Nerd Wars: Episode 1

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There she was, in a red and black Star Trek uniform, complete with a Starfleet Communication Badge upon her left breast. I stood there holding her, awestruck in her beauty, staring into her emerald eyes. She was what I had been looking for. She had flowing brown hair that ran to her shoulder blades and a petite figure that really filled out that uniform.

Thoughts began rushing through my mind, and I began wondering how I managed to come across this goddess of the final frontier, because just two hours ago, I had been sitting in my apartment, awaiting what I thought would be just another day in a sci-fi convention. I know by now you are probably wondering just who the hell I am, so let me take you back and fill you in on the details.

My name is Luke Stevens. I am six feet tall, about 180 pounds with short, brown hair and murky, blue eyes. My parents, being the Star Wars fanatics they are, named me after the great Jedi Knight himself, Luke Skywalker, and as fate would have it, I became one of the millions of Star Wars fanatics. Unfortunately, being a Star Wars nerd didn’t really bring in the girls. I guess the Force wasn’t very strong with me. I had gone through most of my teen years only knowing the feeling of a girl’s lips and tongue on mine. Kissing was all that I had experienced. That girl was my Mara Jade. It started out with her picking on me in middle school, and that slight bullying blossomed into a make out session at the end of our sophomore year of high school. Unfortunately, like I said, kissing was all that I had experienced. She just up and moved out of the blue over the summer, and all I got was a phone call, her telling me how much she would miss me and bullshit like that. “Mara” really meant a lot to me, but the fact that she waited to tell me she was leaving on the day she was leaving really pissed me off. I never did hear anything out of her again since that phone call, and part of me didn’t want to hear from her.

Time went on, and before I knew it, I was eighteen years old and fresh out of high school, ready to start my college career. The only bad thing about that was, I was still a virgin, and I didn’t want to enter college that way. You see, after “Mara” left, I found it hard to get close to anyone. I didn’t think it had anything to do with my physical appearance, besides, I had many female friends, but none would ever accept a date from me. They found that our friendship meant to much to them. I could agree with that. I would rather have them as my friends that not have them at all, but that grew tired quickly.

I was tired of unintentionally living by the Jedi Code, so I decided to move into an apartment complex near the local college. My parents said I could just live at home and drive to and from the college each day, but I refused, saying it would be easier for me in order to adapting to life on my own, when in reality all I wanted was to have a place of my own to bring a girl to when the time came. I figured bringing a girl to my parents’ house was not only uncool, but also really embarrassing. My parents gave in and believed my story and luckily agreed to pay half my rent.

So there I was, sitting in my apartment, which was decorated in Star Wars posters depicting the six episodes, watching some nameless woman, on my computer, riding the cock of some lucky guy. I had my in my boxers, slowly stroking my 5 inch hard on, which I did a lot when I was a virgin, but the woman began to bore me as I watched her. I began thinking that if I saw one porn star riding some nameless guy, then I have seen them all. I was tired of seeing cyber tits and asses. I wanted to grab some tits and squeeze some asses. Hell, Jabba the Hutt got more action that I did. Unimpressed by the hardcore action in front of me, I decided to close my web browser. My cock was still hard as a rock, wanting to release what I had built up, but I didn’t feel like finishing at the moment. All these girls I looked at on the internet sometimes just made me think of how much I was missing out on. It was now August, and school would be starting in a week, and I was no closer to feeling the inside of a woman. The only thing that made me a little optimistic was a sci-fi convention that was taking place the next day and continuing on throughout the week. If there was a last place to look for a girl, it was in a place crammed with girls who saw the world like I did.

I wasted the day away by watching movies, getting off to various nude and sex scenes, and playing some Xbox. The day seemed to go on forever. I couldn’t seem to find anything to keep my attention, so I decided to call it a night at nine. I figured I could get an early start on tomorrow that way.

I woke bright and early the next morning at seven, which was a rare time for me to be getting up without a fight. I got out of bed, my morning erection poking out of the hole in the front of my boxers. The urge to pee was overwhelming me as I walked into the bathroom, however, I couldn’t position my dick to shoot into the toilet. I walked to the shower, turned on the water, and waited for it to heat up as the sound of the water almost made me flood the bathroom floor. I couldn’t take it anymore so I threw off my boxers, and jumped into the shower, releasing a golden stream almost immediately. The stream ceased after what seemed like five minutes, and I began washing up.

After I showered I walked into my bedroom and took out what I was going to wear to the convention, a handmade replica of Luke Skywalker’s Jedi tunic in Return of the Jedi, which I made for Halloween a couple years back. I laid it out on the bed as I walked to by dresser and grabbed a pair of boxers, which I slipped on. From there I ate breakfast, watched some reruns of some programs that aired last week, did my hygienic duties, and watched the minutes tick away. When the time came I put on my costume, complete with the black glove on my right hand and a black cloak I had bought online. There was only one thing missing that could make this costume beyond my expectations. I walked into my closet and took out a three foot long case, placed it on my bed, and clicked it open, revealing a green, Luke Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber I had bought for this occasion.

Fully costumed I grabbed my keys and wallet, and then left the apartment, lightsaber in hand. I got into my car, which I called Red 5, and made my way to the community center. When I got there it was a mad house. There had to be about ten thousand people there, ranging from cadets of the Starship Enterprise to legions of faceless stormtroopers and everything in between. I pulled into a parking lot about two blocks away and I made the journey to my home away from home. The place seemed to have more people than I originally thought when I walked up to the crowded line. Luckily I had bought a weeklong pass some weeks ago and was able to get into a shorter line that moved much more quickly. I was in before I knew it. I loved going to these things. Inside were booths upon booths of sci-fi paraphernalia, and giant banners hung from the ceiling, labeling the different sections: Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, etc.

I made my way to my section. To my illegal bahis people. As I walked into the Star Wars section, I came across a booth ran by a Boba Fett. The booth was labeled “Lightsaber Duels,” and there was a designated perimeter in front of it. Standing next the Fett was a man dressed in robes, no specific character theme, with a blue lightsaber humming.

“Come one, come all!” the Boba Fett called. “Is there anyone who will challenge this rogue Jedi?”

I stepped forward. I may not have been good with the ladies, but good with a lightsaber I am.

“I do,” I called, turning on my saber’s green blade.

“Okay, let’s keep this clean. You’re worth more alive than dead,” Fett laughed. The Jedi and I stepped into the designated area. “You may start.”

We met at the center, our blades crossed, our sabers mimicking the clashing sound. I met each one of his blows, as he did to mine. The Jedi began forcing me out of the edge of the perimeter and I lost my balance as I bumped into someone, knocking this person over.

I quickly spun around catching this person. This person was a girl. She was wearing a red and black Star Trek uniform that clung tight to her petite body. I stared into her emerald eyes as she stared up at me. I stared at her for I don’t know how long.

“I must have set my phaser to stun,” she laughed. I finally snapped out of my trance and helped her to her feet.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going,” I said to her.

“It’s alright, I should have been more careful myself.”

“Excuse me, we’re not finished,” said the Jedi.

“I give up,” I replied. The Jedi walked way, unimpressed by his given victory. I turned my attention back to the girl and asked, “What’s your name?”

“I’m Eva,” she said. “What’s yours?”

“I’m Luke,” I answered.

“I can see that. What’s your real name?”

“Luke. My name is Luke Stevens.”

“Oh, I just thought, because how you’re dressed and a…I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry for.”

“Well, thank you for catching me and not letting me fall on my ass.”

“It was no problem. It’s the least I can do for knocking you over.”

“Well, what’s the most you could do?” She asked me with a smirk.

What did she mean by that? Is she messing with me? All these thoughts began rushing through my mind. It was like someone had engaged the hyper drive in my brain. I don’t know how many thoughts hyperspaced through my brain, but I knew my answer.

“Well, how about I buy you lunch, and we can see what happens from there?” I replied, my heart beating faster than it ever had.

“That sounds great, Luke. I would love to.”

“So shall we go to the basement and see what concessions they have?”

“You know, these places always want you to pay out the ass for a tiny morsel of food. How about we get out of here and see what the outside world has to offer?”

“Just leave the convention?”

“Yeah, besides, the big names won’t be here until later in the week. So what do you want to do, stay here and wish you would have taken me up on the offer or do you want to join me?”

“Let’s get out of here.”

Accompanied by Eva, I made my way to the exit at the back of the building. We exited into an alley that was totally void of people as a faint roar of fanboys echoed from the mass out front.

“I hope you have a car,” Eva said. “I took the bus this morning.”

“Yeah, I got a car. I parked two blocks away,” I replied.

“Lead the way, Master Jedi.”

“Stay close, Lieutenant.”

“Actually it’s Lieutenant Commander.”

“My mistake.”

So Eva and I made our way to the parking lot where Red 5 was stationed. I know people driving by gave us weird looks and whatnot but I didn’t care. We made it to the parking lot, which was crammed full of vehicles. We made it to Red 5, I unlocked it, threw my lightsaber in the back seat as Eva got in the passenger seat. I got in and started it up.

“So, Eva, where to?” I asked as I pulled out of the parking lot.

“I don’t want to go somewhere expensive. I don’t want to cost you a lot of money. Maybe Arby’s drive thru or something,” Eva replied. “Besides, I would feel kind of embarrassed walking into a restaurant wearing my Star Trek costume.”

“I don’t care how people see me. I would dress like a Jedi any day and wouldn’t care what people thought of me. I just say, ‘Fuck it. I don’t know them, they don’t know me. They can think whatever they want about me.’”

“I wish I could think like that. I always care about what others think of me.”

“I could teach you.”

“No, I don’t think I would be able to. I look too nerdy.”

“No, you look beautiful, if you don’t mind me saying.”

I swear Eva’s face turned the same color of her uniform. I didn’t know if had crossed a line saying that, being that we just met a little bit ago, but I meant it.

“Okay, teach me.”



“We’ll start small and work our way up to the restaurant situation.”

“What do you have in mind?” Eva asked.

“We’ll start with Arby’s and go on from there,” I said, making it apparent that I didn’t want this to be the last time we are together.

Eva didn’t disagree so I pulled into the parking lot of the nearest Arby’s and got her ready for her first test. We exited Red 5 and made our way into the restaurant, if Arby’s can be called that. When we entered all eyes turned to us. Eva looked a bit nervous, but she kept on with the plan.

“What would you like?” I asked.

“Just a roast beef sandwich,” Eva said. “Maybe two.”

“Okay,” I replied, walking to the counter.

“What can I get for you?” the woman working the register asked.

“I’d like to get the five for five special, with two medium drinks.”

The woman added it up and gave me the total. I paid with my debit card and she gave me the cups and said she’d bring the sandwiches out when they were ready. I handed Eva her cup, which she nervously took. We proceeded to the drinks. I got Coke, as did Eva, and we sat down in an empty booth.

“The anxiety kind of subsides after a while,” Eva said, slightly glancing at the other customers to see if they were looking at her.

“Pretty soon you won’t feel any,” I said.

“So, I want to know something about you, Luke.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Just something. I just met you and I know nothing about you, other than your name.”

“To be honest I am a little surprised all this happened so quickly. I’ve never met someone and had lunch with them within an hour. Why did you agree to come to lunch with me if you didn’t know me?”

“I guess it’s because I sort of like you,” Eva admitted. Wow, I didn’t expect her to just come out with it, and I don’t think she expected it either because her face once again began to turn red. “Now tell me about yourself.”

“Well, I was born here. I’m eighteen and am enrolled to start college next week. My parents named me after Luke Skywalker, if you haven’t already pieced that together from what I’m dressed in. So, that’s about it. What about you?”

“I’m nineteen, and I too am enrolled to start illegal bahis siteleri next week. I didn’t think I would go to college, so I spent a year doing nothing and I got sick of it fast. I decided that college may be the right place for me to go, so I enrolled over the summer.”

“So you’re going to a college here too? Where are you living?”

“I’m living on campus, Harrison Hall. It’s not big, but it will do. Where are you living?”

“I actually got an apartment, not far from campus.”

“An apartment, huh?”

“Yeah, maybe you could stop by sometime.”

I didn’t know if I was crossing a line with this one either. I had never invited a girl to my place before, because I had never had a girl or a place, but I was kind of shocked by her answer.

“Maybe I could come over after lunch,” she said with a smirk.

“Fine with me,” was my automatic response. From there, I was speechless and astonished. Luckily someone from the kitchen brought out our food before the silence got too uncomfortable. I handed her two sandwiches and I took two. “Do you want any Arby’s Sauce or Horsey Sauce?”

“Yes, please,” Eva said.

I quickly got up and grabbed a couple packets of each from the condiment counter and returned seconds later. So there we were, Luke Stevens and Eva…Eva, I didn’t know her last name. Wow, I had been flirting with this girl and I didn’t even know her last name.

“You know, Eva, you never told you your last name.”

“Oh, it’s Owens. Eva Owens. I’m sorry, I didn’t even think about it.”

So there we were, Luke Stevens and Eva Owens. A Jedi Master and a Starfleet Lieutenant Commander. I thought this too good to be true for my run of luck. I mean I didn’t have a girlfriend, if you could call “Mara” that, until the end of my sophomore year, and here I was with this gorgeous young woman. We were galaxies apart, familiar to different customs, yet we found each other against all odds.

After we ate I drove Eva to my apartment complex and took her up to the third floor, to my apartment. I was in apartment 34. It was a bitch to move everything up there on moving day, being that the apartment complex didn’t furnish.

I unlocked the door and let her in first and I entered after her, closing the door and turning on the light. The light illuminated all my Star Wars posters, which Eva began looking at. I walked into my bedroom, to put away the lightsaber and take off my cloak and glove, and then rejoined Eva at my Return of the Jedi poster.

“You really like Star Wars, don’t you?” Eva said, scanning over the picture of Luke Skywalker with his emerald blade clashing with the crimson blade of Vader.

“Yeah, the first time I saw Episode IV, I fell in love with the story and couldn’t get enough,” I replied.

“It’s no Star Trek, but I do enjoy watching Star Wars sometimes.”

“What does Star Trek have that Star Wars doesn’t?”

“Well for starters, it takes place in our galaxy and they don’t have unbelieveable weapons like the lightsaber,” Eva said, giving me a little grin.

“Well at least Star Wars has languages for all its creatures, as opposed to the entire galaxy knowing English,” I said, returning the grin. Eva leaned against the wall and looked straight in my eyes, as I stared back.

“Well, at least Star Trek didn’t have its main character make out with his sister.”

“Han Solo could kick Kirk’s ass any day.”

“Is that so?” With that said, Eva pulled me to her and our lips locked, our tongues met each other’s and she slowly began moving me towards the bedroom. Our lips never parted until she pushed me back on the bed. “Anything else?”

“Yeah, Sulu takes it up the ass.”

Eva leaned down to me, licked my right ear and whispered, “That’s my job.”

Eva reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and began to pull them down, underwear and all. My cock was at full attention as she knelt down and began to jack it slowly. Her hand felt so soft on my cock. She looked up at me and grinned as she slipped the head into her mouth and began licking the tip ever so gently. Her hand quickly picked up rhythm as did her mouth. Her head began quickly bobbing up and down on my cock. I felt that familiar feeling begin to build, only this felt more intense. I started breathing heavier which only made Eva more eager.

“I’m about to cum,” I told her.

Her lips tightened as she pulled me out of her mouth and said, “Cum for me. I want it.”

She placed me back in her mouth and forced me over the edge as I shot burst after burst of cum into her mouth, which she quickly swallowed. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was in Heaven. She took me out of her mouth, crawled up to me and planted a kiss upon my lips. The taste was different, which I deduced was from my cum.

“I hope you’re ready for more,” Eva said.

“Of course I am,” I replied.

Eva scooted off the bed and stood before me. She reached behind her back and slowly unzipped her Star Trek uniform revealing a black bra and thong underneath. She slipped out of the costume and turned herself away from me, reaching back and unhooking her bra. She let the bra fall to the floor and then grabbed the waist of her thong and slid it down her legs, bending over and showing me her wet pussy and tight asshole. She turned her head to look at me as she slowly stood back up.

“Take off that tunic, Master Jedi.”

“As you wish.”

I grabbed the hem of my tunic and pulled it off, leaving me in my pants, which were around my ankles, and boots. I sat up and began pulling off my boots and socks to get my pants off, only to have Eva turn around and put her shaved pussy in my face. I removed the rest of my clothes and knelt down as Eva placed her left foot upon the bed. I brought my face closer to her wet slit, her clit prominently pointing forward. As I brought my mouth to her wet lips, I began to smell an intoxication scent that seemed to have control over me. It made me want her more that I can explain. I began to lick up and down her slit, probing her hole with my tongue. The taste was out of this galaxy and I couldn’t get enough. I pulled my tongue out and focused on her clit as I began fingering her pussy with my right index and middle fingers.

“Oh yes, Luke, just like that,” Eva said, as hummed in pleasure. This went on for a couple more minutes until she pushed me away. “Stop, I don’t want to cum like this. Lay back on the bed.”

I got back on the bed and laid on my back, my cock sticking strait up. Eva climbed on top of me as she began to kiss me once more, this time with more ferocity. As we kissed Eva began rubbing her soaked pussy up and down the shaft of my cock. We both moaned in pleasure into each other’s mouth.

“Do you want to fuck me?” Eva asked me, in a teasing sort of way. “Do you want to make me cum?”

“I would love to,” I replied.

Eva slid forward putting her tits in my face. They weren’t small, but they weren’t big either. Just that perfect handful size. I reached up and began squeezing and pinching her pink nipples, but only slightly, and then took one in my mouth. Eva moved down, pulling her tit from my mouth, and positioned canlı bahis siteleri her pussy over my cock and slowly lowered herself until I was fully inside her. Slowly, she began to rise and fall as my cock, now glistening in her juices, slid in and out. I was nowhere near cumming and I was glad. I wanted to enjoy this for as long as I could. After a few moments I began to fuck her back, thrusting upward when she came down. Her moans filled the room. I reached up, gripping her waist as she rode me. Slowly, I made my way to her tits and I took one in each hand, kneading them and rolling her nipples in between my fingers.

Eva leaned forward and began kissing me as I continued thrusting in and out of her. I released her tits and placed them on her back, sliding them down to her perfect ass, grabbing and squeezing her firm cheeks. Eva broke the kiss and placed her forehead against mine and began breathing heavily. She then rose as I slipped out of her.

“Remember what I said about taking it up the ass was my job?” Eva whispered.

“Yeah,” I whispered back.

Eva, on all fours, crawled across me, turning to place her ass towards me. I rose up to my knees and began planting kisses on Eva’s sweet firm cheeks.

“That’s not where I want you,” Eva replied to my kisses. She reached back with her right hand and spread her herself as wide as she can, giving me a closer look at that luscious asshole and dripping pussy. I moved my kisses further inward, planting them on the spot she so yearned for me to fill. My tongue lashed out pushing against and sweeping across her puckered hole. With every lick she wiggled her ass, letting out a breathy moan in the process. I could tell she really loved the feeling.

I ceased my oral work and rose just enough for my cock to line up with her spit-covered hole. I placed the head at the entrance, or exit – if you want to be literal – and slowly pressed on as her sweet brown hole began to expand, accepting me into the passage. It was tighter than I could have possibly imagine. Soon enough I was sliding in and out of her ass as I had when I was in her pussy. I pounded her ass as hard as I could, my balls slapping against her pussy. She reached back between her legs and began rubbing her pussy and inserting three fingers up to the knuckle.

“Luke, I want to give you something,” Eva moaned.

“Eva, what could there possibly be that you haven’t given me already?” I replied.

“Pull out and lie back down and I’ll show you.”

I pulled my cock out of her ass, leaving a gaping hole I so wished to reenter. I lied back down as Eva began rubbing her pussy, getting her hand all wet and glistened with her juices. She then moved her hand behind her and began running her hand up and down her ass and fingering her asshole, using her pussy juices as lubrication. She turned to face me, getting into the position she once assumed earlier. She lowered herself back down, only I slipped past her pussy, and my cock pressed up against her closing asshole. She lowered herself all the way until she was sitting on my lap, my cock up inside her ass once again. She rose and fell as my cock slid through her tight, yet slippery, hole. Using her right arm for support, she used her left hand to finger her pussy and rub her clit with more ferocity than I thought she was capable of.

I reached forward and stuck my left index finger into her dripping pussy as she viciously rubbed her clit and rode my cock. I then inserted the next two fingers and began spreading all three of them, stretching her open. I rotated my fingers as she began buck and moan. Around that time I began to feel the cum building up ready for its release.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” Eva said, whimpering and gasping as she plunged herself down as hard as she could on my cock. She pushed my hand aside as he she began frantically rubbing her entire pussy as I began to thrust my cock in and out of her ass. I soon was restricted as her ass muscles began to pulsate, constricting my cock. “This is what I wanted to give you.”

Eva came violently as her pussy began shooting spurts of cum at my face. This act, in addition to the constriction my cock was experiencing, was enough to push me over the edge once again. I began shooting cum up into her ass. I lost count of how many bursts I let go. Eva then quickly rose off my limp cock, turned so her ass was in my face, and then began to suck my softening dick. I stared at her shiny pussy and her gaping asshole as my cum began to dribble out. I stuck my right index finger into her closing ass and began pushing it in and sliding it out until her ass had regained its original tightness. Eva stopped sucking my cock as I took my finger out of her ass, and she crawled up next to me and lied down, looking into my eyes.

“Oh my God,” Eva said, her breathing returning to normal. “I needed that.”

“So did I,” I replied. “I had no idea that this was what fate had in store for me when I left for that convention this morning.”

“Me neither.”

We laid in each other’s arms, both of us a sweaty, cummy, mess. Eva turned to me and saw all her cum that was on my face and began licking it off, until she came to my mouth. She pressed her lips up against mine, her tongue sliding across mine. Eva pulled back and looked into my eyes.

“How do I taste?” Eva asked.

“Excellent,” I replied.

I looked back into her eyes, thinking of how my day had went. I would have never have guessed this was my fate. If you had told me that I would be fucking this beautiful girl instead of my usual wandering around the convention, I wouldn’t have ever believed you. Still looking in those emerald eyes, I just began wondering why this had turned out like it did, and I had to know.

“Eva I must know something. We had never met each other before today, and I just have to know, how some lightsaber duel mishap leads to this fateful moment? Why did you agree to do, well, everything with me?”

“What’s wrong Luke, you make it seem like this has never happened to you before.”

“Well that’s because it hasn’t,” I admitted.

“Oh, well I am honored to be your first,” Eva said, giving me this sexy little smile that just seemed to melt me away. “But to answer your question, I hadn’t been with anyone since high school, and the reason behind that is, all the guys just focused on getting themselves off, leaving me to tend to myself. I got tired of it. When you knocked me over and caught me, I just saw something in you. I had no idea who you were, but I wanted to know, and I’m glad I took the opportunity to. To be honest with you, that was the best sex I had ever had that wasn’t given to me by myself, and from what I just experienced, that may just be enough to keep you around.”

“Well I’m flattered, Lieutenant Commander Eva,” I said.

“And I am under your control, Jedi Master Luke.”

We laid there looking into each other’s eyes as we began to slowly fall into a much needed slumber. I pulled Eva closer as I draped an arm over her, which she then did to me. We laid there, embracing one another as we drifted off.

So there we were, Luke Stevens and Eva Owens. A Jedi Master and a Starfleet Lieutenant Commander. We were galaxies apart, familiar to different customs, yet we found each other against all odds. I guess it’s true when they say love can exist across the stars.

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