Night at Amber’s Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

The Finale

The bedroom lights were dimmed when the three submissives entered. Their mistress, Amber, was lying on the bed completely nude, drinking a glass of wine. Seeing her slaves, Amber stood and fastened her pride and joy, a 14-inch strapon, to her slim hips. She motioned for the three to kneel in child’s pose on the bed with their hands behind their backs, assholes exposed. Once each of them was securely trussed, Amber smeared wine on her strapon, stepped up to the bed, and shifted the silicon penis into her first victim’s ass, Kashton.

Kashton groaned as the strapon embedded itself in his ass. Since he had not had his ass stretched at all that night, it felt like he was being fucked by a horse. Yet Amber continued to grind her hips, working all 14 inches into his lower bowel. Abruptly, she pulled out, eliciting a grunt from Kashton as his ass gaped for a moment. Moving quickly to her right, Amber used her moment to slide the strapon into Jasmine’s ass. Worked open as it was, the strapon had no trouble penetrating to the hilt. Amber leaned back to give herself a better view and watched as the strapon spread Jasmine’s brown hole, pulling the skin around it in and out each time it passed through. With her hands harnessed behind her back, Jasmine had no outlet for her sexual eagerness except to close her eyes and feel the pressure of the monster filling her up completely.

After a couple minutes, both Amber and Jasmine were sweating and breathing heavily. Amber placed her hands on Jasmine’s hips and pulled all 14 inches out of her ass, making a loud sucking noise. Due to the intense anal play, Jasmine’s sphincter failed to close completely, allowing some of the bedroom’s cold air to flow into her bowel. Amber paused to look at the now-gaping ass and to admire her handiwork. Then shifting once more to her right, she positioned the strapon at the entrance of Dax’s ass, who had been kneeling on the bed with growing sexual excitement. A quick thrust later and Amber was pistoning bahis siteleri in and out of his ass. After the relatively small 9-inch strapon and Kara’s gorgeous penis, the 14-incher spread Dax’s ass to new limits, causing him to shake with orgasm only a few minutes following penetration. In response, Amber reached down, grasped Jasmine by her neck, and pushed her face into the small pool of Dax’s cum on the bed, forcing her to smear the sticky goo all over her face and breasts.

Suddenly, the clock rang ten. Startled, Amber looked up and remembered her presentation at the bank in the morning. She stood up, pulling her strapon out of Dax’s ass. Then, she ordered her submissives to stand up and position themselves in a line, one behind the other. Walking forward, she grabbed Dax’s erection and placed it at Jasmine’s anal entrance. Similarly, she handled Kashton’s erection and lined it up with Dax’s ass. Once everyone was in place, she laid both hands on Kashton’s ass cheeks, spread them wide, and thrust into his welcoming ass. The force of the initial thrust was such that Kashton’s hips shot forward, causing his own hard pole to pierce Dax’s anal sphincter, which, in turn, drove Dax into Jasmine’s backdoor. Soon, all four anal enthusiasts were grunting as Amber set the pace in the anal fuck. Jasmine’s eyes were glassy and her pussy moist as she felt the intensity of Amber’s thrusts, delivered through both Dax’s and Kashton’s asses. Behind her, Dax was enjoying the sight of his penis burying itself in Jasmine’s ass, opening her sphincter more with each drive. At the same time, Kashton was gasping as his mistress’ 14-inch strapon mercilessly speared his bowels, forcing his rock-hard penis forward to conquer Dax’s ass. Throughout all of this, Amber continued thrusting, feeling her orgasm grow as she watched her sex slaves anally fuck each other senseless. Sensing the release, Amber made one last, furious drive into Kashton’s ass, pushing her strapon to the hilt and crying out as her orgasm shot through her canlı bahis siteleri body. Kashton felt the pressure and responded with an orgasm of his own, pumping his seed into Dax’s asshole. This was mirrored by Dax, who spasmed, pulled his penis out of Jasmine’s ass and jerked his sticky cum all down her back, ass, and legs. The sensations became too much for poor Jasmine, causing her legs to buckle and for her to black out on the floor in the midst of her orgasm, covered in Dax’s cum.

Once the four had recovered and Jasmine had reawakened, the slaves were sent to clean themselves up and prepare for bed. Amber wanted to get an early start in the morning. Kashton and Jasmine returned first, were both secured inside their chastity belts, and then locked inside their sleeping cages. Using a pulley, Amber raised the cages up off the floor, leaving the two suspended like animals for the night. Dax came back a few minutes later and was similarly restrained. Lying back in bed, Amber took one last look at her resting submissives, thinking about the evening’s activities. Then, turning off the light, she closed her eyes and began to dream…

…the dream took place in a garden with nymphs and centaurs. The nymphs were beautiful, naked girls running around the garden, laughing and being chased by centaurs. Each time one of the centaurs would catch a nymph, he would unsheathe his massive penis and slowly press it into the nymph’s waiting ass. All over the garden there were nymphs being ass fucked by handsome centaurs. The sound of sensual moaning and delighted screaming filled the small valley. Amber appeared in the midst of all this, completely naked. A bunch of nymphs and centaurs turned and noticed her. Amber felt her cheeks redden as the assorted creatures eyed her round breasts and shaved pussy. Walking up to her, one of the nymphs grasped her head with both hands and pulled her face forward, kissing her passionately, exploring her mouth with her tongue. Behind her, Amber felt her hips being canlı bahis lifted up by strong, centaur arms, and a huge penis being inserted into her ass. At the same time, she felt another centaur underneath the nymph kissing her thrust his penis into her pussy, eliciting a sexual cry. Soon, Amber had multiple centaur penises in her ass and pussy, with nymphs sucking and milking her breasts, and trading deep, sensual kisses. Amber cried out her sexuality and awoke with a start…

Looking around her dark bedroom, Amber could hear the quiet breathing of her slaves and feel the velvety smooth sensation of her female juices running down her leg and onto the hand that had been furiously fisting her pussy. While she had been dreaming, Dax had awakened to the sound of his mistress’ pleasure. Quickly becoming sexually excited once more, Dax brought himself up onto his hands and knees inside his cage, reached back to spread his ass cheeks with his left hand, and began to finger fuck his own ass with his right. After only a few minutes, his ass started to accept more and more of his hand, eventually allowing him to slip it all the way up to the wrist. Gasping for air now, Dax began to fist his ass, pulling out until the sphincter widened and then driving his hand back in. With his anus burning and his mistress twitching on her bed in the throes of pleasure, Dax grunted and ejaculated into his chastity belt. Guiltily looking around to see if anyone noticed his final orgasm, Dax laid back down inside his cage, quickly falling asleep.

The next morning, Amber brought down the cages and released her slaves to go about their duties for the day. Then, unlocking Jasmine’s chastity belt, she gave Jasmine an early morning pussy fuck with her 9-inch strapon before relocking the belt and hurriedly driving off to work. Jasmine smiled as her mistress drove off, thinking that she wanted no other life than to be Amber’s sexual plaything. It gave her the freedom to be who she really was. Turning, she walked back into the kitchen to help Dax and Kashton clean up. In the car, Amber was also smiling, partly contemplating her upcoming presentation at the bank, and partly thinking about what she do to her sex slaves that night.

The End.

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