New Experiences with a Best Friend

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It all started a few months before when Vicky promised Alex to let him indulge in one of his fetishes, her feet more precisely her feet in ankle socks.

The conversation was like any other random laughs and jokes thrown between the two until the usual topic of sex and fetishes showed up. It rather surprised Alex when she asked if he wanted to touch her feet, He replied quickly ‘Yes, why are you going to let me touch them?’

He was expecting the usual reply of no but instead was caught off guard when she suggested that he could take off her socks. Millions of thoughts went through his head at once to how he would like to take them off, until they came to the conclusion of him removing them slightly with his hands before taking them completely off with his teeth.

He waited months for opportunity to finally get to do something he had wanted to do for years.

The day finally came about 2 months after the conversation had first arisen.

There was a knock on the door and Alex excitedly went to answer it, knowing who was already there. He opened the door with a smile ‘Hey you!’

‘Hey.’ Vicky replied through a small grin.

Vicky was the vision of beauty to Alex, A small girl in general standing at 5’4″, with deep red hair, Ample 36 D boobs and an ass to die for but what Alex liked most where her beautiful size 6 feet, Slender and the perfect length toes to match with a nice high arch.

The day was no different to when they normal hung out, relaxing watching movies and t.v and occasionally cuddling up on the sofa or the bed.

it wasn’t until late into the night that Alex brought up the subject that had been on his mind all day ‘so are you going to let me take these socks off of you?’

She looked down at her ankle socked feet, one sock a hot pink the other a neon blue. Both clean on that day so had no real dirt or off putting smell to them.

‘Yeah of course.’ she said with glee.

She swung her legs up onto the sofa next to him putting her cute feet on his thighs inches from his throbbing cock.

‘Just one thing first’ she said, making Alex hesitate a little as he couldn’t help but stare at her feet. She reached into her bag and fumbled around for a couple of seconds until she pulled out a little remote controlled egg.

‘Why have you got that out?’ Alex asked quizzically.

‘Well it doesn’t seem fair yeşilköy escort that you are going to get turned on by taking off my socks and that I’m not allowed to enjoy myself too!’ she looked into his eyes as she put her hand down her tight fitting jeans and inserted the egg into herself.

Alex stared on aroused by the whole idea of getting to take off her socks as she turns herself on with her little toy.

‘Here!’ Vicky proclaimed she he handed Alex the remote to the egg inside her.

He took it hesitantly at first ‘Why are you giving it to me?’ he asked.

‘Because I thought it would be fun for you to be the one turning me on as it’s my feet that are turning you on’

He stared at the remote for a second before turning it on and upping the power, hearing the little vibrations coming from within.

‘Doesn’t this seem a little redundant though? I mean we’re both going to be turned on and neither of us are going to have a release’

‘Well I figured after you’ve taken off my socks and maybe had a little fun with my feet that we could masturbate together’

He was caught off guard, he thought today was just going to be him getting to indulge his fetish but it seemed like Vicky had other plans already set in motion.

‘Well come on, my sock won’t take themselves off’ He put the remote down for a second but not before turning the vibration on full enticing small moans from Vicky as he lifted her foot towards him.

He started with the pink sock grabbing the fabric at her toes first and pulling it away slightly as to not tickle her feet, as soon as he thought it was fair enough away he lifted her foot to his mouth and grabbed the soft fabric with his teeth, closing his lips onto her toes. He pulled slowly enjoying the smell and taste her feet had left on the socks.

After 30 seconds the sock was completely off and her bare foot was pointing towards him, finally getting to see her toes that she had painted a beautiful blue, he kissed her feet working his way from the heel to her toes and planting a soft kiss on each toe before lowering her foot back down to his thigh.

He grabbed her other foot and began the same procedure, removing her sock a little first then grabbing it between his teeth and taking it off completely.

To his surprise her toes were painted an amazing hot zeytinburnu escort pink on this foot but just as beautiful as the other. He began kissing her feet again and as soon as his lips made contact he felt Vicky’s foot move up his thigh to his rock hard cock in his pants. He looked towards her but she was lying there eye’s closed mouth open letting out the most amazing moans as the egg did its work.

He worked his way from her heel to her toes again kissing each toe softly the difference being on this foot that he took her little toes into his mouth and coated them in his saliva, Vicky said nothing but the moans spoke for her as they got louder and more frequent.

He couldn’t control himself as she rubbed with more vigour on his cock. He continued to suck her toes for a good 5 minutes until he finally let her foot fall.

‘Wasn’t expecting you to suck my toes as well’ Vicky said with a dirty smile on her face.

‘Well I wasn’t expecting you to start rubbing my cock with your foot, so guess we both got a bit of a surprise’ He said as he looked down to see her foot still working his cock.

‘Surprises aren’t done yet’ Vicky exclaimed as she pulled her foot off of him and stood up. Alex had no idea where this was going but he was not going to intervene with whatever she had planned.

She stood there in all her beauty facing towards him as she removed her top and bra quickly, exposing her breasts to the cold air, her nipples hard. She pinched her nipples a little and let out a small moan in doing soon.

‘You need to get naked too,’ She said as she undid the button on her jeans and slipped them off. Leaving her in just her black lace lingerie with a noticeable wet patch. He stood up and quickly stripped himself naked and sat back down, his hard 10″ cock standing to attention in front of her, she smiled at the sight of it.

He wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked slowly looking up at her, she turned around and slowly stripped herself of her underwear, bending over as she did to show off her amazing ass, also giving Alex a perfect view of her soaking wet pussy.

She removed the egg from her pussy and dropped it to the floor as she straddled him, his cock just lightly grazing her pussy lips.

‘Are you sure about this?’ He asked making sure this wasn’t a spur of the moment anadolu yakası escort bayan thing.

‘One Hundred Percent, I want you in me and I want to cum all over your big cock!’ She grabbed the base of him and rubbed it playfully against her pussy, spreading her lips with each movement. She lowered herself onto him moaning loudly as he got deeper and deeper into her until there was no more to go in.

She looked at him with a hungry look as she began to ride him fast and hard making her moan more than ever. He grabbed her ass forcefully as she bounced on his cock, exciting by the feeling of fucking his best friend and a girl he has wanted to fuck since they first met.

As she rode her supple boobs bounced up and down to her bodies rhythm. Alex moaned slightly as his cock slid in and out of her soaking wet pussy. The two fed off of each other passionately making the moans become louder and more erotica as time passed.

Soon after the position was changed to have Vicky down on all fours, giving Alex a perfect view of her amazing ass and the soles of her cute feet. He got onto his knees behind her and lightly rubbed the tip of his cock against her pussy before entering her forcefully, causing her to moan in pure ecstasy.

He fucked her powerfully grabbing her hips as he did so as she bucked back into him meeting every thrust.

‘I’m cumming,’ Vicky announced between her breaths. Alex fucked harder feeling her pussy grab his cock tightly each thrust having to be more powerful than the last and keeping Vicky’s intense orgasm going.

As the moans got louder and the fucking got more passionate, faster and harder than ever before Alex could feel himself close to cumming.

‘I’m going to cum,’ He said still fucking Vicky.

‘Cum on me feet!’ she said in a sultry tone, knowing that he could never say no to seeing her cute feet painted in his cum. He fucked faster, with a new found passion, bringing himself closer and closer to the edge before pulling out entirely and unloading his cum all over the soles of Vicky’s feet.

The cum landed covering her soles from the heel to her toes, the cum seeping between her toes as she wiggled them. Alex reclined back and watched as Vicky played with his cum, her loving the feeling and loving being watched.

‘We might have to do this more often!’ She said looking down at her feet seeing the cum starting to swell onto the tops of her toes, giving her nail polish a white glaze.

‘Happily,’ Alex replied ‘As long as I keep getting to cum over your feet then I will happily fuck you!’

Vicky crawled over to Alex and lied next to him her head on his chest as she fell asleep soundly, Alex joining her soon after.

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