Nicky Takes Charge Ch. 02

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“So have you tasted male cum before?” Nicky asked.

“I…” I again stammered. I had only known Nicky for a few hours, and she was started to elicit deep dark secrets out of me.

But I could not bring myself to cover it up like I had done with several of my previous failed relationships. If I didn’t cover it up, any change of a typical vanilla boy and girl relationship with this incredibly sexy girl would go out the window. But then again, maybe if I revealed my true self, she might like it?

“Come on, don’t be shy, she prompted.

I got lost into her alluring, captivating hazel eyes, as we lay on the lounge room floor in each other’s arms, having fucked and orally pleasure each other for a few hours earlier in the evening.

Now she was probing to find out more about the real me, and for once I wanted to tell her. She was already making me want to submit to her.

“Yes I have.”

“Oooow. This is exciting!” She replied, grinning.

“Your own, someone else’s, or both?!” She continued.

I paused. “It’s okay, I am bi – I like being with men and women. And I like my boys to be bi to. In fact, I prefer bi men – I love watching too men together.” She added.

“Both…” I replied hesitatingly.

“So in addition to being an amazing pussy licker, you’re an excellent cock sucker as well, right?”

“I guess so. You’d have to ask one of the men I have sucked off…”

“One of, huh? So there’s a long list of men that have made you their bitch! I am getting wet again at the thought…”

My cock began to stiffen as the word ‘bitch’ came out of her mouth.

“Mmmm. You like ‘bitch’, huh?” Nicky said.

“Maybe if you keep pleasing me, I’ll keep you as my bitch…”

She kissed me on the mouth.

“IF, you are very lucky…” She teased, after we had kissed.

“But I expect you to be very, very well behaved. And I will expect you to suck cocks for my pleasure…”, She said.

My cock went fully hard.

“I see you have given me the most honest answer I need! Well, I have an idea. This weekend, there is a festival and concert in a nearby park for Holi – the festival of colours. I went last year and there was lots of hotties without shirts, jumping around and dancing with randoms… Why don’t we go together. Maybe we’ll get luck a meet a fit, well-hung hunk….What do you think?”

“It sounds like it could be fun.”

I couldn’t wait for the weekend to roll around, and when it did I made my way to Nicky’s house early on, wanting to get the party started.

She greeted me at the door with her rusty-gold hair glistening in the sun, and wearing a simple white one piece summer dress with shoulders. It wasn’t particularly clingy and left a bit to the imagination, but it was cut just right to give a hint of her narrow waist and large breasts, which were held nicely up and out by the fabric.

The dress came down to mid-thigh, a bit conservative, but giving an alluring hint of thigh. Despite her sexiness and beauty, what turned me on the most was her white leather, mid-calf ‘fuck me’ boots.

I drank in her sexy outfit and natural beauty and just grinned.

She smiled upon seeing my reaction, and quickly gave a mischievous raising of an eyebrow.

“So, you like my outfit?”

“Very much,” I replied.

I suddenly felt underwhelming in my blue jeans and white t-shirt.

“Should kayseri escort I have dressed diff…” I started, before she cut me off mid-sentence.

“Won’t matter too much later when your naked.”

She sparkled her eyes and raised her eyebrow mischievously again.

“Now listen,” she continued. “We’re ready to go, but…”


“Well… The thought of watching you suck another man off in front of me has had me dripping all night, and I think I need some urgent relief.” She grinned now, knowing full well I’d comply with her order.

I stepped into her doorway, and sat down on her bottom step, leaning back on the stairwell.

“Mmmm, perfect.” She smiled, stalking towards me.

Lifting one leg onto the step two above my head, she stretched her leg over me, lowering herself towards me. It was only as she lifted her leg over my face that I noticed for the first time she was wearing the most amazing crotchless butterfly thong under her dress.

It didn’t cover any of her pussy, but instead had an embroidered butterfly directly above her clit, and two thin straps disappearing through her legs either side of her obviously already sodden pussy. Her magnificent furry bulging lips glistened with her cum.

The two white straps seemed to pull her lips together, but she was so aroused it caused her inner lips to bulge out obscenely…

It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. As she lowered this amazing sight towards my face, my cock bulged uncomfortably against my jeans.

“You like?” She purred…

“Oh god yes!” I replied, diving my tongue into her box.

She pressed forwards, her flexibility showing as she almost did the splits up and down the stairs with her pussy directly above my mouth. She pushed it down onto my mouth, as I carefully licked up and down her lips, and circled her clit.

She suddenly lifted away. “Beg!” She ordered.

“Please, Nicky, I have to taste you!”

“Why should I let you have to pleasure of drinking my amazing cum?” she teased.

“Please, I’ll do anything for it!”

“I know you will!” she replied, again pressing her snatch onto my mouth. I worked her pussy with my tongue, lips and nose, touching her and stimulating her just how I knew would bring her off, and sure enough she soon began to buck, moaning loudly and she orgasmed. This time she came even harder than the first night, and suprised me as she ejaculated directly into my mouth, spurting several squirts of gushing liquid into, and all over my face.

I realised she had also cum all over my t-shirt, and asked her if I should borrow a clean one.

“Leave it on. First, you’re about to get really filthy anyway, and second, I love that I have marked you as my territory like a dog would. You will smell and taste like my pussy all day, and I love it!”

Although there were Holi festival events at various venues across town, the main celebrations were being held in a central park. We eventually arrived at the festival and it was going off already, despite only being mid-day. Huge palls of multicoloured fluorescent powder hung in the air like smoke. We could hear dance music thumping, and from another direction traditional Indian music also drifting across the huge crowd. Arms were flying in the air and every now and then another burst of powdered colour would explode upwards.

We made our way towards the throng, and within seconds of getting near the edge, had both been hit by several handfuls of different coloured powders. My white shirt and blue jeans, and Nicky’s white dress had quickly become a mess of colour. She took my hand and led me into the throng. It was soon a thick crush of people, and bodies of both genders in various stages of dress and undress were pressing and gyrating against us from every direction.

We found a spot in the crowd and stopped, dancing with various people around us.

Nicky began dirty dancing against me, and I quickly matched her movements.

She leaned in close. “I can smell my pussy on your breath,” she whispered.

“I can still taste you – and I love it…” I grinned back at her.

“Does it turn you on knowing my pussy is fully exposed under this dress?” She asked.

“Very much so.”

“Just think, if anyone feels me up, what a nice surprise they will get.” She said, again giving me her mischievous grin.

“Take your shirt off.” Nicky ordered me.

I did so, and as I went to tuck it into my jeans, she snatched it out of my hands, flinging it somewhere away over the crowd.

A hot black girl, wearing daisy dukes and a filthy clinging singlet appeared behind Nicky, putting her hands around her and grinding into her from behind. I pressed against her front, turning her into a sandwich. The stranger grasped Nicky’s breasts, squeezing them and feeling her up.

“You’re so hot!” The girl shouted, to be heard over the music.

Nicky lustfully ground her arse back against the black girl, her hands round her back running up and down the black girl’ thighs.

The girl responded by casually sliding her hand down Nicky’s thighs, and sensually drawing her dress back up, exposing her thighs, and more excitingly, her uncovered crotch. The black girl looked over Nicky’s shoulder down her front, spotting her exposed pussy between her own hands, and slid her right hand over Nicky’s mound, kissing her neck, and burying two very long thin fingers in between Nicky’s furry slit.

Nicky swivelled, facing the other girl, and they suddenly both lunged each other, their tongues swirling as the girl slid her long fingers up inside Nicky, right there in the middle of the park in front of hundreds of onlookers.

“Mmmm. I think I want to play with you too…” She purred. “Don’t get lost!”

But she did. The crowd kept gyrating and we lost sight of the lusty black girl.

We danced for a while, coloured powder hitting us all over and making us into a multi-coloured mess. It was great fun, but the powder hung in the air, drying our throats.

“Let’s grab a beer,” Nicky suggested, “My throat is getting parched.”

I nodded. We made our way out of the centre of the mass, and over towards a beer pavilion nearby.

I ordered two lagers, and we stood drinking them and chatting about various hotties we had spotted.

“Don’t forget our mission,” Nicky reminded. “Any boys you like the look of?”

“Maybe,” I offered non-commitally. I still wasn’t sure of the whole thing.

“I need to go pee,” I said, looking for a break from the questioning.

“Need me to hold it for you?” She asked playfully.

“I’ll manage this time.”

“I’ve never watched you pee yet…” Nicky said thoughtfully.

“Would you like to?”

“Of course!”

“Maybe next time, I don’t think those security guys will be too keen on you going into the gents.”

I made my way into the gents and lined up in front of the urinal, relieving myself of the half beer I’d already drunk.

It was at that point that a guy sidled up next to me, catching my attention straight away. Like me, he had lost his t-shirt, and was only wearing a pair of cargo shorts. What struck me though, was he had model features, and a seriously buff, chiselled body.

Now I’m not flabby, and am in pretty good shape, but his abs were washboard defined. I probably stared a second too long, and he seemed to catch me looking. But I wasn’t sure.

Strangely, he pulled up next to me, even though there were more isolated urinal spots. Undoing his fly, he pulled his cock out and began to piss. His cock caught my eye immediately. Even un-erect it must have been nine inches.

I gulped.

Thinking about what Nicky was pushing me for caused me to suddenly have visions of licking around his bulging cockhead.

I realised I was staring, and quickly finished my piss, washed my hands, and made my way back to the beer pavilion.

I walked towards Nicky holding both our beers, and she immediately greeted me with “What’s up?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve got that ‘semi-aroused’, flushed kind of thing going on…” She probed suspiciously.

I couldn’t belief she had already profiled my ‘aroused face’. Before I had the chance to respond, she suddenly looked over my shoulder.

“Uh-huh!” she said, like she’d had an epiphany.

“Like that hottie you were just in the gents with, huh?”

“Well. I mean…”

“Uh-huh. come on, admit it?”

“Well, Nicky, Jesus he is hot… And well, his cock is massive!” I whispered.

“Ha ha!” She crowed, grinning from ear to ear.

“Knew it! I think we have a candidate – I wouldn’t mind a go at him myself…” she said, biting the corner of her lip.

Before I could respond, she was making a bee-line for him, intercepting him as he made his way to the bar. All I could do was swivel on my heels and follow.

“Excuse me!” She said as she got close.

He turned to her, and smiled when he took her in.

“Hi there,” she added.

“Hi”, he replied, as I managed to catch up to them.

“I’m going to be a little forward, so feel free to tell me where to go,” Nicky went on. “My boyfriend here (‘boyfriend?’ I thought? I didn’t know we had gotten there yet!) was just checking you out in the gents, and says you have a beautiful big cock!” She blurted out.

He looked slightly surprised, but quickly smiled.

I however, was mortified.

“Did he now,” was all the other guy could think of, taken slightly aback.

“I’d quite like to see it…” Nicky added.

“So let me get this right?” The guy said. “You two are a couple – but you both like guys?”

“Yes,” Nicky replied before I could speak. “But I’m in charge in this relationship, and he does everything he is told.” She added. “So if you think you’d like to fuck him, that WILL happen.”

I blushed.

“I don’t suppose there’s any chance you might be bi, is there?” She continued.

Our new friend smiled. “Maybe for the right couple…” He teased.

“Right?” She asked, looking at me. I looked at him, and he grinned.

“So I basically want to see him suck your cock!” She said to our new friend.

“Well. You are both quite fit.” He said, thoughtfully.

“Where are we going?”

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