Neighbors Ch. 02

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Big Tits

After Caitlyn and I had exhausted each other with our hot sex we lay in her bed and snuggled for a while. Then she asked me, “You enjoyed it when I made you call me mommy, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I admitted. “It was a real turn on for some reason. Made me feel real kinky.”

“Yeah,” she went on, “Role-playing can be a lot of fun, especially when it implies incest, but the real thing is even better.”

“The real thing?”

“How would you like to have sex with your real mom?”

I felt myself blush. “I-I-I-I don’t know, I’ve never . . . .”

“I’ve seen your mom, and she looks really sexy. I’d love to do her myself. If I lived in the same house as her, I’d go crazy masturbating myself to death just thinking about her. Now, be honest with me. I bet you’ve thought about it more than once.”

“Well, maybe . . . .”

“If you thought role-playing mother-daughter with me was hot, just wait until you taste the real thing. You can’t imagine how sexy that’d be. See? I know you want to try it, look at how erect your nipples are getting already just thinking about it.”

“B-b-b-but how?”

“Just leave it to me, we’ll find a way. But first, before we bring your mother into our group, we will need to introduce your little sister to girl-girl fun.”


“Yes, you’re sister. She’s 18 isn’t she?”

“Yeah, just barely, but . . . .”

Here’s how we’ll do it . . . .”

As she whispered her game plan to me, I giggled. Then I got dressed and returned home to begin the implementation of our plan.

That night I couldn’t help but think about (and masturbate over) all the things that Caitlyn had done with me, and about how we were going to get mom and sis involved.

The following day was a Saturday and mom went to visit her brother’s family out of town leaving Kathy and I alone for the rest of the weekend. As we went about the house that morning doing our chores, I couldn’t help but look at sis in a new light, wondering what her tongue would feel like on my pussy, and wondering what she’d taste like. She was dressed in tight denim shorts and a T-shirt, and I thought her butt looked really nice even if she didn’t have any tits. And now that I’d tasted girl-girl fun, I really wanted to play with her butt.

After finishing our chores and college homework we began to thumb through fashion magazines again. I came across an ad that I though was really sexy. It was an underwear ad and it showed two gorgeous models in white bras and panties and though they both faced forward so the crotch of their panties was visible, they each had one arm around the other and had their faces turned towards each other and they were looking like they were ready to kiss each other.

“Kathy, you’ve got to come and take a look at this.”

Kathy plopped down next to me on the couch, her bare thigh touching against mine. “What’ya got there sis?”

“Look at this ad, isn’t this sexy?”

“Ummm, nice,” Kathy said. “A couple of beautiful women. I wish I looked like that.”

“Maybe you do,” I said with a giggle as I playfully slapped her thigh. “Maybe you just don’t know it yet. But look at how you can almost see their twats through their panties, isn’t that sexy?”

“Yeah, but Oh my God, it looks like they want to kiss each other!” Kathy said, then she giggled. “Or maybe they’re just teasing us.”

“I don’t know,” I said, “but anyway, it kind of turns me on to look at it.”

“Me too, I guess,” she said.

“Look, Kathy, our new neighbor next door gave me a DVD for helping her unpack yesterday. It’s one of those real naughty movies that we can’t let mom know we have. It shows beautiful women, just like the ones in the magazine, kissing each other and doing other naughty and fun things with each other,would you like to watch it?”

“Sure,” Kathy said with a giggle. “Why not?”

And so I showed her the movie that Caitlyn had given me and though I found it hard to tear my eyes from the screen, I glanced now and then at Kathy to see how she was reacting. I was pleased with what I saw.

“Wow! Oh my God!” Kathy said after it was over.

“Wasn’t that hot? I don’t know about you, but I’m going have to masturbate up a storm tonight or I’ll not get any sleep.”

“Me too.”

“Say, Kathy?”


“Our neighbor Caitlyn, the one who gave me the movie, is going to have a wild party tonight. She’s having a couple of her girlfriends come over and they’re going to do things and get wild just like in the movie and she said I could watch from outside her window if I wanted to, as long as I didn’t make any noise to spook her friends. Would you like to join me?”


I looked at my watch. “They should be starting just about now. Why don’t we go on over and I’ll show you where we’re supposed to hide and watch from.”

Caitlyn had a large family room, or den, at the back of her house. There were enough trees and bushes strategically placed around her back yard that we could stand by the window there without being seen by any of the other neighbors. The window orhangazi escort was placed high in the wall, the sill being just low enough that sis and I could stand comfortably and look in with only our eyes and the tops of our heads showing should someone from the inside chance to catch us looking. But Caitlyn had told me that she would warn the two friends she had invited over and that they’d be turned on by having me and sis watch them (even though I told sis it was just a secret between Caitlyn and I. So I knew that no one would give us away and scare sis off.

As we settled into our places by the window I put my hand on sis’s ass. “Y’know, I just have to admit it sis, but your ass looks pretty hot in those shorts of yours.”

“Thanks,” she said with a giggle as we both peered through the window at the empty room.

“Okay, shshsh! I Think I hear someone coming.” I gave her ass a playful slap then placed both of my hands on her shoulders and pressed my body close in behind her. “We’ve got to be quiet now.”

Caitlyn entered the room first. She had on a slinky white dress that came almost down to her knees, but that hugged every curve of her body. The dress was stretched so tight over her body that we could see the outlines of her panties and bra underneath. Black heels completed her ensemble. But what really took our breaths away was that there were two small holes on the chest of her dress allowing her very erect nipples to poke through. That confused me at first because I could see there was a bra underneath her dress, and yet her nipples were exposed? So fucking hot, I thought. I exhaled hotly against sis’s cheek.

“That’s Caitlyn,” I whispered.

“She’s really sexy,” sis whispered back. “Her tits are so big.”

“Just like mommy’s.” I said, my lips almost touching Kathy’s ear.

Then Caitlyn’s friend came in. She was a brunette, just like Caitlyn except she was about two inches shorter and slightly plump with butt cheeks that looked like a pair of basketballs and cantaloupe-sized tits even bigger than Caitlyn’s. She was dressed, if that’s the word for it, in a micro mini that left most of her bubble butt exposed and barely covered her cunt. In fact as she walked, her skirt kind of bobbed up and down giving us brief glimpses of her slit.

Reaching the middle of the room and directly in front of our view Caitlyn turned around and opened her arms. Her friend, whose name we later learned was Brenda, walked right into her embrace. They brought their faces close together and kissed, lightly at first, then with lots of sexy tongue action.

Just from watching them it went right to my cunt. I remembered every single sensation I felt when Caitlyn had kissed me for the first time, and now I felt all of those same sensations all over again as the two hot women kissed right in front of us. Out of the corner of my eye I saw sis’s mouth wide open and I wondered if her pussy was as hot and wet as mine was from watching this. Did her nipples tingle and grow hard like mine were?

As Caitlyn made out with her buxom friend she rubbed her exposed and very erect nipples against her friend’s huge tits.

“Ggggggh,” sis tried to swallow an expletitive.

“So fucking hot,” I whispered into her ear and gave her earlobe a light kiss.

The two women broke off their kiss and then hand in hand they turned away from us and we watched their butts bounce and flex under their skirts as they walked over to the large couch on the opposite wall but facing our window. They sat down side by side crossing their legs. And we got to see Caitlyn’s white panties up her skirt and Brenda’s naked and very wet cunt up her extremely short skirt.

Then Caitlyn’s second friend, whose name I later learned was Karen, entered.

She had straight reddish-brown hair pulled back into a ponytail tied with a rubber band. She was maybe early twenties, but the light freckles on her face made her look younger—like about my age. She was dressed in a tight-fitting, silky dress that came to about mid-thigh, and clung so close to her skin that it showed off every curve. Her well-shaped breasts were apricot-sized like mine, and her hips and ass were nice and full, more like Kathy’s.

Caitlyn reached over and turned on the CD player sitting on a stand next to her couch. Light rock began to blare from speakers on either side of the couch. The redheaded Karen began to dance for her two friends. She swayed her body sensually to the music, snaking her body into an “S” shape, then straightening out and swaying her hips side to side. From our angle we got to see her butt flex and ripple under her tight skirt. Then she moved in closer to her two friends until her legs were touching theirs. They ran their hands up and down her legs. She turned around began wriggling her ass back and forth in front of their faces as she bent over letting her dress slide up. Caitlyn and Brenda, both with smiles on their faces, fondled her ass.

Karen pursed her lips as if she were trying to kiss someone while all four hands of her friends fondled nilüfer escort her ass. Then a hand reached up from between her legs to grab her crotch. And Kathy let out a gasp of hot breath.

The CD player changed from a slow tune to an upbeat one. Caitlyn and Brenda then got up to dance with Karen, one on either side of her. All three women shook their bodies furiously.

Then Caitlyn and Brenda closed in on Karen until the three women were mashed together in a flesh sandwich. They were hardly even pretending to dance now as they were just rubbing their bodies together—as if fucking each other with all their clothes still on.

The music changed to another slow number and while Karen continued to sway her body in time to the slower music, Caitlyn and Brenda slid her dress up and pulled it up over her shoulders and arms exposing her fully naked body. Her tits, though almost as small as mine sported a pair of woman-sized nipples—and they were fully erect.

Giggling, Caitlyn took Karen’s nips between thumb and forefinger and tugged them this way and that while Brenda moved in behind Caitlyn. Now it was the turn of Caitlyn to be undressed by the other two. Soon she stood there in her underwear: Her white bra with her huge nipples sticking out through the holes, and her white, but sopping wet panties.

Caitlyn bent over slightly to rub her erect nipples against Karen’s while Brenda closed in on Caitlyn from behind. Wrapping her arms around Caitlyn she pressed her huge tits against Caitlyn’s back and pressed her crotch against her butt. Brenda then slid her hands down Caitlyn’s tummy to play with her panty covered cunt, while Karen wrapped her hands around both girls to fondle Brenda’s huge butt up under short skirt. So, now it was Caitlyn who was being made a sandwich.

While Brenda continued to hug Caitlyn from behind and play with her tits, she pulled up the front of her short skirt and began rubbing her naked cunt againt Caitlyn’s ass.

Karen kissed and licked her way down Caitlyn’s body until she was squatting before her. She buried her face in Caitlyn’s soggy crotch and sucked her cunt so loud through her panties we could hear it clear outside.

“Ummmm, fuck, yessss!” Caitlyn moaned. “Such a good little girl you are. That’s it, suck mommy’s cunt.”

Sis let out a big gasp of shock at Caitlyn’s lewd remark. So I whispered in her ear, my lips lightly touching the sensitive areas of her ear with each syllable. “Caitlyn loves to be called mommy during sex. She says it’s so kinky. The idea of it just makes her so fucking hhhott.” The word “hot” I stretched out and made it sound as sexy as I could in hopes it would get sis all turned on.

The two friends laid Caitlyn down on the floor, and now they switched positions with big-titted Brenda kneeling between Caitlyn’s legs, her ass in the air and her skimpy skirt not hiding much of anything. Her hands underneath Caitlyn’s butt, she munched away at Caitlyn’s pussy.

Small-titted Karen stood directly over Caitlyn’s face, her feet on either side of her head. Caitlyn stared right up between the younger girl’s legs at her glistening, shaved crotch. Caitlyn ran her hands up and down the girl’s legs while the girl played with her erect nipples and moved her ass and crotch around as if she were dancing.

“Come on, sweety,” Caitlyn said, pulling on the girl’s thighs. “Come on down and sit on mommy’s face. Mommy wants to make her little girl feel oh, so good.”

As Karen lowered herself down over Caitlyn’s face, Caitlyn’s tongue shot out several inches and flicked in the air like a serpent seeking its lair. Her hands now on Caitlyn’s ass she guided the girl’s cunt right into her flicking tongue.

“Oh, mommy! That feels so fucking good! Please lick me mommy, lick me!”

By this time I had let one of my hands slide down from sis’s shoulder to rest on her breast. The tip of my index finger touched her nipple and I could feel how hard and erect it was. I took a deep breath and kissed Kathy’s earlobe thinking I was going to be more bold and start playing with both of her nipples while we watched the three women have hot sex.

But then, “well, well, well,” said a pair of voices behind us. “What have we here?”

I backed away from Kathy and we both turned around in fear from being caught. And, there, standing before us were two of the most impressive women either of us had ever seen. They looked to be in their mid-twenties and stood over six feet tall, with shoulder-length blonde hair and goddess-like bodies. Their trim-waisted torsos were packaged in blue latex sports suits that bared the shoulders and came down to barely the tops of their thighs. The latex fit them so snuggly that their crotches were clearly delineated, as were their mounds and prominent camel toes. Their tits, at least as big as even the biggest of the women having sex inside stuck out at us like a couple pair of cannons, their erect nipples were huge and pointing at us through the rubberized material. Most shocking of all, though, was that they were identical twins.

“Looks türbanlı escort like we have a couple of peeping Janes here,” one of the twins said.

Kathy and I were too much in a state of shock and awe over the two twins and too embarrassed over our predicament to be able to say anything in our defense.

“Maybe we’d better take them inside and report them to Caitlyn,” said the other twin. And, with that they grabbed us by the arms and marched over to the door and into the den where Caitlyn and her two friends were having sex.

“Look what we found peeking in your window,” said one of the twins.

“Such naughty little girls,” said the other twin.

Caitlyn and her two friends all stood up to investigate this intrusion into their privacy.

“Yes,” Caitlyn said, “such naughty little girls. Maybe they deserve a little punishement?” She looked around at her friends.

“Yeah, let’s spank the little devils,” the big-titted brunette said.

With that, Caitlyn and her two friends undressed us while the big twins continued to hold us prisoner, and then Caitlyn brought out four pairs of handcuffs and while the twins continued to hold Kathy and I prisoner, Caitlyn and her other two friends attached one end of each cuff to each of our wrists and then for the other end they made us raise our arms over head so they could attach the other end of the cuffs to rings that had been screwed into the ceiling beams.

They situated us so that Kathy and I were facing each other, our bodies almost touching. Then Caitlyn brought out a big black leather belt which she wrapped around both of our waists and then tightened so that it forced our two bodies together, our tummies pressed flat together and our cunts and tits almost touching. I saw almost touching because we both instinctively tried to arch away from each other at first.

At this point Caitlyn caught my eye and winked at me while flashing the okay sign with thumb and forefinger. So, now I realized that this had been all apart of Caitlyn’s plan, though she had not told me this part of it. And, so, now I was able to relax—and started to get horny again wondering what sexual delights Caitlyn had in store for sis and I now.

“Such naughty little girls we have here,” Caitlyn said, standing just to the side of us with her hands on our shoulders. “They certainly deserve a spanking, don’t you think?” She addressed the two big blonde twins.

I looked into sis’s eyes and saw the fear there. For myself, I was more curious than anything, feeling confident that Caitlyn would really never hurt us too bad or allow her friends to.

“Smack! Smack! Smack” A twin stood behind each of us and administered a few light blows with open palms onto each of our butts. And it didn’t hurt at all. It made more noise than anything, and I found that the sound was rather sexy. The blow was just hard enough to make my ass jiggle, which made me feel very sexy. A light heat began to spread from my butt to my cunt, and I knew that sis must have felt the same heat.

“Smack! Smack! Smack!” They slapped us a little harder, forcing our cunts together. Our asses jiggled most maddeningly now, a greater heat spilled out from our reddening butts and mingled with the heat welling up from our wet cunts rubbing together.

“Smack! Smack! Smack!” I saw the fear in sis’s eyes turn to surprise. And perhaps a little delight?

“Oh!” Sis said, pursing her lips.

“Smack! Smack! Smack!” Now our butts were jiggling most furiously, the heat growing more intense, our cunts really mashing together and getting wetter with each blow.

I looked sis in the eye, licked my lips, and then flicked my tongue at her.

She smiled back.

Now the twins altered their attack. Instead of spanking us, they massaged and fondled our butts as is we were street sluts, and manipulated our hips so as to make our cunts rub together side to side.

They stood close to us their so they could rub the tops of our heads with their huge tits while groping our butts.

Caitlyn turned my face towards her and gave me a strong tongue kiss only inches in front of sis’s eyes. The delicious fire of her tongue fucking my mouth went right to my already hungry pussy—and I knew I was gushing more sex heat into sis’s slit. And from the heat coming from sis, I knew that she was turned on by seeing Caitlyn face fuck me like that.

Then Caitlyn grabbed Kathy’s face and kissed her lightly at first, then more violently as she face fucked her like she did me. And I felt the corresponding gush of wet heat from sis’s cunt against mine and knew that Caitlyn’s kiss set her on fire like it did me. My hips and ass took on a life of their own as I tried to fuck my throbbing, erect clit into my sister’s cunt.

Caitlyn’s other two friends, Brenda and Karen, who had been watching and masterbating all this time, came over to join the fun. Caitlyn took the place of one twin behind sis, and the big titted brunette Brenda stood behind me, with the little red headed Karen just behind her. The two twins knelt on either side of us and as Caitlyn and her buxom friend began to lightly spank us again the two twins manipulated our upper bodies so as to make Kathy’s and my erect nipples rub against each other. At the same time, their long tongues darted out to lick our nipples even as they rubbed against each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32