New Years Eve with Serena’s Mom

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Josh Caper waited and waited in the hall for his girlfriend Serena to come downstairs in her new holiday outfit she said she bought for the New Year’s party they were going to go to. She said he’d drool over it when he saw her in it.

Josh was excited to see his long time girlfriend of 5 years. They hadn’t seen one another since mid August. She just started her final year of college; he was beginning a new job with a company he was referred to by Serena’s mom. It was his second job since graduating college a couple years back.

Sitting and waiting, finally she slowly walked down the stairwell. He saw those legs, which were so familiar to him. Then her thighs appeared and a crisp smile generated from his face. When he saw his girlfriend’s short and velvety lavender skirt riding high above her knees, excitedly he stood to greet her.

A good portion of her thighs showed off that evening as the two were heading off to one of the most heralded New Years Eve parties in the area. He loved what he saw so far.

Slowly the sexy swimmers figure descended. A slim, trim, and perfectly curvaceous athletic figure aroused Josh at every step.

“Wait a second” he thought abruptly, “Serena’s those aren’t Serena’s tits; oh my god what the hell?”

Finally she appeared in plain sight and amazingly enough the woman’s boobs were bigger then Serena’s but fit comfortably into his girlfriends alluring lavender outfit as if it was her own.

It wasn’t a replica. It was Serena’s dress, and her mom was fortunate enough to fit snuggly in the new sultry outfit regardless if she was bustier then Serena.

Her mom loved how it looked on Serena. She was jealous and had to have one. It was too late to get one herself for the party she was planning to go to. It was the same party Serena and Josh were invited to also.

She felt Serena’s dress was the perfect attire for the evening. She grabbed it from Serena’s closet and slipped into it. Not showing an ounce of body fat, which there was barely any of to begin with, she convinced herself everyone would adore her in her daughters dress.

“Josh, hi dear how are you? I have bad news sweetheart. Serena’s been running a fever all day. Her temperature is 103. She meant to call you and apologize and I also meant to call but I have been busy attending to her and forgot. Anyways, she is sleeping soundly and the maid is going to check in on her every hour or so making sure she’s okay. I’m sorry dear. I really am.”

Josh didn’t hear anything she said. His attention was focused on how Serena’s mom looked in the ever so sexy short and tight fitting new dress. The neck line plummeted. It highlighted her pronounced, delicious cleavage. Any man, young or old, would gawk at her like Josh was gawking at that moment. She noticed he was.

“So my dress is fascinating from the looks of it Josh” she asked him. “Is it suitable for this time of year?” She tried getting his attention. “Josh, Josh is there something else you like about the dress honey? Go on dear, tell me the truth hon; come on be honest with me” she said with her cheery smile.

Sparkling white teeth, silky medium length brown hair, the dress definitely caught Josh’s attention as he forgot about the girl he loved and cherished. “Wow nice tits man” he thought as he maintained visual contact of her soft deep cleavage and voluptuous tits surrounded by the sumptuous lavender dress. “God damn, I didn’t know her tits were so, umm fucking large.”

“Josh honey is everything okay dear?” She stood in front of him smiling and appreciating where his eyes were perched.

“Huh, huh pardon me Mrs. Cantrell.”

“Well dear you seem to be off in never-never land or somewhere like that honey.” Noticing Josh’s stare, she knew damn well he was looking down at her pride and joy.

“Its okay honey I get that a lot. I bet you didn’t know did you” as her fresh white smile and blue eyes glimmered in response to his eyes focusing on her bosoms.

“Ummm, uhh pardon me? You get what a lot?”

“Men, young ones especially, get caught up looking at me like that. It’s perfectly natural and it’s okay. I am used to it. But thank you honey, it does make an old woman like me feel better.”

“Come on you aren’t old. You’re teasing me. You know you aren’t old” he said almost laughing. “We’ve known one another for what, maybe six years now and I’ve been dating Serena for five years; I’ve never thought you were old Mrs. C.”

Stepping closer to him, she held his hands, looked directly into his eyes, and with her warm soft glistening smile, she said thank you. She continued holding his hands. To him, they were soft and younger feeling like Serena’s.

Somehow she captivated him. It wasn’t hard with a body, bosoms, and beauty like Serena’s mom. She and Serena could be twins in some respects. Yes, Serena is 19 years younger, but then Mrs. C. never looked her age either. Having just turned 40, Mrs. C. didn’t look a day over 30. Josh was 25. If one calculated it escort gaziantep bayan sitesi that way, he might be 5 years younger. Neither thought in those terms, but hopefully and maybe, she thought occasionally, he’d think along those lines.

“Umm isn’t that Serena’s dress or did you umm buy one like it?”

“Well as a matter of fact it is. I felt a little ashamed about wearing it, but you know what, it has personality doesn’t it honey? It has lots of personality. From a parent’s point of view, would you feel comfortable having your daughter wear this dress Josh? On the other hand, maybe you aren’t qualified to answer that” she said smiling and laughing lightheartedly. Josh smiled but didn’t know what to say.

“I guess if Serena was feeling better she’d wear this but then I would resort to some dull uninteresting outfit and a single woman like me has to look good for any single man who might come along. Don’t you think so Josh?”

“Was that a leading question” he wondered. “Is she actually trying to bait me” he asked himself because it sure felt like it. Just then they heard footsteps. There was a pause between them; then a robe and feet were visible on the steps, then her lower body.

“I’ll be right back” said Mrs. C. She disappeared. Josh looked back and saw one very sick girlfriend. Serena’s face looked awful. Her eyes looked dreadful as if she had been up for days. The tip of her nose was beet red. Her mouth was chapped. Serena walked slumped over.

In a nasal tone she said hi and tried mustering a smile. She failed and Josh felt bad for her. “I’m so sorry Josh that we can’t go; I’m sorry I didn’t call you either. I didn’t get a chance. I’ve been sleeping.” Josh stepped away trying not to get her bug.

“Not even a hug huh” she asked. “I suppose I can understand. So what will you do, go by yourself? I think moms going to that party too; she was having a limo pick her up and you could ride along with her. I don’t know if she was planning on coming home tonight but if she doesn’t she’ll stay at her downtown loft and come home in the morning. If I ask her, would you like to go with her? She won’t mind I’m sure.”

Serena was naïve. Truthfully, Mrs. C. intended to offer Josh a ride once the limo arrived and the two could go to the same party, but not officially as a date.

“Umm, I’d rather drive my new car. You haven’t seen it yet and I wanted to show it off.”

Serena’s mom listened around the corner. She didn’t want to be seen in Serena’s dress. Serena would have been upset. It was for Josh to see her in and not Mrs. C. Josh had seen her in Serena’s new hott looking dress and was more then pleased what he saw. He was definitely turned on by the possibilities or at least how Mrs. C. looked in it.

“Ummm, I’m going back to bed” she said coughing and wheezing. The flue and cold had gone into her chest. “I’m sorry Josh. I’m sorry I can’t go. I’ll make this up to you. You know I will don’t you.” She said good night and went upstairs.

“What does she mean by that” wondered her mom. “What does she do to make it up to him?”

He said he’d call her in the morning. Her mom walked around the corner wearing a long coat. She looked spry. Josh loved the smile. He wanted to see her in that dress again.

“Serena said you’re going in a limo. Do you wanna cancel it and I can take you? When you are ready to leave, just let me know and I’ll bring you home or whatever?”

“Are you sure you want to do that sweetheart? You have friends who will be there. You don’t want me tying you down do you?”

“Mrs. C., you aren’t bothering me and I’ve never felt that way about you. You know, next to Serena, you’re the greatest. Didn’t you know that? I’ve always felt that way.”

“Josh, do you know that’s exactly why I love that you date Serena? How couldn’t a woman be jealous of that? You’re so sweet. You’re so loveable too. I wish I was Serena some days.” She laughed at her suggestion.

Not realizing what he said he replied “Why don’t you act as if you are in her shoes. I know it sounds preposterous but I’d be more then honored to be your date tonight. I would be honestly. I mean you always look great, you’re always fun to be around, and you look especially attractive in her dress, did you know I thought that?”

She did and it was the perfect lead in to accepting his invitation. She was going to take full advantage of her situation. She told him to wait in the hallway. She called the limo company and made special arrangements not to be disturbed once picked up.

The doorbell rang and they were escorted to the limo. Just as they stepped inside Mrs. C. took off her coat. It was much warmer that night then expected. Josh let her in first and snatched a view of her ass. He sat across from her once inside. He felt, for some odd reason, as if he was with Serena herself. On the way she poured two glasses of wine. Josh drank his down quickly and was poured another; he sipped escort gaziantep bayan forum that one, taking his time.

Meanwhile conversation was fun and interesting. She always found a way to engage people. She actively engaged in finding out personal things about his love life. Here and their, he let slip out little nuances of his personal relationship with Serena.

She loved it and Josh was oblivious that he told her insights he shouldn’t have told her. Finally arriving at the doorway, she sat next too him, brushing his arm or leg. He felt comfortable with her sitting so close. Never once did it bother him that Serena’s mom was hitting on him. He didn’t see it that way. Walking in, they separated and went to respective friends at the New Years Eve party. Socializing during the evening, eventually Josh wondered how Mrs. C. was getting along. He looked around for her. His crowd of friends sat around talking or dancing on the floor enjoying the evening.

In a corner Mrs. C. became bored with her friends and frequently looked around for Josh. She began to think she wouldn’t mind a dance with him. The urge became stronger. He looked handsome in his radiant tuxedo. Wearing a red, green, and black bow tie it perfectly matched his cummerbund.

Husky with broad shoulders, his body showed the signs of a younger man who played football in his day, but quickly learned to trim down all the leftover fat from that career.

She slowly came to admire his good looks during the evening and eventually got up the gumption to say hello to her daughters friends. Walking towards them, they all greeted her with “Happy New Year.” The young men noticed her fabulous dress. Two of the young ladies recognized it too and took pics of it. Talking amongst each other they mentioned how similar it was to Serena’s.

Sitting down between the young men, some took an opportunity to look down her steep trench like cleavage. She knew they were and enjoyed the attention. Turning towards each one, she mischievously smiled and offered a quick wink. They knew they were caught looking but after a few drinks, who cared? She never did as it tickled her fancy.

“Would any of you gentlemen care to dance with this old woman” knowing she wasn’t that old. Josh knew better; he already went down that road with her. He did not jump at the chance seeing as she was Serena’s mom, it didn’t feel right at the time.

Two friends jumped at the opportunity to dance with the attractive and sexy looking woman who teased them in her incredible outfit. Standing up, they pulled her chair for her and headed to the dance floor.

She was as good a dancer as anyone. 15 to 20 years old, she held her own. Those staying behind enjoyed watching her dance including Josh. Her tits bounced around enough to make him more intrigued while the evening wore on. She was sexier then he realized he thought.

After a good 25 minutes of dancing, she was winded and decided to rest a little bit. Walking back to the table she said “You never know who might show up and draw your interest do you? I think I’m going to conserve my energy and sit for a while. Is that alright with all of you” she asked one young man.

The guys said yes enthusiastically while the girls said it was fine but not with the same willingness. It was obvious the girls didn’t like her invading their territory.

The night came to a close. Most of Josh’s friends left. Josh stood around after his last friend took off and watched as Mrs. C. talking to friends of hers. She looked around occasionally and told them she was leaving because she was Serena’s stand in date for the night. They laughed thinking she was teasing, but was not.

Josh and she sat having a glass of wine. Each already had too much that night. He drank several beers earlier, feeling it’s after affects. It was time to flush the system and get the alcohol out of it. She went out and sent the limo home. They walked the downtown streets for a while, eventually suggesting coffee. She could make it at her downtown loft.

Innocently he accepted. “Thank you for being my date tonight Josh. You have been wonderful. Your friends were a lot of fun too. Let’s get some coffee and then we can order a cab and head back to the house. Does that sound good to you?”

“Oh yeah Mrs. C. that is perfect. A coffee or two will do me good. Thanks for being my date too. I enjoyed going tonight even though Serena couldn’t be there.” She told him it was her pleasure.

“Can I say something” he asked under the influence of the alcohol. Not having all his wits about him he was going to compliment her.

“Have I told you yet how tremendous you look in that dress? I know its Serena’s but I gotta tell ya, I think you look damn sexy in it. I mean everything from your legs, all the way upstairs, well you look tremendous. Did I say that to you earlier? I’ve thought about it several times tonight to be honest with you.”

He escort bayan gaziantep looked at her with a shit eating grin and not thinking about what he said or to whom he said it to.

“Well now is that a compliment or what? Shouldn’t you be keeping that exclusively for Serena? But on her behalf, I’ll accept it and let me add something too. Josh you also look sexier then any man there tonight. I mean you are one great looking guy. You are a hunk in that tux, if I may say so.”

The two of them stopped walking after hearing the compliments. They stared at the other wondering what just happened. The compliment he realized wasn’t appropriate, but he knew he liked what he was hearing and seeing. She did look sexy as hell. He couldn’t believe his ears when she called him sexy.

Was there something going on between them? He felt an attraction to her he never thought existed. She did look sexier then hell in Serena’s dress and her tits pushed up just enough to drum up excitement in his libido and arouse him more then he thought.

He grabbed her by her arms, brought Mrs. C. up against his body, and unexpectedly began kissing her. In turn, she put her arms around him and pulled her daughter’s boyfriend into her. She couldn’t believe she loved what she was feeling. Regardless, she kissed him fervently and what seemed like forever.

Up against the other, their lips ravenously and hungrily desired more and more of each others lips. Feeling her sensuous body against him, he tightened his hold on her. The two embraced one another passionately.

Both horny, they never made it home. Josh took advantage of his situation and so did she. Finally back at the loft, she undid her dress as she kissed him. It dropped to the floor. He stopped kissing to look at her. Her almost naked body drove him nuts. Underneath she wore a half slip and bra. Josh’s state of heightened arousal went into overdrive. Holding her by her arms, he looked down upon her figure. He thought “How can this be possible? I find her exciting and attractive as hell.”

“May I take your jacket off for you” she asked. Seeing how he looked at her she asked “Do you find me attractive Josh? I hope you do. I find you delicious.”

Still looking at her up and down, he wanted all of her. He wanted everything she was willing to offer him. He couldn’t believe he had no desire for Serena. Looking at Serena’s mom was enough for him. He let go of her arms and began removing his jacket, undoing his tie, shirt buttons, and taking it off.

Mrs. C. did the rest. She undid his pants and let them shimmy their way down his legs. Her hands slithered back behind to his ass and then around to the front of his hulk of a chest.

“Mmmmm Josh, you sure are … I never knew how sexy you actually were. Isn’t this wonderful, just you and me, together on New Years Eve, and getting to know one another on an intimate basis like this” she asked him. “Uhh, oh yeah” is all he could say.

“Go ahead honey, go on touch them. I know that’s what you’ve wanted for hours now. I’ve wanted it too sweetheart.”

She placed her hands on his. Looking at him with that signature grin, she raised them up placing them against her boobs. She closed her eyes as she pressed his hands against her tits and uttered something pleasurable. He watched her face for a moment then looked back down at her tits. He wanted to take her bra off like he had removed Serena’s so many times before.

As crazy as he felt, as turned on as he was, and as much as he thought he wanted her, something did not feel right. She came to his aid. She helped him understand his feelings. She didn’t just grab a hold of his dick, she went down inside his boxers, slid her hand across the semi hard shaft, and put a hold on it he would never ever forget.

Slowly she grabbed it. Her hand coiled itself around it like vines climbing a grain elevator. Creeping slowly, her hand felt Josh’s cock and he melted.

Wanting more and more to happen, he didn’t care any longer that the love, trust, and special intimate moments shared with Serena now meant nothing. He began to share those feelings with Mrs. C. and loved that he was sharing similar feelings with her.

“Ohhh damn you make me feel incredible Mrs. C. Oh god the way you are touching and actually holding my cock is awesome. You’re awesome Celina!” It was the first time he called her by her first name. “I want you. What do you want me to do?”

She stood smiling at him. Her eyes glistened with joy. Her hand continued snaking around his hard cock slowly and methodically. She enjoyed herself. She dropped to the couch and led him down with her pulling him on top of her.

Looking him in the eyes, she smiled and pulled his head down, kissing him and finally slipping her tongue in his mouth. He went nuts once he felt her soft wild tongue inside his mouth. She pushed, swerved, and moved it about inside him. He let her control his tongue. It was erotic to the two of them.

His hands massaged her tits. Feeling her hard nipples between his fingers as he massaged them, she felt his hard cock pushing into her stomach or between her legs. Shifting up and down, he kissed and caressed her. She tugged at him while kissing passionately.

Rolling around on the couch, suddenly they fell off it slamming to the floor. He turned her on more and more. He was definitely experienced.

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