New Habits

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Note: This story is from the perspective of a trans man, but I do occasionally use feminine terms. There’s a lot of weed, and a little bit of piss and scat in the end. A tad bit of incestuous themes.


I’ve picked up on a new habit.

I had already started drinking well before 21 (always with responsible company), but I actually waited a few months after I turned 21 to try anything more than a slice of my mother’s weed gummies. They helped me sleep, so I thought it’d be a good idea for me to try more.

The first things I bought on my own were chocolate edibles (peppermint, goes perfect when put in hot chocolate) and King James indica joints.

When I sat down to light the joint in my room, I had already finished my hot chocolate and was waiting for it to kick in.

I knew I was nervous, I had always associated the smell with my abusive bio-father, but as I picked up my lighter I realized I was excited. Even though it’s legal in my state, I was raised in Texas. A good boy who spent years in advanced classes, burnt out and about to burn his throat. It made me wet.

My first hits weren’t done properly, but they were enough. The very first was enough for me to dive my hand into my boxer briefs and start teasing my hole. I wasn’t even high yet, but the act of smoking had me fired up and I knew at once I had to be careful ataşehir escort bayan or I’d be spending money very frequently. Still, I kept dipping my fingers in my hole and rubbing my hard t-cock.

It wasn’t long after that both the joint and the chocolate had kicked in, and I switched things up a bit. I had my phone standing and playing porn, vibrator in one hand pressed against my aching cock, and joint in the other. I felt like I was shaking and spinning, and I loved it. I even managed to cum during my last hit.

This wasn’t (and probably still isn’t) a problem. I started using more frequently this week, as I’ve been trying to stop relying on porn to get off and I decided that anything I did while I was high didn’t count. So obviously that means get high more. And the first time it was just “get high and watch porn,” but I recently got a bong and it was recommended that I stay inside when I use it and just keep the window open.

The other day I decided to finish what was left in my pipe before I moved on to the bong and was high by the time it was gone. When I got up to open the window, I thought it would be kinda hot to get off by the window. There’s an iridescent cover on one of my window panes, so someone would have to be looking in from off to the side to see me.

I started by gently pinching my nipples through my undershirt, staring at one escort kadıöy of the lit windows and hoped to see a silhouette. I then pulled my boxer briefs down and took off my undershirt, and pressed my chest against the window, something my usual dysphoria would never allow me to do. The cold windows made my nipples hard, and I dragged them across the textured film. I can’t feel much from them, but someone could’ve been watching, and that made me ache.

I pulled the window all the way open, gave my nipples a quick, hard, twist, and packed a bowl. I took two, 6-second drags, sipped some water, and started pounding my pussy with a blue dildo in front of my open window. It wasn’t enough, it never is, so I put it away for safekeeping in my ass and pulled out my vibrator. I spent another twenty minutes with my legs spread, hoping a neighbor was watching and stroking themself off to me. I have been getting high and jerking off by my open window for four days now, sometimes multiple times a day. This has become my favorite pass-time.

A new habit I enjoy is getting high before a shower. I hide a few toys in my clean clothes, take three or four hits, and then go to the bathroom. I always keep the door locked for safety, but that doesn’t take away from this fantasy of mine. I pull the transparent curtain halfway and the dark curtain gets wrapped up. If the door was unlocked, anyone maltepe escort could walk in and see some skin and a blurry silhouette.

I get myself properly bathed before I play, and the first thing I like to do is piss facing the door. I lift one leg on the edge of the tub, hold the clear curtain against it so I don’t get my pee all over the floor, and roughly rub my vibrator against my mound to splash my piss onto me. I’d imagine one of my parents coming in, dropped jaw and they watch their son pissing on their shower curtain making and O-face.

Yesterday I took it a bit further. I was getting ready for me shower routine, when I realized how backed up I was. I stood up, lifted a leg onto the side of my tub, and started rubbing one of my dildos against my asshole. I must’ve been pretty fucking high, because the only one I could imagine at that moment was my bio-father. I imagined his crooked teeth against my ear and his big, uncut cock brushing against my twitching asshole while I pushed out hard little chunks of shit.

This disturbs me now. As far as I know, the closest he’d gotten to that was when he’d shared a shower with me when I was a tad too old to be bathing with my parents, and that may have just been a lack of thinking on his part. He was an abuser, sure, but he wasn’t like THAT.

Whatever the reason, after I cleaned up and finished my shower, I pulled up his picture and a moaning audio that sounded close to him, and came to that. I’ve since deleted this picture, and I seem perfectly content with cumming in front of an open window.

Hell, if someone offered to get me high, I may give them permission to use my ahead of time.

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