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Air Lock

Nicole’s friend made a beautiful bride. But all she can think about is her own loneliness. She sighs as she sees Mike and Karen making out and grinding against each other on the dance floor. He was supposed to be her date, but she broke up with him after catching him fucking her friend Karen. Nicole being only 4’10” tall having only small B cup tits, feels she can’t compete with Karen, who’s a 5’11”, long legged blonde with big Double D tits. So Nicole really doesn’t want talk to anyone. She just sits off to the side when the dancing and partying start.

For some reason, Nicole notices a man looking at her, and she blushes slightly. He is older than her, and she remembers hearing that he is the uncle of the groom. He smiles at her and her blush gets more intense. She thinks “Why is he looking at me??” Nicole is embarrassed so she looks down to break eye contact with him. When she looks up, he is gone.

A few minutes later, someone sits down next to her. It’s him! He introduces himself, and holds his hand out to her. As Nicole gently takes his hand, she feels the most incredible rush of desire. Her nipples harden, and she soaks her panties so fast that it almost feels like she had an accident.

He smiles in a very sexy way, and she blushes again. He has not let go of her hand, and the desire is increasing. She rather abruptly pulls her hand away, and she looks down in embarrassment. That’s when she notices the bulge in the front of his suit pants. He reaches out and lifts Nicole’s chin, and looks right into her beautiful dark eyes.

“May I have this dance?” He asks. She starts to say no, but he touches a single finger to her lips. “I won’t take no for an answer, beautiful.” He takes her hand and leads her out onto the dance floor.

The song is a slow ballad. He pulls Nicole close, and she feels his hand slide into the small of her back, as his other hand gently strokes her dark hair. She instinctively wraps her arms around tightly his neck, and she nestles her face into his chest. He smells incredible, like clean soap and ginger.

As you dance, he pulls bostancı escort her tighter. She can feel his bulge against her stomach, fanning her growing desire. She has never felt this way before. As the song ends, she doesn’t want to let go. He takes her hand and they walk off the dance floor.

They don’t stop at the chairs, He leads Nicole into the lobby of the hotel, straight to the elevators. She follows, unresisting. As the doors open he pulls Nicole inside, and into his arms again. His kiss is gentle, but very intense. Nicole opens her mouth and his tongue invades, dancing against hers.

As their lips part, he says “I have been watching you all night, Nicole. You are incredibly beautiful.” As he kisses her again, the elevator stops, and the doors open.

Nicole suddenly realizes that he is taking her to a room, and the thought of what is to come excites her even more. As the room door opens, he turns to her and says “We can stop and go back to the party.” She pauses for a second, and then shyly shakes her head. He leads her into the room, closes the door and pulls her to him again.

As he kisses her, he drops his suit coat on the floor. Next is his tie, then his shoes. Nicole feels his hands unzip her dress, and he slowly slides it off of her shoulders, exposing her small b cup breasts encased a strapless bra. As she realizes that he really wants her, she grows bolder. She unbuttons his shirt, and pushes it off his shoulders. She runs her fingers lightly through his chest hair, and then pulls him to her. Pressing her nose into his chest, she inhales. Ginger…. he smells like ginger.

Nicole tenses slightly as she feels him release the hooks on her bra. She is embarrassed again, and her hands come up to hold the bra in place, trying to hide her petite breasts. He removes her hands and she feels her hard nipples rub against his chest.

He slowly guides Nicole backwards, kissing her and caressing her bare back. He lays her down on the bed, and unrolls the real stockings that her mother insisted upon büyükçekmece escort from her legs. Nicole realizes that she is wet with desire that her panties are translucent. She knows he can see every fold of her pussy. Suddenly, she realizes that her desire has overcome her shyness, and she sit up and unfastens his belt and unhooks his suit pants.

As Nicole pulls off his underwear, his long, hard eight inch cock almost hits her in the face. She cups his balls in her left hand, and she takes his cock in her right, slowly stroking up and down. She leans over slightly and licks the head, making him groan softly. Taking just the head in her mouth, she swirls her tongue over it. He stops her, saying “If you keep doing that, this will be over way too soon.”

He pushes Nicole back on the bed and slides her soaking wet panties off. He then spreads her legs, and leans in for a taste. He feels her shudder in anticipation. Then she feels his tongue below her pussy, and as it slowly slides up her slit it’s her turn to moan.

He gently opens up the folds of her pussy with his fingers and tongue, and she feels him slip a finger inside of her. Oh, how she desperately wants his beautiful, big cock buried inside of her! His tongue finds her clit, and his finger starts teasing her g-spot. The orgasm that has been held back comes rushing in. She is so close to cumming! Suddenly he stops.

Nicole hears “Not yet, beautiful.” He starts to tease around the outside of her pussy, and she squirms around, trying to get his tongue back on her clit. He teases her like this until she calms down, and then he slowly moves up her body, stopping to tongue her navel, and to nibble and suck on her tits.

Nicole gasps loudly when she feels his cock touch her pussy. It slides up between the lips, teasing her with its hardness. He presses his hips downward, and his cock rubs against her clit. With passion rising again, she whispers “Please!” He says “You have to ask for what you want, beautiful”. Nicole’s shyness and embarrassment resurface, çekmeköy escort warring with her mounting lust and desire. She wants to feel that hard cock in her now!

She is so turned on it is almost agony. She says “Please!” again, begging him. He responds with “Please what, Nicole?” He continues to stroke on the outside of her pussy, and he leans his head down and gently bites the base of her neck.

Nicole gasps again and says “Please fuck me!” That was what he was waiting for. In one swift stroke he is inside of her. Before now, she had only had two lovers. Neither was anywhere near this big, and she never, ever had sex without a condom before now. The feeling of fullness is intense. One word escapes her lips….”Yesssssssss”.

He pushes deep inside of you, pressing the head of his cock into your cervix, As he holds himself deep in you, he whispers “I am going to fill you full of my cum.” Nicole is not on the pill, and she remembers that her period was about 10 days ago. The thought of feeling his hot seed shooting deep inside of her stirs something very primitive and primal, bringing her closer to orgasm.

He begins to slowly stroke in and out of her, making her moan every time his cock head hits her cervix. Nicole feels her orgasm building from somewhere deep, getting closer and closer to the inevitable explosion. His thrusts get faster, and she feels his balls slapping against her. He suddenly drives deep and she feels his cock swell even larger.

He groans loudly as his hot cum splashes against her cervix, setting off her orgasm. It hits her like a tsunami. She screams as she arches your hips off the bed, driving his spurting cock deeper inside. Nicole feels her cervix spasm, milking the head of his cock and pulling his cum deep into her fertile womb.

She lays there, held tightly in his arms. He nibbles on her earlobe as his softening cock slides out of her. She feels his cum leaking out of her pussy and sliding down between her butt cheeks. She pulls his face to hers and kisses him. Her embarrassment and shyness gone with her orgasm, Nicole says “How long before we can do this again?”

He says “Why…. Are you trying to get pregnant?”

Nicole worries for a moment about his reaction causing her shyness to return for a moment. But she quietly says “Yes.. I want you to make me pregnant.”

He smiles a loving, sexy smile and she notices his cock getting hard again…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32