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Big Tits

A quiet Saturday afternoon in the fall in Montreal, we had gone downtown to see a movie in a theater that was located in the lower level of a rather upscale shopping galleria. After seeing the film, we were walking back towards the car park, looking at the fancy boutiques. One of them featured women’s fashion accessories, shoes, handbags, leather goods. As we were walking by she was attracted by a small display of very fine high heeled shoes.

I absolutely loved high heels, but I knew she didn’t own any. I was holding her hand as she made her way into the shop to have a better look. A young and pretty salesgirl came out to greet us, as my girlfriend was admiring the shoes. The salesgirl picked one of them up to display it to my girlfriend, saying “these would look very good on you.” The heels were a good four inches long, very narrow but not quite stiletto. They were in off-white leather, polished but more of a satin finish than glossy. I found them quite tasteful. They were sexy but not over the top.

She said : ” I’d like to try them on. I’ve never worn high heeled shoes like these.”

“You absolutely should try them on” I said, “I would love so see you in heels like these.”

The salesgirl went to get a pair in her size, also bringing with her a second box of shoes. Nathalie sat down to take off her own shoes and to put the heels on. She took a few steps around the boutique floor, her walk a bit uneasy in the heels. She was nicely dressed as usual but nothing out of the ordinary, just her jeans and a leather jacket over her blouse. But seeing her walk in the fancy shoes really turned me on. Her feet looked really pretty in them, and the uneasy, self-conscious look she had while wearing them was kind of endearing. The salesgirl obviously told her she looked great in them.

“It does take a bit of time to get used to wearing heels like these, but you will get used to them quickly” she said to her.

My girlfriend didn’t seem that sure about getting used to them quickly, but she also loved the look of the fancy shoes on her feet, and was enjoying the attention and compliments from the staff and myself.

The salesgirl took out the other set for my girlfriend to try on. They were of a similar design, but in a kind of faux leopard-print pattern. Rather spectacular, the kind of shoes that called for a little clubbing dress, while the white ones were more versatile, the kind that could be worn just as well with a sexy dress as pants.

She tried the leopard-print shoes on as well. Her walk was just as uneasy as before, and she was now blushing as the salesgirl and I agreed that they looked really sexy on her.

“They’re more the kind of heels you would wear to a party or some special occasion”, said the salesgirl. My girlfriend agreed, and asked about the price. They were rather expensive, a few hundred dollars each pair. It was not the kind of thing she would typically buy for herself, and I could see that she wasn’t sure about spending that much on a type of shoe she had never worn before, and perhaps was not yet sure if she would actually wear them often enough.

“I think you look great in them”, I said. “I will buy them for you if you like, as a kind of advance birthday or Christmas present”. She was really happy, but now couldn’t decide whether she preferred the more versatile white shoes or the more in-your-face leopard print shoes.

“If you can’t decide which pair to choose, don’t worry. Let’s get both pairs” I said. She was really pleased and kissed me on the cheek while the salesgirl put the shoes in their boxes and in a bag. I paid for both pairs with my card and then we were off, going back to the car.

When eskort taksim we got home later that afternoon we still had errands to run, grocery shopping and other mundane stuff. The shoe boxes went into the closet, and I kind of forgot about them for now.

Cut to a few weeks later, we had just finished dinner at home and were settling down on the couch to cuddle and watch a movie on TV. I had mixed some martinis to enjoy while we were watching. In the movie, there was a scene with a rather sexy female character that was trying to run while wearing high heels.

“Hey, you never did wear those heels that we bought you a few days ago”, I said. “When do I get to see them?”

“There just hasn’t really been an occasion to wear them”, she replied. “We haven’t had a party or a night out in a while”.

“Then let’s make the occasion”, I said. “go upstairs to change and you can model your shoes for me”. I lifted my glass in a toast and clinked it against hers, taking a sip. She was blushing again. She drank a good bit of her own martini, and got up off the couch to the hallway and up the stairs.

“Your shortest skirt would look very nice with the heels”, I called out as she turned the corner and up the stairs.

While she was upstairs changing, I made sure the blinds were lowered behind the couch, and I adjusted the dimming on the lighting in the room. Our ground floor windows are at street level, and at night it can sometimes feel like being in an aquarium. I turned off the TV and put on a CD that she liked a lot. On a hunch I quickly went into the washroom, took off my boxers and put my pants back on. I then freshened our drinks, then sat back down on the couch.

She probably tried on a few different outfits. After a good ten minutes, I heard the clicking of the heels on the floor above, and then unsteady steps down the stairs.

I was amazed. She was absolutely spectacular. She had the off-white heels on, bare legs, then her mid-thigh length dark burgundy skirt in a kind of velour material, and a sheer black blouse through which her beautiful black lace bra was showcasing her magnificent breasts. She was wearing a silver necklace, multiple silver bangles around her wrists, and had put on earrings as well, which was not her usual habit. She had touched up her makeup, her black hair was sexily done up in a kind of messy bun tied with a silver ribbon. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs, holding on to the banister, still not entirely comfortable in the heels yet.

“Wow ” I said, “Turn around for me a little”. She took a few steps in the hallway, blushing again, did a little twirl and walked towards me in the living room, smiling shyly. This runway walk for me was turning her on. As she walked in front of me I bent forward from the couch to caress her lower leg.

“Climb on the coffee table, so I can get a better look at your shoes” I said, taking her hand to help her up. I had a good intuition that she might have skipped wearing panties, it was something she used to do in her youth when feeling horny, which seemed to be most of the time according to some of the tales she had told me. She knew that it turned me on, obviously, and we had played that game once in a while.

She was still blushing shyly as she put one foot on the table and then the other, sideways to me. Just a flash of spectacular thigh, say the lyrics of that Steely Dan song. She twirled again on the table. I was getting a totally pervy upskirt view but in the dim light it was more a suggestion of hidden treasures than an obvious display. It nevertheless gave me a major hard-on. Her shy self-consciousness in the heels and skirt escort şişli gave me an idea for some role-playing. I got up from the couch and went to sit down in an armchair across the coffee table.

“Ah, Nathalie. Do come in” I said, in a kind of overdone British accent, and in English, as we had been speaking our native French until now. She had told me once before of a former boss she had in her first job in a publishing firm in Toronto, where she had gone to escape suburban life with her parents, and to practice her English. I was trying to sound halfway between Hugh Grant and Bill Nighy, probably failing at both, but the switch to English had its effect. She appeared startled by my act.

“I have asked you to come in for your performance review, as it has been sometime now since you came into our employ. Now how can I put this mildly? You’re a lousy typist, Nathalie”. This was something she had quoted to me, when she told me of her first work experiences. She had told me her boss was a nice and gentle person, as exasperated as he might have been about her typing. But this was not how I wanted to play him.

“Now I don’t know why we keep you on, really. Your mere presence is the cause of major distraction in our staff, what with those clicking high heels and your ridiculously short skirts. I suppose you enjoy strutting about, knowing that you make all of the men’s cocks hard, and some of the women’s cunts wet?”

“Now get me your personnel file from the shelf”, I said, pointing at an imaginary document on top of one of the living room cabinets. Earlier in the evening, I had brought up from the basement an aluminum stepladder to change a halogen lightbulb in one of the recessed fixtures, and it was still there in the corner of the room behind my armchair.

She could see where I was getting at, but was genuinely shy and nervous. This play acting was pushing her buttons. She put one beautiful heeled foot on the first rung of the stepladder, then the other, using her hands to steady herself.

One slow step after the other, and eventually her gorgeous and pantyless ass was above eye level from my seated position in the armchair. She had her right foot on a step one above the other, sticking her butt out, giving me a marvelous view of her yawning and wet pussy lips peeking under the back of that pretty and, indeed, ridiculously short skirt of hers. I got up from my chair, standing behind her, and slowly ran my hand from the heel of her left foot to the cleft behind her knee, and up her thigh until my hand met her pussy. I parted her lips, inserting two fingers in her vagina and teasing her butthole with my thumb. She shivered and gave out a little moan.

“And speaking of wet cunts, what have we here? No panties? One would think that we pay you well enough that you could afford a pair or two? I assume that you think that your magnificent ass will distract us from your brilliant typing performance”, I said I as I continued to finger her, then pulling my hand away to lick her slick juices.

“You’ve been a bad girl, Nathalie. Now come down here to get the punishment you rightly deserve”. I helped her down the step ladder. She was trembling, with a look of excitement and shame in her eyes. I sat back down in the armchair, still holding her hand, and had her lie down across my lap and the armrests. I caressed the back of her thighs, sliding under the skirt to slowly bunch it up over hips, then inserting two fingers in her pussy again, and suddenly removing my hand swiftly to give her butt a resounding slap. We hadn’t played at spanking before, but I felt that this was quite in character. She gasped at the first stroke, eskort beşiktaş her body quivered and tensed, but she did not protest or try to move away.

I gave another good slap, then caressed her butt cheeks some more, played with her pussy lips again with my fingers, then again swiftly removed my hand to administer another hard slap.

“That’s what happens to bad girls who tease their colleagues with their scandalous dress” I said as I alternated caresses, fingering, and hard slaps on her butt. She was breathing hard, very turned on, tweaking her nipple through her shirt and bra with her free arm. I continued fingering her, pushing with two fingers at the spongy area at the top of her vagina while flicking her clit with another finger, using my other hand to alternately caress and slap her ass, for a few more minutes until she came on my fingers in a trembling orgasm.

I helped her up back onto her heels, turned her to face me, and said. “And since you seem to enjoy making cocks hard, why don’t you demonstrate some of your other skills and attempt to convince us to keep you on”, pulling her down to her knees in front of me in the armchair. This was also a first. Blowjobs were a regular feature of our sex life but not this game of domination. I admired the beautiful white shoes on her feet as she kneeled in front of me, undoing my belt and unzipping my fly, still with a nervous and shameful look in her eyes, avoiding looking directly at me.

She made a small “oh” when she noticed I was also not wearing underwear, and hungrily fished my hard cock out, spreading the front of my pants open. She bent down to slowly lick my cock into from bottom to top, then sucked the tip into her beautiful mouth. I was almost in heaven. I noticed that my martini glass was within reach on the coffee table, picked it up, and had a few more sips while she bobbed her head in my lap. One of her earrings made a cute tinkling sound as it hit the buckle of my belt repeatedly with her sucking motion. My martini glass in one hand, caressing her hair and her cheek with the other while she went on with her wonderful blowjob. Now I was absolutely, completely in heaven. The tempo was increasing and after just a few minutes I thought I was about to come.

“Now I believe we just might keep you on, seeing as your skills do seem to improve with time”, I said as I caressed her chin and lifted her head from my lap. I went to get up from the armchair, she rose from her knees back onto those pretty white shoes.

Grabbing me by the hand, she pulled me from the chair and across the living room and hallway, the pretty shoes going clack-clack-clack on the floor towards the dining room.

She bent down on the dining room table with her ass up, grabbing the edges with both hands, facing towards the street outside through the dining room bay window. I hit the dimmer switch on the wall to darken the room, but there was still quite a bit of light from the streetlamps and the moonlight outside. Evidently, she wanted the thrill of knowing that anyone walking by might happen to glance into the dining room through the shrubbery and maybe see her bent down on the table, being fucked from behind with her short skirt flipped up in her sexy white high heeled shoes


I slid my cock into her slick pussy to the hilt in a single stroke and started pumping, as she pushed back with her ass. We were both so excited that it took less than a minute until I came in her pussy, triggering her second orgasm. I could feel her vaginal muscles clenching my cock as we both spasmed until we collapsed, spent.

That was quick, but intense. She was still lying on the table, breathing hard. My seed started to slowly drip down from her cunt onto the wooden floor, thankfully not on her nice shoes as she had her feet spread well apart, her body still quivering.

Switching back to French, I said: “and what about the other pair?”

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