Nicki Is Mine Ch. 02-03

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I sit in my comfortable leather armchair and watch you. You are kneeling on the carpet some three metres in front of me. The sunlight from the window shines on your hair which is swept back from your face into a ponytail. You are wearing a white see through baby doll nightdress and white ankle socks. Your hands are tied behind your back with a white silk stocking. Your arms are pinioned to your sides with a length of soft white rope which passes around your body above and below your breasts. This makes your breasts stand out, the nipples clearly visible through the transparent material. Around your neck is a white leather dog collar with a long chain attached; I hold the other end of the chain in my hand. I rise and walk over to you.

“Little slut Nikki, I have a friend coming to visit this morning and we need to get you ready. Don’t we little whore?”

“Yes Master, I love to meet your friends Master,” you whisper.

“What you love does not matter slave Nikki, does it?”

“No Master.”

I take the chain and pass it around your ankles pulling your neck back, and I fasten it with a small padlock. Your breasts stand out even more and I reach down and pinch your nipples between my thumb and finger, twisting hard. You whimper softly. I stand back and look at you.

“I think perhaps I will leave it up to my friend to decide what else we need. She’s very imaginative.”

I notice your eyes widen at the word she and I laugh softly. I bend over and kiss you on the mouth, sucking your tongue into my mouth and biting gently but firmly on it. The doorbell rings and I go to answer it. When I return there is a girl with me.

The girl is quite small but appears a lot taller because of the 6-inch stiletto heels on the black patent leather court shoes she is wearing. She is also wearing black stockings and a knee length overcoat. She has long dyed red hair; huge dark eyes and looks about 16 years old. She has a small stud in her upper lip.

“Nikki, this is Lisa.” I say “ Lisa is also a slut of mine, but sometimes I allow her to help me with some of my little chores. She is going to help me with you today Nikki.”

I walk behind Lisa and reach around Betturkey her to unbutton her coat. I slip it off her shoulders and throw it into a corner. Underneath her coat Lisa is wearing a black leather corset which pulls in her already slim waist. The corset stops just under her small breasts which are presented in a quarter cup black lace bra. The rings in her pierced nipples are exposed. Her legs are encased in black silk stockings and her shaven cunt is barely covered by a small triangle of semi-transparent black nylon.

“Lisa, you will untie Nikki and take her into the play room. You have 15 mins in which to make her ready for play. Do it well or you will take her place, is that clear?”

“Yes Master.”

Lisa unties the chain from around your ankles and hauls you to your feet. You stagger slightly because you have been kneeling for several hours. She jerks the chain, hauling you down the corridor to a door at the far end. As she pushes you through the door she slaps your behind really hard.

“We are going to have fun with you aren’t we Nikki?” She gives an evil little chuckle as she closes the door.

Part 3 The Playroom

I pour myself a drink and sit down glancing at my watch. The minutes tick away and after 15 minutes I rise and walk to through the playroom door. The room itself is painted white and has an assortment of apparatus around the walls and on the floor. It is illuminated by arc lights high in the roof which give a cold harsh light. Lisa is kneeling in the middle of the floor with her head bowed waiting. Behind Lisa is a low stainless steel trestle about 45cm high. You are kneeling down bent over the trestle. Your knees are spread apart and tied to the trestle legs. Your ankles are chained to eyelets set into the floor, as are your wrists. You are naked except for the white socks. Your beautifully curved ass is quivering with anticipation. You are blindfolded and your nipples are fastened together with clamps and a fine gold chain. I walk across and run my finger nails down the soft skin of your back. I slide my hand between your legs and insert two fingers into your pussy.

“Wet already …tut tut… what Betturkey Giriş a horny little slut you are. We must do something about that eh Lisa.”

“Yes Master.”

“The black mamba first I think Lisa.. just to get her warmed up.”

Lisa goes across to a table next to the wall and picks up a large black vibrator. It is at least 40 cm long and 10cm around. She walks up behind you and begins to work her fingers in and out of your cunt. When she judges you are sufficiently wet she places the head of the vibrator against your pussy and pushes. You whimper softly as the head penetrates you. Lisa pushes hard and the vibrator surges into you. You moan once.. your head going back…you’re breasts standing out from your ribcage.

“And now I think she deserves a little something to eat. Lisa, feed our hungry little whore.”

Lisa walks around and stands in front of you. She slides her little panties down her slim legs and forces them into your mouth. You gag slightly. Lisa kneels down and begins to kiss your neck and face., running her tongue around your ears and down your neck.

“Do you like the taste of my puss?” she says.

Lisa pulls the panties from your mouth and stands before you. She slides a couple of fingers into her pussy, masturbating openly and wantonly. She pulls her hand away from her cunt and sticks the fingers in your mouth.

“Suck them bitch.”

You suck avidly, licking Lisa’s pussy juice from her fingers. She watches you slowly fondling her breast with her other hand tweaking her nipple rings. As she takes her hand away from your mouth you make small mewing noises.

“Alright little slut. Time for the main course.”

Lisa moves forward till her pussy is just opposite your mouth. She holds her pussy lips apart.

“Lick me out whore.” She commands.

Your tongue snakes out between her labia. Lisa grabs your hair and grinds her mound into your face. You lap hungrily at her pussy straining to get your tongue further and further in. I move behind you and pull the vibrator from your quivering snatch. You moan and your legs spasm as you lose the sensation of pleasure. I slide a couple Betturkey Güncel Giriş of fingers into your wet snatch, then three fingers, then four. I move them gently out and in gradually speeding up as your already wet cunt produces more and more juice. The suddenly I fold in my thumb and ram my whole hand into your pussy your lips closing around my wrist. I make a fist inside your cunt and work it inside your dripping hole.

“The strap on now Lisa,” I bark.

Lisa walks away from you and goes to the table. She picks up a large strap on dildo and quickly puts it on. She walks towards me, the huge appendage looking grotesque on her child like body. I withdraw my hand and beckon her forward.

“In the little bitches ass Lisa , hard and fast.”

Lisa mounts you without ceremony, shoving the huge sex toy into your tight anal passage. You scream briefly as she enters you. I walk around so that I am standing in front of you. I peal off your blindfold and hold the hand which has just been in your cunt down for you to lick clean. Then I grab hold of your head and ram my cock into your mouth. I begin a slow steady rhythm pumping my cock into your throat. You suck avidly using your tongue and lips just like the little whore I know you to be. After a few minutes I pull out spraying cum all over your face and hair. I offer my cock to your mouth again and you suck me back to hardness. I snap my fingers and Lisa withdraws from your ass, discarding the strap on. She kneels in front of you and kisses you deeply, her tongue snaking around yours. I enter her from behind driving my cock into her anus, taking her hard and fast. Her tiny body quivers under the onslaught as I grab her nipple rings and twist. She screams with a mixture of pain and pleasure and begins to orgasm again and again. I pull out and present my cock fresh from her asshole for your waiting mouth, you suck and lick it clean before I cum violently pumping thick wads of sperm into your willing mouth.

“Release her Lisa,” I order “and give her these clothes to go home in.”

Ten minutes later you leave my flat. You are dressed in a see through blouse through which your breasts are clearly visible and a short minikilt which barely covers your pussy. You are wearing 8inch stilettos and your white ankle socks but no underwear.

“Be sure to let at least 5 men feel you up on the way home,” I tell you “and don’t forget our visit to the cinema next week. I’ll send your costume over.”

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