New Beginning Pt. 02

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Ariel Rebel

Chapter One: The Secretary

Lisa’s sexual relationship with her eighteen year old son Michael was firmly established, so it was time for her to address the question of her wayward, too often drunk, abusive husband. His treatment of her over the years warranted more than simply being cut off in bed, although she had to admit she had seriously considered doing just that, literally, a few times.

Tony was the source of a good income for Lisa and Michael and he was in a position, as vice president of a major computer company, to provide them with even more after a promotion or two. But money was secondary on Lisa’s mind; second only to getting Tony out of her life to allow her unfettered access to Michael, her real love.

Divorce was, of course, an option, but she considered that far too easy treatment of the man who caused her so much pain and suffering. Lisa, for all her petite beauty and charm, was a vindictive woman at heart and it was time for her to take charge.

Tony was his own worst enemy in the whole state of affairs. The forty three year old man was handsome and as physically fit as his teenage son. He could have any woman he wanted and, as Lisa often assumed, he took advantage of it. Like most successful men in the business world, his secretary was a prime suspect.

Cheryl was an intelligent, crafty, and devious single woman in her late twenties who did her job well, with an eye always open for potential opportunities to exploit her good looks. She was a tall brunette who oozed sensuality and emphasized it in her attire. Tony had been an exceedingly easy target two years earlier and their relationship continued with trysts of increasing frequency.

Their fortunes—Tony’s in particular—were about to change.

Tony sat in his boss’ office on a bright, early Autumn morning, hoping to hear from Steve, the boss, what had been rumored for weeks.

“Tony, how would you like to go on a little trip?” Steve asked, leaning back in his luxurious chair behind a gaudy desk of dark maple.

“You know I’m always up for a road show, boss.”

“This is no ordinary trek to stroke a potential client, Tony,” Steve said with a look of seriousness. “This is big. We can’t screw it up now.”

“What’s up?” Tony said.

Steve leaned forward and put his arms on the desk. “We’ve been negotiating with people in Aruba about opening up an office there as a base for our new Caribbean expansion. I know there have been rumors about it.”

Tony nodded.

“We couldn’t even let the VPs know about it until we were certain it was going to happen. I need you to travel down there, meet with our contacts, and tidy up the last of the details. It might take most of a week,” Steve told him. “I wouldn’t send anybody else in the company. I know you won’t let us down.”

“I’d be glad to go,” Tony said. “Who else is going?”

Steve looked across at his long-time friend and associate. A wry smile crossed his face. “Since you will basically be working down there the same as here, it would make sense to send Cheryl.”

“That would be very…helpful,” Tony replied.

“Yes. I thought so. Why disrupt the normal routine?” Steve said, leaning back in his chair. “Don’t keep her entirely to yourself, Tony. She can be an asset if used properly. I’ll leave that up to your judgment.”

Tony just nodded, his mind already far away on a Caribbean island with his girlfriend, warm weather, beaches, hotel rooms….

“You don’t expect this to last, do you?” Steve was saying, bringing Tony back to reality.

“Expect WHAT to last?”

“You and Cheryl.”

Tony shrugged. “Why not?”

“Because it raises all kinds of potential legal risks for the firm, Tony. That’s why. We’ve had this discussion before. Watch your step, do you understand?”

“Got it, boss.”

Cheryl had traveled with Tony before. She knew when to be the trusted assistant and when to be the sensuous object of his lechery. She never cheated on him during a trip, reserving that right for when they were back home. She packed at least one outfit for nearly every conceivable occasion: beach; informal; office; business casual; and, formal.

The flight to Aruba was uneventful. They landed in the middle of a mid-afternoon rain shower and took a taxi to the opulent, beachfront resort. Tony had a suite and Cheryl an adjoining standard room. This would look good on the accountants’ books, but had no relevance in real life. Cheryl would use her room solely as a closet.

The pair had dinner in downtown Oranjestad and looked to all the world like a father and daughter from the US on vacation, except that this daughter seemed awfully free with her hands on him, especially after a couple drinks. They browsed through a couple casinos, without success, before returning to the resort.

Upon arriving at Tony’s suite, Cheryl said to him, “I brought something special along this trip, Tony. Let me change, OK?”

He watched her leave through the door connecting the rooms and waited ten pendik escort minutes in the living area of his suite, knowing that when Cheryl considered it something special, he was in for a treat. The wait was worth it.

Cheryl returned wearing a smile, black heels, and a short, white, lace-trimmed robe that was tied at the waist, but hung open from top to bottom, revealing a good portion of her ample breasts and a pair of tiny, white, bikini panties.

She stood in the doorway with her hands on her hips.

“Christ, Cheryl. You never cease to amaze me,” Tony uttered. “Turn around.”

Cheryl spun until her luscious ass faced her boss. The robe was sheer enough to show the thin strap of the panties between her cheeks. By the time she was facing Tony again, his cock was throbbing.

“Since this was a special trip, I thought it deserved a new outfit,” Cheryl said as she strode over to the couch Tony was on.

He couldn’t take his eyes off the full, firm breasts barely hidden behind the robe and the flawless pussy he loved so much.

As she climbed onto the couch and straddled his legs, Tony told her, “You’re the best, baby. What would I do without you?”

“Fuck your wife?”

Tony laughed. “Yeah, right. After you? I doubt that.”

His hands ran over the thin material of her robe, inching closer and closer to her tits. But Cheryl slapped them away.

“Not yet, Tony,” she stated firmly. “I’ll let you know when it’s time to play. I’m going to let you just look for a while. And get harder.”

Her hand brushed along his crotch as she moved off the couch and walked to the bar to make drinks for them. Tony smiled, realizing he was in for an epic tease followed by the customary incredible sex. He justified it all in his mind by comparing his thirty eight year old wife to Cheryl. He also compared Lisa’s indifferent sex lately to Cheryl’s unabashed sexiness around him. That was Lisa’s problem, not his, he reasoned.

Cheryl was extraordinarily taunting on this first night of their trip. She never completely closed her robe, giving Tony constant glimpses of her chest and abs. She sat by him on the couch and rubbed his thigh, refusing to satisfy his need by fondling his cock. Cheryl let Tony run his fingers along the edge of her panties, but never inside them.

She saw the bulge in his pants long before she asked him to stand in front of the couch and say to him, “Get undressed for me, please. I need to see you again.”

Cheryl didn’t often ask him to strip for her. This was just another method of making this trip special and Tony responded by feeling his cock grow inch by inch with each new piece of clothing he removed. When he was down to his boxer shorts—with a massive tent in front—Cheryl stood up and joined him.

“It’s going to be a great week, hon,” she said as she pressed her body against his. “Let’s start it off right. I want you all night long.”

They kissed with rare passion, even for them, with their hands probing every inch of their partner’s body. Tony finally got to feel the tits and ass she had denied him all day. Cheryl got to wrap her hand around the cock she had made so hard simply by being herself all day.

She broke off the kiss and pulled down on his boxers, freeing the stiff cock underneath. Cheryl dropped to her knees and held the shaft with both hands, caressing it and Tony’s balls while moving her face ever closer. Her tongue was first to make contact, slithering up the cock from bottom to top in slow motion. Cheryl lingered around the underside of the tip, feeling the cock twitch uncontrollably.

She couldn’t count the number of times she had indulged him in this way, mostly in his office. Many times she had to explain away a stain on her dress or blouse as having been from ‘lunch.’ Cheryl enjoyed it enough to never get tired of it, but she knew the day would come. They were separated by fifteen years. She often envisioned the day she could legally share in his wealth, but would she be sexually satisfied with him alone?

For now, her job was to keep him happy for a week. Cheryl wrapped her lips around his cock and, with great skill, began to suck on her boss’ cock like it was the first time. She pulled down his boxers and got him naked without missing a beat with her mouth, then settled into a frantic rhythm designed to bring Tony to the edge, but not over it.

Tony would never tire of the gorgeous girl’s mouth, he thought to himself as she bobbed her head up and down. There seemed to be no limit to the depth she could take him; no limit to the uses of her tongue; no limit to the wonder of her lips. Best of all: he knew this was a prelude to even better things ahead.

At the first hint of precum on her tongue, Cheryl rose to her feet.

“Undress me, Tony,” she murmured in her sexiest voice. “Then fuck me until the morning.”

With a raging hard on pointing up from between his legs, Tony untied her robe and let it fall open. His hands slid up her body and onto the pendik escort breasts he craved. He kneaded them roughly and pulled on the nipples. Then Tony slid the robe off and tossed it aside. He reached around her, his cock resting on her stomach, and placed both hands on her ass. Tony pulled her closer and kissed her. Then he grabbed her panties, crouched down, and took them off. His face immediately traveled to her sweet, neatly trimmed pussy. He kissed it and found her clit with his tongue. A sigh of delight was all he heard.

He rose to his feet and led her to the couch. They would surely end up in various positions during the night, but it was his habit to begin with a straightforward missionary fuck to release their preliminary sexual tensions, and then get creative later.

Cheryl realized this better than anybody and reclined on her back, looking up at her boss as she always did, with a face filled with lust. Love had very little to do with this…on either side. On Cheryl’s part, it was partly lust and mostly greed. On Tony’s part, it was mostly lust and partly conveying his power over her.

As always, he found her pussy warm, wet, and waiting for him. She guided his cock with her hand. Tony thrust forward and their mutual groans filled the room. He leaned down for her tits and sucked on them vigorously. Cheryl wrapped her legs around his waist. Tony held her up by the ass. This was not meant to be anything but a fuck.

This lasted five minutes, at the most. Oftentimes less. But one thing was certain: they would both have an orgasm. Cheryl was usually first, mainly because her ultrasensitive nipples sent waves of pleasure straight to her pussy every time Tony bit one or sucked on it hard. She would squeeze her pussy together harder and, like a hand, grip his cock until he felt the orgasm begin.

Cheryl was loud. There was never any doubt when she was cumming and she wrapped her arms around Tony’s neck this time, cumming longer and louder than normal while he continued to pound her. Near the end of hers, Tony’s orgasm began. He shot load after load of cum into his secretary with grunts and vicious thrusts that rocked the couch.

In the end, they rolled together with Tony’s cock still inside her. Cheryl would get her wish of intermittent sex until sunrise, both on the couch and the bed.

She got paid very well for what she did, but she always had her eye on the future and what this man could do for her.

Chapter Two: Lisa Visits Steve

The love between Lisa and Michael, mother and son, was undeniable. In fact, it was growing stronger as the days and weeks passed. Lisa was totally consumed with ending her dreadful marriage to Tony in the most advantageous way.

To this end, she had asked Michael to attempt to obtain the password to Tony’s Yahoo e-mail account. Lisa knew it would be nearly impossible for her to find a way to do this since it would take a moment of shared time at the computer with Tony, which NEVER happened. However, Michael and Tony now and again got online to talk fantasy football or some other father-son thing. Michael said he would look over his dad’s shoulder and grab the password.

It took two attempts, but Michael was successful. The first day that Tony was in Aruba, Lisa signed in to his account, her nerves causing her hands to shake. She went straight to his e-mail account and into sent items. A simple sort of the To column made her gasp. There, to her delight, were dozens and dozens of e-mails to Cheryl.

She only had to read one to understand what she had. The two hid nothing of their relationship, even discussing their rendezvous in detail and outlining when they would be alone again. Lisa read more. Then she sat up straight in the chair.

Tony and Cheryl had discussed the fact Tony’s boss, Steve, was aware of the whole thing. Tony told Cheryl about warnings he had received regarding morality clauses in the contracts of the highest officers of the company. Tony expressed his disdain for the clauses and assured Cheryl it would not stop him from seeing her…and that Steve knew it.

Lisa printed every e-mail and, during that time, came up with a preliminary plan. She would have to sleep on it, but the initial concept seemed solid. She smiled to herself, feeling very content for a change.

Lisa knew she couldn’t use the e-mails against Tony in a direct divorce proceeding because of the method used to obtain them. But that wouldn’t stop her from using them in a covert manner that served the same purpose, perhaps even better.

Lisa decided to visit Steve while Tony was away. She chose to wear a sweater—the one with the v-neck and was a half size too small—and a skirt that fit too snugly and was a couple inches too short. For this occasion, she opted not to wear underwear.

The appointment was easily made and Lisa strolled into the computer company’s presidential suite with confidence and a large manila folder. She chatted with Steve’s secretary, who Lisa knew from functions pendik escort the company had in the past, and waited for her turn with her husband’s boss.

Moments later, Steve appeared at the door to his office and welcomed Lisa graciously. They entered and Steve closed the door.

“What a nice surprise,” Steve said as he returned to his seat and Lisa sat opposite him in a large, overstuffed chair. “What’s the occasion?”

“Oh, I had some things I wanted to give to Cheryl, but it looks like she’s out,” Lisa said without a hint of scorn.

“Uh, yes. She’s, um, taking the week off,” Steve stammered.

“Really?” A vacation?”

“Yeah. I don’t know where,” Steve said.

Lisa crossed her legs, not even attempting to adjust her skirt in the process. Steve’s eyes flittered from her legs to her breasts, barely concealed in the tight sweater, and finally to Lisa’s face.

“Perhaps I can ask Tony the next time I talk to him,” Lisa said calmly.

“Yeah. I bet he’d know. Now, what can I do for you?”

This game was new to Lisa and she was unsure of her skills at it, so she didn’t delay any longer and risk losing the short time she might have with Steve. She rose and, to his surprise, walked around to the corner of the desk nearest his chair. Lisa sat on the desk, facing the man. Her legs dangled between them.

“You can help explain something, Steve,” Lisa said, her tone becoming much more serious. “You can explain how Cheryl can happen to be in Aruba at the exact same time Tony is.”

The muscles in Steve’s face tightened and his lips came together in an expression of concern and tension.

“Well, uh, I’m not sure that she is, Lisa. She might have….”

Lisa held up the folder. “These e-mails prove that she is there, Steve. It’s been planned for several days. You sent them both.”

“She’s his secretary, for God’s sake,” he said with renewed authority. “She had to go.”

“These e-mails indicate she’s more than his secretary,” Lisa said in her most tranquil voice.

Steve sat frozen in his chair for several long seconds. He reached for his phone and buzzed his secretary.

“I won’t be taking calls or visitors, Sharon.”

He looked up at Lisa. The alarm on his face was palpable.

“I think you’ve misinterpreted something,” he said.

“They have been fucking for two years, Steve. You’ve known about it from the beginning. You….”

“No I haven’t. Not from the beginning. I…I….”

“But you know now and you’ve known for some time, haven’t you?” Lisa said in a louder voice.

“You can’t use that information in a divorce,” he stated.

Lisa glared down at him from her perch on the desk. “You have a bigger problem than the pending divorce of one of your VPs.”

When he didn’t speak, Lisa continued: “You have the issue of an affair between two of your employees, which you have long known about and helped conceal as well as perpetuate, all contrary to the morality clauses you and Tony agreed to upon employment.”

Steve began to rise from his chair, but Lisa used both hands to push him back down.

“Sit down, God damn it, and listen to me,” she hissed. “I’m going to be sending you my terms for the divorce. It’s going to involve a seven figure settlement from this company. It’s going to include my receiving every fucking asset Tony and I have. It’s going to specify that he pay my son’s college education. It’s going to ruin him for a long, long time. And Steve, you can either accept this company’s portion of that or be fired when I take this to the Board of Directors. Does any of that need repeating?”

Steve just stared. “The settlement would cause my firing anyway,” he said in a less-than-steady voice.

“It might. You may have thought of that the first time you found out your good friend Tony was fucking Cheryl,” Lisa said.

After a pause, Steve said to her, “So, what’s next?”

Lisa grinned, although her nerves were still taut. She put both palms on the edge of the desk next to her bare legs. She leaned forward.

“I want you to understand I’m the new boss,” she said softly. “You’ll take directions from me until this is done, got it?”

He nodded.

Lisa stretched out one leg until her shoe was in Steve’s crotch. She pressed down and rubbed.

“It’s my turn for some of the action going on around here. Take out your cock, Steve.”

Lisa pulled back her leg and Steve unzipped his pants. Seconds later, his limp cock was in view.

Oh, Steve, we can do better than that, can’t we?” Lisa sighed.

She ran both hands over her chest, tugging on the sweater to reveal more and more of her tits as the hands slid back and forth. Lisa let her fingers slip inside the sweater and Steve could follow the outline of her hand as it moved to the nipple. Lisa played with it and moaned softly.

The first hint of success in her plan came by way of a steady hardening of Steve’s cock. The longer Lisa played with her tits and showed more and more of them over time, the harder he got. Finally, after a couple minutes of manipulation, she pushed aside the sweater enough for Steve to see one of the stiff, pink nipples.

“That’s much better,” Lisa told him. “Would you like to sample one? Maybe a little taste?”

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