Nickolas and Jason Ch. 02

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A break down of nicknames – sorry to confuse you all, been writing for myself for so long it’s second nature! 😀

Jason’s Nickname is Spider (As his surname before adoption was Webb)

Leander’s Nickname is Lion (From the Greek meaning)

“What are we going to do for Nick’s birthday?” Trevor asked.

” No idea. When is it?” Lion sat by him, aware that Jason was in the room so not being over affectionate.

“Next week.” Trevor replied. “He doesn’t want anything doing, but you’re only nineteen once.”

“Throw him a big party.” Spider shrugged. “Everyone likes surprise parties.”

“Where at? We can’t afford to do that.” Nathan frowned.

“I can.” Spider looked up as Nile and Nick came in. “Leave it to me.” Lion bit his lip and mused, he knew Spider and Nick didn’t have the best relationship — it was fiery to say the least. They both knew how to irritate the other with the best results. But he didn’t doubt he’d do anything mean to him. Spider had been trying to get on with the scathing redhead but it was a slow process. Nick had sat by Spider and was looking at his hair. “Hmm?” Spider raised an eyebrow.

“What happened?” Nick pulled at a tufty bit at the top of his braids.

“Dick munch over there caught me with his lighter.” Spider pointed at Nile. “Think I’ll get it unbraided and cut.”

“Really?” Nick asked. Everyone looked over; they were interested in Spider’s hair.

“Yeah. Time for a change.” Spider nodded.

“Get a skin head.” Nile grinned. “Case’ll love that.”

“He’d have me in wigs.” Spider laughed. Trevor stood by Spider, fussing at the tuft of hair. “What you up too?”

“Can I undo them?” Trevor asked.

“But when it’s down and not in braids I look like a girl. Plus it’ll be wavy.” Spider frowned.

“Trevor has enough hair care shit in his bag to kill off a small country.” Lion told him.

“I do not. I only have a few things.” Trevor sniffed indignantly. “Go on Jason.”

“Fine.” Spider huffed. “Just be gentle or I’ll have to kill you.”

“Sure thing.” Trevor dragged Spider to the table and sat him at it; Spider folded his arms on the table and put his head on them, letting Trevor slowly begin to change him. Lion watched Trevor fiddle about, talking at Spider constantly, he was such a friendly thing. He wondered why Spider wasn’t bothered by their relationship — maybe he didn’t know, although that would be shocking. Most of the Drama class knew — it just hadn’t been made public. He watched Trevor clamber onto Spider’s lap, straddling him, so he could work at the front of his head. Spider held his hips and raised his eyebrows over at Lion — in that second Lion knew that Spider was well aware of their relationship. “Nick come help me.” Trevor called. Nick looked at him unsure. “C’mon.” Nick wandered over and sat on the table. Nick and Trevor talked amongst themselves and Spider ignored them and the fact that Nick was very close to him. Trevor was trying to find out if he had anything planned for his birthday — he found he hadn’t and was quite happy with that. It took them a while and a few grumbles of pain but soon enough Spider was un braided. Trevor commandeered Claudia’s hair straightners off her and set to work. “Super.” He grinned. “Stay there.” He went to find his bag demanding no one looked at Spider until he was back.

“You look so different.” Nick smiled. “You should’ve done that a long time ago.” Spider smiled back softly and Trevor appeared next to him almost choking him with hairspray. He stood back and clapped to himself with joy beckoning the others over. They came and were surprised at what a change they saw. Lion couldn’t find any words; he was shocked at how much he looked like Trevor. Nile told him that he looked like a big woman and Spider gave him a shove.

“God you’ll be the little girl Josh always wanted.” Nile teased.

“Isn’t Casey the little girl Josh always wanted?” Lion grinned. “Looks so different — how you going to get it cut?” Spider shrugged and waved a vague hand. “Short?”

“Yeah, not too short though.” Spider nodded. Trevor and Nick walked to the stage and sat on it.

“He looks good.” Trevor picked at a nail. Nick nodded. “He’s rather attractive when he’s not sulking…isn’t he?”

“Huh? Um. Yeah. I guess.” Nick shrugged. “Can’t say I’ve noticed.”

“Oh you lie!” Trevor hissed.

“You shouldn’t be looking at him anyway.” Nick snapped. Trevor shoved him — Nick shoved him back and they broke out into a catfight.

“Are you not going to stop them?” Spider asked tying up his hair.

“A fight between them two bitches? I’d lose an eye.” Lion folded his arms and watched them. Trevor scurried away from Nick and hid behind Nile. Nick grumbled and went to sit with Nathan — who he knew wouldn’t harass him. Trevor went back to fussing at Spider — unhappy that he’d tied his hair up.

“Oh my word! Spider!” Casey gasped. “Your hair!”

“Yeah — what do you think?” Spider untied it.

“You look gorgeous!” Casey stroked beşiktaş escort bayan and petted it. “What brought this on?” Spider explained about the tuft and Trevor pestering him “Are you getting it cut?”

“I will be.” Spider nodded. “We could go tomorrow?” Casey nodded. “I also need you to help me arrange a party for Nick.”

“You want to throw him a party?” Casey asked.

“Yup.” Spider nodded grabbing a cake off the counter.

“You’ll ruin your tea.” Casey scolded and Spider put it back with a frown. “Where and when?”

“Don’t pretend that you’re not itching to organise it.” Spider smiled.

“Ooo can I do it all?” Casey beamed. Spider nodded. “What theme?”

“I am not sure really. I don’t know that much about him. Nothing too formal — Trevor will invite Nick’s family and it’ll just be some friends and that.” Spider went back to the cake he had before and took a bite — Casey was busy making lists and organising. ” We’ll need cake — and something to deliver Nick in style. Nothing too camp Case.”

“I don’t do camp — I do outrageously gay.” Casey grinned. Spider helped him plan for a while. “What are you buying him?”

“Uh.” Spider frowned. “No idea.”

“What does he like?” Casey asked.

“I don’t know.” Spider shrugged and fiddled with his bracelet. “He’s always liked this.”

“Well then, we’ll get him something like that.” Casey scribbled it down. “We’ll go shopping tomorrow and I’ll make some phone calls.” They had the party planned for the following Wednesday — Nick’s birthday. Spider sent secretive messages around and everyone was pretty excited. Casey fussed about with arrangements such as cakes and music and thoroughly enjoyed himself. They planned tomorrow as being a shopping day where they could buy balloons and streamers. Spider loved that instead of party planners Casey managed to throw it together himself — which normally resulted in John having to rectify everything the young man had messed up, but this time he was sure Casey would have it all set.

The two spent their Saturday hardcore shopping for the party. To Spider it seemed they only bought glitter — but Casey said glitter was a valuable ingredient to any party. Spider huffed and said only in Casey’s head where the world was just one long gay parade. They stopped off at the same place Josh had bought Spider’s bracelet from and bought a necklace for Nick.

“Do you know Nick well?” Casey asked.

“Not really no.” Spider shook his head. “He’s Trevor’s best friend. To be honest he irritates me for most of the time.” Casey laughed. “He’s very blunt and outspoken.”

“Well, at least he’s honest.” Casey smiled at him. “Hair cut?” Spider nodded. He’d woken up with what resembled an untidy afro that morning and wanted rid of it. Casey sat in a chair and watched him as the unbelievably camp hairdresser cut his hair. He’d never expected Spider to fit in so well with the family, but he did and he was loved more that he thought feasible. The camp hairdresser soon had Spider’s hair cut to a mid length funky style that Casey approved of, he paid on his card and they headed off out into the crowds. “You’re not with Lion any more are you?”

“Nah. He’s with Trevor.” Spider told him, he’d long prepared for this talk — Casey never minded who he was sleeping with — as long as he was safe. Casey had been with Josh for twelve years and never even looked at another man — but he couldn’t expect the youngster beside him to be that committed so soon.

“You’re okay with that?” Casey asked.

“Yeah actually I am. Leander and I didn’t work together, but Trevor’s really sweet — he’s good for him.” Spider nodded and Casey believed him, he also believed he wasn’t upset because there was someone else distracting his attentions, could it be this Nick character that was suddenly on the scene? He didn’t want to press him too much — so he left it for another day.

“So everything’s planned?” Nile asked and Spider nodded. “And Casey’s getting a limo to pick him up?” Spider nodded again. “Not his favourite big pink one?”

“No.” Spider laughed. “I made him promise it’d be a black one. He’s roped in George to help decorate, hopefully George will persuade him to get in some help.”

“What have you bought him?” Nathan asked Trevor.

“I didn’t know what to get him so I bought him some books.” Trevor shrugged. “He’s always reading so I’m sure he’ll like that.”

“I bought him a blow up sheep.” Lion grinned and they laughed. “Well, you know, he might like it.” Spider had slunk off to sit on the sofa, the talk of Nick getting him tense.

“Hey Spi, will Jazz be there Wednesday?” Nile asked.

“Um, no idea, Trevor did the invitations.” Spider bit his lip.

“Yeah, she will.” Trevor nodded. “You have motives?”

“I always have motives where she’s concerned.” Nile raised his eyebrows.

“Dude.” Spider scowled.

“Sorry.” Nile ducked his head and giggled. “But you know…she’s hot.”

“She’s beylikdüzü escort bayan my aunt!” Spider grinned.

“Yeah, but not really!” Nile waved a hand. “She’s Casey’s sister.”

“Don’t know what she sees in you.” Spider huffed. Nick came into the room.

“It would be my awesome bedroom technique.” Nile sat on the table. Spider’s hands went to his face. “Sorry, I’ll stop now.” He grinned.

“What you on about?” Nick asked.

“My lusting for Spi’s aunt.” Nile told him. Nick smiled, he had heard the two banter about her before — she and Nile had an on off relationship — generally more on than off. Nick looked at Spider and registered the new hair. Spider was chewing a nail by now and had paid him no attention until he sat by him. Nick told him that he liked his hair and Spider smiled politely and told him about his overly gay hairdresser. Lion watched them, still unsure if they really got on or if they were just tolerating each other. Some days they’d be happy sitting together and quietly talking but then Lion would see the mood behind Spider’s eyes change and everything spiralled out of control.

“I got an early birthday card off Jo today.” Nick told Trevor.

“Aww, that’s nice.” Trevor sat himself on the chair arm.

“Who’s Jo?” Spider asked.

“She’s a friend who moved away.” Nick told him.

“Nick and her were dating and going to get married and everything.” Trevor gushed.

“Married? Where did you get that from?” Nick laughed.

“Wait. What?” Spider raised an eyebrow at Nick. “You had a girlfriend?”

“Is that so hard to believe?” Nick frowned folding his arms. Spider nodded. “Just as unbelievable as you and half the sluts around here.” Lion saw Nile tense, ready for a quick run in case Spider took offence. Spider, however chuckled to himself.

“I think my cock’d drop off if I took up their offers.” Spider chewed a nail. Everyone laughed most of the ‘well known’ girls had many diseases from time to time.

“I’m surprised it didn’t even before you came here with the tales Jazmin used to bring back.” Nile smirked. Spider looked slightly embarrassed for a second.

“I can hardly remember anything from that drug fuelled haze.” Spider shrugged. “Probably for the best.”

“Don’t think I ever saw you without a spliff or a chick.” Nile mused. “What was the name of that foxy little shorthaired chick you had shortly before you moved? Susan?”

“Names didn’t matter.” Spider shrugged. “Anyway, how did this get onto me when we’re talking about how Nick managed to have a girlfriend despite the fact he’s a raging homo?” Everyone laughed whilst Nick just grumbled and sulked.

Everything was in place for the party — surprisingly no one had blown the cover. Nick had spent the day at school with his friends who showered him with presents and he complained about the fact his mother had bought him pyjamas with dinosaurs on as a joke. The sheep had been inflated and was sitting on Miss Staff’s desk — much to her horror. Nick felt a vibration from his phone and fumbled for it — expecting another birthday wish from someone.

oi wer u @? He read the message off Spider and tapped a reply — in much better English.

Drama hall — why?

Cum2 woods


Just do it! Alone.

Okay two mins.

thx <3 Sx It was stupid but the “<3" heart and kiss made Nick feel a bit light headed. He told himself it was the excitement of the day and set off to find Jason. He hadn't expected presents off Lion, Spider or Nile -- so he was surprised when Lion turned up with a blow up sheep and a CD of 80's pop disasters and Nile with a incredibly thoughtful photo session so he could have some of the large photos of his friends -- very much like the ones that graced Spider's walls. He saw Spider sitting under the tree -- he stood when he saw Nick and handed him a card. “Hey.” He smiled. ” Happy Birthday — I could’ve given you it inside…but you know.” Nick nodded, he did know — he knew Spider didn’t want to be seen softening to him. Nick opened the card and read Spider’s neat handwriting ‘Happy Birthday — All downhill from here! Spider x” “Thank you.” Nick smiled. “Come inside?” “In a second.” Spider said produced a neatly wrapped package and handed it to him. Nick eyed it and then opened it — his jaw dropped slightly — it was a necklace very much like Spider’s bracelet. Nick new that this wouldn’t have been cheap at all. “Oh Jason — I can’t accept this!” Nick gasped. “You can.” Spider took it out and stepped towards him, sliding it round his neck. Nick felt the cool metal and the solid weight around his neck. As Spider stepped away he found his lips on Nick’s in a sweet soft kiss, he gently pulled away. ” Happy Birthday.” They both walked back to the drama hall in silence, Spider was mentally cursing himself for kissing Nick, he had to stop. — “What the hell?” Nick gasped as the limo pulled bostancı escort bayan up. His mother stepped out.

“We know you said no fuss…” She smiled. “But you know your friends.” Nick was ferried to the limo and driven to the nightclub where the party was.

“Surprise!” Everyone cheered. Nick grinned and saw all his friends and family — minus Spider who was talking to Casey and Josh who had been persuaded by Nick’s parents to stay. Nick was fussed over with gifts and hugs until he went to sit with his parents.

“Who? When?” He began.

“Jason did it all.” His mother smiled. “With some help with things from Casey — you’ll have to thank him later.”

“Oh I will.” Nick smirked and nodded. The party raged onwards. The few adults who were there mainly stayed in the lounge opposite – Casey would come through now and again to harass Nile for feeling up Jazmin or drag him for a dance. Trevor and Nick were sitting together watching Nile and Jazmin dancing. Lion appeared with a glass of champagne and kissed Nick on the top of the head.

“Having fun?” He asked. Nick nodded and smiled.

“Where’s Jason?” Nick asked taking the glass.

“Gone out for some air.” Lion told him. Nick had seen Jason only once — and that was when he gave him a tense hug and wished him happy birthday but since then he’d kept his distance. Casey flounced in and dragged Lion off to dance.

“Go out and talk to him.” Trevor said — Nick barely heard him over the music but shook his head. He didn’t need Jason sulking and adding tension to the night. ” Nick — do it.” Nick bit his lip and put his empty glass down, heading outside into the night. Spider was on a bench, his feet on the seat and ass on the backrest, fag hanging lazily from his fingers — his new hair cut made him look so much more attractive — it made him look deadly.

“Hey.” Nick smiled.

“Hey.” Spider exhaled a cloud of smoke — seeing the necklace glint in the rapidly fading light. Nick sat next to him and fiddled with his hands.

“Thanks for doing all this.” Nick said. “You really didn’t have too.”

“No problem.” Spider looked at him amused and repulsed at himself when his stomach tightened when he saw him glance away shyly. Nick tentatively looked back and Spider smiled at him, Nick thought he had a beautiful smile, it made him seem so much different from the moody teenager they were used too. Nick moved to between his legs and knelt on the seat, he very gently kissed Spider, who he was sure would pull away — but he didn’t. He softly kissed him back; Nick could taste the mix of alcohol, nicotine and the sweet taste that was Jason as their tongues softly met for the first time. Jason’s free hand was on Nick’s neck, very gently stroking him and keeping him focused as the noise from the party suddenly seemed miles away. Nick pulled away and avoided his eyes.

“Are you coming back in?” He asked. Spider nodded, taking a final drag of the fag, stubbing it out and throwing it aside before following him back inside cursing himself for yet again giving in to Nick. He walked behind him as they went back into the hall — Nick’s mother tried to get him to go and dance but Nick protested.

” I bet he’d dance if you took him up.” Trevor said to Casey who happily obliged and dragged Nick to the dance floor by an elbow. He looked at him as they danced, full lips, gorgeous green eyes that where tinted with blue, slim body and that shock of dyed red hair — he was a little hottie. Since Frank’s departure he there had been plenty of interest aimed at Nick from the girls but he wasn’t remotely interested in people who hadn’t cared before he was Lion’s friend. Spider tried not to watch the lithe body on the dance floor but his eyes were wandering back, watching him move, wondering what he’d feel like under him — he rubbed his face with his hands to stop that thought from even thinking it could appear. He didn’t want to feel for him — he tried to hate him but couldn’t quite get to that level of dislike. He couldn’t believe he’d kissed him. Hell, he’d kissed him back when he could’ve pulled away and set him straight. He told himself that tomorrow he would have minimal contact with him — he’d say hello and how are you? And that would be it. Well, that was the plan anyway — he’d give it a good try.

“Alright?” Lion sat by him. Spider nodded. “You’re quiet.”

“It’s loud.” Spider waved a hand. “Plus it’s Nick’s night.” Lion was looking at him now — with those eyes that Spider had always hated through their relationship. Those eyes said ‘I know there’s something up and I know you’re not happy. So why don’t you just tell me?’ As much as he wanted he couldn’t meet those eyes, Lion knew him far too well and Spider didn’t fancy explaining what was going on with him — he didn’t even know himself. Casey had flounced back over and sat with them feeling the tension between the two ex lovers.

“Loosen up – have some wine.” Casey told Spider.

“I’m fine.” Spider smiled. “Just tired.”

“Sure.” Casey stroked his cheek softly whilst looking over at Lion who shrugged and went to see Trevor. “Sure.” Casey left them to talk when Jazmin came over to dance with him. Nile had sat by Spider and they were finishing a bottle of wine off and chatting about the hot little blonde with the big rack — well they were until Nick told them it was his younger cousin so they switched their attention to Lion who had nuzzled into Trevor’s head.

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