New to sex_(2)

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My infancy was a well protected one, being the only child at home made me an introvert, playing by myself and no friends to play after school, this lasted until my teens year (not sure, I cannot remember, it was such a long time ago.

Unbeknown to me, changes were coming, they came in the form of an step brother (Robert) he was the eldest son of my step-father he came to continue his schooling,

Robert was about 4 or 5 years older than me and I welcome him as a good helper with my school home work, a new bed was placed in my bedroom and we became room mates.

Life continued with no changes until the day I asked Robert what was the noise that began after light out, his answer was: That is me wanking; don’t you do it?

My knowledge of sex was zero Robert kindly offered himself to show me, embarrassed I feigned falling asleep.

Curiosity won the battle and a couple of days later I asked about wanking and I was shown in detail, I tried, with no outcome Robert asked me to make room for him to come into my bed, which he did and proceed to remove my PJ pant, him being already nude, and spooning to my back grabbed my smallish dick and started wanking me while also embracing me and putting his dick between my ass cheeks, all this gave me an special feeling, a very comfortable one. his dick was twice as big as mine 4 years age difference at that stage is quite a lot.. Success after a little while I had my first wanking orgasm.

This help with wanking continued for quite a while with my ass cheeks getting used to being soaked with Robert’s pre-cum, the night of my birthday he guided me to penetrate him, what a pleasure! The best .birthday present ever. As you can imagine

after having his ass, was just a mater of time to reciprocate. one night he asked me if I was ready, with months of spooning and wanking I was more than ready, I was eager to do it , specially if you consider all the attentions that my whole body was receiving, apart from the spooning I was getting my whole body, kissed and licked non stop to the point that in spite of the long time since, I can still remember vividly the first penetration, that came after a long time of sexual teasing using his mouth and later his Escort Ankara cock just touching my anus, I can feel his cock pushing into me bit by bit, the

new feeling was just indescribable his dick going into my asshole, it was pure pleasure, from the first instant until perhaps ten minutes later when Robert orgasmed deep into me triggering my first no touching my dick orgasm.

(All these things happened long before HIV, no condoms were required) after we relaxed keeping the spooning and continuing with the caressing and sexual teasing so effectible that in a short while we were both horny again and ready for a second, which I asked to be a bottom again

my first anal fuck was so enjoyable that I wanted more.

Robert was an oral sex champion, I thought that licking a dick was super gross, Robert had no such qualms, I have to acknowledge that the best anal sex as a bottom came after some well done rimming performed by the master.

We become equal terms sexual partners, I mean we were both tops and bottom,

the next summer I stayed at home, did not want to go with Robert to his uncle’s

farm, to be honest, I was afraid of the uncle, more to the point afraid of the uncle’s cock

Robert had lost his anal virginity to this uncle, and that experience was not as good as mine loosing it

Upon his return Robert asked for me to be his bottom that night to which I agreed, the asking was irrelevant as most nights we had at least one of each, i mean one as top and one as bottom

The night begun with me lying naked on top of my bed and Robert going to work on me, as I had showered shortly before bed time it was ok for Robert to put into practise his uncle’s latest teachings, starting by sucking my toes, followed by the back of my legs slowly creeping to my groin area kissing the perineum giving little gentle bites, ignoring mi anus and cock, driving me nuts with desire, after a while he turn me around to be face down rapidly putting a pillow under my crotch lifting my bum

at this stage I requested, please stop teasing me and fuck me, he just change the teasing for a cock teasing then he gave me a surprise during his two months away some changes had occurred.

Ankara Escort His penis had changed, it was much bigger. and he proceed to penetrate me but only 2 or 3 inches and proceed to massage my prostate I couldn’t hold and had my first orgasm of the night, it was a long night, not that I am against long sex full nights

the next step was to have a fresh shower using the shower hose as an enema irrigator, thoroughly cleaning my inside as I wanted more tongue work on my behind

Back on the bed had to lay-down to rest for a little while and postpone the second bout for a few minutes I was so over exited that Roberts first attempt to lick my bum almost made me collapse, the solution was to top and fuck Robert to lower the excitement level

While resting, Robert gave some news his two younger brothers would be coming to live with us. after the end of the holiday, I was disappointed, I thought There goes my newly found sex life. How wrong I was, in fact it was an expansion of the sex field as the other two were well into fucking each other

Iexcitement level

While resting, Robert gave some news his two younger brothers would be coming to live with us. after the end of the holiday, I was disappointed, I thought There goes my newly found sex life. How wrong I was, in fact it was an expansion of the sex field as the other two were well into fucking each other

If any good to you readers I could continue



This is a true story which involves sexual situations between a teen and a minor. So as not to cause any offence, if you find this distasteful, please leave and search for a story that is more to your taste. You have been warned.

Putting these stories in chronological order, we should put aside the arrival of my other two step-brothers and tell missing details:

Robert was very gentle, never inflicting pain in any way, my sex life was

developing rapidly due to the shared bedroom accommodation, him being older was Ankara Escort Bayan overloaded with sexual urges, he was like a Billy-goat and wanted my ass every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, we had to be careful not to be too noisy, specially when having sex and reaching the point of no return, it is hard not to moan either because you are Cumming or you are getting a wonderful cock up your ass .

Remember some of Robert specialties, when my ass was already well used Robert started fingering my anal ring, just pass the sphincter creating the strongest sexual desire ever, we used to have sex every night, beginning with me Cumming inside Robert, this followed with him putting his 6 inches inside me, one way that he liked a lot was me laying down with a pillow under mi bum to have my ass hole at the right level, there I would know when he was near orgasm as he would grab my legs until then resting on his shoulders holding me by the ankles moving me like a rag doll up and down his erect prick inside me, this being enjoyed by both of us..

His uncle Paul was teaching him all possible ways of pleasuring a lover, male or female

I for my part had nothing to contribute to this sexual education, only being a dedicated pupil and learning all, the first time up, Robert’s only failure was the oral sex, I was then finding it gross and never tried (now I regret it)

Paul invited me to go to his farm, mentioning that I would have the opportunity of enjoying a full size adult cock giving me all the pleasure that I deserved, well the only outcome of this invitation was the sheer terror of encountering such a cock, remembering Robert experience when Paul took him the first time.

Massages were offered regularly, many times rejected to use to use the time fucking

my first receiving massage was like a revelation, laying face down on the bed, naked

massage oil all over my back and warm hands rubbing my whole body was the most sensual feeling, even better if you have a couple relationship with the masseur as the transition to happy ending is simple. These massages became a regular happening with initial procedure was to lay down the massaged on his side with the body slightly twisted forward thus allowing full access to the treasure and permitting him to

spread open his bum cheeks leading to most professional sexual teasing by the masseur using his cock head around the anal ring

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