Nerds of a Feather Pt. 03

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Nerds of a Feather Chapter 11: All the way

Jake and Kara were spending more and more time together. All the time at school, in classes, doing their homework, walking back and forth to school together, having lunch, and their dance classes. They were usually at each other’s house after school or after dinner. Hanging out together, practicing their ballroom dancing, making out, watching TV, jogging or going for walks, and staying for dinner quite often. Their parents were getting kind of put out by the changes to their meal plans. Some things were easy to stretch to feed one more, but other things were not so easy. They finally agreed on a schedule so that meals would be easier to plan.

They spent a lot of time making out, exploring each other and learning how to please each other. Their parents tried not to spy on them but it was hard not to notice when they were making out on the couch all the time, or Kara was crying out in the throes of an orgasm up in one of their bedrooms. Their mothers spoke on the phone once in a while, catching each other up on the kids’ latest antics. They were pretty sure that Jake and Kara were having sex – a lot – and Jake’s mom was a little concerned about the whole thing, but Kara’s mom kept telling her it was their choice and to let them be.

Jake and Kara worked on their oral skills, adjusting their technique, trying to make their partner enjoy it as much as possible and for as long as possible. Jake could stay hard almost constantly, but he could only cum a few times. Kara was able to cum over and over, until she was too sensitive to touch. Jake loved her taste, her scent, her textures, and he loved her reactions. It was amazing to see her having an orgasm, and he could not get enough of her pussy.

Kara was taking more of Jake’s cock into her mouth, as she got used to the sensation of him running down the back of her tongue. She couldn’t entirely suppress her gag reflex yet but she was getting better at it. Soon, she thought, I’ll be able to swallow him whole! She was also learning how to make him last longer, or to trigger him almost immediately, as she cataloged and analyzed his reactions.


Dec 12 1980

Friday night they went out for pizza and a movie. After the movie they went back to Jake’s house for a sleepover. They were both very nervous, as this was going to be their first time to go all the way. Kara had decided that it was time to try intercourse. They went to Jake’s room and spent some time kissing and cuddling. Kara suggested that they get ready for bed, so they stripped off their clothes and donned their bathrobes.

They went down the hall to the bathroom and brushed their teeth. Once they were finished in the bathroom they went back to Jake’s room. They were both nervous and excited about taking this next step.

He left the small bedside lamp on so they could see to deal with the contraceptives. They hung up their bathrobes and faced each other. She was very nervous as they embraced. His rock hard member slipped between her thighs as they kissed and she felt the heat of his cock on her pussy lips. Kara had heard that the first time could be painful and even after that talk with her mom, who had tried to reassure her, she was still a little frightened by the prospect.

They slipped into bed, with Kara on her back and Jake kneeling between her legs. He pulled a condom out of the box, opened the packet and tried putting it on. First he had to figure out how it went on. “We probably should have practiced this beforehand” he said. He fiddled with it a bit and discovered which side went out, it was a simple topological puzzle, then unrolled it onto his cock. Success!

Once the condom was in place he picked up the tube of spermicide. Kara made a small sound and he looked up at her. She was crying and shivering, with her arms crossed over her breasts. Her body language clearly showed she was in distress, so Jake dropped the tube on the nightstand and said “Kara what’s wrong?”

“Oh Jake, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I can’t do this. Not tonight. Please.” She sounded frightened and weak, not at all like the girl Jake had been getting so close to recently. This was obviously not the right time for this, and her reaction frightened him.

“We don’t have to do this now if you don’t want to.” Jake pulled the condom off and leaned over the edge of the bed to rummage through the clothing on the floor. He turned and sat on the edge of the bed and pulled on his briefs. Then he slipped Kara’s panties over her feet and slid them up to her thighs. “Up” he said, and she lifted her hips so he could slip her panties all the way on.

Jake turned out the light, laid down next to Kara and pulled the covers over them. “It’s OK Kara. Shhh. We won’t do anything you aren’t ready for. Do you want to talk about it?”

“I don’t know, I’m just so nervous I guess. This seems like such a big step, and everyone says the first time is awful and painful. I’m scared Jake.” She wanted to experience everything beşevler escort with him, but this was suddenly too much for her right now.

“Don’t be scared. I would never want to hurt you. There’s no rush for this, we can wait. Let’s go to sleep. I like falling asleep and waking up with you in my arms.”

She sighed and relaxed against him, her mind whirling with anxiety, and they eventually drifted off to sleep. Jake’s mind was awash with thoughts too. He was worried about Kara, she seemed so suddenly insecure about all this. He feared that they had been going too far too fast, just like his mom had warned him. He hoped that Kara would be OK, that she wouldn’t be so frightened that she pushed him away. What they had together was so wonderful, so special, and he didn’t want to do anything to ruin it.


Dec 13 1980

They woke up Saturday morning around 7 am. Kara extricated herself from Jake and the blankets, donned her robe and went to the bathroom. When she came back she asked Jake if he was going to shower. Jake said yes and asked if she would join him again.

“Are you sure? Af-After last night?” she replied, worried that he would reject her because she had refused him.

“Kara, last night was fine, maybe things didn’t go quite as planned, but I still want to sleep with you and shower with you. And I like seeing you naked.” he said with a grin.

She nodded and led him to the bathroom, where they locked the door, hung up their robes, and embraced. She sighed and leaned on him, taking strength just from him being there with her. Kara was still worried about what happened last night, or rather what didn’t happen. Jake turned on the water and adjusted the temperature, then pulled her into the shower with him.

They washed each other thoroughly. She squealed and giggled as she came on his fingers, and then stroked him off. Jake gasped and his knees shook when he came, pulsing his semen into her hands. They rinsed and then shut the water off. After drying each other they put their robes on and went back to Jake’s room. They met his dad in the hall, who was waiting to use the bathroom. They both blushed bright red and Jake said “Sorry we took so long”. His dad just laughed and told them he hoped they didn’t use up all the hot water.

They dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. Jake made scrambled eggs and toast, and Kara insisted on doing the dishes. They kissed goodbye and Kara went home. It was a very quiet morning, and they hardly spoke. Kara seemed to be deep in thought the whole time. That worried him a lot. They’d always talked about everything, and now suddenly she was silent.


Kara’s mom was reading the weekend newspaper when she got home. Her mom asked how the sleepover went. Kara burst into tears, covered her face with her hands and mumbled “I couldn’t”.

“What’s wrong honey? What happened?”

“Oh mom, I think I messed up. We planned to, um, you know, go all the way last night. But at the last minute I panicked and I said no. Jake was so nice about it but I’m afraid I might have damaged our relationship.”

Her mom gestured for Kara to sit down and asked her for details. “Sit down. Tell me what happened. Maybe I can help but I need to know what happened. I know it’s difficult to talk about this but it will help if you do.” She was worried that Jake had tried to push her daughter into something she was not ready for. They had been going out for barely 2 months now. Maybe Jake’s mom was right…

Kara told her about last night, her actions and Jake’s reactions, and what they said and did. Her mom listened to all this, asked some questions, which Kara did her best to answer, despite how embarrassing and personal they seemed. Things like how far had they actually gone, exactly what did they do, how often, and how much did they share and discuss their activities and feelings.

Finally, her mom smiled at Kara. “Oh honey, you didn’t break anything. Your relationship is fine. I was worried he had pushed you too far, or too fast, but it doesn’t sound like that at all. He loves you, did you know that? Do you love him too?”

Kara sat in wide eyed shock as her mother’s words sunk in. Kara and Jake had talked about love a bit, but were too unsure of themselves to actually believe it or say it. “I um, I dunno, I guess, um, I guess, maybe? Excuse me, I have to call Jake.”

Kara got up and went to the kitchen to phone him. They spent an hour on the phone, talking about life and love and last night. She wanted now more than ever to make love to Jake, to be everything to each other. Kara apologized several times for not staying and talking this thing out in person, but Jake assured her that their talk on the phone was good enough for now. As long as they communicated everything would be fine.

Sunday afternoon Jake came over and they spent a couple of hours talking. They spoke about what they felt and what they feared, about büyükesat escort Friday night, about losing their virginity. This eventually led to making out, and then to a round of oral sex.

Jake went down on her and ate her to a couple of orgasms, then she went down on him, licking and sucking his cock until he spewed his load into her mouth. He went back for more after that, and she was thrashing and crying out Jake’s name as she crashed through a series of orgasms that left her limp and sweating.

“Oh god Jake, that’s enough, enough.” she groaned at him. They washed up before dinner so they wouldn’t smell like sex. Her parents already knew what they were up to, as Kara was rather noisy when she came.

After dinner Jake stayed to help them put up and decorate their Christmas tree. He thought it was cool that her parents accepted him like one of the family for things like this. When he got home he asked his folks when they were putting up the tree, and could Kara join them for it? Jake’s dad laughed and said he just picked up a tree today, and they were going to put it up tonight, but since Jake stayed at Kara’s, they waited. How about tomorrow?


Dec 15 1980

Monday morning they met as usual walking to school. They embraced and kissed, and Kara smiled and said “I love you” and Jake said “I love you too.”

At lunch Jake asked her which schools she was going to apply to for the fall. They both listed their top 3 schools and they had UW in common. Kara said they should both make that their first choice. Their grades were good enough that they were sure to be accepted anywhere. “I want us to be together at University, a long distance relationship is not an option Jake.”

Jake invited Kara over to decorate their tree that night, and she was thrilled to do so. Being included in something like this was something she didn’t even realize was missing from their relationship. “Jake, that would be wonderful. I never thought about it before, but this is the kind of thing we need to do more of, with both our families.” He was surprised at this, but realized she was correct. Last night’s tree decorating was really nice. He agreed that they should do more of this kind of thing.


Coffee break…

Kara’s mom called Jake’s house on Sunday night. She asked Jake’s mother to come over for coffee at lunch on Monday. The two ladies sat down in the kitchen with their mugs and Kara’s mom asked if she knew what happened on the weekend.

“Well, Friday night Kara slept over, and they seemed a little distracted in the morning. Did something happen?”

“No, nothing happened. And that was the problem. Kara was quite distraught when she got home, and I may have gotten a bit nosy, maybe even a bit pushy, but I pried the details out of her. It seems they were planning on going ‘all the way’ but she had some last minute jitters, and said ‘no’ when they were right about to do the deed.”

“Oh, my. That doesn’t sound good.”

“Actually, it was fine. Jake stopped immediately, got them both dressed, and they just went to sleep.”

“Wow. But I shouldn’t be surprised. Jake has always been very sensitive.”

“I was worried that Jake had pushed Kara too far or something, but I don’t think so. He loves her, and I think it’s more than just an infatuation. The two of them are a match intellectually, but I think they’re still working things out on the physical level.”

“Oh don’t worry about the physical side, I’ve heard the two of them together a few times. Especially your Kara, she’s a bit, ah, vocal, when she gets excited. With all the noise they make I assumed they had already, you know…”

Mrs Martins giggled, and said “Yes, I’ve heard them too, ‘No teeth Kara!’ is burned into my brain! Poor Jake, I think they both have a lot to learn, still.”

“Teeth? Oh my gosh!” replied Mrs Martini. “Well, I guess they’re at that experimenting stage. But I do worry about them. They have no experience at all outside of this relationship. It’s their first time for everything. I just hope they don’t get hurt when they have their first argument or first breakup.”

Kara’s mom shook her head, saying “I don’t think that’s going to happen. Have you listened to them together, when they talk? They have no secrets, they are completely honest with each other. They talk about everything, share everything they feel, everything they think.”

“Yes, I noticed that too. But still, to go from essentially loners to lovers in such a short time, I worry they’ll make mistakes and get hurt. It’s only been a couple of months. Emotional damage can be very difficult to overcome.”

Mrs Martins laughed and said “Kara made her share of mistakes growing up. She learned a long time ago to be sure of herself, and her sources of information, and have good plans, and backup plans. We let her do whatever she wanted, and make grown-up decisions and plans, even when she was a little girl. She made çankaya escort mistakes, and she got hurt, usually nothing too serious, and she was often embarrassed, but she learned to make up her own mind and be sure of what she was getting into. You could say she learned everything the hard way, but it made her a very strong person.”

“I think some of that has rubbed off onto Jake. He seems a lot more sure of himself lately.”

“I think they’re a good match, and if this relationship survives the start of University life in the Fall, they’ll end up married once they graduate.”

Jake’s mom sighed and said “I suspect you’re right about that. But I still worry that they have no experience with love outside this first time thing for both of them. I had a few boyfriends through high school and college, and didn’t meet my husband until after I graduated and started working full time. That experience taught me a lot about what to look for in a man. Not that I don’t think Jake is a pretty good catch, but still…”

“I know what you mean. Jake is a really nice kid, he’s good for Kara. She’s changed, you know. For him, or because of him. She’s changed her outlook, the way she dresses, her self image. The poor girl had such a frightful time with her skin conditions going through puberty, and she was so shy and withdrawn the last couple of years. And then this thing with Jake started. She wears dresses now. She dances, she smiles, and looks almost pretty at times. And that’s all on Jake.”


Kara came over and helped decorate Jake’s house for Christmas. They enjoyed being together, doing something with his folks, something no one else had ever been included in. Not that they considered Kara a stranger anymore, but this was a new thing for them all.

The rest of the week was more of their usual activities for Jake and Kara. They talked a lot about their last sleepover, and Kara’s fears about losing her virginity. Jake didn’t press her to go farther than they already had, and she appreciated that, but she still wanted to try again this Friday night. Oral sex was still a new and fun thing for them, and they continued to spend time learning how to please each other orally.

Kara continued to be quite loud when she came, much to her own embarrassment. Her efforts to swallow Jake’s entire cock were rewarded Wednesday night. When she took him all the way down she squealed around his throbbing member, and looked up at him, eyes wide with a mixture of surprise, pride, and lust.

Jake gasped at the feel and the sight of her, his pubic hair against her lips and nose, and the vibrations from her attempts to vocalize her success stimulating him further. “Cumming” he moaned, and she pulled back, swirling her tongue around his head as he gushed glob after glob into her mouth. “Oh god Kara, how did you do that?!”

She swallowed and licked her lips. “All that practice we’ve had has paid off! I knew I could do it eventually. But I probably won’t do it very often, it’s a bit uncomfortable, actually.”


Nerds of a Feather Chapter 12: all the way again

Dec 19 1980

Friday night they went to the seafood restaurant they liked for dinner. Afterward they went to see The Nutcracker. They had both seen it before, but never with each other. Kara drove back to her house after the play was over. Her parents were home and they stopped to chat.

Jake had two bags with him, an overnight for tonight and a bag with a couple of changes of clothes and some toiletries to leave there. Kara was going to pack a similar bag of her stuff that Jake was going to take home with him tomorrow. And she had started carrying some of her meds in her purse in case she stayed at Jake’s house unexpectedly again.

Her parents asked about which schools they were applying to for next year. Kara told them they had both decided that UW would be their first choice.

“Are you going to be in residence or get an apartment together?” Kara’s dad asked. Jake was once again surprised that her parents apparently had no issues with them living together at school in the fall. Kara blushed and said that they hadn’t talked about it much yet, but that an apartment might be best, unless they could get a dorm room together, but that was unlikely. None of the dorms at UW were fully co-ed.

When they were upstairs in Kara’s room Jake said “Wow, your parents are pretty cool about us being together aren’t they?”

“They always let me make up my own mind, ever since I was in Kindergarten. I’ve made poor choices in the past and suffered for it, so I learned to think things through and get advice, and educate myself before making important decisions. They figured if I could survive my own decisions I could survive anything.”

Jake put his bags down and Kara said “We should find a place for your stuff.” She opened a couple of drawers and shifted some of her clothes around and said “Half of this drawer is enough right?” Jake said his stuff would easily fit, and they unpacked his bag into it.

They stood looking nervously at each other, their usual ease curtailed by the knowledge that they planned to lose their virginity tonight. She moved suddenly towards Jake and clutched him in a tight embrace, kissing him hard and repeatedly. He gently disengaged her arms, saying “Shhhh Kara, slow down, we have all night for this.”

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