Night of lust and passion with old flame_(1)

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I paid the cashier for the 20 roses and picked a box of Ferro Rocher. Today was extremely special , I was meeting my college hottie Suzy after 20 years. I was as excited as a 17 year old going on his first date. Thinking about her I got a boner . I still remember the first day of the class when she walked in , there was pin drop silence in the class. The guys had their mouths open with tongues hanging out and the girls were burning in jealousy.

Suzy was the most sought after girl in college. I tried hard but did not succeed , we became good friends though. Not banging her was one regret I carried all through life. Many girls walked in and out of my life and I banged quite a few of them but nobody came close to Suzy. She was really something, she was always looking fresh and beautiful. She did not require any make up, she had flawless skin and whatever she wore looked great on her. She was of medium height , silky hair, grey eyes and a permanent smile on her face.She had lot of friends and was good at heart.

Suzy found me on FB and asked me to meet her. I was surprised when she invited me to her house. I rang the bell. It was the moment of truth…The door opened…
Suzy had not changed much….She still looked like a hot 30 year old with the right amount of fat in the right places. She gave me a big 5000 w smile. She asked me why 20 roses and I told her about the 20 years…

She was wearing my favorite combination, denims and a white top. The black bra underneath accentuated her big perky breasts. Her cleavage was awesome and I could not take off my eyes .She laughed loudly , winked and bayan escort gaziantep said some things have not changed. We discussed our lives and we started discussing college days. Even though I used to speak to Suzy during college days I never had the guts to propose to her. I told her that. She gave me a wink and told me that she knew I had the hots for her. It was my turn to laugh. I told her you are still hot and will always remain hot for me
She was clearly flattered and came and set besides me. She gave me a hug. I put my hands around her and gave her a nice squeeze. She started letting go…..I told her I need a kiss …that was the least she could give…

She hugged and gave me a long wet kiss. My hands started exploring her back and went inside her shirt and reached her strap. I unhooked it. I opened her top 3 buttons…She said no…We are going too far. I started kissing her cheeks and slowly moved down her neck and my hands were busy with her breasts. I located her nipples and found they were becoming hard. Suzy was moaning

I opened her top and threw it away , the breasts were finally free and I dived into the juicy ripe mangoes. After 20 years my fantasy was getting fulfilled and I would finally savor the fruits of a 20 year wait…

I squeezed her nipples with my thumb and then kissed her nipples. Her nipples were rock hard. She put her arms and around me and kissed my lips and cheeks. She opened my shirt and kissed my chest and sucked on my nipples. Her arms were now over my trousers and stroking my cock. I was becoming hard. I kissed her forehead , cheeks , the back of her neck. I turned her around and kissed her back and felt her breasts and soft tummy. I opened the button of her denims and unzipped them. I shoved my hands and felt fer pussy, it was soft and clean shaven. I stroked her pussy a bit and it was already moist. I pushed her denims down and looked at her spectacular round ass. I felt her ass they were perfect. She was moaning already and asking me not to stop. I freed her from her denims and she was now completely naked.

I soaked in her nudity , she looked like a Greek goddess. I thanked God for fulfilling my long desired fantasy. I was finally going to nail Suzy. She looked at me said are you going to keep looking or going to do something also. She walked upto me and removed all my clothes.

She gave me a loving hug and started stroking my cock. My cock was hard and standing tall. She moved closer to me and our heights were just right. My cock went straight into her pussy. She caressed my ass and spanked it and kissed me at the same time. I finished kissing her and bit her nipples. She screamed mildly and said don’t be rough.
She took my hand and led me to the bedroom. She asked me to stroke her and she stroked me. She looked deep into my eyes and I looked deep into her eyes. I realized that she wanted to fuck me as bad as I wanted to fuck her. She read my thoughts and said yes I always wanted to fuck you and make you happy but didn’t have the courage to do so.

She was moist and her juices were flowing , her head was resting on my shoulders and she was biting me and scratching my back. The first waves of orgasm were hitting her. She closed her eyes and was practically hissing like a snake. Her breasts had grown bigger and her nipples hard and stiff and pointing towards the sky. I was mesmerizedI by her breasts and savagely kissed them She came in waves and her juices came like a tsunami.

I felt the pressure rising in my cock.She took my cock anf started licking it like a real pro, she kissed the tip and swallowed me completely, she played with my balls and kissed them. The feeling was sensational and I wanted her to continue but I stopped her. I wanted to cum inside her and deposit all my sperms inside her.

She pushed me on the bed and sat on my face. I licked her pussy and fingered her clitoris. She was getting her second orgasm I teased her area around the pussy and ass. She started screaming and said don’t stop continue. She turned around and got into a 69 position. She started sucking my cock like a lollypop. Ten minutes later the second orgasm hit her . She turned around and rammed her pussy on my face and said continue don’t stop, you are damn good.

As the orgasm receded she become normal and demanded that I fuck her brains out. She grabbed my cock and shoved it in her pussy. She started bouncing up and down. She kissed and thrust her breasts in my mouth and asked me to bite them. She got up and asked me to get on top of her. I grabbed her legs and pushed them over my shoulders and entered her. The feeling of my balls hitting her pussy was simply divine. The thup thup sound was simply divine. I turned her around and did it doggy style.
I came in big spurts and collapsed on top of her.

I played with her silky hair , she turned around and said gimme more

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32