Nice or Nasty? Ch. 03

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Changing gears, I felt I was being lulled into nice guy mode and it was time to reestablish that I was the boss. Firmly but not bitter I said, “Ok slut, It’s time to fill those holes with something a bit bigger than my tongue and finger. I want to see that ass in the air again.” Obediently, her ass went straight in the air. I took my clothes off and came up behind her. My knees were bent and I slowly teased her cunt with the tip of my cock. I rubbed her cock starving pussy up and down, petting it and brushing her clit with the nub rim of my dick, trying to recharge her kitty fluids into motion again. She whimpered,

“Oh God Anthony, don’t tease me. I can’t bear it. Please, just fill my cunt with your stiff cock.”

“Ok my little pet plaything, here it comes.” Slowly I slunk my way into her cunt, pushing, pushing until we were one in the same person, connected together like two puzzle pieces. As if there was a fear of my cock leaving her all alone, her cunt muscles contracted around my cock, gripping and holding it tightly so as not to let it escape. The angel spoke again with an inebriated slur, as if drunk on ecstasy pleading,

“MMMMMMMM. Your cock is so nice and big. Please fuck my pussy. Ohhhhhhh yes, that’s it, fuck it faster Anthony. Fuck my cunt.” Her pussy lessened its grip and I began to pick up the pace. Faster and faster still, I gained momentum as her hips began to rock to and fro in rhythm with mine. Like horse and rider we fell into a steady synchronicity and we were almost at our peak speed when her evil twin resurfaced, belching out a steady stream of verbal unpleasantries shouting,

“FUCK ME GOD DAMN YOU. COME ON FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME. THAT’S IT, I WANT YOU TO BANG THE CRAP OUT OF MY NASTY FUCKING CUNT YOU MOTHER FUCKING SON OF A BITCH. COME ON, FUCK ME HARD!!!!!” I was taken way off guard by her profane she devil words but admit that it was a total fucking turn on for me. It sparked me to turn up the heat of my own inner devil and let him exercise his own vocal cords of erotic profanity saying,

“Ok you fucking bitch. You cebeci escort want me to fuck you nice and hard? I’ll fuck you hard. I’m gonna fuck the hell out of you, you nasty fucking cunt whore.” And I broke into full hammer slammer mode. Grabbing a healthy fistful of her hair, I snapped her head back and proceeded to give her the pounding of her life. Anybody listening to the scream that she let out must have thought I was murdering someone. It was so loud that I thought the windows would shatter and my ears would start to bleed. But I did not let up. I kept pounding her cunt mercilessly, raining blows down upon her cunt with my cock. Shock waves traveled across her ass cheeks as our bones connected, like waves on an ocean of flesh. With hair in hand I shouted,

“YOU LIKE THIS BITCH? YOU LIKE IT WHEN I FUCK YOUR CUNT NICE AND HARD? HUH YOU NASTY FUCK PIG? YOU LIKE IT WHEN I FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU, YOU MOTHER FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT? RRAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Surrendering all control to me, as if in answer to my shouts, she arched her back, buried her head into the pillow, and let me have my way with her. And so I fucked on, like a long distance runner, never letting up, never showing mercy and taking no pity. Paying no attention to her muffled cries into the pillow I could sense that she was close to another orgasm. Turning her head to the side and between clenched teeth she hissed,

“Shhhhhhhit. I’m gonna fucking cum. I’m gonna fucking cum all over your fucking cock God damn it. Oh mu God, oh mu God, oh mu God, oh mu God. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” A gush of her cum came spewing out her cunt all over my cock and all over the bed. The sight of this was too much for me and before I could avert my eyes, I pulled out and shot an equally impressive second line of cum all the way across her back. Wave two of load two drizzled onto her rosy red ass cheeks and then with a quick spin, her janitorial mouth was there to mop up any remaining duel gender body fluid off my cock. And she cleaned and she licked, feeding çukurambar escort with greedy sucking noises and moans of warning that said, “Get your own, this ones mine,” like a female dog guarding her food.

Before I had a chance to deflate the air out of my cock she pushed me onto my back and straddled me in a reverse cowgirl position, leaving a heavy coating of her spit on my cock.

“I want you in my ass Anthony. I’m going to sit right down on it.” She grabbed my still hard cock and used it to blindly find the ring of her ass, fishing around until my tender head aligned with her ass hole. Satisfied that the two parts were in position she slowly lowered her weight onto my cock and I could see the head of my dick disappear into her hungry extra tight ass. With head in, she swiveled her hips like a snake eating a mouse, one side then the other until my cock was completely consumed by her ass. Next, pushing all her weight onto me, she ground her hips in circular motions on top of my cock. The feeling was intense with the grip of her tight ass firmly holding my cock captive. Then she planted her feet flat on the bed and slid up my pole until just my head was still inside her. With a series of clench and release rectum contractions, she squeezed my sensitive cock head with her talented ass hole. The feeling was incredible and I thought for a moment that I might faint from the intensity of the pressure being applied to my cock head. Each squeeze sending shock waves of pain and pleasure to my brain. Then, as if the talents of her ass hole were never ending, a new feeling was coming over my abused cock head. Now, instead of clenching her ass hole, she was pushing her rectum walls against it as you would if you were impatiently trying to push out a log of shit that wasn’t quite ready to drop. And then the relax and push, relax and push. Now it was my turn to roll my eyes into the back of my head. The feeling was absolutely mind blowing. And the angel spoke,

“Do you like that baby? Does that feel good on your cock? Do you like the demetevler escort way I squeeze your head with my ass hole? Hmm? Do you want me to start fucking it now?” Not waiting for an answer she started out slow, feet still planted on the bed on either side of me allowing her leg muscles to do all the work. I could feel her rectum sliding up and down my cock shaft and it was soooooo nice.

“That’s it baby. Fuck my cock. Fuck it with your ass hole. Slide that ass hole up and down my big hard cock. MMMMM it feels so fucking good baby. Your tight ass sucking my cock. Oh yes honey, Fuck it faster. Fuck the shit out of it bitch!”

“Ok baby. You asked for it. If that’s what you want. I’ll fuck the shit out of this cock.” And with that she sprung into jack rabbit speed mode. As she impaled herself onto my cock I could hear coarse grunts and heavy breathing coming from her. Slam slam Slam slam Slam slam Slam slam Salm slam Slam, went the slaps of her fleshy ass cheeks hitting my hips. How much more of this could I endure? And then her voice broke through the haze of my clouded mind saying,

“Ok baby. I want you to tell me when you are about to cum because I’m going to do something and I need to know exactly when you are cumming. I want you to count down: Three, Two, One then say NOW. Ok babe?” I answered simply,

“Yes.” I could feel that I was close. Her snug tight ass was pumping away at my cock and then I spoke up, “Ok babe, I think I’m gonna cum. Are you ready? Here I cum: Three….Two….One………NOW!” On the word “now” she clenched up her ass and on the down stroke she drove all her weight onto my cock. Again my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I saw stars. The feeling was so pleasurable that I felt light headed and heard a ringing in my ears and goose pimples all over my body and then everything went blank. When I woke up, my head was in her lap and she was stroking her fingers through my damp hair. She was also blowing cool air onto my face with her mouth and the feeling was one of peace, safety, and utter contentment. Softly, tenderly, she whispered,

“Are you ok my love? You passed out.” I know I had just met her not more than an hour ago but at that moment the love I felt for her was overwhelming. Sensing she could read my thoughts I simply replied,

“Thanx baby. I’m fine. You’re the greatest.” The end

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