Niece’s Decision Ch. 02

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Quickly drying off, she reached for the phone expecting, at the very least, appreciation for her bravery. To her surprise and somewhat hurt feelings, there was just a frowny emoji. Immediately she felt self-conscious of her body.

Even though she worked out daily, she still had a scar from the C-section on her tummy and though it was flat and hard to see, in the right light it was certainly distinct. Her breasts were not large, coming in at a nice 34B, but that didn’t stop every man she met from trying to get a peek at them even when she was a teen. Finally her thoughts turned to her “kitty”, she was taught to hate the word pussy as that implied something dirty, since after all “Only hos have pussies”, her mom’s words echoed in her head. She had to admit, her “kitty” was unkempt since after all who would ever see it? Darian preferred it slightly trimmed, for some reason completely shaved made him uneasy and the first time he saw it, he refused to have sex with her until a nice sized bush grew back.

Still she felt she exposed herself to this… this strange and in return he frowned at her?! Her thoughts quickly turned from surprise and embarrassment to anger.

“Who the fuck does he think he is?!”

“How dare he?!”

As she kept typing and erasing the messages, she heard another ding and with renewed anger, looked at the incoming text:

“You must not think I did not enjoy the picture, I did. The frown was the ease with which you exposed yourself to me. I enjoy unwrapping my presents, not having it thrown in my face. In time, you will learn this, among other things that go along with pleasing a man, not boys.”

The text was wordy but to the point. She didn’t know what to think now. He was right, she has always dated boys and having dated Darian for a large part of her dating life, she only dated a very immature boy. He never took the time with her, it was almost a rush with him to strip her naked. At first she enjoyed the raw desire but soon she found it boring as he expected her to be naked as soon as he made some mention that he was horny. She sighed to herself and stared at the phone, she felt she could still turn around and not go down this road. All she had to do was reply with something as casual as “Never mind” but she couldn’t, she wanted to know more, to experience more and so with another sigh she replied “I want to know more”.

His response was even more to the point.

“Meet me at Café Brioche on 13th and Main at 7 PM tomorrow. I expect you to dress appropriately and not to embarrass me. Wear a nice black dress, comfortable evening shoes, and make sure you are groomed everywhere.”

She heard of the place but has never been inside. A quick google search reminded her that from time to time she would pass it driving somewhere but never dared go in. It always seemed tuzla escort so “bourgy” inside and given the lack of funds, she had to remain curious. Still she saw the “clientele” that would go inside, the way the women dressed, the cars they drove, the way they carried themselves…she had to admit she felt a tinge of jealousy. Her mom always joked that she should have been born to a rich family with her tastes and desires for LV purses, Porsche SUV, Jimmy Choo shoes, the list went on and on.

“Why wasn’t she one of them?” The “chosen” ones. The ones that were gifted brand new BMWs for their 16th birthday instead of bus passes. The ones that went on trips to Europe on “daddy’s dime” instead of having to loan their fathers money. “It wasn’t fair” she decided silently and she was going to seize the opportunity in front of her.

Daneeka knew she did not have the designer dresses that were worn in that place but she still had a decent dress that was a present from her grandmother for her 21st birthday. It was a longer than she was used to wearing, only slightly below the knee, and so has not gotten much use in the last year. She remembered rolling her eyes when she first got it but now she was glad she decided to hang on to it. The shoes were not going to be a problem either which left only the last task and of course finding someone to babysit her two little rugrats.

She called her mom but she already had plans. With her grandmother out of town for the next week, there was only one person she could call who she can trust to feed the kids, get them to bed, etc. Slowly, almost in a haze, she picked up the phone and scrolled to “Auntie” and hit dial.

“Hi Auntie, it’s your favorite niece! How are ya?”

“Uh oh, what does my favorite niece want?” came the reply with a soft chuckle in the voice.

“Oh nothing just a small favor… you want to see the kiddos tomorrow night? I had some unexpected plans pop up…”

“Sure! It’s been a while and it just so happens my evening is wide open so you’re in luck.”

Daneeka couldn’t resist even though she knew better…”Oh you and Andrew aren’t doing anything? How come?”

“Nah, not tomorrow. He said this morning he had plans for the evening and I just left it at that. Sometimes the secret to staying together is spending time apart niece! Remember that. But enough about my boring life, tell me about your secret plans… what’s his name?” Auntie Lisa chuckled at her own joke, not realizing how close to home the question hit.

“Oh no it’s nothing like that, just a few high school girlfriends going out.” Daneeka mumbled and then remembered to add “thanks, sorry got to run” and quickly hung up the phone.

This wasn’t the first time she lied to her aunt and wasn’t going to be the last. However that was far from her mind at the moment, something tuzla escort bayan her aunt said didn’t make sense to her. “How could he know in the morning that he was going to be busy tomorrow night?” she knew she did not reply until the afternoon and so there was only possible explanation, he knew she would say yes. He knew. She had to repeat that to herself another time for it to sink in.

She lay back in her bed, towel still covering her otherwise naked body and stretched out. She knew a lot of cocky boys, was constantly surrounded by them from her father with his get rich quick schemes to Darian with overcompensating male bravado, his never ending desire to remind everyone that he was “street tough”. All that turned her on at first but as her grannie used to say “there was more holes in his boasting than in Swiss cheese”. Eventually it all wore thin and she started to find it more and more annoying but she kept her mouth shut. She was raised better and knew better but on the inside she almost started to find the empty claims amusing.

“No,” she thought to herself “this was different. This wasn’t cockiness, this was confidence. He knew what I wanted better than I did.” The thought sent shivers down her spine and without realizing she reached down to her crotch. To her surprise, she found herself fairly wet and it didn’t take long before she was feverishly rubbing her lips, occasionally slipping a finger in. Within minutes she was writhing on the bed, biting her lower lip and finally burying her face in the pillow, trying not to scream with little success.

Lucky for her the kids were at her brother’s house, playing with their little cousins and she had the house to herself for the next couple of hours, an occasion not to be missed as it was not common and rarely lasted long. Part of her wanted to continue lying in bed, playing with her now extremely sensitive clit, licking her fingers as she continued to dip them in and out, she knew she had things to do if she was going to make her “appointment” tomorrow.

She got the black dress out and ironed it, making sure there were no wrinkles. She looked through her closet and eventually found a black, lacy thong and bra set that she bought for Darian but never got a chance to wear. She ran her fingers through the material; it felt a little coarse to the touch never having been worn. She thought about exposing herself to Andrew, wondered what he would think of the outfit she put together at his request.

The rest of the evening passed in a blur, she got dressed, made dinner, her brother Leon called and said he and his wife were on their way with the kiddos but was running a bit late. This left her some time to clean up and get some stuff together to bring over to her Auntie’s house for the kids the following night. Eventually her family escort tuzla came over; they had a nice dinner though her mind was elsewhere. More than once her sister in law had to repeat a question which was a pet peeve of hers. Finally, exasperated, she exclaimed:

“Daneeka are you high or something? What’s wrong with you girl?!”

Daneeka realized she was dipping a piece of chicken into the Gerber food she was trying to feed her kids. Blushing, she quickly replied:

“Oh naw, it’s nothing like that. Just under the weather, you know how it is girl. All that heat.”

They carried on the conversation without her after that as she found herself staring at the door to the bedroom, behind which the outfit was still laid out. Her thoughts continued to wander yet all seemed to converge on tomorrow night.

“What would happen at the restaurant?”

“Is he brave enough to try something there?”

“What if he doesn’t show?”

“What if he doesn’t like what he sees?”

“How would he even see anything?”

Her brother was a lot more intuitive than her sister in law and soon after dinner was over reminded his wife that the kids need to get to bed else they’ll be up all night again. He told his wife to go get the car started and he would be out in a minute. Taking his sister aside, he leaned over and asked if everything was all right. She assured him that of course she was fine, just under the weather as she said earlier.

Daneeka shared everything with her brother, they were only a year apart and grew up feeling like the world was against them, but she couldn’t share this. No, she couldn’t. He would certainly tell her it’s a terrible idea and likely be the one meeting Andrew in the dimly lit café. No, this would only end in tears. As much as she loved her brother, she knew he wouldn’t understand what she was going through.

Somewhat content with her answer, Leon left. The kids must have sensed that something was off or they were just exhausted from playing with their cousins all day, regardless she had little trouble getting them to sleep. The same could not be said for her. She tossed and turned in bed for over an hour before simply succumbing to exhaustion.

Daneeka never really dreamt much less dreamt of anything aside from showing up to class without her homework or at the very worst, naked. This night was certainly different, more than once she would wake up from a dream where Andrew was kissing her, caressing her body, slowly exploring every nook, every crevice, she could almost feel his cock against her and she would slowly spread her legs… only to wake up clutching the pillow. All in all she woke up exhausted, feeling as if she didn’t sleep at all, her only reminder of the dreams were the soaked panties she wore to bed.

She opened her eyes and thought “This is it, today is the day.” A twinge of guilt cascaded through her body, she knew this was likely going to hurt a few people but she couldn’t help herself. She had to know if this was all just a fantasy built up in her head or if this was something real.

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