Nephilim’s Bliss Ch. 03

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“Wake up,” Lucas’s soft whisper touched Noah’s ear. Carried by his breath, which meant he must’ve been very close to his face.

The nephilim opened his eyes to the most pleasant view – of his lover smiling at him, with his dark, sparkling eyes. The thug kissed him in the lips and then proceed to lay series of kisses on his brother’s bare back, making sure he wakes up as well.

“Have you met your mercenary friends, sir?” Noah asked, admiring his thug’s chest hair.

“I have and let’s just say they all are very eager to meet you.” Noah’s cheeks started burning momentarily. So it’s really going to happen. They’ll be serving a large group of men, not only Lucas… “My friend Anders is actually going to visit us here in an hour or so.”

Nephilim brothers exchanged silent stares.

“Wait… Is he coming here to…” Evan started, but seemed to lack proper vocabulary to end the sentence. “You know… to have his desires satisfied?”

Lucas laughed at boy’s innocence, with beautiful set of teeth, so rare among thugs. He reached to boy’s face and caressed his lips with a thumb.

“Of course he is. Anders is a really sweet person, but he’s still only a man. And men like to have their dicks well sucked and taken care of. Who will bring him more pleasure than a pair of nephilims? Exactly, no one. That’s why he will surely take this opportunity.”

Noah would lie if he said that this idea didn’t excite him. But the rational side of his mind reminded him that Lucas could bring someone ugly or disgusting. Serving some vile individual would hardly be pleasurable, even to a submissive nephilim.

“And what if we refuse?” older brother asked, not exactly in rebellious tone, but more like he was checking his options.

“I will punish you and then order you again to do it. If you refuse again, I will punish you again. Let’s just say you will entertain my friend eventually.” Lucas stopped cuddling them and sat a little bit further. “Before he comes, I have to make sure that both of you know how to behave. I can’t have you embarrass me, can I? Let’s start with the most pressing issue. Real men like me get really excited at the idea of two submissive souls making out for their master’s excitement. Try this for me now.”

Boys looked at each other, confused.

“You expect us to… kiss each other?” Noah hesitated.

“Yes. You’ve made a horrible mistake by allowing Evan to join us,” Lucas’s smile was both perverted and sadistic. He knew it was more than awkward to the boys who thought about each other as brothers. “Stop playing a prude, Noah. Both of you are self-aware sluts by now.”

Suddenly, Evan placed hand on Noah’s face.

“It’s for our masters, Noah,” he said and locked lips with his surprised brother. Even though he sounded like he was making a huge sacrifice, their kiss lasted for a while and it wasn’t any less passionate than it would be with Lucas.

“I’m glad both of you are so eager to deprave your cute little brotherly relationship for me, but it’s time for another step. Evan, get on top of Noah, but face the other side.”

Evan eagerly fulfilled the order, got on top of Noah and sat on his chest. The older nephilim could see his butt cheeks rubbing against his pecs in excitement.

“Now get on fours.” The younger nephilim did as told. Noah could see only a dandling pair of balls and flaccid penis now, almost touching his own nose. “Now, Evan suck Noah off and Noah, you take care of your little brother’s tool.”

“This feels wrong…” Noah complained quietly.

“Oh, yeah? Then why is your dick hard already?” Lucas wasn’t exactly having his prudish act.

It was an undeniable truth. Evan grabbed Noah’s stiff cock and placed his wet lips on it. Nephilim’s warm tongue started massaging penis head. Older brother couldn’t really oppose any longer, so he grabbed Evan’s cock and placed it in his mouth. Evan’s meat was hot and pulsing. Noah had trouble breathing, as boy’s sack was lying on his nostrils, blocking the flow of air.

“Now lick each other’s balls,” Lucas gave another order.

Noah sucked in one of Evan’s balls and started tickling it with tip of his tongue. His little brother was teasing him in similar way.

“Alright, time for a little bit of motivation, my boys. Whoever pumps milk out of the cock they’re working on first, gets to ruin orgasm of their brother. And whoever ruins orgasm of the other person, will get to have their own orgasm fulfilled, by my hand…”

“Ruined orgasm? What does it mean?” Evan had to stop slurping on Noah’s cock for a second to ask that innocent question.

“The moment his penis starts shooting semen, stop touching it. No more jerking or sucking. It will still spill the milk, but offering no pleasure or relief.”

Neither of the nephilims liked that particular idea very much, that’s why both focused and became very intense with their cocksucking. There was no more brotherly care, just rivalry. Noah knew he had an advantage over his little brother. Not only in general meaning of sexual experience, but gebze escort also because Noah came multiple times during this week and Evan only once. The older brother did not intend to go easy on the younger nephilim. On the contrary, it was a great opportunity to win the contest.

After but a minute of struggle, Evan had no other option but to surrender…

“N-no… wait!” he moaned but there was nothing that would stop Noah now. The younger brother stopped pumping cock of the older one, fully focusing on the overwhelming heat filling the tip of his own tool. Pulsing meat bursted with cum, hitting the hot sticky load straight into Noah’s face. He closed eyes and stopped touching boy’s dick in any way, waiting for hot drops of cum to stop hitting his mouth and cheeks. “Nooo, please, keep rubbing it!” Evan pleaded.

In desperation, the younger nephilim reached to his pumping cock with his own hand. Lucas grabbed him immediately, making boy wriggle in his strong arms. Soon after, boy’s cock emptied balls and Lucas released him. Evan desperately tried to jerk his penis now, but all it brought to him now was just a painful, disappointing sensation.

Noah used their distraction to quickly wipe his face in the covers, knowing how Lucas’s resentment to waste cum could easily turn into another perverted idea.

“Congratulations, Noah. You just won yourself two most pleasurable minutes of your life,” Lucas said, while smiling down at the older nephilim.

“Wait a minute… it was supposed to be a full orgasm, not just two minutes of pleasure!” Noah frowned, feeling cheated.

“Yeah, I’m aware. But trust me, it will turn out to be the same thing. I know how to touch a nephilim to make him melt in my hands. You won’t hold it in for long.” Lucas caressed Noah’s hair. Before he did anything, he thrown Evan a look. “Stay there and watch your brother get pleasure that you will be denied. Maybe that will motivate you next time.”

Lucas grabbed Noah and pushed him on all fours. His big manly hands were touring his naked body, almost as if he was a blind man wanting to know nephilim’s geography with spicy details. His fingers fondled his nipples, belly and rear, massaging him intensely. Then, the thug focused on his strictly intimate areas. One hand started playing with boy’s balls, the other one with entrance to his butthole. Noah looked at his brother with lust on his face, just to see envious grumpiness.

“In each boy’s asshole there’s hidden a special gland. When toyed with, it makes the boy very horny and obedient,” Lucas started whispering to Noah’s ear, while slowly teasing his nephilim dick. “In some old ass book, Anders have read that in nephilims’ case, rubbing this gland feels to them like their bodies transform into warm milk and honey… I can’t wait to find out what the fuck that means.”

The thug pushed two of his fingers in, slowly spreading any resistance Noah’s butthole tried to hold. Noah started curling his toes as he felt the two invaders starting to move, wiggle and search for something. Lucas’s hand held his nephilim cock firmly now, pumping it with clear intention of making him burst.

“Aaaah…” Noah moaned helplessly as sudden jolt of ecstasy hit his head. The tips of thug’s fingers were massaging something inside of his hole and that poor thing had no way of defending itself. “I’ll pee over myself…” nephilim whined, worried.

Even though Lucas knew that wouldn’t actually happen, he didn’t plan on calming the nephilim down.

“If it happens, it happens… Your job now is to release it.”

Noah started panting. He craved the release like nothing else, but he was convinced it would be piss, not semen. Lucas was pressing the right buttons mercilessly, constantly pushing to make him explode. Soon after, the nephilim had no longer the strength to resist. His body decided to betray him and to fully surrender to Lucas’s whims.

In that moment, whatever was leaving his penis, he didn’t care anymore. His entire body was in a hot, heavy state of no control, while mind was clouded by a blissful triumph. His arms could no longer hold him up, that’s why his face fell into the sheets, as he endured overwhelming heat filling his dick every time he sprouted out a portion of liquid.

His eyes were itching while the rest of his face burned from pleasurable heat. He felt exhausted and fully conquered. His penis was numb and quickly went flaccid. Noah could feel his heart trying to hammer the way out of his chest.

“You’ve made a huge mess,” Lucas informed him. By his smiley face, Noah figured he was proud.

“I’m sorry, sir… it felt… too good…”

Suddenly, loud knocking at the doors could be heard. Alarmed nephilims covered their naked bodies.

“Luke? Are you in there?” soft male voice have asked.

“Andres? Already here?” Lucas got up, looking positively surprised. He opened the doors and let his friend in.

Nephilims were pretty much shocked, when they saw who Anders was. They were expecting another göztepe escort thug in rugged leather armour, but instead, they saw long green robes… of a mage.

“Damn, this room stinks like sweat and cum,” he said, more excited than disgusted, looking at nephilims with great interest. “I take it you’ve been having lots of fun already.”

Anders was bald, but he had a beard much thicker than the scruff Lucas had on his face. The mage was a bit taller than the thug, but at the same time, he was more slender. As expected, mages didn’t find that much use in strong muscles.

“Already checking me out, huh?” Anders asked, seeing boys’ stares. “My name is Anders, I’m a proud ex-member of Mages Guild, with the title of a master battlemage.”

Noah and Evan stood up, still clumsily covering their bodies with sheets.

“It’s an honour to meet you, sir,” Noah said, while respectfully looking down. “My name is Noah and this is my younger brother Evan.”

“Both are very handsome,” Anders commented to Lucas. “Although I’m not certain whether it’s just a fact or rather their nephilim magic making them attractive to me.”

“No, they are just cute boys, with magic or not.” The thug looked at them lovingly.

“Alright, did you make them cum as I asked?”

“Yeah, both of them just emptied their balls. One of the stains is on the bed and the other one…” Lucas looked at the sheet that Noah wrapped around himself and just pulled it out of his hands. “Here.”

Exposed Noah moved behind Evan to hide. Boys were confused as to what was just going on. Anders moved his fingers above each of the stains, while whispering something under his nose.

“This stain has no magical energy at all in it,” he said, pointing at the pool of semen left by Noah. “But this one is radiating,” he showed them the sheets that Noah used to wipe his brother’s cum off his face.

“It’s Evan’s semen,” Lucas responded. “Few hours ago he was still a virgin. Could this be the reason why it’s filled with energy?”

“No, I don’t think so. Nephilim’s energy doesn’t really take a long time to recover. The problem is that during an orgasm, magic in their semen is burned to enhance their pleasure and enforce additional obedience.” Anders crossed arms on his chest. “I’m afraid we have no other choice than to…” For some reason he didn’t end the sentence.

“Excuse me, misters… but what are you talking about?” Noah asked, closing arm around his younger brother in protective manner.

“How to put this…” Lucas scratched his beard. “Nephilim semen is a rare and valuable magical ingredient. Through the course of our journey, we’re going to be milking your cocks and bottling the cum to sell it later.”

“So you’re not only going to enjoy yourselves while forcing us to satisfy your sexual needs, but you also plan to use us like cows to earn coins?” Noah asked angrily. “What next? You will prostitute us?”

Although Lucas’s face seemed calm, his eyes were cold like an iceberg. He sat on the edge of bed.

“Evan, come over here,” he ordered.

Evan didn’t hesitate to fill the command. Lucas grabbed him and aggressively pulled him over his lap, placing his strong big hand on boy’s soft butt cheeks.

“What are you doing?!” Noah almost screamed in protest.

“I am going to spank him for your insolence. Ten times. You will count them out loud.”

“What the hell?! No way! Leave him be!”

“Fifteen times, then.”

“No! Let him go, he didn’t do anything!”

“So twenty times it is.” Lucas gently caressed Evan’s back, while looking into his scared eyes. “Because of your brother, you won’t be able to sit when I’m done with you…”

Lucas slapped boy’s ass cheeks with such strength that Evan gasped in pain. Without any break, he slapped him second time, right after.

Noah clenched his fists in helpless anger. He moved one step towards them, but Anders blocked way with his arm.

“Don’t do anything foolish, little friend,” he said in a soft voice. “Remember that you are not a warrior. You’re a nephilim. You have to obey.” Forth loud slap hit Evan’s bottom. Boy tried to escape from pain by climbing the bed, but Lucas pulled him back. “Come on, count.”

Another spank made Noah break. He swallowed his pride and said:


“Five?” Lucas raised his eyebrows. “And here I thought counting starts with one.”

Noah felt tears filling his eyes. What did he get his little brother into?

“No, please… don’t do this to him…” Noah fell to knees. “It was my stupidity and insolence, so please, punish me instead.”

“That’s exactly what I’m doing. Do you remember now how to count properly?”

Lucas was merciless to the boys. Pleadings of both were ignored. His punishment of 20 slaps turned out to be 25 slaps in total, which left Evan’s bottom red, with few little wounds. Noah was blowing air on his skin, to try and ease the burning sensation he was complaining about.

“I’m so sorry, Evan…” Noah kept apologizing. halkalı escort “I will never disobey him again, I promise…”

“That was his entire idea,” Evan whispered. “When we were alone, he told me he would punish you if I ever disobeyed him… He uses our relationship to enforce we won’t oppose…”

“If he will demand something fucked up, don’t be afraid to refuse,” said Noah. “I can take the physical pain, but I couldn’t take the fact that he made you do something nasty.”

“It really wasn’t that bad, Noah,” Evan sounded a little bit annoyed. “I can take care of myself.”

“Hey, boys.” Anders approached, with some kind of box in his hand. He sat next to the nephilims and looked Noah in the eyes. “Listen, I have an ointment that will ease the burning and make it heal much faster. The thing is, it will only work if a mage will smear it in. Do you mind?”

“No, sir.” To be honest, Noah was ready to suck his dick if it meant easing Evan’s pain.

“Leave the ‘sir’ and ‘master’ for Lucas, as he seems to be the only one amused by it. I’m Anders.”

His long fingers smeared with ointment touched Evan’s bottom. It must have been cold, because the young nephilim gasped. Mage kept gently massaging his butt and Noah couldn’t stop himself but to feel a little bit envious. At first, he didn’t consider Anders that interesting, mostly because how slender he was. But now, showing his caring, gentle side, Noah was admiring both how handsome his face was and the masculine aura of safety that he was spreading.

“Alright, done,” Anders said with a smile. “Feeling any relief from the burning sensation?” Evan turned to his side, helplessly exposing an erection. Anders’s massage must’ve felt really good. A mage raised his eyebrows. “I take it I did well?”

“I’m sorry… I can’t control it…” Evan whispered while looking down at his needy, pulsing meat.

“Don’t be sorry, it’s only natural for a healthy nephilim to react this way to man’s touch.” Evan was so excited, he couldn’t stop moving his hips. Because of that, his dick started drawing little circles in the air. “May I?” he asked Evan for consent, while looking at his penis.

Boy moaned a very long “yes, please.” Anders moved his hand but didn’t actually grab his dick, just kept sounding around it with his fingers.

“I can feel the magic sparkling…” the mage whispered. “Your power begs to be drained…”

“Yes, please, do it… I will do anything in return…”

Anders seemed to be thorn. He licked his lips but ultimately backed his hand off. “Sorry, lad,” he said. “Knowing what we’re about to do to you, I can’t just tease you like that.” He stood up and left to speak with Lucas.

Noah started worrying. What were they planning to do? At least this time the plotting didn’t take that long, as men returned to them pretty quickly. Lucas was holding two silver bracelets with some runes carved on it.

“We have a gift for you,” he said, showing the jewellery to the boys. “And we expect you to wear it for the duration of our journey.”

“What is it, sir?” Noah asked respectfully, without looking up. He didn’t want to score another punishment for his little brother.

“Both of you will be wearing these rings around your cocks and balls,” Lucas explained. “Anders cursed them with magic to take away any pleasure an orgasm would normally cause. Get up.”

The older nephilim knew how his disobedience would be punished, so this time he surrendered without questioning. He stood up and allowed Lucas pull the ring up. The thug placed it both around boy’s dick and sack. The runes carved in silver flashed with magical light, activating the seal. Noah felt both fully owned and humiliated in that moment, but he reacted to it like a nephilim – with his cock growing in excitement.

“Your turn,” Lucas made Evan stood up.

“Please, don’t do this, sir…” Evan pleaded with sad eyes. “I’m still new to this, I didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy as many orgasms as Noah did. Don’t take this away from me. I promise to be the sluttiest, most eager slave that your friends have ever seen, just please, let me enjoy it, too…”

Again, Lucas was merciless. He pulled the ring on Evan’s erected penis, then slipped his balls in. When magic clicked, it was the end of boy’s dreams about pleasure.

“It’s unfortunate it had to come down to this, but it’s for the best of all of us,” Lucas assured, a little bit gentler than he used to be lately. “Especially for you, boys. The truth is, pleasure is not destined to nephilims. It makes you stagnate, grow lazy and disobedient. Frustration is what allows you to grow into ultimate submissive boytoys. And I promise you, every time we will pump your cocks and you won’t feel the overwhelming release, the frustration will build up into incredible power.”

Unfortunately, his motivational speech wasn’t exactly convincing. The boys were aware that it had nothing to do with “making them grow,” it was all about their semen being worth more coin when filled with magic. They became actual slaves now.

“Let’s see if it works,” Anders suggested.

Men forced nephilims onto their fours and started jerking their caged cocks. Evan was so horny, he started shooting after Anders barely rubbed him a little bit. His face became clouded by bliss… but then quickly frowned, when something turned not to be okay.

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