a Park Ranger and we’re just checking to be sure everyone is okay in all this weather. The name’s Brent Mosser,” he said holding out his hand to Allan. “Looks like you guys are ok….nice and dry.”

They all introduced themselves. Brent was about Allan’s age and after a few minutes discussion they found out that Brent was also a Junior at the university, majoring in Forestry. He was working as a summer employee at the Park.

“I’d better getting going, I’ve still got about a dozen sites to check,” said Brent. Luckily there aren’t very many people here this week….if this were Labor Day week, it would be a madhouse.” Brent glance around at the tent, “You guys are in good shape, you’ve got a good tent and this is an excellent site. If you do have any problems, there is an emergency phone up at the bathhouse….you can’t call anywhere on it….it’s connected directly to the Ranger office. Some one is there 24 hours, so if you run into any problems just call.”

They stood under the awning and watched Brent run to his jeep….he gave them a wave as he drove away. “You know, he was kinda cute, wasn’t he,” said Tracey. “May be he’ll check on us again.”

Susan laughed, “From the way he looked at you with that outfit you have on, I wouldn’t be surprised if he came around again.” Tracey was wearing white shorts, almost ‘Hot Pants’ that let the cheeks of her ass peek out the back, and a tight white halter top. “I don’t think he even noticed Allan and I were here.”

Tracey blushed at Susan’s teasing, “It wasn’t that bad…….was it?”

They sat down on the air mattress’s just inside the tent. After a few minutes discussion they had decided they would just stay there, in the tent, rather than get out in the weather.

“I know,” said Tracey, “lets play cards……lets play Strip Poker…..I’ve always wanted to do that.”

“Do we have any cards?” asked Susan.

“Sure, there some in the camping equipment bag. Dad and I would play if the we got caught like this in the rain,” said Allan.

“Okay, but we need to spell out the rules,” said Susan. “How about this, the high hand gets to tell the low hand what to do, what to take off. If the low hand is naked, then the high hand gets to tell the low hand what to do himself or some one else. Okay?”

“Sounds orhanlı escort good to me,” said Allan.

As they played cards, Tracey lost the first three hands and was down to only her bikini panties. “Are you sure you guys aren’t cheating on me?” asked Tracey. But then Susan lost the next two hands and Allan lost the two after that….then Tracey lost again and had to remove her panties.

Susan laughed and said, “Now it gets interesting.”

Tracey won the next two hands and Allan had lost both….he was now naked as well, his prick standing up rigidly from his lap. Susan still had her panties on. Tracey lost the next hand and Susan won.

“I want you to kiss and lick Allan’s prick…two kisses and one lick all way down his shaft, said Susan.

Tracey eagerly complied. Susan lost the next hand and then the one after that. Allan was the winner so he told her, “I want you to suck Tracey’s tits while you finger fuck her.”

This off and on foreplay continued for several hands until all three were thoroughly aroused. Allan’s prick had shiny beads of pre-come glistening on it in the dim light of the tent. Susan won the last hand and Allan lost. Susan said, “I want you to let Tracey fuck you in your ass with her vibrator while you’re fucking me…’ll like it.”

Tracey quickly retrieved her vibrator and a small tube of K-Y jelly from her overnight bag. Susan had pulled Allan on top of her and slipped his rigid prick into her pussy…..Allan was slowly stroking his prick into her pussy. Tracey spread Allan’s ass cheeks and smeared a generous amount of jelly on his asshole. Tracey took her finger and worked it into his asshole spreading the jelly and relaxing his muscles for the vibrator. Tracey place the tip of the vibrator on his puckered asshole and began to gently push it in. Tracey would push forward then draw it back, push forward then back, slowly fucking his asshole and penetrating a little deeper each time. When she felt the penetration go about an inch and a half deep into his ass, pass the major sphincter muscle, she thrust the vibrator deep into his ass. She heard Allan moan as she began to fuck his ass with longer strokes of the vibrator. With it buried deep in his ass, she threw the switch and activated it….she felt Allan’s body give a jerk as he felt the vibration start deep in his ass.

“Oh God……that feels good,” said Allan. “I feel like I’m totally filled up….I can feel the vibrations….feel it in my balls and in my prick.”

Tracey began to stroke the vibrator in an out of Allan’s ass… was tight but it moved much more freely now. Tracey could feel Allan actually pushing his ass back on it as she pushed it into him…..trying to get it even deeper into his ass. Allan’s strokes into Susan’s pussy had increased…..he was ramming his prick into her pussy as deep as he could…..Susan was thrusting her hips up to meet his prick as it pounded into her pussy. Susan began to moan softly and grabbed Allan’s buttocks trying to pull him bodily into her throbbing pussy as she felt her orgasm sweep over her.

When Tracey heard Allan begin to moan and whisper Susan’s name, Tracey reached in and grasped his balls in her hand and began to massage them. The effect on Allan was almost instantaneous.

“Ohhhh…….Susie…..Susie…..I’m going to cum,” moaned Allan as Tracey thrust the vibrator all the way into his ass. “Oh God….I’m cumming….I’m cuuummmminng.” Allan’s body went stiff, his prick buried deep in Susan’s pussy, then he collapsed on Susan, hugging her, “Lord, I thought I was never going to stop cumming…..that was terrific…..,” gasped Allan.

Tracey removed the vibrator as Allan rolled off Susan. Tracey looked at Allan’s semi-hard prick, now coated with cum and Susan’s juices….Tracey lowered her head and took Allan’s prick in her mouth and gently sucked it clean. Finishing with a kiss to it, Tracey looked up at them and said, “You guys taste good.” Allan pulled her up beside them and gave Tracey a quick kiss. They laid there quietly listening to the rain and thunder, just enjoying the moment. It had been a busy night and morning….the sound of the rain on the tent lulled them to them to sleep.

Susan woke to a particularly loud clap of thunder. Glancing at Allan and Tracey she noted they were still asleep. “Damn,” thought Susan, “I feel good….it must be the sex. I never realized I’d enjoy it this much….feel this good….this satisfied.” She looked at Tracey and Allan and smiled, “I’m glad we did this, the three of us,” she thought. “God, I love them both.” Very quietly, trying not to wake them, Susan leaned over and began to gently lick Allan’s sleeping prick. She could feel it respond to her gentle licks….start to thicken and grow larger. At the same time she gently slipped a finger between Tracey’s pussy lips, Tracey’s pussy was still moist with her pussy juices from earlier. Susan gently stroked her finger in and out of Tracey’s pussy and as Allan’s tepeören escort prick got larger and began to stand erect, she slowly took his prick into her mouth.

Susan felt Allan’s hand on her head as he began to thrust his prick up into her mouth…she knew he was awake. Turning her head, but keeping his prick in her mouth, Susan looked at him, Allan was smiling at her, enjoying her efforts. Susan began to finger Tracey even harder and felt her stir.

“Ohhhh…..that feels good,” said Tracey. “That’s the kind of alarm clock I like.” Tracey rolled closer to Allan and gave him a deep probing kiss.

Susan sat up, “Here Tracey….I got him good and ready, get your pussy on his prick…get on top….you fuck him.”

Tracey immediately straddled Allan’s hips and as Susan guided his prick between her pussy lips, Tracey lowered her pussy onto Allan’s prick…..squirming her ass about, driving his prick as deep into her as she could. “Oh…Oh, I like it this way….it feels so good……my pussy feels completely filled up. That’s it….that’s it,” moaned Tracey, as she began to move her ass up and down driving his prick into her throbbing pussy. “That’s it…push it in….fuck me hard,” gasped Tracey, as Allan began to thrust his hips up to meet Tracey’s ass as she came down on his prick. Tracey would lift her ass until only the head of Allan’s prick was still in her pussy, then quickly slide her pussy back down Allan’s shaft. As Tracey lifted her ass, she suddenly yelled, “Huh-Oh, it slipped out….put it back…put it back in me.” Allan guided his prick back to her pussy lips and Tracey moaned softly as she settled her pussy back down on his rigid shaft.

Susan watched Tracey and Allan……she was amazed at how good it felt to watch them…to watch Tracey screwing Allan’s prick into her pussy as hard as she could. Tracey began to pound her pussy down upon Allan’s prick even harder and faster….sitting up slightly, she drove his prick even deeper into her pussy….Allan raised up slightly and began to suck and nibble on her tits, sucking her nipple into his mouth and massaging it with his tongue.

“Ohhh….suck it, Allan, suck it hard,” moaned Tracey, as she continued to work her pussy up and down his rigid prick. “That’s it….That’s it,” gasped Tracey.

Allan gripped her hips and began to thrust his prick into her hot pussy at a furious pace…..he felt Tracey’s body begin to tremble as she yelled, “OOHHhhhhh…….I’m going to cum……harder, fuck me harder……..AAggggghhh….I’m cummmiiing….cummminnng,” gasped Tracey as she collapsed on his chest. Allan felt his prick erupt and spew his cum into Tracey’s pussy as she hugged him, pressing her pussy down on his spewing cock as hard as she could….milking the cum out of it.

As they lay there spent, Susan laid down beside them, draping her arm over them, and giving Allan a deep kiss. “You guys were beautiful,” said Susan. “I thought I was going to cum just watching you.” Tracey turned her head on Allan’s chest so she could look at Susan….Susan leaned in and gave Tracey a deep kiss thrusting her tongue into Tracey’s mouth. Pulling back Susan smiled at Tracey and asked, “How are you liking camping out, little sister?’

Tracey chuckled, “It’s great….I just didn’t know it could be so exhausting.” Allan laughed, Tracey said, “Oh, that feels good….I can feel your prick move when you laugh.” Tracey gave Allan a quick kiss, “I can understand why Susan likes that ‘Little Fellow’ so much.” Tracey rolled off Allan and his prick now only semi-hard plopped out of her pussy, scattering cum and pussy juices on his stomach and thighs. Tracey leaned over him and said, “Susan and I need to clean you up,” as she licked the cum off his legs. Susan took his limp prick in her mouth and proceeded to suck and lick it clean.

“Oh God…that feels good,” moaned Allan. “This is just our first day, you two may have to carry me home in a basket after three days of this.”

Susan laughed, his prick still in her mouth but now soft and flaccid, “Don’t worry, we won’t let our little fellow get too tired out.”

After the kid had stowed the groceries in the trunk of the car, Tracey thanked him and drove out of the market parking lot and headed back to the State Park. “It’s a good thing it’s a beautiful day,” thought Tracey, “I don’t think my pussy could have taken another day of having to stay in the tent.” Tracey smiled to herself as she thought of the day before….. considering the whole day and evening, Allan had screwed her three times, before they had finally gone to sleep last night. “Lord, he screwed Susan at least three times as well,” she chuckled to herself, “he needed a rest today.”

When they woke this morning, it was beautiful….brilliant sunshine and very little wind. Tracy had volunteered to make a grocery run….it would give Allan and Susan some time alone….so Tracey wasn’t in any hurry to get back. At the Park, Tracey pulled in to the lot for the Park Lodge, she wanted to visit the gift shop and pick up something for Mom and Grandma. She also wanted a souvenir for herself, to help remind her of this camping trip. Tracey smiled to herself as she parked the car, thinking, “They probably don’t have the perfect souvenir, a penis shaped dildo.”

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