No Problem Sis

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, or non-consensual sex.


I had always been sleight, right up until in my thirties when I stopped smoking and put weight on. At eighteen, for example, I was five feet four-inch and weighed only seven stone (about ninety-eight pounds).

This is useful to know, to understand how the events about to be described were possible. You see, it’s quite probable that some would not believe that a sister who was only eighteen months older than them, would be able to get the better of her younger brother, but it is definitely possible. I know, as it happened to me.

One afternoon in the summer, I had been out with the guys during the holidays, just having fun with mates, doing dumb stuff, swimming in a nearby lake, riding bikes. The stuff you do when rare hot weather hits.

Upon getting back to the house, I really needed a piss so I simply headed straight to the bathroom. Now, the bathroom in our house was an odd affair. The houses had been originally built without bathrooms, with one of the two downstairs rooms having a cooker and a pantry in it. You bathed in a tin bath, brought out once a week, and filled with hot water from the stove and kettle. They were literally, a three up, two down, terraced house with a drop toilet in the backyard outbuilding.

At some point before my time, each house on the block had had an extension built off the back, providing a purpose-built kitchen at ground level, and a ‘bathroom’ above it. However, because the bathroom was built off the back, you had to go through the back bedroom to use it. Yes, weird.

So, my mum and stepdad used the front bedroom, my sister the box room, and myself and my brother, the back bedroom. Apparently, it was more appropriate to disturb us to use the loo, than my sister or parents. This did lead to occasionally getting glimpses of something we shouldn’t, during someone’s mad dash to the loo, but that’s another story.

Where was I? Oh yes, I needed a piss! I headed to my room, ran through and into the bathroom, I was about to turn around to lock the door, and, shit, my sister was in the bathroom just having got off the loo. I stood dumbstruck as she finished up wiping her pussy with her back to me, screaming for me to get out. I didn’t move, not necessarily because I was hoping to see something, I had simply frozen.

She threw the tissue into the toilet and flushed it, pulled up her knickers under her skirt, and stared at me livid, almost foaming at the mouth. She then stormed towards me, I flinched as she passed, thinking a was going to get slapped, but then she stopped, paused…..and locked the door.

What was she doing! I slowly turned towards her, she was bright red in the face, almost purple, but then relaxed and a grin started to form. She told me I needed to be punished, and that we could start by copying the embarrassment, she would watch me piss and wipe up. Nervously, I told her that guys don’t normally wipe their cock after pissing, they simply shake it. She flared up again shouting that she didn’t care how I did it but I’m going to take a fucking piss for her.

I had never seen her this crazy so I just thought, get it over with quickly, no big deal if she sees my cock. So I walked Magosa Escort over to the loo, with my back to her, as she had been with me, and got my cock out. She yelled at me to turn to the side, she wanted me to know she could see my cock as I pissed, to be as embarrassed as her. I did as I was told, and when finished, just zipped up and went towards the sink to wash.

A little confused by now, as she still hadn’t turned and left the room. I dried my hands and turned to pass her but she looked deep in thought, like there was a struggle going on in her mind. I was just about to squeeze past her when she calmly, with no audible emotion, told me to lie down on the bathroom floor and shut up!

I wasn’t sure what she had planned but the calmness of her voice was worrying, and quite intimidating too, so I did as she said. She then moved above my head, facing towards me, I looked up to see what she was doing and, shit!, it hadn’t occurred to me that I would be able to see straight up her skirt. Her pussy was just behind that fabric!

I looked away quickly thinking fuck, she’s going to go mental that I’ve looked up her skirt. She screamed again, this time that I was a dirty little bastard only interested in pussy, but that she could fix that. She lifted her skirt, she couldn’t see where I was looking with it lifted, so I risked an intentional look. I’d only seen flashes of hers in her knickers as she went to the loo before. I hadn’t ever had a serious girlfriend either, so this was the nearest that I’d ever had a pussy, even covered, to my face.

She started to lower herself and I got totally confused, what the hell was she playing at. She got closer and closer, until I could smell the scent of her pussy, and then lowered herself onto my face. What the fuck was she doing! And that smell, I didn’t like it at all (a sentiment that would change dramatically over the next few years).

Unsure what to do I just lay there, like when someone who you’re unsure about hugs you, what do I do with my arms? Should I resist and attempt to pull her off? Or should I go with it, whilst the smell of her pussy was unpleasant to me at the time, I still had a girl’s pussy pretty much smothering my mouth, and I could feel she was getting wet. Whilst naïve, I knew that was a sign of her getting aroused.

Soon, she started to rub herself against my nose and face, and then leaned forward to get, what I now realise was, a better angle on her clit. I decided that I should try to take advantage of the situation and get a good look at her pussy. If I played this right, maybe I may get to see her tits too, I had always been fascinated with tits since my cousin showed me adult magazines.

So I slid a hand along the inside of one of her legs, which were either side of my chest as she rode my face. I reached her knickers, which by now were very warm and wet, and pushed them aside. Having no clue how to do it, I just stuck out my tongue and licked at her pussy. She clearly enjoyed it though as she repositioned herself on it, and let out an animal-like moan.

Suddenly, she stood up, I thought I was going to get it bad for sliding her panties aside and licking her, but I was wrong. She simply removed them, lifted her skirt again, and dropped down onto Kıbrıs Escort my face, barking at me that I’m a dead man if I tell anyone about this. I got a really good view of her pussy on the way down, as she sat on my face I pushed my tongue as hard as I could into what I guessed was her entrance, it was. My tongue sank in as far as I could extend it, whilst I still wasn’t into the smell, the taste was fantastic.

She leaned forward again as before, to get a better angle on my face and tongue. I reached in between her thighs again and stroked them on the way to her pussy. Once I reached her, I then focused around her lips with my fingertips, she took my hand with one of hers and circled her lips with it, obviously guiding me to how she liked it best as she moaned again.

From this position, with her hands now on the floor beside me, she was hovering pretty close to my cock. She must have noticed the small tent created in my shorts. I’ve never been big but I’ve always been able to get rock hard, and this time was no exception. She started to stroke my cock through the material, just the tip to start with, but it was amazing. I’d only had sex with my hand before and I was totally taken by surprise at how much better it felt to have someone do it TO you. Even through shorts, it felt electric, and it didn’t take her long to realise that shorts had an easy access.

After a few moments of stroking my cock through the material, whilst I licked at her pussy like the nectar was going out of fashion, she reached inside my shorts, under my briefs, and connected with my balls. I shuddered at the sensation and she pressed harder onto my tongue in response. I can still vividly remember extending my tongue beyond her pussy to her clit, before licking back towards me and sinking it into her now dripping pussy. The texture of her pussy walls on my tongue, the heat, the taste, almost sent me over the top. Her response as I licked over her nub was such a turn-on! I couldn’t believe I was having that effect on her, my sister. She was having a pretty damn good effect on me though too.

She then pulled at my shorts, trying to get them down, I needed to lift my ass off the floor to allow them to move and as I did, she leaned down and nibbled my cock through the shorts. My cock jumped in response and anticipation as to what that meant, was she planning on sucking my cock? My mind was racing and I began to panic about whether I could last, I was already excited beyond that I had ever been before. Like the first time I experienced porn compared to reading dad’s novels, or the first cine 8 porn film I had found and shown to the whole street accidentally, but that’s another story.

Shorts off, and before I could lower my arse back to the bathroom floor, she engulfed my cock head in her mouth. That was by far the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt in my life, her mouth was alive, her tongue probed my head and into my slit. If being touched by someone else was a step-change over touching yourself, then this was a quantum leap over being touched by anyone else. She bit it gently and it sent shock waves up my cock. As my arse returned to the cold tiles, my cock stopped lowering and her head continued on to take it completely into her mouth.

She Lefkoşa Escort snapped at me to not stop what I was doing to her pussy, I hadn’t realised that getting head, and what seemed like very experienced head, from my sister of all people, had totally distracted me from the task at hand. I re-focused, flicking her nub with my tongue, and now reached around to her ass and pulled her pussy towards me, burying my tongue as deep as I could, then relaxing and playing with her nub again. Drawing circles with my tongue, then flicking it rapidly, then pulling her in again to bury it deep in her juices. I was in heaven, she seemed to be too.

Meanwhile, she had forced her mouth down onto my cock as far as she could, her elbows were now propping her up and her hands were round the back of my legs playing with my balls. She kept pulling me closer and then I felt my balls drawn into her mouth, just about held there by her top lip as she continued to swirl her tongue around the base of my cock, my tip nearly in her throat. I can’t even understand how she did it but it felt incredible.

We were both getting close, I could feel the point of no return approaching and I selfishly wanted to make sure I came before her, I knew that all this was on impulse and that it would be over as soon as she came. I moved my hands from her arse to her head and started pumping, pulling her hard onto my cock., my balls fell out of her mouth but I didn’t care. A few more pumps and I’d be gone, no way of failing to cum, I pumped, harder, one more, then oh my god I came. I just held her head there with my cock buried deep and pulsating, pumping into the back of her mouth, maybe her throat, I didn’t know, or care, it just felt so damn good.

She must have had a similar thought, as now she was riding my face hard. I kept my tongue out, trying to hit her nub, but she wasn’t even attempting to hit it. She just rode harder and harder, crying out words I couldn’t make out as she got closer and close to climax. She suddenly just stopped, clamped up, her legs squeezed my head so hard I thought my eyes were going to pop. Her legs were quivering and I felt juices running onto my face and into my mouth, they tasted divine. Eventually, she started to get up, more juices ran into my mouth as we decoupled. My whole body felt like it never had before and I was exhausted.

I was now very cautious of what might happen next. I knew from experience that when I wanked, my horn left for a while. What was she going to do, she clearly couldn’t tell mum, or our step-dad. If anything, she may be worrying that I might. Could I exploit this, threaten to tell, hell she had just about raped me. I knew I had to test the water though, see how she reacted before deciding anything, so I waited.

We both got to our feet, and I remember stupidly thinking, wow, she swallowed, how cool is that! We both picked up our discarded clothes and I moved to unlock the door without getting dressed yet, my bedroom was only the other side of the door. She put on her panties in the bathroom as I cautiously looked back into the room. Damn, I hadn’t seen her tits, I thought to myself.

I turned away as she started out of the bathroom, her whole demeanor had changed. She sheepishly walked into my room, and as she passed me she paused, turned her head half towards me and apologised, and added that we should forget it ever happened. I simply replied, “No problem Sis,” as she continued and left my room. I couldn’t help but smile slightly at the thought of opportunities that may arise in the near future, the very near future.

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